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My Pussy Creams For BBC

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I have a fuck friend that I see on weekly basis and it doesn’t take much to get all thirteen inches of his monster black dick hard and throbbing. You probably think it all wouldn’t fit inside my tight, teen pussy but it does, every inch of it. The thing that I love is he can go for hours and I have multiple orgasms when his big, mushroom head keeps hitting my g-spot. My stretched pussy is defiantly sore the next day, but totally worth it.

Most girls would scream when they feel their little pussy’s being stretched, but for me, my little hole just drips all over his black cock.

If you have a big black cock phone sex fantasy, or if you would like to hear about my real life BBC encounters, give me a call now. My pussy is getting creamy again just thinking about it.


Written By: Gina
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Baby Making Pussy

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Do you ever look at certain young girls and think they would look so cute with a baby bump? I have the perfect baby making pussy! I know I am super fertile and just need the right Daddy cum to shoot deep inside my hairless pussy and make a baby together.

Take a good, long look at my teenage pussy. Now imagine the head of your cock feeling my tender lips. It would feel so good, but don’t shoot your load there! (giggles) We both know we need your throbbing cock thrusting deep into me to make sure I get pregnant.

 A lot of my friends are planning to go to college or get a job, but not me. Nope! I’m super excited to have a big, round belly and have bigger tits. My fertile pussy is waiting for you, daddy!



AliceWritten By: Alice
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Your Favorite Seductive Witch

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An erotic tale as old as time. The beautiful and hypnotic witch set her sights on him. He will be hers forever!

The man escapes the stresses of his daily life in the city for a long weekend in the country. He arrives late, and he is weary from the drive.

Is it possible that his eyes play tricks on him? For only a moment he sees a glimpse of a sexy lady, dressed all in black at the top of the stairs.

He drinks the wine that the staff left for him and crawls into bed. The erotic dreams cause him to have a restless night, and he wakes up dazed and confused. There is this inner voice in his head telling me to skip the breakfast prepared by the cook, and to explore the apple orchard.

He dresses and slips out the back without being seen by anyone. As he follows the path, the morning fog and mist create a mystical and eerie feel to the orchard. In the photos online, the orchard looks like the most serene, picturesque place. Without the crowd of smiling faces and the bright sun, he is not uncomfortable. He feels like a bit of a wimp being scared, all alone. Although he wants to return to his room, that voice in his head tells him to go into the orchard, up the hill and then down the lake. The voice has control of his mind and body, so he follows the path.

Down at the lake, there is that same woman, he is sure, that he saw last night, swimming in the lake. He stands there frozen in the spot, spying on her skinny dipping. She acknowledges him and says hello. He wants to run but his feet betray him. The lovely lady gets out of the lake walks towards him. She is naked except for a stunning, expensive necklace around her neck.

There is an ageless beauty to her. She looks young but her mysterious, captivating eyes tell him she knows all the secrets to the universe. As he introduces himself, she says she knows who he is and slips into her black robe.

With one kiss to his lips, the powerful, sexy witch makes him lose all control. Well, it is actually his orgasm. The witch puts a spell on his cock, doubles his size and rides him until he has the most intense red hot orgasm. Now he belongs to the hot witch.

By the end of the weekend, he vows never to leave her side and to please her any way possible from now to the end of time.



BrynnaWritten By: Brynna
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May All Your Fantasies Be Dark

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           Happy Halloween month you perv! I know just what you’re fucking thinking. You want this year to be different. You’re so excited and you know just what and who you want. She is older than you’re used to, but she is so hot in a chubby, big tits sort of way. You’ve worked for her for many years. She is bossy, rude, and you can’t stand her. You want to hurt her. You’re waiting for all the Halloween excitement. Adorable little ones are everywhere. People are drinking, drugging and going to parties. This is your night to strike.

You knock on her door and she thinks it is kids. When she opens the door with a big, fake smile you push the taser into her round tummy. She convulses and falls on the floor. You look around to see if anyone was watching. They weren’t. You look at her body and quickly strip her. She wakes up to find herself bound to the bed. She tries to scream, but it gets stuck in her throat. You know what she is so frantic about. You picked her for two reason and the second one is in her pretty pink Laura Ashley bedroom. 

The bitch tries to give you what you want. All she can think of is the girl in the pink bedroom. You fuck the life out of her and finish with your strong hands around her neck. Just when her life is slipping away, you whisper in her ear that next you will be heading to the pretty pink bedroom.

Happy Halloween! May all your fantasies be dark and deviant.



IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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Little Sister

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I’ve been noticing my little phone sex sister lately. She’s blossoming into a beautiful girl. Over the past 6 months, her tits have become bigger and her ass is more plump. She’s been borrowing my clothes a lot lately and I noticed the guys are checking her out more. I was the only one who got all of the attention, but now she is, and she is loving it.

She’s like a younger version of me and I’m totally attracted to her. She’s beautiful, and with her body becoming more of a woman now, I want her first orgasm to be with me. I would love to taste her young pussy juice and feel her squirt into my mouth.

This Saturday I’m going to a party and I think I will bring her along. I will let her experience what it is like to get tipsy and flirt with hot guys. At the end of the night, I will bring her home and make her feel like a real woman. After all, I am her big sister and should help her any way I can.


ErinWritten By: Erin
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Young Girl Fantasies

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No matter how much you try to keep yourself from wanting us hot little teen girls, you can’t control it. We are everywhere, every city and every country around the world. Wearing those tiny mini skirts and tight shirts, with our little firm titties teasing you. Our cute little tanned legs, and sweet little innocent giggles.
You try to pretend like you’re not watching. You feel bad because your own little baby girl, or your little niece, next door neighbor or your babysitter turns you on. You try to fight it and deny it. That throbbing in your cock cannot be denied. The desire is so strong you find yourself searching the internet looking for little girl sites, hoping to catch a glimpse of some perky little titties or a cute little round bottom. A girl with pigtails will make your balls feel like they’re getting ready to explode.
Do not try to run from your desires, embrace them, and enjoy them. We all have sexual fantasies. If your fantasies happen to be of the little girl type, then I am the teen that your cock needs to experience. When I say I have no limits, that is exactly what I mean. Lets explore your fantasies together, or I can just share some of mine with you. 



Written By: Kaylee
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Desert Playhouse for Extreme Taboo Fantasy

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I spent the summer in the Nevada Desert about an hour out of Vegas. There is a little playhouse where a man who has a craving for a tasty little untouched morsel. Virgin girls are getting harder to find, so it takes a creative accomplice, like me, to bring the girls to the Dessert Playhouse.

I find the girls in the big cities and just over the border. I oversee her training so the girl is a docile and playful fuck toy when it is time for her first fuck.

Usually, I am there for her first encounter. I hold her hair back and push her tiny face down as she sucks her first Big Daddy cock. I hold her legs open and remind the man that he does not have to be gentle. He can be as rough as he likes with this girl. It is ok if she cries and screams. Maybe that is even part of the fun, yes? 

Now obviously, this is only a dirty, twisted fantasy, but if found it exciting and your cock hard, call me. Let me be your extreme accomplice for our own wild, twisted adventure.




Sarah JesseWritten By: Sarah Jesse
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Mommy Morgan’s New Boyfriend

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 106702652.jpgYour Mommy Morgan has a new boyfriend. She seems to like him a lot, but you like his big boat. When you and Mommy go to the park district pool, Mommy always wears a very modest floral one-piece. Her big tits are all covered up. She sits and chats with the other ladies while you swim with your friends from school. On the weekends, her new boyfriend takes you and Mommy out on the big boat. Mommy wears her hot chili-red bikini.

Mommy’s boyfriend must like her red bikini too. He is always rubbing up against her, sneaking in kisses, and putting his hands around her waist. He made your Mommy smile, and you loved that he let you steer the boat on the open water. A thought popped into your head. Why is he letting you steer his big, expensive boat? What are he and Mommy doing? You stop the boat and put down the anchor like you had watched him do. You head to the back of the boat to find them.

Then, you realized he wanted you out of the way so that he and Mommy could get cozy. You found he had taken off Mommy’s bikini top. His mouth was sucking on her nipples. You were mad, but you had a stiffy watching, envious of his mouth and hands all over her. Mommy looks so beautiful topless. You can’t help yourself. Your own desires take over and your rub your hard cock through your shorts. Mommy sees your hand and sees your bulge. She invites you to join her and her boyfriend for a threesome.



Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Cougar Seduces My Best Friend’s Son

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My best friend called me for a favor. Her college-aged son has an internship out of town for the summer, but he surprised and came home for the weekend. My friend felt so bad because she is a nurse and is going to be working all weekend. She asked if her son could spend the weekend with me.

What my best friend doesn’t know is that her son and I have been hooking up ever since the night of is high school graduation party. I seduced him that night right out of his new suit, and fucked him in his bedroom with all of his friends and family downstairs. He had been fascinated with my big tits since he was young, and my gift to him was sex with an older woman.

I was so excited and aroused to have him spend this weekend with me. I answered the doorbell in just my robe. As soon as that doorbell rang, I greeted her son with a wonderful blowjob. Only a sexy Cougar like myself can suck his big cock. Those cute and silly college girls only think they can take it deep. I have spoiled this young man. He cums all over my tits and apologizes for cumming so quickly. I just smile and suck him again. Once he is hard, I take him into the bedroom and ride him hard.

Wouldn’t it be so interesting if the UPS man, or his girlfriend or his mom caught us? It would make for one taboo role-play!

Your Naughty Cougar,



Written By: AvaAva
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Fun on the Dark Side

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I have a caller that has some really dark fantasies. What started out as a spooky Halloween scenario has turned into a year round fantasy.

His fantasy involves he and I fucking random people, and then killing them. The twist is, these people want to be killed. It’s a purge fantasy and we’re making purge porn. It probably sounds scary, but it’s actually really hot! He has such a vivid imagination and really sets the scene with crazy fucking machines, toys, and hardcore fucking.

When it’s time to end them, even that’s sexy. He never kills them the same way twice and the build up is amazing. I always thought snuff calls were cut and dry. I never knew that it could be so sexy and sensual. I need more calls like that!



AnnaWritten By: Anna
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Mommy Morgan Makes A Man Out Of You

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It is your birthday, and it is a big important one. There is a party, and everyone in the family attends. There is a lot to celebrate. The wine flows, your Uncle gives you a beer, so much food, and Mommy looks so proud and so happy. The day is long, and as the party is ending, your Uncles pull aside. They have you say thank you and goodnight to your guests. Surprising that Mommy is not around to say goodnight to the family. You thank them for coming and for the gifts. They form a circle around you and escort you out into the backyard.

There is your Mommy Morgan, with her legs dipped in the hot tub. Her hair is pinned up, and she is wearing a  short white gown. The scene looks like something out of Roman Mythology. Mommy looks ethereal and beautiful. Her movements are graceful and lovely as she plays in the water. Your Uncles are pushing you towards her. You are mesmerized by her beauty, and you suddenly have become shy with your Mommy.

Mommy approaches you and takes you into the tent that was set up for the party. Now empty, Mommy has you sit with her. She explains that in keeping with the centuries-old family tradition, you will experience this special family ritual tonight. You will learn the mysteries of pleasing a woman and Mommy will teach you the responsibilities of being a real man. Mommy will no longer call you her sweet boy. You will experience all the wonderful, pleasurable sensations that the man of the house enjoys. Happy Birthday, Baby!

Mommy undresses you and kisses you in places that were forbidden until now. She is on her knees and takes you into her mouth. Her eyes are looking into your eyes. It is magical and erotic. You feel like you have moved from boy to man when you put your cock into her. 


Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Giantess Phone Sex Goddess

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Hello tiny, helpless  man. How does the view look from down there? I bend down and pick you up so I don’t step on you. I’ll keep you safe and slide you inside my nice, warm cunt. Imagine how that would feel? Your tiny body swishing around in my tight vaginal walls while your gorgeous amazon woman walks around. I might take you out from time to time and rub you against my clit. If I pleasure myself too much with your tiny body, my pussy might squirt. You would be thrashing around trying not to drown in my sweet, succulent juices.

If you’re into a beautiful Giantess Goddess who will protect you or crush you like a bug, call me! I will make your tiny cock have a huge cum load.


CarmenWritten By: Carmen
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Ruin Their Little World

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You are looking at my pictures, bio, blogs and wondering yet again if I would give you the time of day. I only like certain types of men. I understand how the deviant mind works and I fucking embrace it. Do you think you might be fucked up enough in the head to cum play with me? You have these thoughts, sick and twisted, and you don’t think anyone will understand you. That is why you keep coming back to my page and wondering.

Stop being such a fucking pussy. Are you shy, never done this before? I have many, many times and nothing excites me more than a man who can keep up with me.

I was coming home after a late night , and the little ones were just going to school. I saw one for you, perfect in her innocence. I know you’re a P-daddy. The little birds drive you insane. Let’s plot, lets pick one out, and let’s destroy her little world.


IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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Rough is My Favorite

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Because I’m so beautiful, men always seem to have an issue getting rough with me. I think that’s why I crave a man that’s not afraid to rough me up a little. I’m a nasty girl and I deserve it. Sometimes they take a little pushing. I tease and tease until he can’t take it anymore and then I deny him. Some take my no for an answer… but some take it as a challenge. I don’t mind a slap in the face or across the ass, having my clothes ripped off and tossed around. I love feeling desired to the point of violence. I cum so hard every time I get pounded that way. I’ll even let them stay the night if they give me what I need. Being woken up in the middle of the night with a throbbing cock demanding to be serviced is the only way to wake up.






RainnaWritten By: Rainna
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Joining In

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I was having dinner alone a few nights ago when a nice couple asked if I would like to join them at their table. I was going to decline, but they insisted.

The wine started flowing, and we started having such a great time. I felt a hand move up my skirt under the table. It was soft and feminine, and I loved the way it felt brushing against my pussy through my panties. She leaned forward and asked if I would like to join them at home as well. I looked at her and then at him. It was obvious that he was interested too. I took a final sip of my wine and nodded. He took care of our checks and she and I went to their car.

We made out in the backseat while he drove us home, taking peeks in the mirror as he drove. She already had me naked so I ran into the house with them, not caring if the neighbors could see.

It was his turn to play with me and his cock was rock hard and ready to ram into me. I held onto her and sucked on her tits when he bent me over and fucked me from behind. It was a delicious beginning to a long, sexy night!



RileyWritten By: Riley
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Family Fun with Mommy Janet

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I’ve been a phone sex operator for awhile now and I thoroughly enjoy my job. I get to know so many interesting men and all their wild fantasies. I love listening to all of your kinky thoughts, but my favorite will always be the calls I do with my “boys” that love their mommy. Those boys that always loved to sneak and watch Mommy undress or play in the shower when she thinks she’s alone. Those boys that stroked their dicks every night thinking about what it would be like to sink into Mommy’s sweet pussy.

If you’re one of those “little boys”, call Mommy Janet and tell me all about it. It doesn’t matter how depraved your fantasy may be, I can make it real for you. Nothing will offend or shock me. Dirty family fun only turns me on. Let’s see how filthy you can get with Mommy!


JanetWritten By: Janet
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Because I Fucking Can

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People I know constantly ask me why I do the things I do. Look at me loser. It is because I can. No man or woman can resist me, and that is where they make their first fatal mistake.

There is this adorable little man that I just enjoy terrorizing. He is always at Planet Fitness staring at the girls. It took me a few days to notice it was my legs and arms he was eyeing. Apparently, he loves amazon type chicks with perfectly toned muscles. I decided it was time to use, I mean get to know this man.

I invited him for coffee and beignets at the Empire. My friend owns the cafe, and she puts up the CLOSED sign. Another woman comes from the back and joins us. You have this scared little boy look on your face, but your cock is clearly rock hard. Oh little man, your attraction to muscles on women is going to get you hurt, or broken, but hopefully both! If you are wondering why I am so evil, well it’s because I fucking can!



MalayaWritten By: Malaya Maxxx
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While The Hubby Is Away, Amber Likes To Play

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My husband recently started traveling more which is great because he’s making more money. I do love the lavish lifestyle however, the down side to this is my pussy is neglected, and I really dislike that. The one man who is really closest to me, and always been by my side is my phone sex son. We always have a great time together.

Recently, my son and I have been going to dinners, movies and late night drinks at his favorite pub while the hubby is away. He likes when I dress sexy, and he shows me off to his friends. I even overheard him him brag to his friends that he has the hottest mom. With all these outings we’ve had lately, it honestly feels like we’re dating.

Last weekend my husband had another business trip so my son and went to one of his favorite clubs. I felt a little old to be going to a night club but he insisted. After a few drinks, and several shots, we were dancing. His hands were all over me and mine were all over him. He started making out with me on the dance floor in front of everyone. He slipped his hand between my thighs and worked his way up my dress towards my pussy. I couldn’t believe I was doing this with my son! Maybe it was the Tequila shots but I wanted to go home and finish what we started.

We took an Uber back to the house and gave the driver a 20 minute hot mother/son fondling session. When we got inside, I led him to my room and we quickly undressed one another. He pushed me on the bed and told me he’s the man of the house now. After of hours of foreplay and mind blowing sex, he is definitely the new man in charge of Mommy’s pussy.


Written By: Amber Lace
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My Fetish Lover

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I know your fetish but I will never tell because our time together is ours, uniquely designed just for the two of us. You tell me erotic stories and compose detailed role plays tailored specifically to your deepest desires and things you crave the most. Some are on the taboo and perhaps extreme side even, but you know that I never judge but rather trod along beside you happily, eager to indulge in your latest endeavor. You never seize to amaze and intrigue me with your mysterious twists and turns. I love your creative kink and erotic wisdom, they truly make ours a very intense phone sex session no matter what your choice of topic, fantasy or fetish play.

I’m your eager and most elated travel companion anytime you feel like venturing down the road of taboo and pure pleasure even if it does come with a bit of pain.

Your Naughty Ashlee



AshleeWritten By: Naughty Ashlee
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What Happens at Granny’s Stays at Granny’s!

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Weekends are my favorite because I get a visit from favorite grandson. We both smirk as we wave goodbye to his parents because we both know we have so much fun with one another. My daughter and son in law have no idea what we really do all weekend. Of course, I tell them we do arts and crafts, play games and watch movies. The only truth to that is Granny Ruth does pop in a movie but it’s the X-rated kind. We watch for a little bit while I stroke my phone sex grandsons cock.

I’m so proud of my grandson and how much he’s learned. He was a shy and timid little boy but after many visits to Granny’s house, he’s really quite the stud. He’s the only one who can make me cum the hardest with his tongue deep into my hairy, mature cunt.

Valentines Day is coming up and I’m going to have something fun and naughty planned for us. After all, he is my lover and I would love to show him a few more naughty tricks up my sleeve.


Written By: Granny Ruth
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