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Your Married Cock Belongs To Me

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We both know who your married cock belongs to, don’t we? You might be married to that bitch of a wife but that’s only on a piece of paper. We both know that I own your cock, and when your wife even gets near you, you go limp.

I do things to your cock that your wife could never dream of doing. I have your cock so mind fucked, that it only responds to me.

If she wants to go head to head with me, bring it on! I will totally destroy her and show her everything you have sent me; emails, presents, ect. Or maybe, I’ll show up at your house, tie her to a chair and fuck the shit out of you right in front of your wife. Maybe that bitch needs to see for herself that I own you.

When it comes to things that are mine, don’t fuck with me because you’ll always lose.

Your married cock belongs to only me, babe!


JulieWritten By: Julie
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The Night Belongs To Us

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You’re with a group of your buddies for an after work party at the strip club. You want a little reward for a successful work week.

You like the way I dance on stage. I dance slowly and each dance move is carefully executed to arouse and seduce you. You want me all to yourself, but not in some nasty room in the back of the club. You really want me all to yourself, all night long.

You tell the manager that you’ll make it worth his while if he would give me your phone number. He points you out to me. 

I like your tie and your smile, so I take your number. I call you the next day. Our phone call starts with a little flirty conversation and we end up with some very dirty phone sex. You like hot sex as much as I do. You promise that if I meet you, I’ll have countless orgasms.

I’m so excited about meeting you. We make a date. You send your wife out town and invite me to your place. I greet you with a kiss on mouth. It kind of startles you. I already feel intimate and sexy with you after our amazing phone sex encounters.

I put on some sultry music and start to dance for you. I move my body like you’re already inside of me. I touch my own body. My hands move as if they were your hands. I have a wild sexy look in my eyes. I want you as much as you want me.

It’s going to be an incredible night. I’m all yours. You have me all to yourself. Now, get naked and show me how much you want me. Tonight I am your girl. The night belongs to us.  

Fuck me!


ChrissyWritten By: Chrissy
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Married Men Turn Me On

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The weekend is coming and I have a hot date Saturday. I know I shouldn’t date married guys but they just turn me on so much. I love being able to have casual sex with an experienced lover without any of the drama that traditional relationships have. It’s a win-win, if you ask me. I guess a bonus is the fact that it turns me on immensely to know that his wife will always be compared to me, and will always fall short. I love the sneaky late night quickies, secret vacations when she thinks he is traveling on business alone, maybe even the occasional fuck right there in the bed they share together.

Maybe I’m a little naughty but it also turns me on to know he might not take a shower before fooling around with his wife. She might be sucking my pussy juices off his cock and not even have a clue. Or maybe he’ll fuck her and mix mine and her juices together in her fuck holes.  That thought is such a turn-on, it makes me want to go fuck myself with my favorite vibrator right now.



GingerWritten By: Ginger
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My Tits Will Ruin You

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I have my notorious ways to ruin you, and my favorite way of course, is financially. On the other hand, my tits do tons of damage to men. I can lure any man with my big breasts.

I dated a rich married guy and he was totally obsessed with my gorgeous tits. I use to play a game with him.

He would get us a penthouse suite and I would take my shirt off and lay across the bed with just my bra on. He would beg me to see my tits. I teased him and said the only way he gets to see my perky breasts was if he gets out his big, fat wallet! I want large amount of bills in between my tits.

He was bored with his wife’s small tits and he would give anything, and any amount of money to see mine.

My tits completely ruined my married fling and I will guarantee my beautiful tits will ruin you as well.



PhoenixWritten By: Phoenix
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Married Men Teaching Sara

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For some reason lately my callers have been older men… married older men.  In all honesty, I love it! I love playing a younger girl for daddy. I love the way they teach me how to make a cock hard and how they want me to use it. I pretend to be a very young virgin who has never even seen a cock. They teach me how to use my hands and mouth on it and make it rock hard. They also teach me to play their balls and asshole just a little bit. They then teach me how to take that cock I just made nice and hard into my sweet, young, smooth pussy, and sometimes even my ass.  

I lay back on my bed playing with my pussy as if it’s for the first time and cum so hard. I want you to be my daddy.


SaraWritten By: Sara
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Married Men Turn Me On

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Last year I started fucking my best friends dad. I’ll be the first one to admit, I have a problem keeping my legs shut when I come across as very sexy man.

It’s happening again. I started hanging out with this new girl this year and holy shit is her dad freakin hot! It’s even more exciting that he’s married. 

My new friend is upstairs waiting for me while I roam her family’s house looking for her dad. I make a trip to the kitchen or bathroom. Sooner or later he’ll catch me undressing.

It was getting late and my friend decided to jump in the shower real quick after a long day. Her dad found me sitting on her bed putting on my pajama top, he shut the door behind him and gave me an a sexy smirk. He told me he knew exactly what I was up too.

I wasn’t surprised when he unzipped his pants and walked towards me. I knew I had a time limit while my friend was in the shower. I licked my lips and put his cock in my sweet little mouth and started sucking away. I had to have his cock even if it was just for a little bit. I’m sure we’ll find a way to meet up again.

Next time it must be secluded where we can’t get caught. I want him to have full advantage of my sexy, Asian body.


Written By: Miko
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Fulfilling Your Special Desires

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As a woman who is in touch with the sexual and mental needs of myself and the people around me, I’m the perfect woman for GFE phone sex. I don’t mind that I’m the other woman. I may even go as far as to say I deeply enjoy the way it feels.

 A large part of being the other woman means filling your special sexual needs that are currently left ignored. We can get down and dirty together anytime, it will be something private for us to share together.

I’m a mother and I love mommy fetish phone sex but that’s not the only thing that gets me wet. We can try new things together and explore your deepest desires together. More than anything, we’ll have a chance to have real conversation together. I know this sounds silly but I love intelligent phone sex, I am an educated woman that loves being naughty with you. 


Written By: Vivian
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Kiss Me At Midnight

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I’ve been your secret girlfriend for awhile now. We meet up, have amazing sex and then you’re gone again. This arrangement has worked for both of us. As hot and passionate as our fuck sessions are, I do have a special request tonight.

Meet me at midnight.

I want to be your New Year’s kiss. Your mouth on mine is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. You can’t imagine how much I crave you. I love being your little secret, but I want you to myself tonight.

When the countdown starts, I want to be looking into your eyes, watching as your mouth comes closer and closer to mine. As the clock strikes midnight, your lips will be on mine. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t stop at just a kiss.


AnnaWritten By: Anna
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Hot Dream

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I had the hottest dream last night. I have this fantasy about my best friends dad. Last night it almost felt as if my dreams were coming true.

  I had imagined the two of us were fucking and he had begged for it, but he didn’t have to tell me twice. I straddled him and started pounding away on his cock as he was smacking my ass with every thrust. 

I quickly came with such fury that I thought I almost ripped off his cock. A flood of my pussy juices had flowed all over his dick and down his balls. I had to catch my breath and then I wanted him to cum.

With my face still pressed against the floor, I grabbed behind and pulled his cock out of my pussy and decided that he fuck my ass, my tight asshole was wet and ready for that big dick. I demanded he fuck it and as I guided his cock straight into my puckered asshole. I told him to fill my ass with his cum, and he did exactly just that! The only bad thing that happened was I woke up!


HannaWritten By: Horny Hanna
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Secret Girlfriend

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Don’t you wish your wife would do all the things that you fantasize about. That’s why you need a phone sex girlfriend like me. Someone with a romantic side but has a very twisted appetite for sex. I promise you, things will never get dull between us. I’ll never judge you and I want to explore all your taboo fantasies with you.

I’ll be dressing in your favorite lingerie to put a smile on your face as your cock throbs for me. Things are so easy between us, no strings attached. I’m here for your every need and desire. I’ll never say no to you. I’ll be sliding my dildo in my aching pussy for you each and every time we talk.

I’ll never disappoint you as long as you keep my pussy happy.

Your secret girlfriend, Macy


MacyWritten By: Macy


Annaliese’s Seductive Striptease

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Your wife is out of town and you desperately want to see me. 

I arrive dressed in very sexy lingerie and heels. You want to fuck right away but I tell you to sit in a very comfortable chair and watch me. I have a sexy playlist on my phone and slowly start moving my hips to the music. 

At the start of the second song, I give you a little lap dance, and I open up your pants. I use my fingers along your hard shaft, my fingers are moving to the music. You smile and moan as you become more and more aroused.

I slip off your lap and continue my erotic dance. I encourage you to touch yourself. My beautiful words guide you, tell you how to touch, caress, and stroke. I rub myself through my thong as my hips sway and my feet glide to the sensual music.

You’re enthralled by my gorgeous body. You’re hard and I’m very wet. You watch my fingers slip under my panties. I finger myself in front of you. The dance continues. You stroke harder and faster while I pump my slender fingers inside of my pussy. We both slowly increase the intensity of pleasure following the crescendo of the music until we reach climax.


Written By: Annaliese
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I Love Fucking Your Husband

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Every now and then I get women calling me either for phone sex or a concerned callers wife because he can’t keep his shit discreet. Here’s a shocker: some of my callers tell me their wives know about me and they like reading my blogs (when I actually do blog).

So for all the lonely, unattractive housewife’s out there that are wondering why your husband doesn’t want to fuck you as much, this is for you!

I love when your husband worships my big tits, he always tells me how much bigger and firmer they are compared to yours. He also loves the fact that he can fuck my ass anytime he wants. You always say no when he mentions it to you but when he asks me, my pussy gushes for the anticipation to butt fuck me.

I’m no homewrecker but I do love my men satisfied and if you’re not getting the job done at home, my holes are always there for him.

I’m a tell it like it is kinda girl. So ladies, if it bothers you, maybe you need to do something about it; or not because I really enjoy making married cock cum. And, who better to do it than… Yours Truly!

The One and Only,


MemphisWritten By: Memphis
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Your Secret Girlfriend

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 We’re both in need for a romantic rendezvous again for the weekend. It’s so hard to get away sometimes, isn’t it lover? Your wife seems to have you ball and chained. There’s nothing you would love more than to escape with your sexy, secret girlfriend. I would love it too.

Perhaps, it’s the rush I get from us sneaking around. I love when you surprise me to a romantic dinner. Even though you hate dancing, you take me to a night club. We both get so turned on kissing and touching each other. You love getting me hot. We end up leaving early and head back to our hotel for a long, hot fuck.

 I need you now more than ever. I need to taste and feel you again. Let’s sneak away and let me ease your throbbing cock like only I can do.


DaphneWritten By: Dirty Daphne
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Fun at the Beach

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I love the beach. Swimming and sunning are fun, but my favorite part is teasing all the daddy’s in my tiny little bikinis. They are all there with their wives and kids and can’t keep their eyes off my sexy little body.

Last time I was there, one in particular caught my eye. He wasn’t like the others that shyly tried to hide their hard-on’s. He wanted me to see it. When his wife and kids went to play in the water, he approached me and told me where to meet him. I didn’t even bother playing coy. I could tell how big his cock was in his pants and I wanted it. He told his wife that he was going back to the room to lay down and a few minutes later, I followed him.

As soon I got in the room, he told me to get on my knees and take daddy’s cock. I obeyed. I didn’t even know his name, but he was instantly daddy to me. His cock was so big and thick, but I took it all. My little cunt was dripping on the floor.

He pulled me up by the hair and bent me over, my hands against the wall for balance. He pulled my bikini bottom to the side and shoved it in balls deep. Fuck! I came immediately, but he kept fucking me into orgasm after orgasm. He wasn’t stopping until he came too.

He pulled out and shot his load straight up my back. He told me I had to leave before his wife came back. I nodded and started walking back to the beach, cum drying on my back and my pussy dripping down my thighs. I passed his wife on the way back and gave her a smile. She smiled back. She had no idea that her husband was probably going to be fucking her later with my pussy juices all over his cock.


BeckyWritten By: Little Becky
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Lost It All

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So it is my fault you betrayed your boring little wife and cleaned out all your bank accounts for me?  You tell me I am evil, a temptress, and a whore. I have done nothing but be who I am. Now you are blaming it on my laugh. What a moron you are.  This is all your fault not mine.

You came to my chambers looking for a Mistress, someone to whip you into submission and take the power you are so tired of having. I didn’t take, you gave and gave and gave. I only took what you were willing to give.

 You bore me, your accounts are empty yet YOU keep calling Me.  Stop blaming me for the breakup of your marriage, the loss of your job, and everything else you had.

  Think back to our first session. I asked for nothing but my normal fee as I whipped you into submission. So I suggest, you get a job or rob a bank. What you do doesn’t matter to me, I have raised my fee to put up with a loser like you, call me when you are prepared! 


CarmenWritten By: Carmen
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Friendly Neighbors

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You and I are very, very friendly neighbors. We always have a good time pleasuring each other. 

You’re home working today. From my living room window, I can see you working at the computer in your home office. Everything has been so crazy busy that we have not had much of an opportunity to have any of our naughty fun.

Your kids are in school and your wife is at work. I think it’s time for a very friendly neighborly visit this afternoon.

I quickly send you a text. I send just three simple words, “How are you?” Three simple words are code for, “You got time to fuck me right now?”

I watch you from my window. I see you pick up your phone. You read my message and smile. You look over towards my house. You see me standing in the window. I slowly start to take off my clothes in front of the window, so you can watch.

You send a text. “I will be right over. Get naked and meet me at your backdoor!”




BrynnaWritten By: Brynna
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Steamy Affair

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Oops, I didn’t know your wife was going to be home today! I willingly let myself in your house (with the key you gave me) to find you fucking your wife in the same old boring positions. Now, I know why you’re having a steamy affair with me. You get to fuck a hot, blonde slut like me anytime you want. I do all the stuff you want me to do that you don’t have the balls to ask your wife to do.

I couldn’t watch any longer, I went back by your pool to wait for you. I removed my bikini top to catch some sun. I know you’ll be getting rid of that stiff bitch soon, so you can come out and have some naughty fun with me in the pool.

My juicy, delicious pussy is waiting to get fucked by you. Only I can drain your balls the way you want.


AutumnWritten By: Autumn
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Submissive Slut To Married Cock

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I become such a submissive slut when it comes to married cock. I think because it’s already “taken.” Single guys really don’t get my pussy wet anymore. I’ll do anything you want just as long as I can be your “other” woman.

I’m sure your boring wife says no to anal sex but I would let you fuck my ass anyway you would like it. In fact, I would like to be double penetrated and have your cock and my 8 inch dildo in my tight ass at the same time. All my all holes are for your pleasure because I know you don’t get that treatment at home.

Don’t worry if you’re sexually frustrated and you always hear the word no, that’s why there’s girls like me who love taking care of married cock.


AutumnWritten By: Autumn
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Our Perfect Night

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I know you’re nervous, being with a new girl and all. I don’t look or act anything like your wife and I know that excites you. When it comes to pleasing, I go above and beyond anything you’ve encountered. I know you’re bored in the bedroom with your wife. You want someone with no restrictions and it excites you to be with someone younger, sexier, and spontaneous.

Your cock gets hard when a strong, confident girl like me gives you orders, something you’re defiantly not use to. The more I get turned on, the more demanding I can be and want you to worship all my holes. Don’t worry though, our perfect night will consist of me giving you pleasure as well. My tongue will go places on your body that never been licked.

You and I will have the most perfect night from the start of a hot, deep kiss and end with your cum dripping everywhere on my gorgeous body.

Are you ready for the perfect night with me? No boundaries. I promise.

Creamy Chloe

Written By: Chloe
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My Husband is a Cuckold Slut

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My husband is much older and loves having a beautiful young slut wife like me to parade around on his arm. He also secretly enjoys the fact that other men find me attractive.
He whispers in my ear at parties that a particular guy is eying me and encourages me to be flirtatious. I don’t know what turns him on the most, the knowledge that I am unfaithful to him when I return home after a night of clubbing and fucking, as I tell him about what a slut I was with some anonymous stranger while he licks my messy cream pie, or when I come back with some young stud in tow, and have him act as my cuckold slut. He jerks off or humps the mattress as he watches and listens to his sexy wife getting fucked.

He enjoys being a trophy wife’s cuckold, so of course, I take full advantage of the cuckold lifestyle by playing with all the big cock that I want and my cuckold cream pie eater cleans up all the mess!



Written By: Sandra
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