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Your Ass Is Mine

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You obey me, you perform my every command, and you adore me.

I train you to my perfect sex slave. I tolerate no nonsense from you. You do as you are told. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you cum.  

 I spank and tease your balls. I edge you, and my amusement comes from your moans and groans. When you beg for mercy, I laugh and tease the fuck out of you.

I make you cover that big ass in panties. Now, bend over and wiggle that ass! I pull down those silky panties and fuck your ass with big, thick strap-on. You’re my bitch and now your ass is mine.




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Naughty School Girl Bambi

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Who’s up for a naughty school girl role play? Honestly, you don’t have to ask me twice! I love to role play and I love to be the nasty little slut that you want me to be. I love to play younger too, there’s something pretty hot about being a young little girl that either takes advantage of you or you take advantage of.

I’m always so horny and through my years, I’ve gotten so many costumes. I love to put on costumes, especially for my calls. And of course, my favorite is the naughty school girl. In fact, I am wearing it right now. Do you want to call me and spank this naughty school girl? I’ve been a bad girl too. I think I need to go across your lap and get some spankings on my bare ass.


BambiWritten By: Bambi
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Pain and Humiliation Phone Sex

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You make me laugh, but you make all the girls laugh at you. You are cute, but you have such a tiny dick. You get turned on by humiliation. You place yourself in situations where beautiful women tease you and laugh at you. You like ladies catching you masturbating. How can they do anything but laugh? Gorgeous women attract guys with big cocks, real men. You are so super tiny that you bring out my wicked sense of humor.

You take pictures of your little dick, and I share them with my girlfriends who need a good laugh at the end of a stressful day. I make you order panties and sex toys. I wonder what your mail lady thinks of you when she delivers packages from Luscious Lingerie and Adam and Eve. She knows that you live alone and she has caught you masturbating through the window. Yeah, I made you do that. I made you open your curtains, sit on the sofa next door. As she walked on the porch to deliver your mail, she saw you playing with your little tiny dick. It would be dishonest to use the word “stroking.” You don’t have enough dick to stroke. Ha ha. She probably went to the bar that night and told all her girlfriends about the tiny dick guy on her route that masturbates like crazy, orders panties, and sex toys. You are extremely embarrassed, but you are also turned on, my little dick wonderboy.

I make you wear your panties. Pose pretty and send me selfies, I need a good laugh today. Now actually, degrade yourself. Piss in your new panties and take another selfie. Stand there and think about how embarrassed you are. You make me laugh! Now smack your balls. Hit them harder. Do it now. I want to hear it. Wow, your little dick got harder. Put ice cubes all over your balls and cock, I want you soft again.

Your cock is so tiny soft. Almost nothing there at all. I tease you and I threaten to fly you to my place and turn you into my most devoted and loyal houseboy. You find that exciting but it was meant to be punishment. You love the idea of worshipping me and entertaining my girlfriends by making them laugh at your little cock and your panties. You send me pics of you doing housework in your bra and panties. Oh my, these are best pics yet. I didn’t even ask for these pics, but you are such an exhibitionist that you sent them. You make me laugh. The harder I laugh at you, the harder your cock gets.

I think I will just keep edging you, but I am not going to let you cum. Just tease and denial is all you get from me.


KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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Baby Needs a Spanking

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I’ve been such a bad girl lately and I know I deserve a really, really good spanking. I’ll just wiggle out of my soft, pretty, cotton panties and lay across your lap and let you teach me a lesson for being so naughty. Don’t be surprised if my little pussy gets wet when you’re spanking me though, because this bad girl feels good when she’s punished. Isn’t that the sign of a true bad girl?

Lay me over your lap, lean me over the end of the bed, over a chair, put me on my hands and knees, anyway you want me to be so you can spank me good! I like it when you use your hand so you can feel the heat on my sweet little ass. You can use your belt, paddle, whip, or anything else you’d like to use.

Your Baby needs a good spanking and you’re the perfect daddy to teach me a lesson.


Baby BrittWritten By: Baby Britt
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Adult Baby Phone Sex with Mommy Morgan

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66f78p24ezjzf68j morgan

Every little baby needs a “mommy” to love him and tend to his many needs. You are helpless and small.  It is a big scary world, but Mommy protects you. Mommy loves you. Mommy gives you a teddy bear and toys. Mommy reads you “Good Night Moon,” before your nap. Mommy sings you a lullaby when you are fussy. As any baby, you need to be bathed and fed your milk so your tummy is full. Of course, you are spanked when you are naughty. Even when you are naughty, you are always loved and nurtured by your sweet but strict Mommy Morgan. Oh my, Baby, you need your diaper changed once again. You are so messy. I find the sweetest little pampers for my little baby’s bottom and the most adorable little outfits for baby.

Mommy Morgan takes care of all your AB/DL needs!



Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Bambi Loves Ass Play

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When I was in my early teens, my older boyfriend slowly stripped off my clothes. He told me to get on all fours with my ass up in the air. All of a sudden, I felt his tongue sliding into the crevice of my ass. Immediately, my pussy started creaming and I opened my legs wider so he could get his tongue in even deeper.

He slipped his tongue into my tight little rosebud, working it in circles as he fingered my clit and slipped two fingers into my wet, teen pussy. I arched my back, lifting my hips up. He gave me the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. 

I can thank him for getting me into ass play because I love to be filled, tongued, fingered, and spanked.

BambiWritten By: Bambi
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Mommy Caught You

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Your favorite Aunt was visiting us for a couple days. You were so excited because you don’t see her often.

It didn’t take long before I caught you going through your Auntie’s luggage and her dirty clothes that she wore on the plane. You couldn’t resist going through her things finding her dirty, musky panties. I told you to put them back otherwise I would have to punish you.

An hour later, I walked by the guest room and found you sitting on the bed with her panties rubbing them against your nose while you were touching your cock. I told you there would be punished if I catch you sniffing her panties again. 

Mommy told you to bend over the bed. I snatched the panties from your hand and shoved them into your mouth. I invited Auntie in the room so she can take turns spanking your bare little ass.


LizetteWritten By: Lizette
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Daddy’s Girl Role-Play

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I had a great daddy call last night! There’s nothing I love more than to be a daddy’s girl.

Last night I played a young teen. I was laying in my bed, wearing a white tank top, no bra, and some panties. I had my hand down my panties and I was playing with myself.

Daddy heard me outside my door and peaked inside. He stood there without me knowing, watching me as his cock started to get hard. Finally, he decided to let me know that he caught me. I tried to deny what I’ve been doing but it was useless.

My fingers were wet and daddy really couldn’t care less. He picked me up and decided I needed a nice hard spanking, not for playing with myself, but for trying to lie.

He pulled my panties down and spanked my bottom. Then he decided to have a feel of my wet pussy too. I love it when daddy takes what he wants and I love it even more when his little girl is a nice tight virgin!


Written By: Jade
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Your Cock Gets Hard When You Slap My Tushy

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You always enjoyed bending me over your knees with my jeans pulled down, slapping my young ass with your firm hands. Sometimes you spanked me so hard, sitting was unbearable.

I always had a remembrance of you when I looked in the mirror and saw your hand print on my swollen, red ass. I know you got off on it because you were always naked when you were giving me spankings, and I could see that your cock swelled every time you slapped my tushy harder. Your dick was practically poking me in the face.

I wonder what you would have done if all of a sudden you felt my young, tender lips around your cock? Would you spank me harder for being such a bad little girl? I was so young back then, you didn’t think I would remember you being naked, huh? Oh I remember, and I think I need a spanking from you again….soon!





LucieWritten By: Lucie
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Bad Girl Sandra

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I want to be your little girl today. I want to be that bad little slut who you bed over and spank because I don’t know how to properly give you head.  Spank me daddy! Spank my cute little ruffled black panties I am wearing just for you. 

I want you to force your cock deep in my throat and teach me how to be a good little cum slut. I also want you to force it in my tiny asshole and teach me how to take it deep and hard.

I want to be taught everything there is about sex, as I play the little girl you’ve always wanted.

I want you to train me into being a little girl who is daddy’s naughty little secret. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Mommy you touch me when she isn’t here. 

As soon as Mommy leaves for work, I start by teasing you by lifting my skirt and allowing you to see my hot little pussy lips when I pull my panties to the side. You know what that means… I want you to ground me so I can’t go play with my little girlfriends. 

I would love for my cute little friend to come over. When you go to the door, you tell her I am grounded, but that could easily be changed if she allows me to lick her pussy, and you fuck me from behind while you teach me how to please her.

What do you think daddy, are you in?



Written By: Sandra
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Your Latest Obsession

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You like to see me walking around my apartment in my tiny, silky panties, teasing your hard dick until you are absolutely throbbing for a taste. I know that you can’t get enough of my hot ass, that’s why you’ve been giving me spankings every chance you get. You like to take me doggy style as deep as you can while you spank my sweet cheeks.

My gorgeous ass has become an obsession of yours. You kiss and lick it all the time. I have to admit, the way your wet, hot tongue feels wiggling up and down my ass crack, and your tongue probing my asshole makes me want to be stuffed!

I absolutely love ass play with you!


HannaWritten By: Horny Hanna
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Chloe The Switch

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I love role-plays where I am dominate and submissive. It’s even better if I get to be a switch in the same scenario. I defiantly can be your submissive little girl who would do absolutely  anything to please you. And of course, I love to be your Goddess that dominates you, and it puts you in your place.

I was in a relationship recently and the sex was amazing. We had sex almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. He loved when I dressed up in sexy lingerie to fit the role-play we would perform. He loved when I dressed in my slutty school girl outfit with stiletto heels and thigh highs. He would punish me for dressing and acting like a slut. He demanded me to bend over his knee for hard spankings on my perfectly round ass.

One of my favorites is when I dressed in black latex with long high heel black boots. My boyfriend would be my bitch for the night. I put on a big 12 inch strap-on between my legs. I showed no mercy when I pounded his holes. His pleading for me to stop would only drive me to fuck him harder and faster.

Now you can see why I am the perfect little switch for all your desires.


Written By: Chloe
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Homeschooling with Miss Angie

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 Class is now in session in the comforts of your own home. I’ll be your new teacher that makes personal house calls. Miss Angie is very eager to further your education.

My specialty is Sex Ed. Now, this is one subject I know you’re going to pass, if you follow my instructions. My passion is molding inquisitive, horny minds.

My curvy body and big, beautiful tits will be a distraction, but there’s always time for hanky panky. In fact, I encourage it. You could say I am more of a hands on type of teacher and I love to give one on one demonstrations.

 I am also a very strict teacher and discipline is very important in education. If you get out of line with me, a spanking or two will be implicated. Of course, there is always my 12 inch strap-on that I have handy in my brief case for more severe punishment.

By the time you have finished my homeschooling, you will be a “Sex God” in the bedroom. You will be able to please any gender, from any age you wish.

Please call me today to further your education!


Written By: Miss Angie
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Spank Your Naughty Valentine

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He went to a lot of trouble to plan a romantic date night for us on Valentine’s Day.

He wanted a night out to show me off, so he instructed me to wear no panties under my sexy red dress.

Reservations at the best restaurant were challenging to get, but my guy called in a couple of favors to get a table. I promised him that I would be ready on time for our Valentine’s Date Night.

The night before Valentine’s Day, I could not fall asleep. The anticipation of our hot date night made me restless. I tossed and turned for hours. Finally, I put on my favorite BDSM porn and watched a submissive girl get an erotic rough fuck by an older man. I masturbated while I watched porn. After I came, I was calm enough to drift off for a couple of hours. That is until my alarm woke me, and I had to get up.

After running errands, I sat down on the sofa for a moment. I put my head on the pillow and intended to close my eyes for a second or two. My guy woke me up, screaming at me. When I opened my eyes, I saw he looked very handsome, wearing his suit. He was furious that I was not dressed for dinner. My hair was a mess. I was wearing jeans and an old sweater. As he became very calm, he pulled me into his arms, whispered that I needed to be punished and disciplined.

As he took off my sweater and bra, I shivered. Punishments were intense and rough. He made me get down on to my knees, unzip his pants and suck his cock. His strong hands held my head in place, and he fucked my mouth. Tears streamed down my face, and he didn’t stop until I choked on the head. Then he forced me to bend over the sofa.

My dominant boyfriend pulled down my jeans and thong, then gave me a hard spanking. I knew my ass was red. He reminded me that I broke my promise, and since we missed our reservation, I would be punished. Something shameful about having my jeans just pulled down, like a naughty schoolgirl. After the intense spanking, he held me and scolded me again! Then the jeans came off. My guy told me to assume the position again. He fucked me hard and rough. It made me scream so loud, and he spanked for bothering the neighbors. He pulled my hair and called me dirty names. I was so wet. Then he pushed his cock into my ass and buried my face into the sofa.

After the punishment, we took a shower together. I was dizzy, and my boyfriend dried my hair and wrapped me in a big white towel. He kissed me a said it was the Best Valentine’s Night ever. He loved that I submitted to him so well, and he loved fucking me like that, so rough and hard.

Naughty Girl Brooke


Written By: BrookeBrooke
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He Asked For It

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The man I fuck sometimes told me that he was really interested in me spanking him. I’m sure when he told me that, it was just supposed to be some easy little ass slap. He should have known better. I don’t half ass anything. If he wanted to be spanked, he was going to get fucking spanked.

I immediately told him to bend over on the bed. The first slap I gave him made him scream and start to jump up. I grabbed his balls and twisted them hard and told him to get back down. He acted like he was worried, but his cock was standing straight up and throbbing.

I gave the other cheek the same slap and his little gasp amused me. I went crazy, spanking him as hard as I could. His cock was leaking pre-cum all over the place. I told him to close his eyes. When he did, I grabbed the paddle I had hidden beside the bed. I told him to start at 10 and countdown for me. He slowly began to count, but I was impatient. I grabbed the handle with both hands and swung as hard as I could. He screamed in surprise and came hard all over the bed. He fell and was catching his breath, but I snuck in another slap. I knew he was hurting, but he got into position again. I smiled and decided to take my time this go around.

BambiWritten By: Bambi
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Libby Needed To Be Punished!

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I’ve been a sassy girl lately and my step-dad had enough of my mouth. My mom was gone for the weekend and he was done taking it from me. It was time for my lesson. He grabbed my arm and pulled me over his knee. Since I wasn’t wearing panties, my ass was bared to him.

The first slap made my eyes tear up and I was begging him to stop. He liked hearing me beg and kept spanking my ass hard. As much as it hurt, I could feel his hard cock pressing into my tummy and my pussy started to get wet. I couldn’t wait to masturbate thinking about this later.

He pushed me back on to my feet, but instead of letting me go to my room, he bent me over the arm of the couch. He wasn’t done punishing my teen ass yet. He made me beg him to fuck it. I looked over my shoulder and begged for his cock. He lubed it up and fucked me raw. He practically screamed when he squirted all of his sticky jizz in my little asshole. He pulled away and had me sit on his lap. He made me promise that I would be a good girl for now on, but I could feel his cock twitch at the thought of me being bad again.


LibbyWritten By: Young lil Libby
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I Was Such a Bad Girl

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I’ve not had a very good school year. It seems like I find myself in the principal’s office every day for something and in detention every afternoon.

While sitting in detention yesterday, I was paged to report to the principal’s office. I rolled my eyes and made my way down the hall. I sat there while he lectured me about my attitude and how bad it was. He could tell that he wasn’t getting through to me and asked me to come stand in front of him.

I waited for the lecture to continue. Instead, he grabbed my arm and jerked me over his lap. I tried to get away, but he was so much stronger than me. My skirt went up to my waist and my panties went down to my knees. Then I felt it. His big hand made contact with one ass cheek and then the other. I went on and on and I kept begging him to stop. It hurt so bad but I couldn’t get away. My teen ass was on fire but he just kept spanking me. His cock was pressing into my belly and I could feel how hard it was.

He finally released me and looked at my tear stained face. He allowed me to pull my panties up and go back to detention. I can barely sit today, BUT I’ve had a much better attitude. I’m hoping to be rewarded for my good behavior as roughly as I was punished for my bad.


BeckyWritten By: Little Becky
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Role Play With R.

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I have a caller that always has the best role plays. They’re so dirty and detailed, but they always end the same way… with him taking cock for me.

Sometimes he just likes for me to be myself- a beautiful woman that turns the tables and dominates him, but sometimes he likes me in more manly roles, roles that involve me fucking him with my big cock and making him call me daddy. Those are my favorite.

I slap his ass and give him the fucking that he’s been begging for. Plenty of men have fucked me, I never knew just how fun it could be to be the man. He’s always such a good little slut and cums extra hard when I talk to him in my deep voice. He’s always begging Daddy for more cock!


GingerWritten By: Ginger
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Naughty Law Librarian Catches You

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You are in law school, and you practically live in the library studying. Despite the amount the studying you have, you notice all of these beautiful sexy undergrad girls hanging around, wearing tiny shorts or the tightest pants. Drives you crazy and makes you hard. You don’t have time to see your girl back home. Every so often you need a break. You need to let off a little steam. You pull out your cock and watch hot porn with your headphones. You slip your cock out and stroke it.   

Ms. Koko, sexy head librarian, happens to be walking by and sees your cock in your hand. You could be expelled for exposing yourself in the library. You have a choice, face the student disciplinary board or accept Ms. Koko’s punishment in her BDSM dungeon in the basement of the library. It is not a difficult decision to make with your future on the line, but you know your poor balls are going to be blue, and your ass is going to be red. 

Welcome to the world of BDSM with Ms. Koko!  


KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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Teacher, I lost My Panties

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Running late for class as always! There is an important test today and what I wear is super important to me getting something resembling a passing grade. ~ Giggles, wink wink~. I picked out a mini skirt, tight little top and pink panties. I got to thinking about the panties, and why I shouldn’t wear them. Then, off to school I went.

I rushed into school out of breath when I saw my guidance counselor. He asked me to come with him to his office. ” But, but my test?”, I said. He told me he has gotten some complaints about the way I dress from some of the female teachers. Well, they can sure be bitchy! He told me to bend over to see just how short my skirt really is. Just on the day I FORGET to wear any panties.

I do as I am told, because I am a good girl. ~Giggles~ I feel his hand caressing my adorable teen ass. Then he gives it a smack, then another and another. I hear his zipper going down, and feel his hard dick against my sweet little ass. I mention the test, he groans and begins to pump my little pucker hard. OMG, I am so wet that it is dripping down my thighs. With a big, hard thrust he cums inside me and promises to take care of the little matter of my big test. 


AJWritten By: Teen AJ
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