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Mommy Massages You

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It is a hot summer night and you cannot sleep.

Oh, it is late, Sweetheart. Why are you still awake? You are tossing and turning in your bed. You must have something on your mind. Let me help you relax and unwind.

I have magic hands that comfort and nurture you. You always feel better when you spend time with me. Mommy Morgan always knows what is best for you.

Be a good boy and take off your pajamas. Lie on your tummy. Take a big deep breath and slowly exhale as I climb on top you. I give you a very, very long massage. Feel my healing fingers rub your tight muscles in your neck, shoulders and back. I pour a generous amount of massage oil directly on your back. I give you a very deep massage. I work all the way down your back and keep massaging your butt cheeks.

Suddenly, you are squirming. You are embarrassed and aroused. You try to hide your erection. No worries, Baby. I will take care of that too. No reason to be shy. Be proud that you have such a beautiful and loving Mommy who understands and takes care of every inch of you.



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