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A Nice Welcome Home

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You had a long, grueling day at the office. All you can think about is getting out of your work attire and having a stiff drink. You’re hoping the wifey isn’t home yet because you could really use some alone time. Maybe watch a little porn and jerk off to your favorite video.

After 20 minutes of heavy Friday evening traffic, you finally get home and open your front door. You yell that you’re home and you hear no response. While undoing your neck tie, you walk into your living room and you see me; the neighbor girl you’ve had a crush on since I was 8 years old. You look completely puzzled but yet excited at the same time. I give you a glass a wine and I start undressing you. You mention your wife will be home any minute but I put my finger to your lips to hush you.

I get down on my knees and give you a sloppy blowjob. You mention again about your wife and I take you by your hand and lead you to your bedroom. As I open the bedroom door, you see your wife passed out, sprawled across the bed with her work clothes still on. I let you know right away that she is fine. I just slipped a little drug in her glass to make her very sleepy.

I slip off my dress and move her to one side of the bed so we can fuck right next to her. You had no idea your hot neighbor girl was so naughty and twisted. Without hesitation, you slide your cock inside me and we fuck like animals right next to her. I beg you to cum in my pussy and once you put a big load inside me. I straddle your wife’s face and let the cum drip from my pussy to her mouth.

You finally got to fuck me without any interruptions. You just never know when it will happen again.

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You Can’t Resist A BJ From Tara

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You have a wife, and you try to be good. You try to resist my warm, sexy mouth sucking your hot cock. Don’t you deserve some fun? When was the last time that your wife sucked your cock for as long as you wanted? You know how much I love to suck your cock. 

Your wife is not as hot, wet or tight as she used to be. Your wife gained some serious weight this winter, but a hot beach girl, like me, swam every day to keep my body tight and firm. Did you know that swimmers give the best blowjobs? I can hold my breath and take your cock, every inch. Am I making your cock tingle a bit? 

When you’re alone, your hand feels fine, but my mouth makes your cock incredibly hard. Give into temptation and give me a call! 



TaraWritten By: Tara
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Joining In

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I was having dinner alone a few nights ago when a nice couple asked if I would like to join them at their table. I was going to decline, but they insisted.

The wine started flowing, and we started having such a great time. I felt a hand move up my skirt under the table. It was soft and feminine, and I loved the way it felt brushing against my pussy through my panties. She leaned forward and asked if I would like to join them at home as well. I looked at her and then at him. It was obvious that he was interested too. I took a final sip of my wine and nodded. He took care of our checks and she and I went to their car.

We made out in the backseat while he drove us home, taking peeks in the mirror as he drove. She already had me naked so I ran into the house with them, not caring if the neighbors could see.

It was his turn to play with me and his cock was rock hard and ready to ram into me. I held onto her and sucked on her tits when he bent me over and fucked me from behind. It was a delicious beginning to a long, sexy night!



RileyWritten By: Riley
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Naughty Secret Phone Sex

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We cross paths with each other. We both know I am your naughty little secret. It makes my pussy wet thinking about you sneaking around with me living on the wild side. You’re going to love how my tight pussy is going to drip for you. It excites me that you’re married and it makes me want to fuck you even harder. I don’t even care that your entire family is waiting at home for you. We both know that you’ll be in my bed with my gorgeous, naked body.  You keep giving them lame ass excuses that you’re working late. You rearrange your schedule, making sure you never neglect my pussy. The excitement and anticipation makes my pussy ache. You’ll never hear any lame excuses cum out of my mouth. I’ll leave those for your wife. Every time with me, is an amazing fucking orgasm. I am your dream fuck!

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Fucking My Phone Sex Brother

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Merry Christmas! I absolutely love the holidays. Christmas is my favorite. I love the socializing, gift giving, meeting new friends, and most of all seeing my hot step-brother. We are both so busy that Christmas is the only time we can sneak away together and fuck our brains out. His wife is super sexy, fuck is she ever.  Remind me one day to tell you about the day she found out we fucked all the way through his medical school. Sometimes I think I was the reason for his success. I sure did keep him happy with wet, sloppy blowjobs, titty fucks and anything we desired.

We both arranged to stay at a hotel since our parents house is not the best place for privacy. We had a few drinks at the bar, and oops, my 36DD’s kept popping out of my dress. Is there a better way to get the waiter’s attention in a packed lounge? I began to rub my hand over his bulge as we drank and flirted. We got up for a slow dance, and I swear I came by rubbing myself against his muscled legs as we danced. I was so fucking ready we didn’t even make it to the room, but fucked in the restroom with me sitting up on the sink!


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Ass Fucking with The Neighbor

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I’ve been after my married neighbor for awhile and could never figure out why he refused to fuck me. One day I finally just asked what his problem was. He was quick to tell me that he wanted me… he was just worried about getting me pregnant. I laughed. No need to worry there. There’s more than one way to do it and immediately offered my gorgeous ass up to his cock. That’s all it took. My panties were ripped away and he had me bent over his kitchen table pushing his stiff rod in and out of my asshole. Oh, it felt so good. I could feel his frustration with each thrust. His loud groan when he creamed in my ass told me a lot about the kind of sex that his wife gives him.

Now he shows up every day to bend me over and slide his cock up my tight ass. It doesn’t bother me at all. I have plenty of men to take care of my pussy. I don’t mind saving ass fucking just for him.


RainnaWritten By: Rainna
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Spoil My Pussy Phone Sex

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A lot of people think I look like that sweet, innocent girl next door. I have a lot people fooled, even my parents think I am still innocent and pure. I really have a fetish for older married men. They know exactly how to please and spoil my pussy. It seems like older men are more interested in putting my needs first. Don’t get me wrong, I always make sure my men are completely satisfied. I love to please. You’re not going to break me either, don’t be afraid to give my pussy a good pounding. If you have a big cock, that is even better. I love to be stretched out. Don’t worry I can handle it.

It seems like older men look at me in a different way. They don’t look at me and think “she’s that inexperienced girl”. They look at me and they think, here is a girl who knows what she wants. Be yourself with me and I will do the same and make sure we both have the best experience. I bet we can teach each other a few things. 



MakaylahWritten By: Makaylah
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I Make You Happier

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Let’s be honest for a minute; your wife could never pull off this hot little outfit I am wearing. After so many years of marriage, she doesn’t excite you like she use to. She let herself go a little bit and certain areas are not exactly tight anymore. You barely have erections by looking at her. It’s okay to admit this because you’re not alone.

Then… there’s me, the exact opposite of your wife. I’m like a bright ray of sunshine. Your eyes open wide and you’re immediately drawn to me. It’s like your vision was black and white for years and now all of a sudden you see bright colors! You don’t know where to look first with my blonde hair, perky big tits, long legs, and perfect round ass. I have the ultimate body. You would give anything to be with me and your cock is in full agreement. 

You know what babe, just by you even looking at me, I make you a happier man. Don’t fight the urge any longer, call me for the happiness you deserve.

Your Gracie Girl


Written By: Gracie
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Maid To Order

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Imagine having a cute, blonde teen come into your bed every time you ring the bell. I come into your bedroom in my tiny little maid uniform, ready to service you. Everything your wife won’t do you know your little maid whore will without any hesitation.

One thing you love with your naughty maid is ass play. Every time you bring up ass play to your boring wife, she changes the subject. You know I love both giving and receiving. You can devour my ass for hours and then I can do the same to you.

I know your sexual needs change depending upon on your mood. That’s why I’m your maid to order because I know some days you want me to be your daddy’s girl and get me pregnant, and another day you want me to fuck you like a little bitch with a strap-on.

 I will the leave you completely satisfied and your wife will be happy as well because you’ll not nagging her for sex. Call your naughty, sexy maid any hour of the day and it will be a service you’ll never forget.



Written By: Roxy
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Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

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I’m the reason why your husband takes so long to take out the trash at night. He’s fucking me in the backyard behind the big oak tree. He will take any chance he can get to get to fuck this hot, piece of ass. You wonder why he comes back in so happy, it isn’t because of you, hunny. No man can resists my tight pussy and big tits.

I always catch the neighborhood men catching a peek at me any chance they can get. Of course, I give them some eye candy with my tiny jean shorts and my skimpy bikini top. It all starts with an eye fuck, and then a few days later the flirting begins. Soon after that, I get the text to meet so I can get the married cock I crave and he gets the teen whore next door. I do everything the wife won’t and I mean EVERYTHING!

I love being the neighborhood whore!


Written By: Payton
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Hello New Neighbors

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Hi guys, I am AJ and if you live next to me, you just might live to regret it! “Giggles”. I am the cute teen home wrecker that drives you crazy with my teasing. I love yard work, and do it in a tiny bikini or cutoffs and a tight little top showing off my perky little tits. Okay, I don’t really love doing yard work, but what I do love is you watching me. I see you looking at me whenever I leave my house or come back. Wherever my tiny teen body is, you are watching.

I finished weeding and mowing, and I was a sweaty mess. Mom doesn’t like me to get the floors full of grass. I hosed myself down, and saw that Mr. McHottie was knocking at our door. I can’t imagine what he wanted. I don’t really care what he wants anyway, it is all about what I want. So I took my chance, tossed my clothes back on and went to introduce myself to his family. He sure has a lot of kids,lol.  His baby batter must be strong. 

He comes back to his house, and sees little ole me chatting with his wife over a respectful cup of tea. Respectful? “giggles”.  I stayed for a little while, then said I must be on my way as I didn’t want to overstay my welcome. On the way out I innocently, accidentally brushed again McHottie daddy cock. Oops!


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Roxy The BAD Babysitter!

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I admit, I’m a bad babysitter. I am very popular with the Dads based on my looks but when it comes to watching their kiddos, I’m disinterested.

I have a thing for married cock so when I have a babysitting job, my main goal is to seduce the dad. Just by showing up with my skimpy outfit, gets me more money at the end of the night. Normally, their wife is still getting ready so it gives me time to flirt. I definitely plant the seed in their head so they think about me while on their date with the wifey.

After they leave, the first thing I check out is their bedroom. I want to see if they have any sex toys or porn videos. Next, I head to the closet to see the wife’s lingerie collection. Some don’t even have any sexy outfits so it’s no wonder why their husbands are all over me.

I check on the kids to make sure they’re still alive periodically and then I spend most of my time making masturbation videos on the couples bed. I’ll have something to send to the dad while he’s on his boring date.

When they get home, the kids are fast asleep (Benadryl works wonders;) and if the wife heads to bed, that is when Daddy and I can have our alone time, and I can have that married cock I’ve been craving all night.


Written By: Roxy
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Owning My Teacher From Back In The Day

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I ran into my 11th grade history teacher at my favorite strip club. Several of my friends work there, so I go all the time to drink, watch and flirt. I was so fucking surprised as he was sort of a prude. I mean he actually turned down a blowjob when I made the offer for better grades. Who the fuck does that? I don’t think he recognized me, as he had a few Jack and Cokes sitting in front of him. He just looked, sent me drinks, and never said a word. To me, he was the one that got away, because of turning me down. No one ever turned my hot ass down.

One of the chicks I know helped me set up a little plan. She told him one of the dancers offered him a free blowjob in the VIP room. They had him blindfolded when I joined him. I slowly unzipped his pants, took out his huge cock, and began to suck him. He was just about to shoot his load in my mouth when I pulled off the blindfold and asked him if he remembered me. With those words, he gave me a facial to remember! Hot blasts of jizz finished ruining my makeup. He got up to leave, but I was far from done.

Two other girls joined me and we all took our turns riding his face, and then that big, beautiful cock of his. By the time we were done, the club had emptied out and it was time to go. We took the party to my condo, and partied with the teacher till sun up. Needless to say, we owned him by end of night.



CaidynWritten By: Caidyn Cross
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I Want You

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   People just assume that because I am a total dick loving, sex loving, horny as fuck blonde bimbo that I am on the submissive side. I can be at the right time for the right man. I consider myself the perfect switch. I am also the perfect GFE, just don’t plan on me sticking around after fucking or ever being faithful. Cheating on your wife with me? Worried you might get caught? I won’t tell, and neither will she because I am fucking her too!

You come over expecting dinner, drinks and chat before we fuck. Sorry babe, but that is never going to happen. Do I look like I am dressed for the typical date? You are just one in many, and I for one, have a long hot night ahead of me.

Strip NOW! I want you, and I take what I want. 

After I fuck your brains out, you go to wash up. I grab your balls hard, twist them and get you back into my bed. After more fucking, you go home like a good boy. Oops, looks like someone forgot to wash up. No worries, she has always wanted to taste my cunt off your dick. 


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The Other Woman

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I do realize I am the other woman in your life but that doesn’t mean anything to me. As you know, I am very confident with all aspects of my life and of course, my body. I never want to sound vain but I know I am the one who you secretly want and desire. Let me put it this way; maybe not so much WANT but almost a NEED. You need me in your life in so many ways. Things can get boring in your bedroom and possibly it’s a ghost town. I’m the other woman who brings a new meaning to your so called sex life. I fulfill your every wish and fantasy and your balls are graciously thanking you for that each time you call me.

I’m so much more than just a sexual release to you. I am the one who listens to what you have to say. You can have a open and honest conversation with me and you’re presently surprised that I am not just some average phone girl. I am so much more than that. You know it and so does your cock.

I’m sure you are use to sex being very stale and complacent but with me, it feels like it’s exciting and fresh every time. Now that you’ve found your other woman (me, of course) you finally have something to smile about and realizing you have something to look forward to. Once you have that aching urge in your pants, you know Your Naughty Ashlee will take care of it right away.


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My New Temp Job

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I started a new temp job for some extra cash. I was told by the other ladies in the office that my boss has a thing for black girls. It kind of made sense being I didn’t have any experience when I told him during the interview. When the other woman told me he liked dark chocolate, I used it to my advantage. I wore tiny skirts with thigh highs and always made sure I missed a few buttons on my blouse. I caught him looking and he made a few comments on how good I looked and how pretty I am.

He asked only me to help him after hours with some paperwork. I knew he was gonna make a move and I was ready for it. An hour passed and it was completely professional. I didn’t think I would be actually doing real work. I was like “what the fuck?” I know this dude likes me, so what gives?

Finally I slipped my hand on his thigh and worked my way to his cock. I told him that I heard he liked black girls. He seemed shocked and said he can’t do anything because he was married. As I got up from my chair and got on my knees in front of him, I told him that I’m really good at keeping secrets. Once his pants were off and my big, thick lips were sucking his cock, his eyes rolled back into his head. He told me if I do this for him everyday that there’s a pay raise in my future.


Written By: Keshia
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Spring Fling Phone Sex

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Every man has thought about cheating on their wife. When you see a young, hot and sexy body like mine your cock can’t help but to get hard. Your naughty mind starts to wander and think what my ass would look like bent over in front of your face. Or, how good my pussy would feel when you slide deep inside me. You’re wanting to fuck me in every position possible.

The weather is getting warmer and it’s time for your cock to come out of hibernation. You are in indefinite need of a spring fling. It’s not really cheating but fucking me will feel better than the real thing. It’s something you have been wanting for a long time but just haven’t made the call.

You can finally unleash your secrets and have a deeper connection with someone who won’t judge. Don’t wait any longer, my young, wet pussy is waiting for you.


SyndiWritten By: Syndi
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Howdy Neighbor

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aj          I love playing dress up in front of my window especially when I know my married neighbor is watching me. Honestly, I am not really trying to make him all hot and horny from watching me.~Giggles~ Okay, well maybe I am. Thing is; I am not just a little teen tease, I do follow up and all. You know like follow him around till he has no choice but to give me what I want.

He is taking out his big jizz filled dick. Oh no, I didn’t I mean? Maybe I should go over to his house because I would never want to be the reason his window is all sticky. He is now texting me and wants me to show him more of my sweet pussy. I mean I wouldn’t want to be unneighborly, but then again, I would rather go over there and play up front and personal.

              He is stroking pretty fast now. I sure love big mushroom heads about to shoot their load. I start finger fucking my wet, soft pussy, and rubbing my clit with my thumb. OMG it feels so fucking good. He texts me again saying “Thank you.” I text him back and say, “same time, same place tomorrow?”


AJWritten By: Teen AJ
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Teacher Bree Examines Your Tiny Package

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breeYou think Bree, the new student teacher, is hot. You want to get into her panties. She makes your cock twitch whenever you see her.

She bent over the other day when she was in the library with her students. You got a peek under her sweater. Wow, she was wearing such a sexy bra that your cock started dripping. She noticed the wet spot but no big bulge, and she smiled a wicked smile at you. 

In that instant, she knew you are a loser with a little dick. Your super tiny dick could never pleasure a hot, young beautiful student teacher like Bree.

Well, I take that back, there is one way that you can amuse Ms. Bree. She loves to tease and humiliate big guys with little dicks.  

Pull down your pants, so Ms. Bree can compare your little baby-sized dick to the little boys in her class.  You make Ms. Bree, laugh and tease the fuck out of you! 

For small penis humiliation, call Ms. Bree! 



Written By: Bree
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I Want To Be Your Girlfriend

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autumnI know you have a wife but that doesn’t mean I can’t be the other special woman in your life.

I could imagine your life feels like it’s missing something and you would finally feel complete with a sexy girlfriend like me. I would add excitement and your hidden fantasies would finally be explored. There’s certain things you can’t tell your wife because of judgment but with your naughty girlfriend, you can not only share your desires but also act on them.

I would have more of a “real” relationship with you than you do with her. I would also take ownership of your cock and eventually you will only save your cum for me. Trust me, you will have the best of both worlds but you’ll be hooked on my naughty world so much you won’t have time for your wife anymore. 

Your Girlfriend,


AutumnWritten By: Autumn
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