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My Married Neighbor Watches Me

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I have this neighbor that can see right into my bedroom window. I love the fact that he watches me. I know he’s married but I know he has a wild kinky side to him.

Just the other day I caught him peeking in, I usually close my blinds before a shower but this time I thought I would have some fun with the married man. I was in a really naughty mood. I wanted him shooting a load that he’ll never forget.

I took off my bra and panties, and grabbed my vibrator. I looked over at the window as I spread my legs. I watched him as he pulled out his cock. I entered my vibe in my wet hole and started fucking myself the second he started jerking it for me.

After a few minutes, something crazy happens. Call me so I can share the rest of the details. 




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Your Cock Needs Attention!

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Let’s face it, your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you. She’s cranky and is complaining that she’s tired. She doesn’t even want you touching her. You ask her for a blowjob or a handjob and she just rolls her eyes and walks out of the room.

Your cock needs attention!

 I’ll give your cock all the attention that you need. Maybe I’ll do some edging on your cock, or maybe I’ll just go for it and make sure that you cum right away for me. All you have to do is follow my instructions and your throbbing cock and aching balls will feel so good!

Set up a guided masturbation session with me and let me do all the things your wife won’t do.



Written By: Jenny
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Let’s Get Down To Business

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We’re working on a project together at the office. It’s very time consuming and there’s a lot of pressure to perform well. Lots of long days, missed dinners at home, and working at home on the weekends.

At work, I appear very conservative: glasses, hair in bun, skirts touching the knee, and jackets that hide my large chest. I have an aggressive personality, tenacious, and can be a bit bitchy. My own team has nicknamed me “the ballbuster.”

We didn’t know each other very well before we started working on this project. You’ve always kept your distance from me. Now here we are thrown together to complete this important project and you’re spending more time with me than your wife. We’re getting close to completing the project. Just a few more very long days and we can get back to our normal lives.

One night, you and I are working late in the conference room, so we can take advantage of the big conference room table. The draft of the presentation is printed out, slide by slide so we can see what is working and what needs to be changed.

I suggest that we order dinner since it’s going to be a very long night. We take a break and eat our Chinese food. I comment that I cook better stir fry than this. You see a warm smile on my face. I push the carton of food to the side. I take off my glasses, let my long hair fall down, unbutton a couple of buttons on my silk blouse and lean back in my conference room chair. I stretch and yawn.  You see my very sexy bra under that blouse and you start to wonder what else is hidden under the conservative exterior. For the first time, we start chatting about personal stuff. You realize that I have a good sense of humor and a pretty smile. You get me to relax and let my guard down.

We lay it all on the table. We’ve been working so many nights. You reveal that your wife will be very happy when this project is done. We each confess that this project has interfered with the amount of sex we are getting at home. I admit that I would be in a better mood if I was getting more hot sex.

You offer to take care of that for me. I take you up on your offer. I take off my skirt and half-slip. You love that I have this incredibly sexy lingerie hidden under my suit. I confess that I like the silky fabrics against my skin. You never realized how humongous my tits are. You can’t wait to bury your face into my chest.

Let’s get down to business! Bury your face anywhere you want. Let’s get down to business and have some very naughty work sex right here in this conference room. Lock the door and just sit back and enjoy my hot mouth on your cock. Then bend me over this conference room table and fuck me. We have all night!


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Naughty Babysitter Hanna

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I babysit for you and your wife a lot. The kids love me but so do you in a very different way. You always make sure to get your wife plenty liquored up before coming back home for the evening. It gives you time to flirt and tease with your hot babysitter.

After you guys get back from your date night, you put your drunk wife to bed, and check in on your sleeping kids.

When you walk back into the kitchen, you weren’t prepared for me taking our flirting and teasing to the next level. You immediately dropped your pants, bent me over the kitchen counter, and hiked up my jean skirt.

While you were pumping my young, tight pussy, your hand was spanking my ass. You kept calling me a naughty girl. I was pretty surprised how loud you were with your wife just down the hallway. 

Just before you were ready to cum, I got down on my knees and sucked your cock. I completely drained your huge balls into my mouth saving nothing for her.


HannaWritten By: Hanna
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Seducing a Married Man

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I can’t tell you how sexy it makes me feel to wait for you in nothing but my strappy little heels ready to seduce you. I know you’re married that doesn’t bother me at all, I mean it’s not like that’s my problem. Besides, I never kiss and tell when we fool around and you know this.

I’m your hot, blonde slut that does all the things your wife wont. Even the way I sensually seduce you and lure you into my bed night after night.  Slide down between your legs and devour your married cock with my hungry, slutty mouth. You know you can’t resist your little sex kitten Gracie. My perfect, hot pussy is waiting for you. Let me please your cock just like the last time.


Written By: Gracie
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Give Yourself To Me

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Tell me your deepest, darkest, yet most secretive fantasy. I know you may think it is taboo to have these thoughts, but trust me, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them. Perhaps you have a wife or maybe a girlfriend, but that just turns me on to be your other woman.  I’ll always make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

I take off your shirt and feel your chest pressed against my luscious breasts. As you are getting familiar with them, I will slowly unzip your pants and unbutton them. Don’t get too excited, I want to control when you cum. As I begin to rub your bulge, grab my tits and begin licking my hard nipples.

It’s just the two of us. Surrender your cock to me and let me worship and do things to you that you’ve been dreaming about. Let me make your fantasies come true and trust me, our little secret is safe with me. Let yourself go and completely give yourself to me.



Written By: Adrianna
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New Workout

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I recently hired a personal trainer to help keep my body perfect. We usually did all our work at the gym, but one day she asked if I could meet her at her house. She had a workout she was dying to try out, and I seemed like the perfect candidate.

I showed up in my skimpy workout clothes, ready to train. She led me down to her basement and asked if I trusted her judgment on what was best for my body. I told her that I did because I looked great! She smiled and left the room for just a second, bringing back a man with her.

She introduced him as her husband and told me that he was going to be my workout today. I almost thought she was joking until she reached in and pulled out his hard cock.

She walked back to a chair and sat down, crossing her legs. She looked at her husband and demanded he fuck me. He smiled a little as he grabbed my shoulders and forced me face down on a little table nearby. My clothes were ripped off of me and his tongue was entering my pussy from behind.

Then it began.

I was twisted up and fucked in so many positions. No wonder she called him a workout, he could fuck for hours! Every time I would try to give up, I would find myself bent over and being pounded. I tried to crawl away so many times only to be grabbed by the ankles and drug back.

When he was finally finished with me, all I could do was lay there and shake. I knew I would be feeling this workout in the morning.



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Naughty Secretary Anna

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I’m your sexy, blonde secretary. The one you lie to your wife about because you stay late every night in the office with. I’m the secretary who is sucking and fucking her way to the top of the corporate ladder, starting with your cock.

I’m not the secretary who will get you coffee or pick up your dry cleaning. I’m the naughty secretary who will be taking “dickation” in all of my holes. I’ll be on my knees ready to suck your throbbing cock in between your important meetings.

I’m such an important asset to you because you’ve been stress free ever since you hired me. You used to have blue balls from your wife turning you down for sex every night by now you’re a very happy and satisfied man… all because of me!


AnnaWritten By: Anna
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Katie Gets Revenge

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   I am just so stomping mad and jealous! I just found out that my bestie is on a cruise with my favorite neighbor. Why didn’t he invite me? To make me even more jealous, her parents didn’t go on the cruise. I am so mad at my friend that I needed to get revenge!

She sure has a hot looking daddy and a sexy mommy. Why aren’t my parents hot? Come on, just look at me!  I know they must be missing their little Angel. Calling her an Angel, just makes me laugh hysterically.

I text them and invite them to go sailing with me. It’s just a little pink sunfish, but I love sailing.

They agree happily. Oh man, she is wearing the tiniest neon green bikini.   We sail then go swimming a bit. I giggle and suggest nude sunbathing since we are the only ones on the lake this morning.

Her parents are so nice and they don’t seem to understand where I want to take this. No worries, I bought some party favors with me to help things out. Just a little jab with my needle. Oh no, did a mosquito just bite you? Another jab, a few shots of Jack, and now the clothes begin to come off.

Revenge can be so delicious!


KatieWritten By: Katie
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Rainy Day Sex

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It’s another rainy summer day here. When you’re stuck inside on a stormy afternoon, the best thing to do is to spend some time with me.

Imagine if you were my next door neighbor. Just stop by, knock on my door, and let’s fuck. Naughty neighbors make the best fuck buddies.

You know me so well. You know that it won’t take much to get me naked and I’m always in the mood to fuck. I give the best blowjobs, even better than your wife. I love sucking cock. I do that thing with my tongue when I am looking right into your eyes.

Now, fuck me hard! I take it deeper and fuck you longer than she does. No one makes you cum as hot as I do. We can spend the afternoon licking, sucking, and fucking. Let’s treat each other to a little afternoon delight instead of complaining about the weather.

SkylarWritten By: Skylar
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Fuck You & Your Girlfriend

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Your wife has been such a cunt lately. She’s been acting like a selfish bitch. She thinks she can boss you around but we both know that I’m the ONLY woman in your life that can dominate you. You’re my bitch. 

During our session, you ask for my advice and how to change her behavior. You don’t want to divorce her, but you want her to stop being such a whiny bitch.

I laugh at you. Remember what I do to you when you get like that with me? When you get all whiny and you start to complain. Don’t you remember what happened the last time you tried that shit with me?

Don’t I always say, if you’re going to act like a bitch, you’re going to get fucked like a bitch. Bring your wife to our next session and I’ll fuck you both like little bitches.




KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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Naughty Babysitter Bree

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You and your wife are going out tonight, so you send me a text asking if I can babysit. You take your wife out to a very expensive restaurant for your anniversary.

Your wife is dressed very sexy, but you are preoccupied. You’re thinking about me, your teenage babysitter.

When you picked me up tonight, you were surprised to see that I was wearing such a short skirt.

In the car, on the way to dinner, you mention that short skirt to your wife. She said, all the girls wear skirts like that. She mentioned she wore skirts like that when she was my age.

You’re shameless. Your cock is twitching in your pants already as you picture your wife in my tiny little skirt. You’re hoping for an early evening, but the evening drags on and it’s very late by the time you’re done with dinner. Your wife got a little drunk on wine. On the ride home, she’s complaining about being tired which means no sex for you tonight.

Usually, she takes the babysitters home. Tonight she’s too tired and a little too drunk to drive. She pays me and asks you to take the babysitter home, and heads up the stairs.

You know that she’ll be sound asleep when you get home. You open the car door for me. I get wet because I never had a guy open a car door for me. My house is out in the country. You drive me down a long, winding road. You have me almost home. Your poor cock is twitching as you look down at my sexy legs. You wonder if I am wearing a thong.

As soon as we pull up to my house, I put my hand on your cock and kiss your neck. I whisper in your ear how bad I drive you crazy.

You do a big U-turn in the driveway and take us down a secluded road. You park the car and put your hand up my skirt. You’re thrilled to find me wearing a thong. I unzip your pants and now the real fun begins with your naughty babysitter. 


BreeWritten By: Bree
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Your Mother-in-Law

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Your wife has a very hot, sexy Mom. She’s a natural flirt. She has huge breasts and dresses to show off those amazing tits. You know she’s a cock tease. She’s always brushing up against you. You find her big push-up bras hanging in the bathroom. She’s always flattering you and greets you with big hugs. You feel those big tits against your chest. Her jeans are so tight. Admit it, your mother-in-law makes your cock hard.

 Your wife is completely oblivious that her Mother is trying to seduce you, trying to get your dick into her mature pussy. She’s getting harder and harder to resist.

You know someday soon, you’ll give into temptation and you’ll lift up her dress, pull down her panties and give her the hard fuck she’s been craving.

Dinner is at your Mother-in-law’s house this Sunday. Maybe your wife will be upstairs using the bathroom, when you fuck your mother-in-law in her kitchen. Afterwards, you will all sit down at her dining room table with your cum in her pussy while you sit there next to your wife.




Written By: AvaAva
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Your Married Cock Belongs To Me

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We both know who your married cock belongs to, don’t we? You might be married to that bitch of a wife but that’s only on a piece of paper. We both know that I own your cock, and when your wife even gets near you, you go limp.

I do things to your cock that your wife could never dream of doing. I have your cock so mind fucked, that it only responds to me.

If she wants to go head to head with me, bring it on! I will totally destroy her and show her everything you have sent me; emails, presents, ect. Or maybe, I’ll show up at your house, tie her to a chair and fuck the shit out of you right in front of your wife. Maybe that bitch needs to see for herself that I own you.

When it comes to things that are mine, don’t fuck with me because you’ll always lose.

Your married cock belongs to only me, babe!


JulieWritten By: Julie
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The Night Belongs To Us

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You’re with a group of your buddies for an after work party at the strip club. You want a little reward for a successful work week.

You like the way I dance on stage. I dance slowly and each dance move is carefully executed to arouse and seduce you. You want me all to yourself, but not in some nasty room in the back of the club. You really want me all to yourself, all night long.

You tell the manager that you’ll make it worth his while if he would give me your phone number. He points you out to me. 

I like your tie and your smile, so I take your number. I call you the next day. Our phone call starts with a little flirty conversation and we end up with some very dirty phone sex. You like hot sex as much as I do. You promise that if I meet you, I’ll have countless orgasms.

I’m so excited about meeting you. We make a date. You send your wife out town and invite me to your place. I greet you with a kiss on mouth. It kind of startles you. I already feel intimate and sexy with you after our amazing phone sex encounters.

I put on some sultry music and start to dance for you. I move my body like you’re already inside of me. I touch my own body. My hands move as if they were your hands. I have a wild sexy look in my eyes. I want you as much as you want me.

It’s going to be an incredible night. I’m all yours. You have me all to yourself. Now, get naked and show me how much you want me. Tonight I am your girl. The night belongs to us.  

Fuck me!


ChrissyWritten By: Chrissy
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Married Men Turn Me On

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The weekend is coming and I have a hot date Saturday. I know I shouldn’t date married guys but they just turn me on so much. I love being able to have casual sex with an experienced lover without any of the drama that traditional relationships have. It’s a win-win, if you ask me. I guess a bonus is the fact that it turns me on immensely to know that his wife will always be compared to me, and will always fall short. I love the sneaky late night quickies, secret vacations when she thinks he is traveling on business alone, maybe even the occasional fuck right there in the bed they share together.

Maybe I’m a little naughty but it also turns me on to know he might not take a shower before fooling around with his wife. She might be sucking my pussy juices off his cock and not even have a clue. Or maybe he’ll fuck her and mix mine and her juices together in her fuck holes.  That thought is such a turn-on, it makes me want to go fuck myself with my favorite vibrator right now.



GingerWritten By: Ginger
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My Tits Will Ruin You

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I have my notorious ways to ruin you, and my favorite way of course, is financially. On the other hand, my tits do tons of damage to men. I can lure any man with my big breasts.

I dated a rich married guy and he was totally obsessed with my gorgeous tits. I use to play a game with him.

He would get us a penthouse suite and I would take my shirt off and lay across the bed with just my bra on. He would beg me to see my tits. I teased him and said the only way he gets to see my perky breasts was if he gets out his big, fat wallet! I want large amount of bills in between my tits.

He was bored with his wife’s small tits and he would give anything, and any amount of money to see mine.

My tits completely ruined my married fling and I will guarantee my beautiful tits will ruin you as well.



PhoenixWritten By: Phoenix
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Married Men Teaching Sara

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For some reason lately my callers have been older men… married older men.  In all honesty, I love it! I love playing a younger girl for daddy. I love the way they teach me how to make a cock hard and how they want me to use it. I pretend to be a very young virgin who has never even seen a cock. They teach me how to use my hands and mouth on it and make it rock hard. They also teach me to play their balls and asshole just a little bit. They then teach me how to take that cock I just made nice and hard into my sweet, young, smooth pussy, and sometimes even my ass.  

I lay back on my bed playing with my pussy as if it’s for the first time and cum so hard. I want you to be my daddy.


SaraWritten By: Sara
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Married Men Turn Me On

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Last year I started fucking my best friends dad. I’ll be the first one to admit, I have a problem keeping my legs shut when I come across as very sexy man.

It’s happening again. I started hanging out with this new girl this year and holy shit is her dad freakin hot! It’s even more exciting that he’s married. 

My new friend is upstairs waiting for me while I roam her family’s house looking for her dad. I make a trip to the kitchen or bathroom. Sooner or later he’ll catch me undressing.

It was getting late and my friend decided to jump in the shower real quick after a long day. Her dad found me sitting on her bed putting on my pajama top, he shut the door behind him and gave me an a sexy smirk. He told me he knew exactly what I was up too.

I wasn’t surprised when he unzipped his pants and walked towards me. I knew I had a time limit while my friend was in the shower. I licked my lips and put his cock in my sweet little mouth and started sucking away. I had to have his cock even if it was just for a little bit. I’m sure we’ll find a way to meet up again.

Next time it must be secluded where we can’t get caught. I want him to have full advantage of my sexy, Asian body.


Written By: Miko
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Fulfilling Your Special Desires

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As a woman who is in touch with the sexual and mental needs of myself and the people around me, I’m the perfect woman for GFE phone sex. I don’t mind that I’m the other woman. I may even go as far as to say I deeply enjoy the way it feels.

 A large part of being the other woman means filling your special sexual needs that are currently left ignored. We can get down and dirty together anytime, it will be something private for us to share together.

I’m a mother and I love mommy fetish phone sex but that’s not the only thing that gets me wet. We can try new things together and explore your deepest desires together. More than anything, we’ll have a chance to have real conversation together. I know this sounds silly but I love intelligent phone sex, I am an educated woman that loves being naughty with you. 


Written By: Vivian
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