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Lady Rayne Severely Punishes Slave

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You arrive late which makes me more than just a little annoyed with you. A close friend was in town for the day, and I promised her a hot and nasty session with two of my slaves. “You are late faggot, and you have embarrassed me”. I yelled at him. He began to beg because he knew his punishment would be without mercy. I know exactly what my bitches secretly like, and really fucking hate.

I grabbed him by his collar, and dragged him to my guest bathroom with my friend following close behind. He dropped to his knees looking up at me and pleading. “Please, not the enema Lady Rayne”.  He actually had tears in his eyes, and promised to do anything. That was laughable as he is my fucking slave. My friend got the enema ready. We made him bend over and spread his ass cheeks. He pleaded even more now for me to let him release the dirty liquid.

We went out for a few hours leaving him filled and in pain from holding it in. We returned in good spirits, and ready to let him release. When I checked on him he apparently had an accident, and was desperately trying to clean things up. That just called for even more severe punishment. He is a bit of a “priss”, and always begs for the GQ type of men to suck off. Not tonight, faggot! You are going out, and sucking off dirty, small, useless dicks. That is the other thing you hate with a passion!


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BrynnaYou crave anal stimulation.

You are excited and overzealous about fucking yourself with a gigantic dildo. 

You look online and purchase a 12 inch, extra thick toy cock. 

You are like a little boy whose eyes are bigger than his stomach that can’t clean his plate. 

But you really want to get that big toy up your ass, so you call me for advice.

Brynna to the rescue.  We do a series of sessions. I get you very relaxed and on the edge of cumming.

You follow every single one of my instructions, and together, we slowly and carefully stretch open your ass. 

With a wee bit of intense pain and a whole bunch of patience, you are finally stretched enough that you can fuck yourself with your big hot toy! 

You are welcome, Sexy Brynna


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Dirty Little Panty Boy

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Oh no, not again! It looks and smells as though my little boy has soiled his pretty white panties yet again. Mommy has told you time and time again that if this keeps happening you will be put in diapers. I just can’t deal with your accidents anymore.
I clean you all up and then give you an enema. You beg me to let you release your dirty fluids, but I won’t since this is your punishment.  Your tummy begins to hurt and my big baby boy begins to cry. “Please, Mistress please, my little tummy hurts so bad”, he cries. I am annoyed and I slap his face till he is sobbing.
I finally let him release the nasty liquid and powder his bottom. Such a dirty boy he is! I diaper him up and accidentally prick him with the big, sharp safety pin. He is crying again, so I slap his ass and give him even more of a reason to cry.


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Let’s Play a Game!

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HarleyHey babe, hope everyone is off to a start of a fucking awesome weekend.  I am in one of my moods, a really dirty, depraved mood! I want to play a little game and we will call it, “try and shock Harley.” I know you guys have some wicked thoughts that you keep hidden and I want to hear them all. The sicker and twisted, the sexier! So give it your best shot.

Now, this game can’t be just one sided, can it? Hell fucking no, it can’t. If you don’t shock me and make me cum with your nastiest role-play, thoughts, maybe even something you have done; then it is my turn to shock you! Are you game or are you going to run away like a little bitch?

Just in case you need some help here are some examples of the things I love to talk about:

Family Fun, humiliation, torture, snuff and stuff, sensual seduction, gang bangs, orgies, sissy boys, sexy but enticing situations.

Hey now, if you don’t want to play the game I just gave you some sweeter options. Either way- let’s way!



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