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Milk Does Your Body Good

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I bet my man is hungry, isn’t he? My big, luscious tits are nice and full with that creamy goodness you’ve been craving. I love playing with my swollen big, hard nipples and getting them aroused for you. Open that hungry mouth of yours and let me squirt my milk right inside. Mmmmm taste so good, doesn’t it?

Would you prefer to suck on them? Just take my erect nipples into your mouth and suck away. Don’t worry, I have plenty to go around, so don’t be shy. I want you to get a huge mouthful of my milk and let me taste it. We both can share, after all, milk does your body good!



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Sexy Memories

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 I love going back in my sexy head to relive some old memories. Some of them are so hot that I pull out my toys while I imagine it all. Today’s memory was one of the hottest!

When I was much younger, my mother remarried. He was everything to me. Tall, gentle, kind, funny, and SEXY! Sometimes the way he would look at me would make my teen pussy just gush. I know he wanted me as much as I wanted him, but he was just too much of a good guy. Once we kissed, but I initiated it. 

                One night it was late and I heard them fighting. Bags were packed and the door was slammed. I would have gone to comfort her, if not for the fact she made him leave.

                  Years passed and not a word from him.

I was at my favorite coffee shop, and there he was. I wasn’t sure if he recognized me, but I whispered something in his ear. I told him I wanted him, I knew he wanted me so I was going to make it real easy for him. 

                   A few hours later, I was at his home. It was cold out, so I had another surprise for him.

When I took off my leather coat, I had nothing on under. Absolutely ready for him.  He took a long, slow deep breath, and without a word from him. I mounted him. 

It’s so hot reliving sexy past experiences. Remember that girl in high school that is now all grown up? The bitch didn’t give you the time of day, did she? I’m here to fix that for you. Let’s fantasize together. 


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Tempted By My Tits

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Tempting, aren’t they?  I imagine looking at my perfect round tits and long, pink nipples puts so many sexy thoughts in your head.

You can’t even decide what you want to do first. Gently caress them, hold them in your hands, and feel the silky softness. Wet your finger in my mouth and brush them over my hard nipples. That makes me tingle all over. Bring my nipples to your hungry mouth. I’ll suck one, while you suck the other. That feels so good. 

Unzip and bring that exciting, big, hard cock to my mouth. Let me get it super wet and then spit down my cleavage. Lay your cock between my tits and get ready for the hottest, sexiest, nastiest titty fuck you’ve ever had!


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Mommy Makes You Feel Safe

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I’m always telling you that you’re the man of the house, except when there’s a thunderstorm, you hate when it’s storming outside. 

Last night we had a bad summer storm and you were frightened. You needed comfort, so your bare feet scampered across the cold hardwood floors to reach my bedroom door. You put your hand on the doorknob just as a big crash of thunder seemed to echo through you. You threw open the door, ran right to my bed and jumped under Mommy’s covers.

You tried not to wake me, but I rolled over against you. You were astonished to realize that Mommy was naked under those covers. I pulled you close to me. I gave you a little kiss on your forehead and you went right to sleep with my big breasts in your face. You nuzzled into me, feeling safe and secure. You fell asleep with a smile on your face and hard cock in your underwear. 



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Give Yourself To Me

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Tell me your deepest, darkest, yet most secretive fantasy. I know you may think it is taboo to have these thoughts, but trust me, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them. Perhaps you have a wife or maybe a girlfriend, but that just turns me on to be your other woman.  I’ll always make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

I take off your shirt and feel your chest pressed against my luscious breasts. As you are getting familiar with them, I will slowly unzip your pants and unbutton them. Don’t get too excited, I want to control when you cum. As I begin to rub your bulge, grab my tits and begin licking my hard nipples.

It’s just the two of us. Surrender your cock to me and let me worship and do things to you that you’ve been dreaming about. Let me make your fantasies come true and trust me, our little secret is safe with me. Let yourself go and completely give yourself to me.



Written By: Adrianna
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Little Neighbor Girl

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There’s a chill in the air already at night. You sleep with your windows open.  You hear something outside so you look out your bedroom window. You find your naughty little neighbor girl skinny dipping in your pool.  

I’ve been sneaky and mischievous by sneaking out of my house all summer but tonight is the first night that you have caught me.

It’s pretty chilly tonight.  You throw on a pair of gym shorts over your hard cock and confront me.  You have a big towel waiting for me and ask me to get out of your pool. You tell me it’s dangerous to be swimming alone.

I give you a  sweet smile and climb out of the pool.  My naked, little wet body is very tempting, it’s it? I’m such a cock tease with my teen big tits. You just can’t resist as I charm my way into your heart and into your bed.


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Your Mother-in-Law

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Your wife has a very hot, sexy Mom. She’s a natural flirt. She has huge breasts and dresses to show off those amazing tits. You know she’s a cock tease. She’s always brushing up against you. You find her big push-up bras hanging in the bathroom. She’s always flattering you and greets you with big hugs. You feel those big tits against your chest. Her jeans are so tight. Admit it, your mother-in-law makes your cock hard.

 Your wife is completely oblivious that her Mother is trying to seduce you, trying to get your dick into her mature pussy. She’s getting harder and harder to resist.

You know someday soon, you’ll give into temptation and you’ll lift up her dress, pull down her panties and give her the hard fuck she’s been craving.

Dinner is at your Mother-in-law’s house this Sunday. Maybe your wife will be upstairs using the bathroom, when you fuck your mother-in-law in her kitchen. Afterwards, you will all sit down at her dining room table with your cum in her pussy while you sit there next to your wife.




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Guided Masturbation with Gabrielle

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I love guided masturbation calls. I think you do as well. All you have to do is sit back and listen. Let me guide you to one of the best orgasms that you’ve ever had.

In no time, I’ll coax the cum right out of you. I’ll tell you where to touch, how to touch, and how much pressure to apply to your cock and balls. I’ll bring you to the brink of an orgasm, and then right when you want to cum, I’ll pull you back.

I want that cum to build and build.

  It’s now time to masturbate for me. Fuck your hand, and just do as you’re told. Nice long strokes up and down your shaft. I want a long, slow hand fuck. I want you to feel that cum churning and building.

 If you’re good boy, I might even let you cum all over my tits. Just picture the biggest load of cum you’ve ever had all over my beautiful, big breasts. 


GabrielleWritten By: Gabrielle
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Boss Ava Releases Your Tension

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You spend more than a third of your time at work. The ladies at work are dressed professionally but sexy in their tight tops and skirts. The sound of their high heels clicking and clacking resonates throughout the office. Your mind wanders, and you wonder what is under their clothing, possibly beautiful lingerie from Victoria Secrets or La Perla? It’s very natural to have a fantasy about the hot lady in the office.

The female form, with her hourglass figure, momentarily interferes with your focus at the office. A pair of large breasts, small waist, and a nice round ass can cause quite a stir. You need a release of this tension, this pent up frustration. You need to have a sexy mature lady, like me, in your company. My curves are astounding. What an exhilarating time we’ll have together! You’ll find my curves unable to resist.

I set up a meeting in my office at the end of the day. You wanted to leave a little early and play golf. You’re dreading the meeting. When you get to my office, you realize that I sent my assistant home early and there’s no one else invited to the meeting.

I compliment you about your work, your intellect, and your physique. I place my hand on your shoulder, and I give it a squeeze. I look right into your eyes. Now you realize that I didn’t invite you to my office to talk about business. You touch my breasts through my blouse. I smile, so you unbutton it. Your cock is rock hard when you see my big tits.

We end up fucking on my desk. The optimal happy ending to a stress-filled workday.



Written By: AvaAva
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Milk or Juice?

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 It’s that time again baby. Time for your snack. As always, you have your choice.

You can either lay across my lap, while I wrap my arms around you, cupping my big breast in my hand as you open your mouth to suckle Mommy’s sweet milk from my nipple.

Or you can crawl over here as Mommy spreads her legs, so you can suckle from Mommy’s pussy to receive your juice.

Either or is fine with me, baby. You know Mommy cannot say no to you. You know exactly what happens when you do either one. That small little pink boy dick gets so hard. Mommy always takes care of that for you though, after you’re finished with your snack.

You know what baby? Why don’t you have both?


Written By: Cynthia
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Titty Fucking

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 What can I say? Everyone loves my big, gorgeous tits. I love the way guys look at me when I arrive in a room. One of my favorite things is getting my tits fucked. It’s erotic and a sensual feeling having that thick cock slide in between my huge, glorious breasts. It turns me on even more when I get to feel a hot, sticky load of cum all over them.

Don’t forget they’re perfect for sucking and licking too. Nothing gets me off like having my nipples played with while getting my hot pussy rubbed.

I can’t wait to listen to you stroke your hard cock while I play with my big tits.


Written By: Pamela
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Flirting With The Neighbor

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You live next door. You are my kind of guy; smart, sweet, and sexy, and yeah, you got a big, long cock too. I got a hint of your big package when we were working out in the gym together. I got a view of that big bulge.

We’ve been flirting back and forth for weeks, but we don’t really know each other yet. I don’t have your cell, so I can’t text you. Your schedule varies, so I can’t accidentally bump into you.

 I leave a little note taped to your door, inviting you over for a drink after work. I leave you my phone number, and you send me a text confirming our date. 

You arrive at my apartment. I answer the door wearing a short little dress and no shoes. You like my cute bare feet with hot pink toes. We sit around my table drinking and eating chips with homemade salsa. We share stories and laugh at each other jokes. We’re having fun together, and then there’s that spark. Sexual chemistry building between us.

You touch my face, and I touch your leg. We start kissing and touching each other, and I take you back to my bedroom. You take off my dress, playing with my big tits and rubbing the front of my wet panties. It makes that cock of yours so hot and hard. 

SkylarWritten By: Skylar
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Aunt Ava’s Huge Tits

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Aunt Ava

I have always been your favorite Auntie. I am your Mother’s sister, but we are polar opposites. She is delicate, pretty, nurturing, and conservative. I am wild, loud, very sexual, and open-minded. You love how I dress to show off my big tits.

You come over to my house every Saturday to do chores and mow my lawn.  While your friends are having fun hanging out and playing video games, you are working up a sweat. There is a special reward for you when all the work is done.  

I take off my bra and let you play with my big tits. I unzip your pants and stroke your hard, throbbing cock. I oil up my luscious tits and let you slide in-between them until you shower me with your warm cum. 



Written By: AvaAva
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Cum On My Big Tits!

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Are you feeling pent up, horny, and need to cum hard? Let’s play, and I will make you cum on my big, sexy, round tits!

I’m your hot and horny babe who loves to cum too. Let’s get you naked, and then feel my hand wrap around your cock. My handjob makes you hard, and I stroke you until a beautiful bubble of pre-cum forms at the tip.

My nipples get so hard! With my tits in your face, run your tongue over my nipples. That makes me crazy, and my pussy drips down my thighs. My fingers slip between my legs, and I rub some of my sweet juices on my tits. Lick it off! Worship my tits!

Now, I am in control, but it’s so subtle. You don’t even realize that I’m dominating you. Worship my tits while I control your cock with my hand.

With more pre-cum leaking now, I take your cock into my mouth and suck it. I edge you with the most sensual blowjob. You want to cum fast, but I’m in control. You’ll cum when I’m ready for you to cum.

My blue eyes look into your eyes as I vary my speed and intensity, and I drive you crazy with my blowjob.

Finally, after lots of your begging, I stroke your cock over my tits. You have so much cum to give me. Cum all over my big tits so that I can lick it off my tits!



Written By: BrookeBrooke
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Secret Weapons

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Throughout my life, my tits have been my secret weapon. When I was younger, I would go over to my Uncle’s house and I would play with my cousins. My Uncle would always favor me and give me extra attention, even more than his own kids. He would tell me how beautiful I was and said I would be a knockout when I was older. When no one was looking, he would rub my big tits and told me I could have anything I wanted. He spoiled me rotten and because of that, he’s my favorite Uncle.

When I got my driver license, there’s been a few times I’ve been pulled over. As soon as I see the cop walking towards my car, I make sure I have tons of eye candy to get him distracted. When the policeman taps on my drivers side door, I roll down my window and I watch the guy jaw drops. I’ve gotten pulled over a few times and every time they start fumbling their words and their eyes are fixated on my massive cleavage. They let me go with a warning but they have to say that because that’s their job.

When I go out with my girlfriends, I am the one that the guys are drawn to first. All my friends are gorgeous but I wear the hottest, tightest outfits that accent my breasts and no man would be stupid enough to turn that away.

I love the attention that my tits have given me throughout my childhood and adult life. I’m very blessed and I never take my “secret weapons” for granted. I know how to use them and they will seduce you as well, I promise.

Written By: Aimee
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My Tits Will Ruin You

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I have my notorious ways to ruin you, and my favorite way of course, is financially. On the other hand, my tits do tons of damage to men. I can lure any man with my big breasts.

I dated a rich married guy and he was totally obsessed with my gorgeous tits. I use to play a game with him.

He would get us a penthouse suite and I would take my shirt off and lay across the bed with just my bra on. He would beg me to see my tits. I teased him and said the only way he gets to see my perky breasts was if he gets out his big, fat wallet! I want large amount of bills in between my tits.

He was bored with his wife’s small tits and he would give anything, and any amount of money to see mine.

My tits completely ruined my married fling and I will guarantee my beautiful tits will ruin you as well.



PhoenixWritten By: Phoenix
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Fucking Your Daughter’s Best Friend

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At your Super Bowl Party, your daughter invited a new girlfriend. Wow, that new best friend is flirty and has a hot body with nice tits! She sat next to you, watching the game during most of the third quarter. The girl knows her football. While your daughter, wife, and other ladies were talking about the sexy half-time show, this new friend was really into the game.

At one point, she put her hand on your knee and squeezed during a challenge. She turned to you to complain about the play. She has such a cute, young face and voice but curves that make you horny. You wanted to grab her tits and bury your face between your legs.

You dream about that girl and masturbate to fantasies of fucking her. Then one day, she knocks on your door. Lucky for you, you are home alone. You invite her inside and talk about the Super Bowl. Then she rubs your arm and then your shoulder. Her eyes and words become seductive, and she confesses that she only fucks older, married men.

She has you sit back in your chair while she strips naked in front of you. The hot girl rubs her perfect tits and the outside wall of her pink pussy lips. You grab her and kiss her as your clothes end up on the floor. No more foreplay! You hold the tiny girl, and she wraps her legs around your waist. Your hard cock fucks her tight wet pussy. Such a hot sexy fuck. Her sweet, amazing pussy milks you dry.

Maybe next time, you will cum on her big tits!


KimmieWritten By: Kimmie
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Devour Me

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I call you and invite you over for a special Valentine’s Day dinner. 

 When you arrive, you don’t seem very surprised there’s nothing cooking in the kitchen. You know me so well, I hate cooking. 

I grab your hand and lead you into my bedroom. I remove all your clothes while making eye contact the whole time. I push you back onto my bed and let you watch me take off my little black dress. Your cock was hard before but when you saw my sexy lingerie, you were dripping pre-cum.

My blonde hair shimmers in the dim light, flowing softly around my big breasts, you notice my nipples getting hard. I start to caress my body running my hands down to my stomach, down across my aching pussy. You reach out so you can touch my soft curves. My hips sway back and forth teasing you. I can tell you’re enjoying my every move.

My pussy is so moist your hands trail down sliding your fingers deep inside me. You bring my wetness to your mouth for a taste.

You know you want to devour every inch of me. I can’t resist any longer. I want you. 


Written By: Aimee
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International Body Language Of Sex

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Let me sit on your lap and grind away. I rub my beautiful round breasts with hard nipples against your lips. You know my pussy is so good and wet. I ride comfortable against your pants, as you whisper in my ear, “Talk dirty to me, Skylar!”

I know the international body language of sex. We have quite the conversation!  My sensual lap dance uses the unspoken universal language of erotic passion and sex. The fire in your pants ignites and intensifies when I add my my naughty, dirty words. I make you hard and hot for me. My dirty words and my curves make you crave obsessive sticky sex with me.

I whisper sexy, nasty words as I unzip your pants. I take you between my lips. I leave lipstick stains on your big, thick throbbing hard package. You moan and talk dirty to me as I suck your cock. I bring you to the edge, but stop before you explode.

You know I need more! You grab me and take me from behind. You know my pussy and ass are yours. No need to ask or explain. I scream and beg for more. I plead for you to fuck me harder! You know I can’t get enough of you. My greedy body wanting more. My dirty words making your fuck me harder and harder!

Finally, unable to speak, you just moan as you ultimately explode and fill me with your precious cum.

No more dirty talk. I leave you spent and content. You are drained but happy.

SkylarWritten By: Skylar
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Miss Angie the Librarian

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 I know you’ve been a good boy because I see you here at the library everyday after school doing your homework. Do I make you nervous? I hope so! Shy little school boys turn me on, especially the young ones like you.

Whenever you come to my desk to check out your books, you can’t help but stare at my big, luscious tits. I know you crave them in your mouth. Your eyes beg for an older, experienced woman like myself to teach how to be a dirty boy.

The library closes at 4 today, stay a little late with me so I can show you what it feels like to be with a hot and sexy experienced woman. 



Written By: Miss Angie
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