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The Older Man Next Door

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I did my morning yoga and saw my neighbor sitting in his office next door. He is focused on his computer and always works so hard. He works at home now, but his wife still goes to her office. I have a thing for older men, but don’t all girls? I get even more horny for him, so I fantasize about fucking him while I shower and dry my hair.

Then I go to my lingerie drawer. Instead of wearing a little cotton thong, I put on my sexy lavender silky bra and panties. As I stand in front of the mirror, my nipples are hard and poking into the thin fabric of the bra. I feel my pussy dripping into the clean panties. Dirty panties already!

The temptation is too great, and I need an older man to make me cum today! I slip into a short skirt, sweater, and boots. Next, I text the older man next door, asking him if I can stop by because I want to borrow a book. He says the back door is open, and he is in his home office. He is happy to let me borrow any of his books! The only thing I want is his sexy, sophisticated older man’s dick!

He does not hear me when I open the door to his office. I walk behind him, touch his shoulders, and run my fingers down his arms. I pull his hands off his keyboard. I beg him to fuck me. He tries to resist me. I am so young and naughty that I make him forget he is married. He can’t resist my hot, young body! I suck his cock as he fingers my sweet, tight pussy. He makes sure that I have such intense orgasms! Now it is your turn to fuck me!



Written By: Annaliese
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Hot Seduction Phone Sex

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Now is the perfect time for me to lure you into my bed with my sexy, seductive ways and young, hot body. Hear my soft, sultry voice whispering dirty desires in your ear.

I’ve been thinking of you all afternoon longing to feel your hard, throbbing cock inside me. My body is so hot, wet, and hungry for you. I’ll do anything to get what I must have.

Look into my eyes, you can see the raw lust and desire. And, my hands right here between my smooth, creamy thighs slowly creeping up to my wet, tight sex holes.

The things the two of us can do is unfathomable. 

Wanting you now!


AutumnWritten By: Autumn
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Post Holiday Blues

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                The holidays were over so fast. I don’t know about you, but I always get a bit of post holiday blues. I get to missing the gatherings, gift giving, and closeness. I do have the perfect cure for those blues. Sex!!!

Not a gathering exactly, but just you and me. Get me in the mood. Tell me what you would plan for us? Maybe a playful picnic dinner in my bedroom. All those perfect sexy foods like strawberries and blueberries to get those hormones flowing though our bodies. 

We share a kiss, you taste so good. A mix of fruit, and wine. You slowly remove my red corset, and splash the wine all over my body. You both share it off of my nipples, then you slowly work your way down. 

I am feeling so much better already. Call me, let’s get those hormones flowing.



DaphneWritten By: Dirty Daphne
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Annaliese’s Seductive Striptease

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Your wife is out of town and you desperately want to see me. 

I arrive dressed in very sexy lingerie and heels. You want to fuck right away but I tell you to sit in a very comfortable chair and watch me. I have a sexy playlist on my phone and slowly start moving my hips to the music. 

At the start of the second song, I give you a little lap dance, and I open up your pants. I use my fingers along your hard shaft, my fingers are moving to the music. You smile and moan as you become more and more aroused.

I slip off your lap and continue my erotic dance. I encourage you to touch yourself. My beautiful words guide you, tell you how to touch, caress, and stroke. I rub myself through my thong as my hips sway and my feet glide to the sensual music.

You’re enthralled by my gorgeous body. You’re hard and I’m very wet. You watch my fingers slip under my panties. I finger myself in front of you. The dance continues. You stroke harder and faster while I pump my slender fingers inside of my pussy. We both slowly increase the intensity of pleasure following the crescendo of the music until we reach climax.


Written By: Annaliese
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Getting Ready For The Perfect Date

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You and I have been dating for a while now. Tonight’s the night!

You have treated me to dinner a few times, but tonight, I am going to cook you dinner here at my home.

I make sure every little detail is perfect with dinner, then it is time for me to get ready.

I take a long bath, shave between my legs, so I am extra smooth. I put a little oil in my bath so my skin is silky and soft.

I do my hair and my make-up.  I pick out the perfect little outfit. I go to my lingerie drawer for my black seamed stockings and garters. I put them on and make sure the seams are perfect. I slip into my dress.

The doorbell rings. I check my seams in the mirror one more time before I answer. I imagine your hands sliding up my dress for a view of those black stockings contrasted against my sweet smooth white skin.

I just want everything perfect for you for our first time, lover!

SkylarWritten By: Skylar
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Your Treat or Mine?

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It’s Halloween night and you don’t plan on handing out candy this year. Let’s dim the lights and make our own special night. 

I walk up behind you, nibble on your ear, and kiss the back of your neck. I reach down around your waist then and unbutton your pants, untuck your shirt, slip my hands down your lower stomach, and reach down in. That’s my good boy, already getting hard for me.

I take your cock in one hand and reach my other palm around your balls, gently squeezing and caressing. A few more strokes then I’m going to come around and get down on my knees in front of you. I keep my grasp on the base of you as I put my lips on the head of your cock. I look up at you as I lick off your sweet pre-cum.

I slowly take you into my mouth, my lips, and tongue tight around you. You moan and slide your hips forward feeding me your cock. You love how wet and hot my mouth is around you. I love how you smell, taste, and feel in my mouth. I stroke you in and out, up and down, finding that rhythm that takes you to the edge.
I feel your hands weave their way into my hair and I know that I’ve just given up the control. I let you shove your cock deep, deeper, the tip hitting the back of my throat and opening to take you even further. Fuck my mouth, lover. Use me, I love it.

I can tell by your groans that you’re so close to cumming. I want it. Give it to me. Cum for me. You let go and I can feel the cum surging through you. It pours out of you, spilling into my mouth. I drink you in, loving the way you taste. I lick my lips, look up at you and smile. 


AshleeWritten By: Naughty Ashlee
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See Me After Class

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Your grades are slipping in my class. I ask you come to my classroom after school. If you want to play football, you are going to have to get your grades back up. Maybe some extra tutoring is in order here. You have always been a good student, but you seem to have a lack of concentration.

I start our first tutoring session. I ask you a question. It is a simple problem to solve, but you are not focused on the question I just asked you. You are staring down my blouse. Your hand is in your lap instead of holding onto your pencil.

Oh, I think I understand. You are one horny boy who seems to be enchanted by my mature, womanly curves. You have no concentration on your classwork because you are sitting there every day with a big, hard stiff cock.

Well, I have the solution to this problem! First things first! Let’s solve the problem with your swollen balls and stiff cock before we go back to your math problem.


Written By: AvaAva
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Hungry For Me

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It’s been so long since we’ve been together. I’ve planned a special night for us. You know how I love our wild fuck sessions, but tonight I’m craving something a little more.

I put on my sexiest lingerie that I know you love. I light candles and place them all around the room.

As I hear you pull up, I lay across the bed, striking a seductive pose. Even in the dark candle-lit room, I see your eyes light up. Everything that you had in your hands fall to the floor. You begin taking your clothes off as you come close to the bed. The hungry look in your eyes makes my back arch off the bed.

You grab my ankles and drag me to the edge of the bed, your mouth hungrily licking between my legs. The slow night I had envisioned goes out the window as you rip my panties off and toss them aside. I find myself twisted and turned, fucked like a whore all over the bed.

As I feel you cum inside of me and feel your body relax on top, I hear your apology. I whisper back, telling you to rest up. Next time is for me.



AnnaWritten By: Anna
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I Want You To Stay

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You don’t have to leave. Stay! Don’t go yet.

I want to show you something. It’s under my dress. I wore a little something special for you. I really want you to see it. Touch the fabric of my bra. It’s very soft silky white fabric. Do you see my hard nipples pressing into the fabric? Look at the wet spot on the front of my panties. Don’t go. Stay!

Smell my perfume. Isn’t it intoxicating? Lick between my perfect, teen firm breasts.

I can see the outline of your hard cock in your pants. Let me run my fingers along your cock. Yes, you are hard for me. Just stay, so I can open up your pants.

I want to show you so much more! I want to taste, kiss, and fuck you!

Just stay! You won’t regret spending your time with me.




BreeWritten By: Bree
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The Art of Seduction

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Think about coming home to me from a hard day at the office. I’m wearing the lingerie you bought me last Valentines day. There’s nothing I love more than the art of seduction. I want to dance for you, slowly undressing, and moving my body to conform to yours. I want to get your cock throbbing so I can give it my full attention from my mouth and lips.

The immense attention you will receive from my lips and tongue will make you feel like a king, big and powerful in my mouth. When you feel like you’re going to explode, I’ll be there to receive every drop of your cum because pleasing you fulfills me.

Your time with me will be spent in total adoration for all the amazing, and wildly naughty things you do. I maybe a classically trained ballerina, but I also love to blow off some steam while performing a naughty strip tease for your eyes only. This is always a perfect segway into our mutual masturbation phone sex.


Written By: Chloe
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Annual Performance Review

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You come to my office for your annual performance review.  You’re extremely nervous.  I’m not smiling when you sit down in the chair. I get up to close the door and grab your file. You shift in your chair. I smile when I see that you’re nervous. My pencil skirt is so tight and white blouse is open, exposing my cleavage.

You’re finding it hard to concentrate because you’re so focused on the sexy lingerie peeking out from under my blouse. I start your review and you find me very over critical and unfair. I’m unfairly placing the blame on you for poor performance of a project from another team.

You try and explain your side, but I disregard your argument.  I ask you if you value your job? You plead your case. “I am willing to do anything.”

I ask “Anything?”  I take off my glasses and unbutton my blouse to reveal my sexy breasts.

You soon realize that you need to make me cum to save your job!



Written By: AvaAva
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Best Cure For My Boredom

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My husband and sons were going out of town. He made me promise him that I was going to be good and stay faithful while he was gone. I really did try to. For about 5 minutes. I get bored very easy and when I get bored, I want to fuck.

As luck would have it, my oldest son’s friends stopped in. I told him he wasn’t home, but he could come in and keep me company if he wanted. I knew he did. He was always looking at me with lust in his eyes.

He followed me in and immediately dropped his jeans to expose his big cock. My mouth watered and I sucked him in deep. I could tell he had never fucked a real woman before. These teen girls can’t suck cock like and experienced woman like me.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me up, put me on the kitchen counter and buried his face deep into my cunt. He was so enthusiastic and I came on his tongue quick. I was begging him to fuck me. He told me he didn’t have a condom and I didn’t care!

He shoved it in balls deep and started pounding hard. He was so excited that it didn’t last very long. I rubbed his arm and told him it was okay. I hopped off the counter and led him to the bedroom. After a weekend with me, he could last for hours. Teaching him to really fuck a woman was the best cure for my boredom.



JanetWritten By: Janet
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Seducing Chloe

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I usually find a way to get exactly what I want, need, and crave from men. I guess you could say I have a way of using my very best assets to achieve my goal. I wouldn’t say it’s all just manipulative seduction though, I am more of a sweet, sexy girlfriend type that enjoys making you feel good too.

What would it take for me to seduce you into bed? If I showed up at your place wearing nothing but my black thigh stockings and a creamy pussy, would that be all it takes? I kind of like a good challenge so if it’s going take more than eye candy, believe me, I’m up for it.



Written By: Chloe
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Corrupting My Nephew

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My nephew is staying with me for a long weekend. He is so innocent and shy. My sister has kept him very sheltered. I bet that I can corrupt him.

If I leave my bras and panties around the house, strategically placed so he will find them and he will be compelled to touch the soft, silky fabric. His cock will tingle.

I will leave the bathroom door open just enough so he can watch me take very long, hot showers. I know he will be touching himself while he watches me. His dick will be throbbing.

I will wear extra sexy bras and my lowest low cut tops that will virtually hypnotize him. He won’t be able to take his eyes off my big, sexy breasts.

If I reach down and run my fingers along his cock while he is staring at my chest, seducing him into my bed will be so easy and educational for him.



Written By: AvaAva
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Ava’s Business Trip

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You and I work at the same company but in different locations. We talk on the phone every day. The company is sending us to Chicago for new computer training. We have exchanged a few flirty emails and phone calls and both of us have expressed that we’re looking forward to finally meeting each other face to face.

I’m more than a little excited to meet you. I buy new very sexy lingerie.

I find a reason to get you to my room. I have some documents for you to look at. I invite you to my room and you accept my invitation. You’re hoping for a sexy rendezvous and it’s more than an invitation for something work related.

As soon as I get you alone in my room, I seduce you. You watch my business clothes hit the floor, and I show off my new bra, panties, stocking and garter set. We kiss with passion and desire for each other. You bury your face in my white fleshy breasts.

Your fantasy comes true. You’ve always wanted to play with my big tits. We fuck for hours. You end up spending the night in my room. We share every earthly, uninhibited carnal pleasure possible between a man and a woman. We have incredible sensuous yet very animalistic sex.

Written By: AvaAva
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Southern Seduction

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Every cock needs a dose of sweet Southern charm. I am the epitomy of seduction. In the South, women are taught from a very young age to flirt. It’s not something officially discussed, its just something all of us do.

I love using my voice to put you in a trance, captivate you, and seduce you. I’ll violate all of your senses and bring you to a point of extreme and intense desire way before our skin ever even touches.

I want you to want me more than you have ever craved a woman before in your life.  When I whisper in your ear with my soft and sensual voice, your cock will be gushing out pre-cum. When I share with you all of the naughty things I want us to do, your cock will then belong to me. Get ready for me to do any and everything to it.

Your cock has never been fucked right until it has experience the Southern Hospitality that my pussy has to offer.


GingerWritten By: Ginger
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Fantastic Together

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Your desire for passionate but adventuresome sex matches my desires. You’re an intelligent, sexy, sophisticated man who enjoys the finer things in life. You have an appreciation for the good things. You enjoy the company of a beautiful, classy lady.

That is why you and I are so good together. You’re thoughtful and generous. You appreciate my ample curves, my long legs, and smoldering eyes. You find me intoxicating. I want you. Your kisses are so intense that I find them to be the most powerful aphrodisiac.

You appreciate the fine lines around my eyes. There is wisdom in those eyes. You find mature woman erotic. Like a fine wine, I just gets better with age. With me, you have the stamina of teenager and you make feel like a love-sick school girl.

Together we are fantastic together. Feeding off of each other’s sexual energy, building and building the intense sensations that one can only experience during great sex. Difficult to describe the feelings, but why spend time analyzing when we could be enjoying a fantastic, perfect night!



Written By: AvaAva
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Seductively Seducing Ashlee

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Sometimes I like to take things real slow and take my time to seductively seduce you. It’s not that hard to make you want me in every possible way. Especially, when you come home from a long day and you find me sitting in your big leather chair barely wearing anything. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy.

I get up from your chair so you can sit down to relax and admire my body. I kneel between your knees unzipping your pants. Soft kisses are given up and down your swollen cock. My wet tongue nibbles all the way up your thick mushroom head. I look up and your head is tilted back with your eyes closed.

We’re both in complete relaxation.

I slide your hard cock between my big tits rubbing your swollen head on my hard nipples. I soon climb up on top of you wrapping my arms around your neck planting kisses on you. I wiggle around on your lap so you can find my special spot. My pussy starts to drip wanting you so bad. I want you to devour my hot pussy, and all I could do is whisper in your ear and tell you how bad I need you.

AshleeWritten By: Naughty Ashlee
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Read My Lips

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Look at my lips, they’re covered in my favorite pink lip gloss and they’re so ready to do very naughty things with your body.

I love seducing you with my luscious lips. I’ve been noticing you’ve been watching my every move when I wrap my lips around my straw to take a sip of my drink. Does it make your cock tingle thinking about my big lips wrapped around it?

I’ve done many dirty things with these lips and you have no idea what’s in store when I get my hands on you, or should I say lips on you.

Read My Lips- I’m very addicting when I let my lips do all the work. When you call me, I’ll tell you exactly where I want to plant them first. 


KimberleyWritten By: Kimberley
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Not Your Typical Therapist

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I am far from your typical therapist. We spend hours upon hours discussing your issues. You never really get any better do you? Of course not.  Although, I sit there week after week, listening, taking notes, paying careful attention, I never really help you reach your goal.

As a matter of fact, I begin; slowly at first; to take the information you have provided me with over our course of time together, and use it to my advantage.

I capture you, ensnare you, captivate you, until you have no choice but to do as I say.  Do as I want. Do as I desire. I control you. The funny thing is, you could stop coming to see me. It would be that easy, or would it? That ache would set in, the need to see me, to be near me, hear my voice, and dare I say it? Submit to me. You know you can find no release from your ‘inner demons’ unless I allow you to.  Somewhat of a catch 22, wouldn’t you say?

From glancing at the clock, I see it’s time for your appointment to begin. Do not try to fight it, I know you cannot resist, so many have tried before you, and just like them, you will fail at resisting the temptation as well.

Your Therapist, Valerie



Written By: Valerie
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