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Delaney’s Therapy Session

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      My daddy’s poker buddy who is a therapist has been eyeing me since I was just a little thing. He would always find excuses to get me to sit on his lap. I tease him a lot because I can and because I am a bit of a naughty little cock tease.

He came up when I was getting ready for bed. We talked a little bit about school and he suggested I go in for a therapy session. His reason was I should see what it is like before I decide on my major. I was suspicious of his motives but I do love older men!

Once I was at his office, he shut and locked the door. His receptionist was already gone for the night. He asked me to lay on his big leather couch with my back to him. He talked to me quietly and I felt like I was in a trance. I did everything he told me to do. There was a huge mirror above the couch so he could watch. He began to tell me what to do to my body. He asked me to slowly pull up my skirt and to touch myself slowly. I could also see him in the mirror and just where his hands were. He had me play with my perky tits and I came for him over and over again. 

Next time he came over, I pretended I didn’t remember a thing except his voice and his huge leather couch. I asked him if we could have another session where this time we pretend I am the therapist. I mean it is my future and I need to be sure that is the right major for this little princess.


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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

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There’s something so thrilling about telling a man how to touch himself for me. Knowing that I have so much control over his orgasm makes me feel like a sexual goddess. Hearing that catch in his breathing every time I hit one of his spots, get me so excited. I like it even better when he turns the tables on ME and takes over. I don’t mind slowing down and listening to his instructions.

While you’re on a call with me, my body is yours to do what you want with. I’ll touch exactly how you instruct me to. We can stretch it out and see how long we can last. When we finally allow ourselves to cum together, it’ll be hard and intense.



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No Summer School For Piper

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 I finally got a new job! I am so excited. It is working part-time in the summer at a Club restaurant. You know, all the handsome, bored married men playing golf, and tipping really well sort of place. I wonder how long I will have to actually work there before I find a sugar daddy. I mean who wants to work in the summer?  That is of course, if I even pass so I don’t need summer school.

I hate math of any kind, and I am terrible at it. I sucked and fucked my way through most of my math classes so grades weren’t an issue. This year my teacher is female, with a husband I would love to fuck. Maybe she likes girls too? I can get passing grades and maybe a threesome? I could just imagine how good she and her husband taste and feel.

People say I look sweet and innocent. I guess I know why, but I am a tiny little slut. I love sex with males or females. Boys my age, I don’t get them really. I love older men! I am getting so horny thinking about my teacher and her husband. It’s time to find some sexy girl on girl porn and give myself a few or several orgasms.



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Mutual Masturbation with Chasity

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One of my favorite phone sex calls is mutual masturbation. I love being totally in tuned with you. We are both hypnotized on each other’s voices, and our bodies are feeling so good that the house could be on fire, yet never realizing it because we’re so into the moment. When you start feeling good, I mean really good, nothing else matters. My voice is driving you wild, my moans are making your cock twitch, and there’s nothing you want more than to have an unforgettable orgasm. It’s so hot knowing we’re both pleasuring ourselves at the same time, both wanting to achieve the same thing.

Mutual masturbation calls with me are like no other. It will feel like we’re in the same room together. Once you hear my voice, and my dripping wet pussy, you’ll want to explode!


Written By: Chasity
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Your Cum, My Face And Tits

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I want something very special this year for Valentines Day. I want to receive all your hot, sticky cum splattered all over my beautiful tits and face. It might sound like this is a gift for you but you have no idea how much I love the feel, smell and taste of a huge load of cum. I want to play with it, rubbing it all over my tits, lick it off my fingers, and if you give me a big enough load I will rub it all over my sweet twat. I want you to use me like the blonde bimbo I am. I will suck you till you are rock hard again, and spread my ass cheeks to take you again.

Yes, for Valentines Day I crave your cock, and want to be your dirty slut. Let’s make both our nights with a hot, sexy and hopefully perverted mutual masturbation call.


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Deviant Mommy Phone Sex

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You like coming into Mommy’s room when Daddy is away? Mommy loves it too. Mommy loves when you crawl into bed and do your sweet little cuddles. Mommy loves all boys of all ages, and I have to say this also, you’re so much bigger than your father.

I feel you pressing up against me, and the swelling of your cock, it feels amazing. It turns Mommy on so much that you get hard for Mommy just feeling my butt. I love to take your hands and run them all over my body. It feels so good when you take Mommy’s clothes off, and suck on my hard nipples. Let Mommy feed you her big tits.

I’m a naughty, deviant Mommy, and I understand there is all kinds of boys of all ages, and every boy is different. With that being said, I want you to know that Mommy loves to play all kinds of games, and I’m always here for you.



Written By: Valerie
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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

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I had a really hot mutual masturbation call this morning. My caller got my pussy flowing really good. In fact, my pussy was so extremely wet, I soaked my sheets. I even let him hear my sloppy wet pussy and he loved it, he said it made his cock even harder.

Mutual Masturbation with me you never have to worry if I am really touching myself. I normally get off 3-5 times a day so I am always horny. It’s just better with someone else is masturbating with me.

I really like when I start fingering myself harder and faster and hearing my caller stroking faster so we are in rhythm with each other. My moans turn him on and hearing him so hot and horny, turns me on as well. The best mutual masturbation calls are when we both cum at the same time.

Hopefully after reading this you’re ready to cum with me because I am ready and wanting it again!


Written By: Jesse
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Late Night Lover

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I have a very hot late night lover. He sets up a call with me and even though I know he’s calling, I still get excited to get woken up in the middle of the night. When I hear his deep, masculine voice, my pussy immediately moistens. He says the same about me. He loves my sexy, sleepy voice and as soon as I say hello….. his cock is hard as a rock.

What I love the most about our call is he wants to hear me cum as many times as I can. I usually have my dildo next to me so I can easily reach it in the middle of the night. I put the phone down to my pussy so he can hear how sloppy wet I get. When he tells me to fuck myself deeper, I normally cum within minutes. I slide my dildo out and put it inside my mouth so I can taste my juices.

I put the dildo back inside me and start fucking myself for round two. This time I like to tease my pussy by fucking it really deep for about a minute and then pulling it almost out. Then I slam it back inside me again. This will go on for about 15 minutes until my pussy is like a river and I’m ready to squirt all over my sheets. Meanwhile, I can hear my hot lover jerking off  and that only makes me cum harder.

After 45 minutes of mutual masturbation, I have squirted 6 times and he has not released his load yet because his enjoyment is hearing me get off first. We then talk about him sliding his throbbing cock inside my dripping, wet pussy and let’s just say it doesn’t take much for his cock to explode.

I love my late night lover and so does my pussy. Thank you!


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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

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I’m a big fan of mutual masturbation, but I’ve grown to appreciate it so much more thanks to one of my favorite callers. He not only masturbates on the phone with me, he lets me tell him how to fuck himself. He calls and lets me know what toys he has on hand to fuck his ass. If only you could hear the sounds that come out of him. I make him pound his ass as hard as he can. I can hear pleasure and pain in his moans. I tell him what a good little fag he is. He really, really likes that and is quick to agree with me. The very best part about the call is that he saves some cum to eat. He’s such a nasty boy. He practically screams when he finally blows his load. Those noises get to me, I cum too. Mutual masturbation is always the best.


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Masturbation Fun with Makaylah

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I’ve been touching myself all morning long, well really all week long.  That’s nothing new for me but I just couldn’t keep my hands out of my panties. Every chance I get I’m masturbating. I love feeling my wet, horny hole. My fingers slipping into my wet pussy rubbing my wetness all over my clit.

All I can think of is all the hot age play/ family fun phone sex fantasies I’ve been having. The thought of me being your naughty phone sex slut makes my pussy tingle for you. My hot, wet pussy  will be waiting for you. 

Give me a call and let’s have some mutual masturbation fun while we let our naughty minds wander off with some hot role play phone sex. 


MakaylahWritten By: Makaylah
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You Can’t Resist Temptation

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After hitting your snooze button a few times, you finally wake up. You reach for your phone and go through your emails. You see a bunch of junk mail and then you stumble upon an email from me. Knowing you’re running late at this point, you can’t resist.

Your eyes widen as you see an intriguing picture of yours truly. My picture has got you so aroused that you didn’t even read my email (yet). You couldn’t resist the temptation, so you pull down your boxers and stroke your hard cock.

As you’re looking at my beautiful full tits and smooth pussy, you realize there’s one thing missing from your morning masturbation session, and that is the sound of my voice. We both know that jerking off is not the same without me.

Your fingers can’t dial my number fast enough. And just like that, you hear my voice on the other end. My voice sounds different to you (in a good way) because I am just waking up. You feel your cock throbbing after hearing me in your ear first thing in the morning. I waste no time and slide my hands down between my thighs and move my panties to the side. My pussy is so wet for you. I want you..badly.

It’s hard to resist the Madame.


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Naughty Secrets

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I remember when I had my first orgasm it seemed like a million years ago. I wasn’t even a teen yet but I got the hang of it real quick.

Every night before bed, I would play with myself. It felt so good touching my smooth pussy, sliding my fingers in and out of my warm kitty. I started getting really good at it after awhile. I was tearing the sheets off of me, thrusting hips, fucking my fingers making myself soaked! It was so much fun I couldn’t stop. I did it every chance I could.

One night my step-daddy walked by my room and heard me moaning. He was shocked that I was spread out on the bed with my legs wide open. He told me not to stop while he locked the door. He unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock as he watched me drive my fingers deeper in my juicy pussy. He liked it so much he would moan my name and cum all over my titties. It felt so warm and sticky. Eventually, he started licking up all my juices and teaching me how to be a big girl. It was always our little secret.



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Dirty Mommy Suzanne Teases Her Son

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I had just gotten out of the shower, and while my hair was drying, I called my phone sex son at boarding school. We usually just use online calling as it can get rather costly with him in Europe. I was in a very playful mood, and began to tease him a bit. I was saying things like; “I know you have a huge load you must need some release?” I was just being a silly flirt because I missed him so much. What I didn’t notice was my Skype was set to cam, and he could see everything I was doing. I was just in a small towel which barely contained my big, slightly saggy Milf tits. The more we talked and teased, the wetter I was getting. Was it wrong to finger my gushing cunt while we chatted?

He wasn’t as innocent as I thought. He began to return the flirty banter. He said that one of his female friends at school taught him how to give a facial, and would I like one when he came home for Thanksgiving. I thought he was too innocent to catch on to Mommy’s naughty phone play, but apparently not. I could hear the sound of not only him stroking, but the voice of another young man.  His breathing got heavier, and we both came at the same time. Before we said “goodbye” he had a little secret to tell me. Uh oh, he was watching me squeeze and suck my nipples and finger myself the whole time we were chatting.


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A Girl Like Me

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You need a girl like me.  I love to play and make you feel good. 

Let’s run around all day! Driving with the top down, your body near mine at the beach or the farmers market. We find a quiet spot for a quickie. I am wild and uninhibited. You need an adventuresome girl like me! 

When your days get dreary with traveling for work and the stress of the day gets you down, you need a girl like me. I can make you cum better than your wife. My laugh makes you smile, and my voice makes you hard. I always make you cum. 

Love to dance, drink, party and play. Flirting and seducing you! Grinding up against you and showing off my big sweet breasts, making my nipples hard. You know you want to play with my sexy tits. Sweet seduction and so much more. Let’s get between the sheets late at night. You will always find my pussy tight.

I always keep it fun. Dive between my tits, kiss my lips and fuck your hot sexy girlfriend!

Don’t keep my hot, sweet pussy waiting, Sexy!


SkylarWritten By: Skylar
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Soft, Hot And Fuckable

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You slipped your business card in my purse while I wasn’t paying attention. You are a fetish photographer and offered to do a free photo shoot for me. Your business card had a note that said “call me” maybe? My favorite fuck buddy has a birthday coming up, and I know he would love that for a gift.  I called you and made an appointment, and the next day went to your studio.

As soon as I saw you, I remembered you from the club. I had planned on doing some serious flirting that night, but something had come up. Now, here we both are. I didn’t need any help posing, but you seemed to like your hands on me as much as I did. Slowly, I took off my clothes for more pictures. I suggested you get in the pictures too. Without hesitation you set camera to auto, and I ripped off your clothes. I had no desire to go slow. I was so fucking wet and I needed to fuck right then.

Your lips were soft on my nipples, as you sucked and bit them. Your pussy was dripping wet, hot and smooth. After we fucked for hours, you invited me to spend the night. I found a bottle of bubbly, popped it open and we looked at the pictures you took. You sneaky little hottie, you had it set for video. My special fuck buddy is going to love his gift, but not as much as I loved making it!


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Give Me A Show

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Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE sex but I love watching a man jerk off for me. There’s something so hot and erotic when you’re sitting in front of me, stroking your cock. It’s so exciting to watch your dick get even harder when I start to pleasure myself as well. There’s nothing else that matters in the world right now but you getting off in front of me.

I enjoy your facial expressions and how you tease and tantalize your cock. I notice the more you stroke it faster a few times and then back off is when you really start to pre-cum. I never like to let any of your cum go to waste. I take my fingertips and glide it across your throbbing head and scoop it up with my fingers. I put your pre-cum on my lips and then slide it in my pussy. I finger fuck myself with 3 fingers and get that creaminess you’ve been craving and then slide my drenched fingers into your mouth. The incredible smell and taste of my pussy has you jacking your cock off harder and faster and soon you give me a cum show.

I simply love mutual masturbation and sharing each others cum is the best part about it.


Written By: Jenny
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Howdy Neighbor

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aj          I love playing dress up in front of my window especially when I know my married neighbor is watching me. Honestly, I am not really trying to make him all hot and horny from watching me.~Giggles~ Okay, well maybe I am. Thing is; I am not just a little teen tease, I do follow up and all. You know like follow him around till he has no choice but to give me what I want.

He is taking out his big jizz filled dick. Oh no, I didn’t I mean? Maybe I should go over to his house because I would never want to be the reason his window is all sticky. He is now texting me and wants me to show him more of my sweet pussy. I mean I wouldn’t want to be unneighborly, but then again, I would rather go over there and play up front and personal.

              He is stroking pretty fast now. I sure love big mushroom heads about to shoot their load. I start finger fucking my wet, soft pussy, and rubbing my clit with my thumb. OMG it feels so fucking good. He texts me again saying “Thank you.” I text him back and say, “same time, same place tomorrow?”


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Cum Join Me By The Pool

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all my favorite men and boys. I am such a wonderfully spoiled woman on everyday of the year because I have such amazing phone sex buddies.

The weather is perfect today to take my calls outside by the pool. I wonder where I should hide to do my calls or maybe I should just do them in the open as I have absolutely no inhibitions and get so wet knowing I am being watched while fucking you.

A glass of Pinot by the pool, a sexy black one piece on my smoking body and you, would just make my day!  Tonight I will change to my sexiest red baby doll nighty and have all my toys ready to play. This is going to be one hot as fuck Valentine’s Day. Cum join me?


DaphneWritten By: Dirty Daphne
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Stripper Chrissy: Come Upstairs to Play!

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chrissyI work one night a week as a stripper in NYC.

It is so empowering to have all men watching me, wanting me, devouring me with their eyes when I am on stage. 

The most exciting, and most alluring part of the evening, when I invite you upstairs to a private room at the strip club.

I tease you, seduce you, into setting up a private dance with me. I promise to rock your world and give you an experience that you will remember forever. You can’t resist me, even though you know that is getting late. Come on baby, I whisper in your ear. Come upstairs with me to the private room, and I will let you feel the hot wet walls of my pussy dripping in your lap. 

Your Naughty Stripper,



ChrissyWritten By: Chrissy
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Naughty Girl Next Door

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I have most people fooled when they look at me. They often mistake me for the good girl, especially all the people in my neighborhood. They think I’m the sweetest thing in the world. They have no idea I have a wicked naughty side to me.

I do have a neighbor that can see right into my bedroom window. It’s been a turn on knowing he’s been watching me. Just the other day, I was blasting the music in my room dancing around. When I glanced over at the window, I caught him peeking in, just as I thought he would. I usually close my blinds but this time I thought I would have some fun with the married man. I was really in a naughty mood. I wanted him shooting a load that he will never forget. I wanted him to think about me every time he jerked his dick. I grabbed my vibrator and looked over at the window. I watched him pull out his cock as my toy entered my tight, wet hole.

Wanna be my neighbor? Would you want to watch or help me out?


CharlieWritten By: Charlie
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