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Asswipe And Shitstain

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What is it about super nasty, taboo, twisted roleplays that makes a person so horny? I have been experimenting  sexually lately with practices that normally wouldn’t excite me. Here is the thing though, it’s with a girl that is so hot, it’s unreal.  She comes in a pair.  I affectionately named them Asswipe and Shitstain. 

I met Shitstain a few months ago.  You know at first, his fetish sort of grossed me out. I made fun of him and called him Ass. Things changed once I met Asswipe. I was willing to do anything she wanted. 

  I found the whole experience so fucking liberating. I mean your man wants anal, but you are nervous about it. If you no longer care if he gets shit on his dick, it is amazing! 

The first time, after we finished fucking, I completely cleaned his dick. I sort of knew then I was getting hooked on nasty, dirty, sloppy fucking. 

The sexy, dirty things I could tell you about those two. Call me and let’s get nasty!



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Golden Shower Goddess

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Golden showers are a real turn on for me. I love having you at my fingertips and doing anything I want to you.

I am going to be your golden shower Goddess who stands above your face while you open your mouth nice and wide. I love watching you wait for it. Sometimes I tease you and hold my pee until you beg me to release it.

When I’m ready and I’ve let you suffer enough, I let my hot, steamy piss flow down your face. Maybe I will leave my panties on and let my piss drip right in your mouth. Then I want you to suck the juices right off them until they’re completely cleaned.

Are you ready to be my good little toilet slut?



MacyWritten By: Macy


Dark Desires

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You need it hard.

You’re not interested in a sexy encounter where I have my way with you.

You want deep, dark hardcore humiliation, pain, and degradation. You’re welcome in my dungeon. I have all sorts of nasty pleasures available for you. I break you down. I train you and beat you.

I give you the special gift of a golden shower to mark my territory. I know you need hardcore domination. I strike your balls, cock, and your ass! You cry out, beg for mercy. I spit in your open mouth. I bind your balls and squeeze them with my very strong hands. I twist and pull. I call you names. I make you feel small, but you love the attention and the pain.

More cock and ball torture. Maybe hot wax, icy hot and ice cubes up your ass. Possibly strategically placed safety pins, and nipple clamps to inflict just the right kind of pain. You might get a strap-on or my fist right up your ass.

You need pain. It is good for you. You feel no one understands this need, but I do understand you.

We explore the BDSM road together. It’s a journey. Take my hand, place your trust in me, for I know what you need. I will test and push your limits. I’ll take you out of your comfort zone. I know what’s good for you.

You find freedom from your troubles and you experience a release that no one outside the BDSM world would understand.

No worries, my little worm, I fully understand you and your needs.

My humbler is ready for you!



KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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Are You Craving A Dominate Woman?

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Is domination something you crave? To be completely controlled by a strong, beautiful woman who knows exactly how to bring you down to your knees?

Lately, I have been exploring the erotic world BDSM and finding that it’s very, very hot. I am more than intrigued and would love to talk to more men about your experience or role in this lifestyle.

Are you a foot slave? Do you love to worship your Mistress from head to toe? Or, do you beg for pain and like it hardcore, even extreme at times? Maybe a toilet slave? Are you a panty boy that would do anything for a dirty pair of my panties? What about strap-on play, do you love being an anal slut for your Mistress?

Perhaps, you are the dominant one in the relationship, and if so, how do you train your sex slaves?

I would really love to share a kinky fantasy or just a very sexy fetish based conversation with you soon.



Written By: Annaliese
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Cum Dumpster

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I’m a huge cum slut, but this blog isn’t about me. This is about an obedient slave that calls me every week. He is such a good boy and knows his place in my life. I’m his Goddess. He belongs to me and I can do whatever I want with him.

The first thing he does is open his mouth to take in his favorite beverage; my urine. He drinks it down like he is thirsting to death. That won’t be the last thing down his throat. He services all the men and women that I bring home. He services me. He’s perfect. He takes cum like a true champion. He’s my cum dumpster. He takes it from everyone. He’s so talented that when he eats the cum out of my cunt, he can tell me which cock it came out of. He’s a true cum connoisseur. I need more good cum dumps like him. I’m wondering if there are more out there?


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Dr. Koko Will See You Now

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He is submissive with a fascinating medical fetish. I force him to submit to my medical exam for a hot role-play 

His insurance company requires an annual physical. If I give a negative report, his rates will sky-rocket. When he arrives at my office, he is cocky and tries to rush me through the physical by assuring me there is nothing wrong. 

Well, no man on this planet tells Dr. Koko what to do or what to think. Now, he has gotten under my skin. He must suffer the consequences. 

I tell him to take off all of his clothes, and he hesitates, wanting to know why. Last year, he did not have to remove his pants and boxers. I get in his face. With direct eye contact, I assure him that I need to do a complete physical exam.

Then tell him to bend over for me. He thinks he can outwit and argue with me, but this man has met his match. I show him that Dr. Koko is always in charge. Unless he wants me to submit a false, negative report, he will obey my instructions. 

First, I give him an enema, which he makes him very submissive and compliant. Then I make him squirm and when I give him a through prostrate exam. When his cock gets hard in front of me, he becomes very embarrassed. After a bit more humiliation, I drain his blue balls and wet cock. He is so submissive that he asks when he may have another appointment with me.


KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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Kiss My Ass

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    Have you ever seen such a perfect round ass? Of course you haven’t. Look how round, smooth, sexy and a bit dirty it is. Don’t be shy, I know that is just how you like it. Get down on your knees and spread my beautiful plump cheeks. Such a sexy, sweaty musky smell. Take your time and breath in the smells from my luscious ass.

I know you want to stroke your beautiful hard cock, but I need you to take your time. Pleasing me always comes first, then it is your turn.

Push your nose to my rosebud pucker and again more time before you plunge in your tongue. Of course, I smell amazing. It is the scent of a Goddess.  Now sweet boy, worship my ass. 



TiffanyWritten By: Tiffany
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I Let My Neighbor Worship My Ass

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I have a confession. I let my neighbor worship my asshole. We’ve been neighbors for 6 months and ever since I moved in, he’s always flirted with me. He’s an attractive older guy but he’s also very married. He begs to fuck me and tells me all the time he would do anything to have sex with me.
Since I don’t give him my pussy, I give him the next best thing, my dirty asshole. Every time I have to go to the bathroom, I text my neighbor right away and he’s at my house within seconds, ready to worship. He will take my shit and hot piss down his throat and clean my ass entirely so I never have to buy toilet paper again.
He also really loves when I get back from the gym and I have a very sweaty asshole waiting for him. He will lick my ass for a long time. His wife will be constantly calling and texting him, but he keeps hitting the ignore button on his phone. She has no idea he comes over to my house. He told me he never worshiped his wife’s ass before, he only likes to worship mine because he says he feels so close to me.
I’ve been thinking and I might let him fuck my dirty asshole, he can even cum in my ass but I’m defiantly making him clean it when he’s done!


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Princess Delaney’s Toilet Slave

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Get over here toilet slave, you have a tight little asshole to cleanup. I know you are ready to serve me in every way possible. I was with a real man last night and his jizz is now dripping out of me. Slide in your tongue and slurp up every drop. As you swirl your tongue in my ass, you wait for the sweet aroma coming from me. You crave my ass perfume, because of what comes next.

You’re anxiously waiting for my jizz covered turd. Why would a Princess like me need toilet paper, when I have you. I am super tired from a night of fucking and need my beauty sleep. Come on my toilet slave and curl up by my ass. You certainly don’t want me to have to interrupt my sleep with going to the bathroom. That is what you are for!




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Toilet Slave Phone Sex

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I got a new toilet slave today. He really wanted me to degrade him so I made it very clear that his sole purpose was to be my full toilet. There was no little bit of this and a little of that. It’s everything or you don’t get me at all. You are only my toilet slave, nothing else. If I don’t have to pee or shit, you will be put away and only taken out when needed.

My sexy lover likes taking me to a really nice Mexican restaurant which tastes so good but I will put my toilet slut to good use at the end of the night. After dinner, he comes back to my place for a hot fuck. He has a huge dick and he gets deeper in my ass than anyone has gone before. He definitely starts stiring things up and gets the shit moving around. By the time I get fucked so good by my lover, I am ready for my human toilet bowl. You might also get some warm, gooey cum dripping from my holes as well but I know you don’t mind.

Your face only looks appealing when my brown shit is smeared all over it. You’re a sad, worthless human being who is only good for ONE thing.


Written By: Christine
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