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I Can’t Stop Thinking About You

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I had a guy call this morning and I can’t stop thinking about him. He had this incredibly deep, sexy voice, the kind that just makes me melt. He wanted a GFE phone sex, although I can’t imagine a guy like him ever being without a female companionship, he was only concerned with my satisfaction.

His voice alone was enough to coax the orgasms from me but his descriptive words drove my fingers into a feverish frenzy. Now, I find myself wanting more, wishing he would call again.

We came together one final time before he wished me a good day. His succulent moans echo in my brain. My God! I have to go masturbate…again!



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Celebrate Masturbation May With Me

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 I can’t believe it is May already!  International Masturbation Month.

  I have a theory as to why it is in May. The weather is finally warm, and the sexy girls are in their tiny shorts and bikinis. All that yummy eye candy is everywhere. I don’t know about you but those cute butts in shorts, makes me so horny! It sure was a long Winter.

I have my toys ready, but I sure do need someone to celebrate with.  What do you like doing on a call? Do you like to role-play? My cute, sexy, young voice will take you just where you need to be. Mutual masturbation? I really love all sorts of calls. Main thing for me is hearing your man voice. It takes me back to my daddy’s deep voice when I was in trouble for being a bad girl. 

                          Come celebrate with me.

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Making His Bed Mine

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          The weather was just gorgeous today; sunny and warm!  My sexy neighbor has the most tempting pool. I just never had the time to introduce myself, but today I am craving the feel of that pool and of that man. If I went over for a quick dip while he is at work, he will never know.  

I removed my top and began swimming in the warm pool water. It felt amazing. I was secretly hoping that I would get caught by him.  No such luck, but maybe if I just leave a little sign or two that I was there. 

I laid on his float, enjoying the warmth of the sun and day dreaming about my hot neighbor. It was getting late and I had things to do at home. Maybe if I just climbed in this bedroom window and laid on his bed nude and wet. I wanted to snoop, but I was so fucking horny that I just wanted to squirt all over his bed. 

Was that enough? I really wanted him to know I was there. Maybe if I left my wet bikini on his bed and took that sexy, designer shirt of his.  I could do that, or better yet why not just wait in his bed? 


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Masturbation At My Bosses Desk

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I rarely make it through a day at the office without having to sneak off some where and rub my pussy. Part of the fun of it is finding that perfect spot to do it. Only partly secluded because it gets me dripping wet to know some one could possibly catch me.

One of my favorite places to go is my bosses office when he is out. His office has a row of glass windows facing a huge room full of other employees. I don’t like closing the blinds.

I sit down at his desk and spread my legs and start rubbing my wet pussy. Now the desk itself is discreet, but I am sure my fingers sliding in and out, and the motion and looks on my face make it rather obvious what I am doing to anyone paying attention to me. 

There’s a guy closest to my bosses office, he gets an erection in his pants every time I go near his desk. I am quite sure if no one else has figured out what I am doing, he has. When I am sliding my fingers in my hot, wet slit, I look right at that guy and blow him a little kiss and watch him squirm in his seat. He runs to the men’s room right after I am done. I’m sure he had a intense orgasm thinking about me.




Written By: Victoria
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Guiding You To Orgasm

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Lately, I have been enjoying some very erotic mutual and guided masturbation calls. I sometimes forget just how steamy hot it can be to share this intimate time with you. I adore toys and never lack variety, after all, options are good! I always encourage you to bring yours along as well, if that is your thing.

If you have never experienced Creamy Chloe then you simply must. My soft, sexy, sensual voice will erotically guide you down the path to orgasmic bliss. My extra creamy hot sex will be aching to come with you. Whatever it is that you desire is always yours when we are together.

So, find some time for Chloe and let me sensually guide you to explosion.


Written By: Chloe
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Your Cock Needs Satisfaction

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How long have you been fantasizing about me? How many nights have you laid awake with a hard cock unable to sleep because you cannot get me out of your head? I know it must be tough being alone late at night with a stiff cock needing satisfaction. I want you to know satisfaction is just a phone call away. You don’t have to be alone anymore. You can make all your fantasies with me a reality.

I would love to cum together. Oh, how I’d love to hear your cock explode as you moan my name. After I will lick your cock clean and swallow all that hot cum, I want to kiss you passionately on the lips. 


Written By: Adrianna
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My Pussy Makes You Weak

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I know that you call me because you can’t resist me. You know that I am a horrible cock tease. I recognize that the tone of your voice changes as I describe my matching bra and panties. I know you are aroused. I know that you want me. I know that I make you hard.

Once again, you are hard for me and I have all the control. I tease you by telling you that you make my panties wet when I hear you moan my name in that breathy tone. I peel down my panties and describe how I rub them against your nose.

You have lost all control. The scent of my young pussy makes you weak, makes you beg for more of me. Next, I brush my panties against your cheek and then glide them down your chest. I place my panties in your hand, your stroking hand.

I make you stroke your cock for me. I edge you over and over. I bring you to the brink of orgasm, but forbid you from cumming. I remind you how much better of an orgasm that you are going to have if you just wait a little longer. Isn’t that why you call me? You know how much control that I have over your cock! You feel hypnotized by my naughty teasing voice.

When I do let you cum, it is explosive. You profusely thank me for your significantly intense orgasm. You love me and how you cum for me.


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Your Anything Whore

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I don’t want to be your girlfriend, I just to be your whore. I have a huge appetite for the taboo side, and honestly, all that relationship stuff just gets in the way. I’m not the type to clean and cook for you but I am the girl that will do anything the other women in your life said no too.

I do like it nasty so please don’t be shy telling me your fantasies. The more taboo we get on our call, the wetter my pussy gets.

I had a really hot call the other night. He didn’t tell me all of his kinks at first. He slowly started telling me stories that started out as pretty tame. At the end of the hour, he was telling me things I’ve never heard before. In a weird way, he was edging my pussy. At the end of the call, we both had amazing orgasms. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more on the taboo side, call me. I am your anything whore who will make you cum the hardest you’ve ever came before. 






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Sweet Little Ass

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There’s nothing better than anal sex. I love bending over, ready to present my wet and willing pussy. As you start to guide yourself in, I grab your cock, and whisper that you should go in my other hole. I stand there, bending over, as you slowly enter, filling me up with your giant cock. I know how much you love the tight fit of my sweet little ass, and how good it feels to push yourself in, knowing that the sex feels forbidden, but so deliciously good.

First, you move in and out, slowly and gently. But that isn’t enough, and I look behind at you and tell you to go harder, faster…..deeper. You move in and out, and your cock is so huge inside my tight little ass that I feel myself cumming in no time. Before I know it, I hear your loud moans of pleasure as you cum too, filling me up with your creamy cum.



Written By: Parker
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Rainy Days Of Summer

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Today is very dark rainy day where I live. One of those days where I didn’t want to leave my big, comfortable bed. I was thinking of staying in bed all day and have a lazy day all to myself.

I went through my night stand filled with sex toys and picked out different vibes and dildos to have some fun with. I even grabbed my anal beads. It’s been so long since I played with them. My pussy was getting super hot when I was picking out my toys for the day. I haven’t even started yet and my pussy was getting very anxious.

I started out slow and smooth, just the way I like it. Feeling every inch of my dildo sliding deeper and deeper in me. Feeling my pussy stretching as I grabbed the end with two hands and working it in a circular motion. As I heard the rain coming down harder on my bedroom window, it made me fuck myself more intensely. It was feeling so damn good. I came so hard and so much, it was truly incredible.

I took a short break and I got out my next toy. This toy was a lot bigger and way more intense.

This is how I spent my day, one orgasm after another. By the end of the day, I had about 15 amazing orgasms, and each got more intense as the day progressed.

Do you care to join me? I’m ready to go for more. 


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Mother/Daughter Bonding Time

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When my dad was at work, mom and I would go into their bedroom. She undresses and begins to give the real scoop on what a woman’s body was meant to do. I’m not a lesbian, but my mom is hot! She’s over forty and has perfect breasts and a fine looking pussy with just a strip of soft black pussy hair.

My mom spreads her legs and reveals her hard clit. She begins to rub it and explained how good masturbation feels and how she does it almost daily. I could hear how wet her mature pussy was as she rubbed faster and harder. Then she closes her eyes, her pussy contracted and she moaned as she climaxed.

Mom explained that her only rule with me was that I was not to have sex until I was 18. I had the feeling it was my turn so I undressed and laid down next to her. She helped me part my pussy lips and encouraged me to explore. To help get me in the mood, she turned on porn and we watched together.

I’m not sure if it was the porn, watching my mom cum, or me rubbing my little clit, I think it was all three, because I could feel my pussy getting wet, and my tiny little clit felt huge and hard.

She held me close as I watched the guy in the porno fuck the slut in the movie. I imagined he was fucking me and I rubbed faster. I told her I felt like I had to pee, but she said that was normal and to let whatever happens, happen. I saw the guy in the video pull out his cock, jack off his load and it happened. I climaxed and I never wanted the feeling to stop.
I’m grown up now and my mom and I still get together for some mother/daughter time in the bedroom. She loves to hear about who I fucked, how we came and when. I love to just watch her rub her hard clit and see her pussy contract when she climaxes to my stories.

I have no taboos, I love real naughty fucks and pushing the limits when it comes to my climax and yours.



Written By: Gina
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Only Anal

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Everyone I’ve ever slept with knows that I’m a total anal slut. I’m a definite anal whore, always wanting
something up there: a tongue, fingers, toys, a cock. What can I say? It just always feels so damn good, and I cum so hard with something up there when I’m getting fucked.

I’ve been seeing a guy for almost a month now, and he’s just as big into anal as I am. Maybe even more, given what’s been going on. He told me last week that we were going to do a little experiment. If I loved being fucked up my ass so much, he said, then I wouldn’t mind if all our sex was purely anal. He wouldn’t even touch my pussy, let alone fuck it. Now, I’d never been able to cum purely from anal sex; I always needed something in or on my pussy. Even a little vibrator on my clit would be enough. But no, he said. No pussy for me. Just anal.

Every day this past week, he’s been making good on that promise. He’ll rim me nice and deep, finger my ass until I’m shaking, then bend me over and pound my asshole until he cums deep inside of me. But he barely even acknowledges that my pussy is even there.

Last night, it was almost too much to take. I hadn’t cum in a week, which for me, is pretty much an eternity. When he was pounding away at my ass, I tried to sneak a hand down between my legs to give my aching pussy some attention. But he quickly caught on, and pinned my arms behind my back. “Just relax, and let it happen”, he said, grinding his hips against my ass. I wasn’t sure what “it” was, but it wasn’t long before I found out.

I could feel a familiar tension growing inside of me as he thrust away, an itch I hadn’t felt in such a long time. I barely knew what hit me when I finally had my first purely-anal… Well, the word “orgasm” doesn’t sound strong enough to describe it. Moaning, messy, full-body, like I’d never experienced with my pussy. It felt stronger, deeper, a more satisfying release, a longer and higher high than I’d ever experienced before.

I was still shaking with aftershocks a good give minutes later, my mind spinning, and my whole body shaking. Maybe he’s right. Maybe this whole “Anal Only” thing is something I’ll have to experiment with a bit more. After all, if I cum that hard without using my pussy after a week, who knows what a month will bring, or even a year.


GingerWritten By: Ginger
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Watching Each Other Masturbate

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I love to begin masturbating with knowing in the end we’ll cum at the same time.  Just that anticipation is the ultimate orgasm. It’s true when they say that the brain is the most seductive muscle.

I want you to lay me down on my bed where I have my array of sex toys laid out. Then I want you to lay down next to my naked body after you undress yourself.  I want to see you grab your cock and balls while watching me stick my dildo deep into my wet pussy. My body will be rising and squirming around the bed as the dildo pounds my pussy hard. You’ll enjoy watching as the inside of my creamy thighs become wet with thoughts of your cock inside of me. My voice will be moaning and my nipples hard from excitement.

I will look over and see you touching your throbbing cock and then letting me spit on it for extra lubrication.  I must try to resist from jumping on your cock and riding it until it cums. I must focus on the end product which is both of us cuming at the same time. As you see, my body begins to shake with pure esctasy, you cannot take it any longer. Your cum shoots all over my body and I cum all over my dildo.

I need someone to help me out with this, are you the one?

JulieWritten By: Julie
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I Have One Little Fault

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I love being that perfect wife.  The sensual pleasing wife that all men dream of.  I only have one fault. Just one tiny little fault, I just can’t help myself.  I have to cheat, it has actually become a priority to me.  I love finding new and exciting cock to fuck. The excitement of “almost” getting caught makes me cum harder and harder each and every time.

It gets me so hot to cheat in the same bed my husband and I sleep in. I love the smell of sex on the sheets and the dried cum that we lay on.

My pussy gushes when it’s almost time for the hubby to come home. I tell my hot stud to fuck my married cunt harder. It’s the best orgasm when his cock is balls deep inside me and the garage door is going to open any minute.

Call me and I will give you all the dirty details!



Written By: Vivian
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Softer Side

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I’ll admit, some of my fantasies are kinky and taboo, but sometimes… well a naughty girl like me enjoys the softer side of things. I love to be kissed, nibbled, and caressed. I love it when a big, strong man slowly seduces me, and slips my clothing off my silky skin, and tongues every single exposed inch.

While a good hard fuck has its place in phone sex role play, a soft, slow, seductive lovemaking session feels so wonderful every now and again.

Are you the one who can fuck me with those slow, evenly controlled strokes that coaxes orgasm after throbbing orgasm from my panting, shaking body? Give me a call and let’s find out, lover boy. I’m waiting for a man like you to bring out the woman in me.


Written By: Adrianna
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Breakfast Of Champions

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 I absolutely loved waking up this morning and hearing your strong, masculine voice on the other end. You started by taking off my little pink nightie, and slipping off my silky, pink thong.
I opened my creamy legs nice and wide for you. I spread my pink pussy lips far apart. You couldn’t wait to devour my soft, bare pussy. You shoved your tongue deep inside me. You absolutely love the way I taste. You have to have my pussy first thing in the morning. You get so turned on how wet I am, and how my sweet pussy juice covers your face. I love pushing your head deeper and deeper into me and feeling your hot breath inside me.
You always make me have multiple orgasms. Each time I cum, it’s more intense. My pussy is just squirting, filling up your mouth with my cum. You just can’t stop eating my pussy.
My cum is the breakfast of champions.



Written By: Aimee
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Beach Shower Sex

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Sex on the beach can sound like the best sex. We’re on the beach together, almost naked, wet, hot, and so fucking horny for each other. It sounds like the perfect setting for a steamy sexual rendezvous!

Sex on the Beach is one of my favorite fantasies, but it can a difficult fantasy to fulfill. The beaches can be so crowded, especially in Miami.

Here is my solution when we want to have sex on the beach. We can slip into a shower room just off the beach. I love shower sex. I love getting a good hard pounding with water pouring over our hot bodies. Maybe just slip my bikini to the side and fuck me hard. Who knows, maybe someone will catch a glimpse of us. I do confess that it does turn me on for others to watch us fuck, seeing me screaming out as you make me cum.



IsabelleWritten By: Isabelle
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Do What You Are Told

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               Crawl to me lover. Look up at me, my obedient fuck toy.  I hold your face in my hands and tell you all the sexy, filthy, deviant, and delicious things I want to do to you.

I wrap my hand around your cock and lead you to my big bed. I bite your lip and pull it out with my teeth. I hover above you where you feel the heat off my curvy body. I kiss you long, hot, and slow. Your cock is touching my clit, but not yet. We have the whole night ahead of us.

       I rub your pre-cum on my nipples for you to suck off. So obedient. I mix it with my pussy juices and you hungerly suck it off my nipples. Now, I rub it all over my sexy lady cock and feed it to you. You belong to me.

You lift up your tone legs, showing me your sexy ass. I kiss, nibble, and bite your ass cheeks. I spit on your pucker, lick it, and slowly slide my tongue in. You beg for me to fuck you. Not yet.

I slide my body up yours and sit on your face. I lean forward to reach your balls and lick, suck, tug, twist, and bite them. Pre-cum is gushing out and I rub it all over my lips and kiss you. 

I need to pound you. You wrap your hand around my lady cock and guide it into your tight asshole. I demand you show me how much you want it, by moving back and forth. Grind on me!


TiffanyWritten By: Tiffany
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Married Man Quickie

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It looks like my hot, married neighbors family is leaving for the day. Before Covid we would hook up almost every day. Sometimes I would meet him at his office, and sometimes at his home.  Now we just hook up whenever we can. Today I am taking a huge chance as I don’t know how long they will be gone for. I toss on something sexy, and knock on his door. He looks around, then grabs my arm and pulls me in. Sort of like he is committing a crime!

There is no time to waste, and I need all my holes filled with cock.  I get on my knees in his hallway, and yank down his sweats. I begin to inhale his 9 inch cock.  I beg him to fuck my face, and he doesn’t disappoint.

I push him down, and begin to ride his cock. He fucks me like no other guy can.  I will never understand why his boring old wife doesn’t love his cock like I do.  The minutes are ticking away, and I still need more. I slide of of his cock, and I run to his bedroom. I place his wife’s pillow under my gushing pussy, and stick my perfect ass up for him to fuck.

Just about the time we are both having another screaming orgasm, we hear a car pull up. I smile, thank him and go out the backdoor.




DaphneWritten By: Dirty Daphne
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The Perfect Drug

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My lips melt in your mouth. They’re positively delectable, extra rich, velvety smooth with fountains of the sweetest cream. And, oh yes, these soft, pouty lips that I kiss you with are very nice too.

You love my taste and never try to deny the urgent cravings you have for me. It’s like the perfect drug designed just specifically for you. The addiction is very real, and when the intense desire comes over you, nothing else will do.

Only yours truly will satisfy your needs and make it all better. You want so badly to lick, tease, and taste. Your mouth is salivating for something only I can provide you.

My sugar sweet lips are swollen, wet, and eager to be ravished. The time to taste is now. Once you start, you can never stop. You’ll go crazy on my hot pussy using your tongue to devour and tease.

I feel you slip down and tease my tight ass with your hungry tongue. Please lover, make me squirt my nectar you crave so much.


AshleeWritten By: Naughty Ashlee
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