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Humiliation Phone Sex For My Naughty Boy

January 11th, 2019 | Humiliation Phone Sex, Masturbation Phone Sex, Mature Phone Sex, MILF Phone Sex, Mommy Morgan's Blog, Mommy Phone Sex, Mother/Son Phone Sex, Uncategorized, Young/Old Phone Sex | 0 Comments

You come home from school and yell, “Mommy, I am home!”

There is silence. Mommy has not baked your favorite cookies. The kitchen is dark. Nothing simmering in the oven for dinner. You yell again for Mommy, but the house is quiet. Maybe Mommy is taking a nap or taking a bath? You hope she is taking a bath so that you can spy on her. Nope! Rooms are dark and empty. Where in the heck can Mommy be?

Her car was in the driveway. You head into your room to set down your backpack. Mommy is sitting on your bed. She is holding the ipad that you got for Christmas. Mommy does not look happy to see you. Maybe she is looking up a special recipe for dinner? You rub your empty tummy. Cafeteria food was bad today, and you are ready for some home cooking.

Calmly, Mommy has you sit down next to her on the bed. She explains she picked up your iPad that got left in the living room last night. Mommy was quite shocked to see what you had been viewing. A porn!

Naughty, naughty boy! Mommy is taking away your iPad, but first, you need to be punished. Mommy picks a very nasty, dirty porn and makes you masturbate in front of her. You are so embarrassed and humiliated that it is difficult to get hard. Mommy yells at you. You find that humiliation is exciting and that makes you hard! With a lot of nasty talk from Mommy, you are so ashamed that you squirt cum all over Mommy’s legs.


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Christmas Shopping

December 20th, 2018 | Gingers Blog, Masturbation Phone Sex, Naughty Confessions Phone Sex, Public Sex Phone Sex | 0 Comments

Something about Christmas shopping always makes me so hot and horny. Maybe it’s all the bodies pushing and shoving against you, or maybe it’s how hot they keep it in the stores, but something sets me off.

I was walking around trying to shop yesterday and found myself pressed in between a display table and a man’s hard body. It was almost too much to bear. He was gone before I could turn around and ask if he was interested in a quickie. I needed to do something about the sudden pool in my panties.

I grabbed the first thing I could get my hands on and ran to the fitting room to “try on” whatever I had grabbed. I got in the room quickly and dropped everything to the floor. My aching pussy needed to be touched. I leaned against the wall and watched my hand rub up and down quickly against my pussy. It didn’t take very long. I was breaking a sweat and biting my lip trying not to scream. I sank to the floor and caught my breath after I came.

I got myself together and walked out of the room. The attendant asked if the garment worked for me. I told her it was exactly what I needed.


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Late Night Lover

October 17th, 2018 | Bailey's Blog, Masturbation Phone Sex, Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Squirting Phone Sex, Toys Phone Sex | 0 Comments

I have a very hot late night lover. He sets up a call with me and even though I know he’s calling, I still get excited to get woken up in the middle of the night. When I hear his deep, masculine voice, my pussy immediately moistens. He says the same about me. He loves my sexy, sleepy voice and as soon as I say hello….. his cock is hard as a rock.

What I love the most about our call is he wants to hear me cum as many times as I can. I usually have my dildo next to me so I can easily reach it in the middle of the night. I put the phone down to my pussy so he can hear how sloppy wet I get. When he tells me to fuck myself deeper, I normally cum within minutes. I slide my dildo out and put it inside my mouth so I can taste my juices.

I put the dildo back inside me and start fucking myself for round two. This time I like to tease my pussy by fucking it really deep for about a minute and then pulling it almost out. Then I slam it back inside me again. This will go on for about 15 minutes until my pussy is like a river and I’m ready to squirt all over my sheets. Meanwhile, I can hear my hot lover jerking off  and that only makes me cum harder.

After 45 minutes of mutual masturbation, I have squirted 6 times and he has not released his load yet because his enjoyment is hearing me get off first. We then talk about him sliding his throbbing cock inside my dripping, wet pussy and let’s just say it doesn’t take much for his cock to explode.

I love my late night lover and so does my pussy. Thank you!


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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

September 25th, 2018 | Anal Phone Sex, Anything Goes Phone Sex, Cum Eating Phone Sex, Faggot Phone Sex, Masturbation Phone Sex, Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex, Riley's Blog, Sex Toys Phone Sex | 0 Comments

I’m a big fan of mutual masturbation, but I’ve grown to appreciate it so much more thanks to one of my favorite callers. He not only masturbates on the phone with me, he lets me tell him how to fuck himself. He calls and lets me know what toys he has on hand to fuck his ass. If only you could hear the sounds that come out of him. I make him pound his ass as hard as he can. I can hear pleasure and pain in his moans. I tell him what a good little fag he is. He really, really likes that and is quick to agree with me. The very best part about the call is that he saves some cum to eat. He’s such a nasty boy. He practically screams when he finally blows his load. Those noises get to me, I cum too. Mutual masturbation is always the best.


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Spying At The Gym

September 22nd, 2018 | Anna's Blog, Erotic Stories Phone Sex, Masturbation Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Voyeurism Phone Sex | 0 Comments

I had a busy day yesterday and couldn’t get to the gym at my normal time. I found myself there early this morning, so early that there was only a couple of people there. It was great! There was no waiting on a machine to come available, no horny guys to dodge, no obnoxious music. I got a great workout in and decided to shower since there wouldn’t be a wait.

I was just getting my body wet when I heard an unmistakable sound. I tiptoed out of my stall and peeked around the corner. I saw a woman pressed up against the wall and a man on his knees with his face buried between her thighs. I knew I should finish up and just go, but my quivering pussy wouldn’t allow it. I sunk down into a stall where I could watch them. He stood up and her hands wrapped around his cock as he kissed her. His hands went to her waist and turned her around. His body pressed hers into the wall as his cock slammed inside. He was fucking her so hard, and her screams were echoing all around us.

I couldn’t help myself. I shoved my fingers in as hard as his cock, keeping his pace. She shrieked as she came, which was a good thing for me because so did I. They finished their shower and left and I did the same. I decided quickly that my new gym schedule was going to become permanent.



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Masturbation Fun with Makaylah

September 21st, 2018 | Age Play Phone Sex, Coed Phone Sex, Family Fun Phone Sex, Family Fun Stories Phone Sex, Makaylah's Blog, Masturbation Phone Sex, Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Role Playing Phone Sex, Tight Pussy Phone Sex | 0 Comments

I’ve been touching myself all morning long, well really all week long.  That’s nothing new for me but I just couldn’t keep my hands out of my panties. Every chance I get I’m masturbating. I love feeling my wet, horny hole. My fingers slipping into my wet pussy rubbing my wetness all over my clit.

All I can think of is all the hot age play/ family fun phone sex fantasies I’ve been having. The thought of me being your naughty phone sex slut makes my pussy tingle for you. My hot, wet pussy  will be waiting for you. 

Give me a call and let’s have some mutual masturbation fun while we let our naughty minds wander off with some hot role play phone sex. 


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Cheerleader Addiction Phone Sex

September 18th, 2018 | Anything Goes Phone Sex, Cheerleader Phone Sex, Heidi's Blog, Masturbation Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments

You are there to watch the game but for some reason it’s hard to concentrate while looking at this cute, blonde jumping up and down. You tell yourself to stop staring and go back to watching the game. Your team scored again and your eyes are back watching me. You feel your pants getting tight because of the huge, noticeable erection growing.

As much as you want to watch the game and me, you have the urge to jerk off. You head to the bathrooms and quickly unzip your pants. The image of my tight, athletic body has your cock pulsating in your hands. You fantasize about me bent over the stall and looking back and telling you to fuck my tight pussy hard. Your hips start to thrust, pretending to fuck me. Your hand is stroking faster, and you grip your cock more firmly, thinking it’s my tight pussy.

All of a sudden, you look down and a big load of cum landed on your hands and on the floor. You had the most intense orgasm. You put yourself back together again and go back to your seat. Immediately your eyes are drawn to me again as you see my perky tits bouncing. There’s no denying it, you have a cheerleader addiction and your cock is getting hard once again. Ready for round 2?



Written By: Heidi
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You Can’t Resist Temptation

September 11th, 2018 | Anything Goes Phone Sex, Joanne's Blog, Masturbation Phone Sex, Morning Sex Phone Sex, Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex | 0 Comments

After hitting your snooze button a few times, you finally wake up. You reach for your phone and go through your emails. You see a bunch of junk mail and then you stumble upon an email from me. Knowing you’re running late at this point, you can’t resist.

Your eyes widen as you see an intriguing picture of yours truly. My picture has got you so aroused that you didn’t even read my email (yet). You couldn’t resist the temptation, so you pull down your boxers and stroke your hard cock.

As you’re looking at my beautiful full tits and smooth pussy, you realize there’s one thing missing from your morning masturbation session, and that is the sound of my voice. We both know that jerking off is not the same without me.

Your fingers can’t dial my number fast enough. And just like that, you hear my voice on the other end. My voice sounds different to you (in a good way) because I am just waking up. You feel your cock throbbing after hearing me in your ear first thing in the morning. I waste no time and slide my hands down between my thighs and move my panties to the side. My pussy is so wet for you. I want you..badly.

It’s hard to resist the Madame.


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Naughty Secrets

August 31st, 2018 | Masturbation Phone Sex, Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex, Natural Tits Phone Sex, Naughty Confessions Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Orgasms Phone Sex, Teens With Older Men Phone Sex, Whitney's Blog, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments

I remember when I had my first orgasm it seemed like a million years ago. I wasn’t even a teen yet but I got the hang of it real quick.

Every night before bed, I would play with myself. It felt so good touching my smooth pussy, sliding my fingers in and out of my warm kitty. I started getting really good at it after awhile. I was tearing the sheets off of me, thrusting hips, fucking my fingers making myself soaked! It was so much fun I couldn’t stop. I did it every chance I could.

One night my step-daddy walked by my room and heard me moaning. He was shocked that I was spread out on the bed with my legs wide open. He told me not to stop while he locked the door. He unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock as he watched me drive my fingers deeper in my juicy pussy. He liked it so much he would moan my name and cum all over my titties. It felt so warm and sticky. Eventually, he started licking up all my juices and teaching me how to be a big girl. It was always our little secret.



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Shhh….Can you keep a secret?

August 3rd, 2018 | Anything Goes Phone Sex, Big Cock Phone Sex, Family Fun Phone Sex, Family Fun Stories Phone Sex, Masturbation Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Sara's Blog, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments

 I have a naughty confession. I’ve been spying on my phone sex brother a lot lately.

It all started when he left the bathroom door open and I saw him coming out of the shower. I had to do a double take because he was soft and still was about 7 inches. He had no idea I was there but I had to keep watching him as he was drying himself off. 

I love big cocks and had no idea he was that big and right next door to my bedroom. I know it’s kind of wrong because he’s family but I’m so infatuated with it.

I even now know his masturbation schedule and I’ve been peeking into his room late at night while he jerks off, and I’ve been secretly getting off as well by watching him.

The love I have for my brothers cock has gotten so bad, I don’t even want to fuck my boyfriend or any other cock for that matter. They all seem tiny compared to him and I haven’t even fucked him yet! 


SaraWritten By: Sara
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Naughty, Naughty Boys Spy On Mommy Morgan

July 19th, 2018 | Masturbation Phone Sex, Mature Phone Sex, MILF Phone Sex, Milking Phone Sex, Mommy Morgan's Blog, Mommy Phone Sex, Uncategorized | 1 Comment


You and your friends are hanging out in your room playing video games even though it is a beautiful, sunny summer day. Mommy Morgan just rolls your eyes that instead of playing baseball or swimming in the pool, you prefer to be in your room. 

Mommy puts on her little bikini and heads into the backyard. She pulls down her straps so that she can get some sun on her breasts. She has a date this weekend and is wearing a strapless dress so wants to get rid of her tan lines.

You and your buddies peek out the window and admire Mommy’s beautiful, big tits. You naughty boys start masturbating and talking dirty. You’re all checking each other out to see who has the biggest cock while you keep stroking. 

What do you think would happen to you boys if Mommy catches you spying on her? Oh, my! I bet the punishment will be severe from your naughty Mommy Morgan. 


Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Sharing Big Dick Stories

June 12th, 2018 | Big Cock Phone Sex, Black Cock Fetish Phone Sex, Cock Sucking Phone Sex, Masturbation Phone Sex, Mature Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Sex Toys Phone Sex, Sex With Strangers Phone Sex, Suzanne's Blog, Uninhibited Phone Sex | 0 Comments

I laugh so hard when a caller asks if I like big dicks. I mean, what kind of question is that? Who doesn’t love big, thick, veiny dicks. I always know what that question is leading up to. It usually means my caller has a tiny, little worm dick and wants to hear about all the big dicks I have sucked and fucked. I am always happy to share my stories, but minutes into it, I have to reach for my vibe.

We were both getting rather enthusiastic chatting about the biggest dicks I have had the pleasure of stroking, sucking and fucking.

I was telling my caller about Jim. He had the biggest trophy balls I have ever seen, and his dick was like a fucking baseball bat. He told me most women need to ease into sex with him, but not me! I couldn’t wait to have all my holes stretched out by Jim’s sexy dick.

My caller was getting ready to squirt from his little clitty but I had a bit of a surprise for him before he finished. I emailed him a picture of Jim’s dick, as I had been looking at it and drooling the whole time. Once my caller and I were completely drained and satisfied, I got to thinking and next thing you know, Jim was at my door.



SuzanneWritten By: Suzanne
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Katie, The Backyard Tease

May 31st, 2018 | Age Play Phone Sex, Black Cock Fetish Phone Sex, Bratty Teen Phone Sex, Cock Tease Phone Sex, Exhibitionist Phone Sex, Finger Fucking Phone Sex, Flashing Phone Sex, Hardcore Phone Sex, Jailbait Phone Sex, Katie's Blog, Masturbation Phone Sex, Natural Tits Phone Sex, Naughty Teasing Teens Phone Sex, Pedo Fantasies Phone Sex | 0 Comments


I was doing my daily workout routine when I noticed my neighbor Mr. H hiding in the bushes watching. I love flirting and putting on a sexy show, but I really was working out! Knowing he probably had his dick out and stroking it made me really horny. I mean, I wondered what it looked like, how big was it, and what kind of head did it have for me to suck? Most of all, I wondered if it was true what I heard about black men and size of their dicks.

Mr. H was visiting mom one day and OMG, it was noisy in her room.  I was kind of young to know about sex, but I knew two things about the sounds. One thing was she never made those sounds when daddy was home and also what I thought was wrestling, I now know is fucking.

I pulled off my shorts and used the hose to cool me off. It had nothing to do with wanting to tease Mr. H some more. ~wink, wink~ I knew exactly where he was, and started to finger bang my hot, little pussy while staring right at him. When he finally came over to me, I acted mad, scared and how dare he. Of course, I wasn’t and thought he might force me to suck or fuck his big, black cock if I teased him enough. He seems to know my moms schedule and that we would be alone. He picked me up, took me to my bedroom and had his way with my tiny, adorable underage body. I noticed when he finished that I never took my cam off. Now just what should I do with this special info? Let me think!!

Tiny K

KatieWritten By: Katie
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Tiny Little Fucker

May 25th, 2018 | Bree's Blog, Masturbation Phone Sex, Naughty Teasing Teens Phone Sex, Pathetic Loser Phone Sex, Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex, Tease & Denial Phone Sex, Teens With Older Men Phone Sex, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments

You are a big guy. Tall, football player build. Just my type of guy, except that you are kind of shy. You said that you have never had a girlfriend for very long, and that makes a smart college girl like me suspicious. You must have some hidden flaw. Not going to waste any more time if you’re a loser, so I set a trap for you. 

I invite you my place. You think you’re going to get lucky tonight. Well, let’s just see about that. Let’s see if you can pass my test. I answer the door, and you see me in my matching bra and panties.  I explain that I am running late. Instead of grabbing me, kissing me, pushing me against the wall and fucking me right there, all you do is blush. LOSER! You failed the test. 

I look carefully between your legs. Yep, no bulge at all. Wow, you must really be tiny. Okay, show me! I need a good laugh. You tiny little fucker. Just jack off for me and leave, so I can find a real man to fuck me the way a hot girl needs to be fucked.


BreeWritten By: Bree
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Dream Lover

May 23rd, 2018 | Daphne's Blog, Erotic Stories Phone Sex, Fantasy Phone Sex, Finger Fucking Phone Sex, Masturbation Phone Sex, Orgasms Phone Sex, Romantic Phone Sex, Rough Sex Phone Sex, Seduction Phone Sex, Sensual Domination Phone Sex, Uninhibited Phone Sex | 0 Comments

  There is something about his voice and his look that makes me crave his touch. It’s amazing how his soft touch becomes rough so quickly. I need his big rough hands to glide all over my body. He starts slow, but as his breathing quickens, he gets a little rougher. I wake up with the covers pulled off, and my body glistening with sweat. My hand is between my legs, and my pussy is wetter than ever.

My phone is buzzing on my nightstand with numerous texts and pictures from the stranger that was in my erotic dream. In my half asleep state, I am a little confused. I fall back to sleep as my dream picks up where it left off. He pushes me against the wall with my arms over my head. He bites my erect nipples and thrusts hard into me. He lifts me up and allows me to put my arms around his neck. His mouth tastes like my dripping pussy. 

I wake up again, and all the texts and pictures are gone. There is one final message that just says “don’t lock your window tonight.”


DaphneWritten By: Dirty Daphne
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I Like To Watch

May 3rd, 2018 | Anything Goes Phone Sex, Barely Legal Phone Sex, Becky's Blog, Finger Fucking Phone Sex, Jailbait Phone Sex, Masturbation Phone Sex, Naughty Confessions Phone Sex, Naughty Teasing Teens Phone Sex, Squirting Teens Phone Sex, Voyeurism Phone Sex, Young Girl Phone Sex, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments

I heard my step-brother come in really late last night. I have to admit, I got a little excited to have something to hold over his head for breaking curfew. Then I realized that he wasn’t alone. He had a girl with him and as I looked through the crack of his door, I noticed that they were taking each other’s clothes off. My pussy immediately started to tingle. He started kissing all over her body. His cock was practically throbbing; I could see it from the door. He climbed on top of her and pushed her legs back wide. His cock went in so deep and so did my fingers. My pussy was dripping and I needed to relieve that ache. Her moans were getting louder and stuffed her panties in her mouth. He fucked her so hard and fast. My fingers matched his rhythm. I had to bite down on my other hand to keep from them hearing me. The sound of his balls slapping against her, his grunts, her moans, it was almost too much for me to take. I came all over my fingers in a wet gush. I wasn’t sure if they heard me, but I crawled back to my room and shut the door. I decided quickly that I was going to propose a new deal to keep my mouth shut tomorrow.


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Give Me A Show

May 2nd, 2018 | Anything Goes Phone Sex, Cum Eating Phone Sex, Cum Swapping Phone Sex, Jenny's Blog, Masturbation Phone Sex, Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE sex but I love watching a man jerk off for me. There’s something so hot and erotic when you’re sitting in front of me, stroking your cock. It’s so exciting to watch your dick get even harder when I start to pleasure myself as well. There’s nothing else that matters in the world right now but you getting off in front of me.

I enjoy your facial expressions and how you tease and tantalize your cock. I notice the more you stroke it faster a few times and then back off is when you really start to pre-cum. I never like to let any of your cum go to waste. I take my fingertips and glide it across your throbbing head and scoop it up with my fingers. I put your pre-cum on my lips and then slide it in my pussy. I finger fuck myself with 3 fingers and get that creaminess you’ve been craving and then slide my drenched fingers into your mouth. The incredible smell and taste of my pussy has you jacking your cock off harder and faster and soon you give me a cum show.

I simply love mutual masturbation and sharing each others cum is the best part about it.


Written By: Jenny
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Moving Back Home Living With Mommy

April 30th, 2018 | Masturbation Phone Sex, Mature Phone Sex, MILF Phone Sex, Mommy Morgan's Blog, Mommy Phone Sex, Threesomes Phone Sex, Uncategorized | 0 Comments

Times are tough! Rent is outrageous and living on your own is so expensive. You move back home with Mommy Morgan for a while. 

At first, you are worried that Mommy is going to cramp your style, interfere with your fun of hooking up with girls. Well, lucky for you that you have a very open-minded and very sexy Mommy. 

Growing up, you were the only man in Mommy’s life. She nurtured and took care of your every need. Now that you have been away from home, Mommy has quite a collection of boyfriends that spend the night. 

You spend many nights with your hand in your pajama bottoms stroking while you listen to the sounds coming from Mommy’s bedroom. Oh, she moans during sex and screams when she cums. You start to become very curious about her boyfriends. You imagine them with large cocks and a lot of stamina.

Mommy has a keen sense to pick up what you are thinking and feeling, and one night it happens.  You get invited to join Mommy and her man for a very naughty threesome! Turns out to be the most exciting, dirty, sexy, fun night of your life.


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Hello, I know You’re There!

April 26th, 2018 | Anything Goes Phone Sex, Daddy/Daughter Phone Sex, Family Fun Phone Sex, Kaylee's Blog, Masturbation Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Orgasms Phone Sex, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments

I was taking a nice, hot steamy shower and I was enjoying rubbing my new raspberry scented bath gel all over my body. I heard a noise in the bathroom so I peeked my head out from the curtain. I couldn’t believe it was my phone sex daddy sitting on the toilet with his boxers around his ankles and his hard dick in his hand! He actually didn’t see me peek out so I just went back to washing my body, acting like I didn’t know he was there.

I thought daddy would really like to hear me masturbate. I put the shower wand up my pussy while my other hand was rubbing my clit. I started moaning and I could hear daddy beating off faster. I was fingering myself deep with 2 fingers. I wanted so badly to invite him in the shower but he didn’t know I knew he was there. It didn’t take long before I had a really intense orgasm. I peeked out again and it looked like daddy did too with that big mess all over his stomach.



Written By: Kaylee
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Cock Fight

April 19th, 2018 | Brynna's Blog, Erotic Stories Phone Sex, Exhibitionist Phone Sex, Masturbation Phone Sex, Uncategorized | 0 Comments

Torn between two lovers! What is a sexy girl to do?

Both my lovers want to take me out Saturday and spend the night with me. I like them both, and I would love to spend the night with both of them. That is my fantasy, two of them fucking me all night long. 

Unfortunately, my guys are not as open-minded as me, so I have to decide. I weigh the pros and cons. Both guys are handsome, sweet, smart and sexy.  No clear winner! 

I invite them both over tonight and explain the situation. Since I only can go out with one of the guys, they have to be pulled out of their comfort zones. If they both want to date me on Saturday, they are going to have to participate in a contest. The winner takes me out on Saturday. 

The contest is simple. Both of my guys will pull their cocks out and stroke it for me. I will listen and watch. The cock that starts to leak out first is my Saturday night date. 

Want to hear more?



BrynnaWritten By: Brynna
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