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Fun at the Beach

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I love the beach. Swimming and sunning are fun, but my favorite part is teasing all the daddy’s in my tiny little bikinis. They are all there with their wives and kids and can’t keep their eyes off my sexy little body.

Last time I was there, one in particular caught my eye. He wasn’t like the others that shyly tried to hide their hard-on’s. He wanted me to see it. When his wife and kids went to play in the water, he approached me and told me where to meet him. I didn’t even bother playing coy. I could tell how big his cock was in his pants and I wanted it. He told his wife that he was going back to the room to lay down and a few minutes later, I followed him.

As soon I got in the room, he told me to get on my knees and take daddy’s cock. I obeyed. I didn’t even know his name, but he was instantly daddy to me. His cock was so big and thick, but I took it all. My little cunt was dripping on the floor.

He pulled me up by the hair and bent me over, my hands against the wall for balance. He pulled my bikini bottom to the side and shoved it in balls deep. Fuck! I came immediately, but he kept fucking me into orgasm after orgasm. He wasn’t stopping until he came too.

He pulled out and shot his load straight up my back. He told me I had to leave before his wife came back. I nodded and started walking back to the beach, cum drying on my back and my pussy dripping down my thighs. I passed his wife on the way back and gave her a smile. She smiled back. She had no idea that her husband was probably going to be fucking her later with my pussy juices all over his cock.


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Mind Fucking

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Maybe you didn’t know (or maybe you did) that sex is such a mental activity. You can look at my pictures, listen to me moan and get off, but why stop there?

Open up your mind and let me in. If you want to go deeper, I’ll push you passed any limits you may have set for yourself. Let my sexy voice and creative mind set a scenario that will blow you away. It will feel so real that you will forget that there is a phone between us.

When you squeeze your cock, it will feel like my tight pussy massaging the cum out of your cock. You won’t even need to look at my pics. I’ll be right there with you. I’ll be as deep inside of you as you feel you are in me. My mouth, my pussy, and my ass. All my holes will be yours to take.

Let me give you the mind fucking that you deserve. You won’t regret it.


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Southern Seduction

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Every cock needs a dose of sweet Southern charm. I am the epitomy of seduction. In the South, women are taught from a very young age to flirt. It’s not something officially discussed, its just something all of us do.

I love using my voice to put you in a trance, captivate you, and seduce you. I’ll violate all of your senses and bring you to a point of extreme and intense desire way before our skin ever even touches.

I want you to want me more than you have ever craved a woman before in your life.  When I whisper in your ear with my soft and sensual voice, your cock will be gushing out pre-cum. When I share with you all of the naughty things I want us to do, your cock will then belong to me. Get ready for me to do any and everything to it.

Your cock has never been fucked right until it has experience the Southern Hospitality that my pussy has to offer.


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Let’s Swap Secrets

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I love sharing dirty secrets with my callers. Hearing all those naughty confessions makes me very wet! Listening to you tell me about experiences you’ve had that you can’t talk to anyone else about is so exciting to me. I can hear how much it excites you as well.

With every word, I can hear it building in your voice. You get to relive it all over again while I play with my pussy and hang on your every word. You can tell me anything, no matter how taboo it is. The dirtier it is, the harder I get off.

I can share all of my dirty confessions too. You have no idea what goes on in this filthy little mind. Let’s swap secrets. I promise mine are just as nasty as yours.


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Southern Sweetie

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When was the last time you had fun in bed? No, I don’t just mean amazing sex, I mean actual fun. Sex doesn’t always have to be about crazy fucking, as much fun as that is. Every once in a while it’s good to just let your hair down and play. A little silliness every now and again never hurts.

A sweet Southern girl can really put a smile on your face. Just imagine getting down and dirty with your best friend. You would have a blast sharing how your day was while pumping your cock in and out of my tight little pussy. It’s nice to have someone who cares, especially when life is tough.

Dial my number and let me make you feel like a real man. Not only do I have an amazing personality and the sexiest voice, I’m fucking hot. My holes are nice and tight and ready to be pounded.
It’s time to do something nice for you cock. Call your girlfriend Anna!




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