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Southern Seduction

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Every cock needs a dose of sweet Southern charm. I am the epitomy of seduction. In the South, women are taught from a very young age to flirt. It’s not something officially discussed, its just something all of us do.

I love using my voice to put you in a trance, captivate you, and seduce you. I’ll violate all of your senses and bring you to a point of extreme and intense desire way before our skin ever even touches.

I want you to want me more than you have ever craved a woman before in your life.  When I whisper in your ear with my soft and sensual voice, your cock will be gushing out pre-cum. When I share with you all of the naughty things I want us to do, your cock will then belong to me. Get ready for me to do any and everything to it.

Your cock has never been fucked right until it has experience the Southern Hospitality that my pussy has to offer.


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Fantastic Together

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Your desire for passionate but adventuresome sex matches my desires. You’re an intelligent, sexy, sophisticated man who enjoys the finer things in life. You have an appreciation for the good things. You enjoy the company of a beautiful, classy lady.

That is why you and I are so good together. You’re thoughtful and generous. You appreciate my ample curves, my long legs, and smoldering eyes. You find me intoxicating. I want you. Your kisses are so intense that I find them to be the most powerful aphrodisiac.

You appreciate the fine lines around my eyes. There is wisdom in those eyes. You find mature woman erotic. Like a fine wine, I just gets better with age. With me, you have the stamina of teenager and you make feel like a love-sick school girl.

Together we are fantastic together. Feeding off of each other’s sexual energy, building and building the intense sensations that one can only experience during great sex. Difficult to describe the feelings, but why spend time analyzing when we could be enjoying a fantastic, perfect night!



Written By: AvaAva
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Seductively Seducing Ashlee

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Sometimes I like to take things real slow and take my time to seductively seduce you. It’s not that hard to make you want me in every possible way. Especially, when you come home from a long day and you find me sitting in your big leather chair barely wearing anything. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy.

I get up from your chair so you can sit down to relax and admire my body. I kneel between your knees unzipping your pants. Soft kisses are given up and down your swollen cock. My wet tongue nibbles all the way up your thick mushroom head. I look up and your head is tilted back with your eyes closed.

We’re both in complete relaxation.

I slide your hard cock between my big tits rubbing your swollen head on my hard nipples. I soon climb up on top of you wrapping my arms around your neck planting kisses on you. I wiggle around on your lap so you can find my special spot. My pussy starts to drip wanting you so bad. I want you to devour my hot pussy, and all I could do is whisper in your ear and tell you how bad I need you.

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Read My Lips

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Look at my lips, they’re covered in my favorite pink lip gloss and they’re so ready to do very naughty things with your body.

I love seducing you with my luscious lips. I’ve been noticing you’ve been watching my every move when I wrap my lips around my straw to take a sip of my drink. Does it make your cock tingle thinking about my big lips wrapped around it?

I’ve done many dirty things with these lips and you have no idea what’s in store when I get my hands on you, or should I say lips on you.

Read My Lips- I’m very addicting when I let my lips do all the work. When you call me, I’ll tell you exactly where I want to plant them first. 


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Not Your Typical Therapist

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I am far from your typical therapist. We spend hours upon hours discussing your issues. You never really get any better do you? Of course not.  Although, I sit there week after week, listening, taking notes, paying careful attention, I never really help you reach your goal.

As a matter of fact, I begin; slowly at first; to take the information you have provided me with over our course of time together, and use it to my advantage.

I capture you, ensnare you, captivate you, until you have no choice but to do as I say.  Do as I want. Do as I desire. I control you. The funny thing is, you could stop coming to see me. It would be that easy, or would it? That ache would set in, the need to see me, to be near me, hear my voice, and dare I say it? Submit to me. You know you can find no release from your ‘inner demons’ unless I allow you to.  Somewhat of a catch 22, wouldn’t you say?

From glancing at the clock, I see it’s time for your appointment to begin. Do not try to fight it, I know you cannot resist, so many have tried before you, and just like them, you will fail at resisting the temptation as well.

Your Therapist, Valerie



Written By: Valerie
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You Know What I Like

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 When you are away, I get so lonely for your strong embrace, passionate words of lust, and huge swollen manhood. You get away every chance you can but it’s just never enough for your sexy blonde girlfriend.

Sometimes, I slip into your shirt or wrap your silky tie around me, rubbing it all over my sexy body. I smell your cologne wishing you were here. We make such hot, sensual love, no one else will ever do.

You know what I like, and you’re never greedy with your love. I can almost feel your breath on my neck, your sultry words whispering urgent desires to me now. Take all you want, I’m yours forever.

Written By: Chloe
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Let’s Make Our Own Fireworks

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Let’s stay in tonight. Instead of going out like everyone else, I want to cook for you. I want to spoil you, and I plan to seduce you.

I start by making your favorite dinner. I wear a very sexy black dress and beautiful black lingerie to set the mood. I pull out the good china and my antique wine glasses. The table is beautiful. No dessert tonight because I am your dessert.

After dinner, I slide up my dress and show you the top of my creamy white thighs. You find my thighs intoxicating and want to bury yourself between them.

My fingers caress your face and shoulders. You slide your hands up my thighs and touch my panties. I shiver and gasp. I want you. I have to have you right now! The dishes can wait, but I can’t wait for you to fuck me.

I drop to my knees while you sit at my dining room table. I give you one fantastic slow blowjob. I am going to make sure that you want me as much as I want you. I pleasure your cock with my lips and tongue. I deep throat your cock.

You pull me up to you. You grab me and bend me over my table and give me the hot fuck that body is craving.

Well that was a fantastic first course, so let’s take this to my bedroom for the night and make our own fireworks.


Written By: AvaAva
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Your Mom’s Best Friend Seduces You

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I am your Mom’s best friend. She volunteers you to mow my lawn this summer. At first, you are mad. You would rather play ball with the guys and check out the girls at the lake. You admire their curves, but you are too shy to approach girls. You never know what to say to pretty girls.

You are extremely nervous around me. I am always wearing clothing that accentuates my big tits. You have a hard time keeping your eyes off of them. You have even dreamed about me.

This afternoon, you are mowing my lawn for the first time. When you are done mowing, I offer you a cold bottle of water and invite you inside. I take you straight up to my bedroom where I seduce you, strip you naked, and make a man out of you. I teach you the secrets on how to pleasure a woman’s body, and how to feel confident around pretty girls. In return, I give you mind-blowing, exciting sex. I do things to your body that you thought only happened in porn, but I make it even better, more intimate, and passionate.

You will always look back at the summer of 2021 as the hottest summer of your life!


Written By: AvaAva
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Erotic Encounter

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You’re in town on business and I head downtown for a little shopping trip. I need to get some new lingerie and new heels for summer. You’ve had a very long day and you need to have some fun.

You’re tired of room service, so you head out to explore the night life in the downtown area.

We happen to meet at the bar at a little bistro. Sparks fly. There’s instant chemistry between us. You ask me to join you for dinner.

The beautiful waitress is flirting with you and keeps pushing us to order dessert. I let her know I’m not big on sweets. I look deep into your eyes as I inform her that there is only one thing that I want for dessert. I touch your face, lean in, and kiss you right in front of her. She excuses herself as you kiss me back. Maybe a little inappropriate to be kissing so passionately in public, but that is the advantage of being out of town.

After dinner, we stroll along the path that runs along the river. We’re not quite ready to say goodnight. We stop under the bridge and you pull me close to you. We kiss. You have me so turned on. I tease and seduce. I pull out my left breast from my dress. You go crazy. You suck on my hot, hard nipples. We kiss and touch each other all over through our clothes. You push me up against a support beam and run your hand under my dress. You find my panties wet and you finger me. I gasp from the excitement of your touch. You feel my desire. My love juices dripping down your fingers.  You whisper in my ear that you want to take me back to your hotel and want to put your tongue inside of me.

We walk back to your hotel for a night that neither of us will ever forget.



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Seducing You Slowly

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You all know you love my voice! I mean, how can you not become addicted to it? It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before. It has you wanting more and more. But if you’ve never called me before, well then you don’t really know what you ‘re missing, do you? Let’s just say my moans will make any man weak in the knees.

I like to start and take things slow. I like to first get to know the guy who is on the other line. I like to close my eyes while you tell me all about yourself. Then I want to tell you all the naughty things that I plan on doing to you.

First, I will have to take off every inch of your clothing. I want to seduce you slowly and sensually, not only with my voice, but with my imagination too. I will make you so hot just by talking to you. All you have to do is call me, close your eyes, and let me do all the work.

Written By: Chloe
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Perfect Seduction

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Long after our time together, your words are still with me. It’s like I can feel you still lying next to me. I feel your fingertips lightly caressing my arm. I feel you running your fingers through my long, soft hair. When you touch me, I feel this magnetic pull. It happens every time. I cannot say no to you. I have tried, but it’s useless. When you are near me, all I can think about is the feeling of having you close to me.

I need you.

You like that I need you. Each and every time you seduce me perfectly. You’ve perfected your seduction. And each and every time when you leave me, I feel empty and hollow, and I miss you. You want me to miss you, so that you can come back whenever you please and fill the void that you leave me with.

Well you succeeded, I miss you and need you. Come and feel the void you have left with me.



Written By: Annaliese
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I Can’t Get You Off My Mind

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We had another amazing night, and I can’t get you off my mind today. I can’t get over the way you took over and made my body respond to yours like no one else ever has. You’re so tender, yet rough.

Every time we sneak away and meet each other, it’s better than the last. We waste very little time talking, there isn’t a lot to be said. As soon as I’m in your arms again, it takes a physical turn. You know just how to touch, to tease.

You strip me down until your lips find what they’re craving, my sweet pussy. You push my legs back and devour me. I rise up on my elbows to watch you. I love the way your tongue moves in and out, sweeping my pussy. My back arches as I feel two of your fingers sink inside. You can feel how ready I am, how much I need you.

You move on top of me, giving me all your weight as your cock eases in. My legs wrap around you, bringing you closer. Your hands hold my wrists above my head as your movement gets rougher. Your eyes look into mine as you command me to cum on your cock. I let go and cum as I feel you release inside of me.

Til next time, lover.




AnnaWritten By: Anna
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Seductive Bedroom Eyes

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They say the eyes are the opening to your soul, and with my eyes….your pants as well! Any guy who looks into my eyes, they’re lured in for the taking. I can get any guy I want, and do whatever I want to them.

If Daddy says no, all I have to do is bat my pretty little eyes and I get anything I want. I climb up onto Daddy’s lap, and put my arms around him and give me a long stare with a big smile on my face. It doesn’t take long and he gives me a handful of cash and his Amex black card.

My teacher is also hypnotized by my eyes. All I have to do when I get a bad grade is stay after class so I can talk to him alone. I sit my butt on his desk and look down at him while he’s sitting in his chair. He takes a little more convincing. That’s when I get on my knees and unzip his pants. I look up at him and take his raging hard cock into my mouth. I seductively look at him the entire time I am pumping my lips up and down his shaft. Soon, I have a mouthful of warm jizz and an A on my paper.

 Look at my picture, call me, and soon you will be powerless. My seductive bedroom eyes will make you do things you wouldn’t normally do.



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Taking My Time

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I want to seduce you slowly. I like to take my time. There is no rush. I don’t like to hurry with something that can bring such pleasure. I know you’ll thank me for not forgetting every inch of your body.

I will start with your head, kissing, caressing, and touching every part of your skin. Every bone in your body needs to be taken care of. I will work my way down your arms and your chest. I work my way straight down to the most important bone in your body. I want to give you goose bumps as I lightly run my fingertips across your shaft. As I curl my fingers around you and grasp it lightly, I start stroking your cock.

I want to savor every second of my seduction with you. You will love it right up until the end. I guarantee you’ll be begging for more!



Written By: Parker
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Catching Me In The Tub

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The other night I was having a hard time falling asleep. Usually the one thing that helps me is a hot soak in a bubble bath.

I started my water and put in the bubble bath. I always take the phone with me when I am in the tub. I keep one of my favorite waterproof vibrators handy in the tub as well, you just never know who might call.

As I was soaking in the hot bath, one of my regulars called me. He was really excited to find out he caught me naked and taking a bath! When I started up my vibrator, he was even more turned on.

I laid back in the bath and he got to tell me what to do. First, he told me to take the vibrator and rub it on my nipples. It felt so good! Then of course, he had me take the vibrator under the water and start to rub my clit and pussy with it. It was so hot! I was getting so turned on. After a few minutes, my pussy needed to cum.

After our long call, I got out of the bathtub and went to bed. I slept like a baby!



Written By: Annaliese
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Stripper Seduction

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You come to the strip club where I work and watch me on stage. I sway my hips to the music. My moves are incredibly sexy. My dance moves are hypnotic. You pull out a dollar bill and stick it in my g-string. There’s an obvious wet spot on the front of my g-string.

I blow you a kiss. My cherry red lips are mesmerizing. As if I have cast a spell on you, all you can think about is my mouth being around your cock.

Finally, you arrange a private dance with me.

I arrive in the VIP room. You sit there looking nervous but adorable. I introduce myself, but this time there is no music. I spread my legs and pull my g-string aside. Go ahead! Look at my pink pussy. My pussy glistens from the wetness. Your face is so close that you can smell my pussy juices.

My name is Chrissy and I’m here to make sure you have a good time. My voice is soft and as hypnotic as my moves. I look right into your eyes. The lap dance starts. You’re so hard. You ache and your cock throbs in anger trapped in your pants with my pussy brushing up against your cock inside your thin pants.

I move my body with precision and control. I own this orgasm of yours.


ChrissyWritten By: Chrissy
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Seduction At The Office

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We are co-workers that are assigned to work on a project. The project is going to demand lots of nights and weekends.

You’re spending more time with me. Anything could happen. You find me attractive and attentive. I find you handsome, sharp and charismatic. I dress professionally at the office, but my heels are little higher than the other ladies. I always wear skirts or dresses and I always wear pantyhose or stockings. Once you got a glimpse of the lace on the top of a stocking. It made your cock so hard. You started having fantasies about me after that.

Late one night, we are in the conference room working on our final presentation for our client and it happens. You notice that my eyes drift along your tie. You catch me staring at the front of your pants. I blush and look away.

A little later, I suggest a break. I take off my glasses. I seduce you. I make you forget about the work and your family at home. The only thing that matters is fucking me. You bend me over that conference room table and fuck me so hard!





BrynnaWritten By: Brynna
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Going To Work With Daddy

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Daddy suggested I work at his office since we still haven’t gone back to school yet. I’m sort of bored , because I can’t slut around downtown picking up men. I remember sitting on some of his co-workers laps when I was just a tiny little girl. I didn’t understand at the time just what felt so hard under me. I do now and I love how it feels.

Maybe there is some new hot men with big cocks for me to tease. Daddy told me to dress in business attire. That isn’t very much fun, but I could still wear sexy lingerie under my boring business clothes.

Daddy told me I would be answering the phones all day. Sounds boring as fuck, but I could try and make it interesting. My first call was Mr. Hammond. He seemed very nice so I asked him if he would like to see a nude picture of me.  He said he had an even better idea. I had no idea he worked here. Oops.  He told me to do a slow strip and he would take his own pictures. Sounds like fun to me. 

I guess he told a few of the others in the office. I could hear them talking outside waiting their turn. I hope daddy is busy so he doesn’t find out what is going on. We finished our session and when the door opened, I could see a long time forming. Oh no!! Daddy is third in line. 


WritteDelaneyn By: Delaney
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Relaxation Phone Sex

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Need a little stress reliever? Why don’t you sit back and relax while I take you on a wild ride! I know how hard you work. I also know how much you really need to just sit back and relax. I want you to enjoy every second of our time together. Have a seat in that chair and get comfortable.

I want you completely naked so that I can do all sorts of erotic things to you. First, I will start with massaging your entire body. Touching, Kissing, and rubbing every inch of your skin. I know that’s what you really need. I am petite but I have very strong hands.

Maybe you’d love if I sat on your lap and rubbed my pussy up against your hard cock. I know I would love that. I would also love to feel your throbbing dick inside my wet, tight pussy.

Why don’t you call me so we can get your relaxation started.



MacyWritten By: Macy


Come Over To Ava’s House

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It’s Friday and I want you come over to my house tonight. I need to kiss you and show you how special you are to me. I will make you a fabulous dinner and dress sexy for you.

We spend the evening drinking wine and listening to sexy music. A little conversation while we hold hands. Kiss me as I take off my hot little black dress. I leave on my sexy pink and black lingerie.

You run your hands over my soft silky bra and feel how hard you have made my nipples. You run your tongue along my neck. I shiver and moan. I run my fingers along the zipper of your pants and I feel you growing and becoming very excited. You have a lustful look in your eyes for me. I am sure that my skin is flushed and eyes are begging for so much more of you.

I take off your shirt and massage your shoulders. My raven hair tickles your back as my fingers move to your nipples. I rub down your chest. Slow, very sensual foreplay for us tonight. Finally, my fingers move down to your pants. I unzip and take them off. I leave your boxers on. We sit on my sofa with our hands roaming and caressing each other. Our kisses become hungry passionate kisses. Your hands rub along my butt. You love my big round mature ass. Your fingers find their way inside my panties. You find me wet and my pussy hot. You finger me and make me cum.

After you make me cum, I reward you with a very slow luxurious blowjob. I edge and excite you with my warm attentive mouth. You love that I can take all of your cock. You hold back my hair and moan.

We head off to my bedroom. I light a couple of candles. We get naked, and we enjoy a beautiful passionate night together.


Written By: AvaAva
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