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International Body Language Of Sex

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Let me sit on your lap and grind away. I rub my beautiful round breasts with hard nipples against your lips. You know my pussy is so good and wet. I ride comfortable against your pants, as you whisper in my ear, “Talk dirty to me, Skylar!”

I know the international body language of sex. We have quite the conversation!  My sensual lap dance uses the unspoken universal language of erotic passion and sex. The fire in your pants ignites and intensifies when I add my my naughty, dirty words. I make you hard and hot for me. My dirty words and my curves make you crave obsessive sticky sex with me.

I whisper sexy, nasty words as I unzip your pants. I take you between my lips. I leave lipstick stains on your big, thick throbbing hard package. You moan and talk dirty to me as I suck your cock. I bring you to the edge, but stop before you explode.

You know I need more! You grab me and take me from behind. You know my pussy and ass are yours. No need to ask or explain. I scream and beg for more. I plead for you to fuck me harder! You know I can’t get enough of you. My greedy body wanting more. My dirty words making your fuck me harder and harder!

Finally, unable to speak, you just moan as you ultimately explode and fill me with your precious cum.

No more dirty talk. I leave you spent and content. You are drained but happy.

SkylarWritten By: Skylar
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Miss Angie the Librarian

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 I know you’ve been a good boy because I see you here at the library everyday after school doing your homework. Do I make you nervous? I hope so! Shy little school boys turn me on, especially the young ones like you.

Whenever you come to my desk to check out your books, you can’t help but stare at my big, luscious tits. I know you crave them in your mouth. Your eyes beg for an older, experienced woman like myself to teach how to be a dirty boy.

The library closes at 4 today, stay a little late with me so I can show you what it feels like to be with a hot and sexy experienced woman. 



Written By: Miss Angie
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Men Love My Big Breasts

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I admit, that I use my voluptuous big breasts to my advantage. I’ve flirted my way to get major discounts with my recent home repairs. My big tits also got me out of speeding tickets a few times.

Whenever I go to my son’s school to have a conference with the principal, I always made sure I wore something tight and low cut. He always stumbled his words as he stares at my big breasts. Needless to say, my child never got in any trouble.

Also, I find my huge tits help me attract the hottest guys. Men buy me drinks and flirt with me all the time. They like to take me out and show me off as arm candy.

Men like how I dress to accentuate my curves rather than trying to hide them.

I love using my big tits to my advantage. Call me and use them to yours. 


LizetteWritten By: Lizette
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I Love Fucking Your Husband

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Every now and then I get women calling me either for phone sex or a concerned callers wife because he can’t keep his shit discreet. Here’s a shocker: some of my callers tell me their wives know about me and they like reading my blogs (when I actually do blog).

So for all the lonely, unattractive housewife’s out there that are wondering why your husband doesn’t want to fuck you as much, this is for you!

I love when your husband worships my big tits, he always tells me how much bigger and firmer they are compared to yours. He also loves the fact that he can fuck my ass anytime he wants. You always say no when he mentions it to you but when he asks me, my pussy gushes for the anticipation to butt fuck me.

I’m no homewrecker but I do love my men satisfied and if you’re not getting the job done at home, my holes are always there for him.

I’m a tell it like it is kinda girl. So ladies, if it bothers you, maybe you need to do something about it; or not because I really enjoy making married cock cum. And, who better to do it than… Yours Truly!

The One and Only,


MemphisWritten By: Memphis
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Lake House with Aunt Ava

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Your family rents a lake house for the entire family to celebrate the last weekend of summer. You are very excited to learn that your sexy Aunt Ava is going to be there. You love her curves and her flirty ways. She embarrasses you sometimes, but she is so exciting. You cannot keep your eyes off of her.

You love to watch her when she does not know that you are watching. You like to hide in the shadows when she is changing clothes, in the shower, or sunbathing topless. Her boobs are so big and her big round ass is so sexy. Girls at school are flat and timid. Aunt Ava is curvy and bold.

You love it when Auntie hugs and squeezes you. She pulls you right into her chest. Your cock gets hard with your face pressed into her chest.

This is the summer that Aunt Ava will make a man out of you and teach you everything there is to know about sex.


Written By: AvaAva
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Nipple Stimulation

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As you can see, my breasts receive a lot of attention. I love finding the sexiest, tightest shirts; making sure my tits are on full display for your viewing pleasure.

My fingers always play with my nipples while I’m masturbating. Of course, it’s not the same as when someone else is stimulating my nipples by rubbing, biting, kissing, and licking. My pussy drips the hardest when I am getting my pussy pumped while my nipples are being pulled.

One of my fantasies is having full, lactating tits and feeding them to you as I am riding your cock. I think that’s so incredibly hot.

I know some men enjoy their nipples played with as well and I am always willing to please. You would defiantly enjoy my lips and tongue swirling around your nipples as I am riding you.

If you would enjoy some nipple stimulation with a sexy, single, big breasted blonde; I am waiting for you.


Written By: Aimee
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Making Fireworks

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You’ll always be my precious boy. I don’t ever want you to forget that. Mommy loves this time of year. Pool parties, skimpy bikinis, and lots and lots of men.  

Every year we throw a big bash at the house. I make sure I spend some special one on one time with my boy. I never want to deprive him of his needs of his Mommy. We even have a blast picking out my bikini that I’ll be wearing. 

My sweet boy had that look in his eyes. I could tell he was thinking about all the men that will be swarming around the house for the party. We sat on the bed and talked about how a fuck is a fuck and what we have is so much more to Mommy. I explained to him how we share a special bond. 

I grabbed the back of his head I pulled him towards my chest. I comforted him, rubbing his back, and letting him rest his head on my chest. I knew these gorgeous tits would put him in a better mood.
I removed my top and let him trace his fingers along the lace on my bra before it fell to the ground. I laid back on the bed and let him crawl between my legs so he could roam my body at his own pace. I was melting with every touch. 
The smile on his face said it all, just think about the fireworks that we’ll be making after the big party. 
ShayWritten By: Shay
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Always A Daddy’s Girl

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     My favorite times growing up was when daddy and I were the only ones home. My mother traveled a lot for her job. Poor daddy, he would get so lonely especially at night.

My phone sex daddy is tall, sexy and has amazing muscles. Is it strange for a girl to talk about her daddy like that? 

   I have a naughty confession to tell that happened when I was younger. I bought a cute thong and silky camisole top in preparation for the special night. I heard him come home around 11 pm. He must of been so tired. I waited, getting so excited for what the night will bring. I took a deep breath, then opened his bedroom door.  He was undressing and I pretended not to look. 

              I told daddy that I wanted to have a movie night with him. I told him to pick something we both would like.

I went back to my room and changed into my sexy lingerie. He tried not to look, but he couldn’t help but stare. I climbed into his bed, all set for a movie.

                I began making lazy circles on his arm, with my finger nails. He seemed to enjoy that, so my fingers went down further. I heard him take a breath and then moved my hand. I moved it back and a bit lower. Daddy said, “no”.  I didn’t care and kept moving my hand down his body some more.

                  I looked into his eyes and told him that I hear him and mommy in bed. I told him that I will do all the things she won’t. Daddy was on his side, I started kissing down his back, then his ass cheeks. Daddy could no longer take it and he pushed my head so my tongue went so deep in his asshole. 

                     Want to hear a little secret? I still visit daddy, every chance I get. 


CaidynWritten By: Caidyn Cross
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My Tits Were Meant To Be Fucked

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My 36DD breasts are perfect for titty fucking.

I will start to give a man one of my hot, sticky, wet, perfect blowjobs and before I know it, he’s slipped his hard cock in between my beautiful tits.

I was at the pool a few days ago, and “yes” tops are optional. I think that rule was made just for me. This handsome gentleman had been staring at me and it was clear the effect I was having on him.

I told him the water was perfect and to please come join me. He didn’t need any urging before he had his arms around me and we began kissing.

He sat up on the side of the pool and I began my intensely hot blowjob by rimming his tight pucker while I tugged, stroked, and manipulated his huge, smooth balls. Soon my hungry mouth found his cock and I was enjoying the pre-cum mixing with my saliva.

His fingers began playing with my hot, creamy fuck hole and I quickly came all over his hand. What a treat for us both to share off my hand.

He pulled my mouth off his cock and slide it in between my huge natural tits. I was mesmerized watching the combination of his huge cock sliding in and out of my tits. I kept my tongue out the whole time knowing he would slide  extra far up my chest giving me more of that yummy taste. I squeezed his smooth, jizz filled balls craving the pearl necklace I was about to receive.

After we recovered, we left for my place to party some more.


TiffanyWritten By: Tiffany
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Age Play Tiffany

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I get asked quite a lot to do age play sessions with my callers. I was always curious as to why so I finally decided to ask one of my regulars. He told me it was for two reasons. One was just my adorable young, sexy voice and the other was because he loved to imagine me at a young age with big boobs teasing all the men in my family.

He had come up with a hot role-play for us to do. I was underage with the slamming body I have now and he was my daddy.

He was downstairs having his weekly poker game with some guys he works with. Daddy isn’t very good at “that” kind of poker but he loves to play and bet anyway.

I was texting some friends wearing my tiny shorts and a white tank with no bra. We were texting about boys we liked. I heard daddy at the door looking flustered and he said we needed to talk. Daddy had lost a lot of money he couldn’t pay back so he offered up his little girl to pay them back. He told me to do whatever the request because he needed his little blonde fuck toy to fix things.

I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs and all the men just stared at me while unzipping their pants. Daddy sat on my vanity chair and was already stroking his huge 9 inch cock. No one was touching me, but they told me to slowly remove my clothes.

First, I took of my top and they all gasped and stroked hard at my 36 double D’s. I have to admit, it was hot and making my little pussy cream at all this attention.

I got the first big blast of cum all over my pretty face. Daddy watched as it dripped down my chin and down my neck. The second blast was all over my huge tits. The men just kept cuming and shooting their thick, hot loads of cum on me.

When they were finally done and left my room, I was glad because I was so wet, creamy, and horny I needed to cum. I even forgot about daddy who was jerking it watching the show. “Daddy, please fuck me and fuck me hard. Your baby girl is covered in jizz and needs a good pounding”, I asked daddy in my sweet innocent voice. He fucked me so hard the headboard dented the wall!



TiffanyWritten By: Tiffany
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No Limits Girl

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I know you want me, and really, who could blame you? You can look at my pictures and see that I have the perfect body. Big perky tits, a gorgeous wet pussy, and juicy fuckable ass! Plus, I have a mouth that will give you the best blow job you’ve ever had. My naughty tongue and lips will have your cock exploding like never before.

Not only do I have a beautiful body, but I also have a filthy imagination. Nothing is off limits to me and I do it all. You can bring your nastiest, dirtiest, and sickest fantasies to me and I will make all your fantasies feel like reality.

Are you ready for a true no limits girl?


AnnaWritten By: Anna
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Taking Down The Christmas Tree

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I hope you had a great holiday season with me, but now it is time to take down the Christmas tree. You offer to help me. We need to start at the top. You stand behind me to steady me. I have to admit that I like how your body feels up against my back.

You put your hands on my hips, so I don’t fall. I need to stand up on my tippy toes and reach for the star on the top of the tree. I reach towards the top of the tree with both hands to grab the star. It’s tightly attached to the tree. I have to pull harder.

You lean forward and your hips press firmly against my big, round ass. Your cock becomes hard. You grab my waist harder because I almost lose my balance and fall. I gasp as the star gives way and I pull it down. I catch my breath. You saved me.

You prevent me from falling, but you don’t let me go yet. You hold me and press your body against mine. I feel your breathe on my neck. I grab one of your hands and bring your hand to my hard nipple.

Finally, you let go of your grip of me. I turn around facing you. I kiss you. We continue our embrace and passionate kisses until we slide down to the floor and we fuck under the Christmas tree.

Fantastic fuck with you to end the holiday season!


Written By: AvaAva
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Ava’s Business Trip

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You and I work at the same company but in different locations. We talk on the phone every day. The company is sending us to Chicago for new computer training. We have exchanged a few flirty emails and phone calls and both of us have expressed that we’re looking forward to finally meeting each other face to face.

I’m more than a little excited to meet you. I buy new very sexy lingerie.

I find a reason to get you to my room. I have some documents for you to look at. I invite you to my room and you accept my invitation. You’re hoping for a sexy rendezvous and it’s more than an invitation for something work related.

As soon as I get you alone in my room, I seduce you. You watch my business clothes hit the floor, and I show off my new bra, panties, stocking and garter set. We kiss with passion and desire for each other. You bury your face in my white fleshy breasts.

Your fantasy comes true. You’ve always wanted to play with my big tits. We fuck for hours. You end up spending the night in my room. We share every earthly, uninhibited carnal pleasure possible between a man and a woman. We have incredible sensuous yet very animalistic sex.

Written By: AvaAva
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I Saw My Mommy Morgan Kissing Santa Claus

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You wake up early Christmas morning with very confusing thoughts.

You saw Mommy in the living room last night with Santa Claus. She kissed him, wet open mouth kisses. She tickled his balls through his pants until she dropped down to her knees. Mommy Morgan pulled his pants down, kissed his balls and tickled them with her tongue. Then she sucked him. She took his big hard cock in her mouth. Mommy Morgan sucked Santa’s cock!

Santa took off Mommy’s tight little red top. He touched and licked her sexy big tits. He got Mommy naked and fucked her, right there on the living room floor next to the Christmas tree.

You lay in your bed, stroking your hard stiffy with these images in your head. Was it a dream or was it real? You always get the best presents on Christmas. Maybe this is because Mommy takes such good care of Santa Claus!

You know if you lay in bed long enough, your Mommy Morgan is going to come in to your bedroom and she will see that tent in your sheets. Maybe she will take care of your hard cock too. That would be the best present ever!

Merry Christmas!



Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Mommy’s Sweet Spot

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Hello there little man, I think you must know what time it is.  You know you are ready to spend some time with your gorgeous, sensual Mommy.  Besides, here I am with all this sweet cream (the sweetest I’ve been told) ready for you to suck and enjoy.

Oh my! You get so excited when you see Mommy’s lovely, full breasts don’t you darling boy? My nipples just beckoning you to suck. Go ahead darling, it’s okay. Come a little closer, let’s spend some time together. I have all the cream you could ever want and even more right here between my long, sexy legs in Mommy’s extra sweet spot. Take all you want baby!


Written By: Amber Lace
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Where Do You Want To Cum On My Body?

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Do you think you can handle a little southern naughtiness? I know I can. When you look at this body I want you to think exactly where you want to shoot your hot, creamy load.  Do you want to cum on my beautiful tits? Perhaps, you would prefer to shoot your load deep in my sweet pussy, or my tight ass. I can think of plenty of places where I need your cum. My cute feet could also use a warm cum shower.

How many places on my body do you want to cum? Fantasize about it, get familiar with my body. I want to hear about how you’re going to cover my entire body with your creamy, milky cum.


AnnaWritten By: Anna
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Seductively Seducing Ashlee

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Sometimes I like to take things real slow and take my time to seductively seduce you. It’s not that hard to make you want me in every possible way. Especially, when you come home from a long day and you find me sitting in your big leather chair barely wearing anything. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy.

I get up from your chair so you can sit down to relax and admire my body. I kneel between your knees unzipping your pants. Soft kisses are given up and down your swollen cock. My wet tongue nibbles all the way up your thick mushroom head. I look up and your head is tilted back with your eyes closed.

We’re both in complete relaxation.

I slide your hard cock between my big tits rubbing your swollen head on my hard nipples. I soon climb up on top of you wrapping my arms around your neck planting kisses on you. I wiggle around on your lap so you can find my special spot. My pussy starts to drip wanting you so bad. I want you to devour my hot pussy, and all I could do is whisper in your ear and tell you how bad I need you.

AshleeWritten By: Naughty Ashlee
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Titty Fuck Me

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I catch you staring at my chest again! You can’t seem to keep your eyes off “the girls.” I know they’re big and luscious. I can see you get very excited when I dress to show them off.

Let’s have some fun!

I know you want my big naked tits in your face! Lick those soft ultra-sensitive nipples. Softly caress them with your fingers.  Look how my nipples grow and respond to your gentle touch. I shiver!  My pussy is throbbing and dripping when you touch me like this. I can see you’re rock hard.

After I lick your cock, I rub your cock all over my breasts, and rub the head of your cock all over my erect nipples. We both exhale and let out little moans.

I grab your cock and place it between my tits. I push my breasts together.

Ok, baby…titty fuck me!



Written By: AvaAva
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Poor Excuse For a Cock

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There you are, you wimp. You’ve been staring at me and my pics for awhile now and your cock is hard, but pathetic.

Get out that ruler. Look at that poor excuse for a cock. It’s barely 4 inches and you’re rock hard. You look so proud of yourself but in reality it’s pathetic.

With a wimpy small excuse for a cock you’re lucky I’m even speaking to you. I’m a Goddess who deserves a cock that will satisfy me, not a tiny pencil. If you get to be with me at all, it will be simply for my satisfaction.

Worship my big tits, cupping them and sucking my nipples. Once you’re through with that, you will get down and eat my pussy until I squirt. That’s all a small dick man like you will ever be good for.

You sit and there in hopes that your small penis will suddenly get thicker and bigger. Face it bitch, that’s as big as your cock will get, and that’s just not enough for me. The best you can hope for is watching as I find a big, strong man who can really satisfy me.

Keep begging, it won’t help but I find it flattering that you’ll jerk off your small cock as you moan and beg for my beautiful body. Your tiny penis fits between my fingers, and it’s so funny!

Just accept your place in the world and know that I expect a big, thick cock to satisfy me. You’re nothing more than a good laugh.


PhoenixWritten By: Phoenix
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Motherly Love

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I’m an older woman who is very experienced when it comes to taking care of my boys and their many special needs, all of which Mommy is more than happy to meet. After all, Mommy knows what’s best for you, now don’t I?

I can still remember when you were a baby and how much you loved to suck on these big titties of mine. Perfect for titty fucking too, don’t you think?

Come on over here so Mommy can see you. Uh oh, looks as though I might have gotten you a little too excited! Just look at that hard bulge in your pants! We can’t let Daddy see you like this. Mommy is going to help you fix it, but on one condition; you must promise to keep this between us, it will be our little secret.

Everyone needs some motherly love, and I’m here to give it to you. Whether you need a loving Mommy to hold you tight and give you some much needed TLC, or a stern Mommy to bend you over her knee and spank your bare ass, I am the Mommy for you. Call me, it’s playtime!


Written By: Vivian
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