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Milk or Juice?

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 It’s that time again baby. Time for your snack. As always, you have your choice.

You can either lay across my lap, while I wrap my arms around you, cupping my big breast in my hand as you open your mouth to suckle Mommy’s sweet milk from my nipple.

Or you can crawl over here as Mommy spreads her legs, so you can suckle from Mommy’s pussy to receive your juice.

Either or is fine with me, baby. You know Mommy cannot say no to you. You know exactly what happens when you do either one. That small little pink boy dick gets so hard. Mommy always takes care of that for you though, after you’re finished with your snack.

You know what baby? Why don’t you have both?


Written By: Cynthia
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ABDL Babysitter

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 I know its a little different but on the side I have a babysitting service. It isn’t the normal kind of sitting service you would think. I am a sitter for adult babies. I watch them while there “Mommies” and “care takers”  go out and have adult time or to go shopping and running errands.

   My service is very fun and very profitable. I have a special adult nursery set up in my spare room for all my adult babies. I keep a good supply of adult diapers and baby wipes, and things that I will need to care for my special babies.

    I love playing games, feeding, reading to them, and cuddling with my special babies.  They’re all so sweet and cuddly.

If you need some TLC, I am a great ABDL sitter.


Written By: Chasity
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Grandma Angie

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I know dear, I’m hotter then any Grandma you’ve ever seen.  But that’s why I’m your Granny, isn’t it little one?  You love to lay your sweet head in between my massive tits and feel yourself get younger and younger, slipping back and shedding away the years.

Remember when you were younger and stayed with me during the summer months? I used to bathe you, clothe you, feed you, and hold you all night when you had bad dreams?  I still can, darling! I’d love to have you right here in my bed.  

Come lick and suck my sweet nipples, explore my body and let Grandma Angie be the first one to show you all those naughty things girls and boys do. You know I adore and love you so very much. 

I’m due for a visit to your house. I have the perfect idea! When everyone is sleeping, I’ll creep into your room and touch you in all those places that feel so good, you’ll love every sweet minute of it. See you soon, baby!


Written By: Miss Angie
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Share Your Fetish With Me

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Do you have a fetish?

I am the perfect phone girl who understands the difference between a sexual desire and a true sexual fetish.  Your specific fetish is part of you. You need something specific to truly enjoy an orgasm to the fullest. Normal, everyday sex might be okay, but you need to tap into that fetish, no matter how odd it may seem to some.

Embrace your fetish. It is part of you. Let’s explore your desires together. Maybe it is tickling, boots, leather, lace, feet, sneezing, balloons, diapers, baby talk, enemas, exhibitionism, domination, hair, latex, legs, watersports, humiliation, or toys.

You probably keep your fetish a secret from your lover, wife, or girlfriend. Phone sex with me is a great way to dive into that part of you. We can share this experience together by creating a little world where you feel extremely comfortable to achieve that gratification that you need to have the optimal orgasms.




SkylarWritten By: Skylar
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Dirty Little Panty Boy

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Oh no, not again! It looks and smells as though my little boy has soiled his pretty white panties yet again. Mommy has told you time and time again that if this keeps happening you will be put in diapers. I just can’t deal with your accidents anymore.
I clean you all up and then give you an enema. You beg me to let you release your dirty fluids, but I won’t since this is your punishment.  Your tummy begins to hurt and my big baby boy begins to cry. “Please, Mistress please, my little tummy hurts so bad”, he cries. I am annoyed and I slap his face till he is sobbing.
I finally let him release the nasty liquid and powder his bottom. Such a dirty boy he is! I diaper him up and accidentally prick him with the big, sharp safety pin. He is crying again, so I slap his ass and give him even more of a reason to cry.


Lady RayneWritten By:  Lady Rayne
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