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Teasing Your Cock

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You want me bad, don’t you? I love making you crave every bit of me. Being with a little cock tease like me, always leaves you wanting more!

I bend over and give you a peek of my insatiable ass. I look back and see your cock starting to grow. I can’t help but bump against your crotch, feeling your stiffy against my ass.

I turn around and get on my knees. I take your cock and lick it a little, just enough to tease and get you all hot and bothered. You stand there, with your hand over that throbbing hard-on, wishing that I would let you cum. I plan to give you the most intense case of blue balls you will ever encounter.

Look at my tight, young ass as I grind against your bulge. Imagine what it would feel like if I actually let you fuck me. Tease and denial phone sex is by far one of my most favorite topics. I would love to make your cock ache for me! Call me for the best tease and denial phone sex and see what you have been missing out on all these years.


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Worthless Foot Whore

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You do know how to take care of me after a long day. The perks of having your own personal bitch boy are wonderful! I like the way you push your thumbs deep into my arches. Press all the way up and back down past the arches and work on my heels. You dirty foot whore, I know you have an urge to suck my toes dirty or clean. I’ll give you a taste when I’m good and ready.

Keep rubbing and massaging my feet just the way I want, the way I deserve. You should be thanking me for allowing you to touch me.

You worthless bitch, start begging me for what you crave. Good boy, start sucking my arches and work on those for a bit then slide your tongue up and down my soles. I bet you can’t wait to get my toes in your mouth. Start sucking bitch boy! Each and every toe just like a good little foot bitch that you are. As soon as I’m satisfied, maybe I’ll let you jerk your aching cock.


PhoenixWritten By: Phoenix
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The Line Between Pleasure and Pain

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I own your cock and your balls. They are mine. I control them, just like I control your mind. You desire the sound of my sultry voice controlling your hands as you manipulate your body for me.

I administer a mixture of erotic pleasure and pain. Finding those thresholds of pain and erotic stimulation is very exciting for me. My panties get very wet as you moan and groan.

Your brain is so confused. Do you want mercy or do you want more?  How is it possible to want both at the same time? You want more pain and more pleasure as you apply that penis paddle. You spank your balls for me, counting out each spank.  You listen to yourself utter out little moans, knowing each moan causes my panties to get wetter with each strike. The line between pleasure and pain becomes murky, blurred.

All this erotic attention to your sore balls brings you closer and closer to orgasm.  I bring you to that edge and then pull you back. I hear the tone of your voice tremble. I increase the intensity! I change the pace. I punish and I tease you all at the same time.

Finally, I allow you to cum.  You feel relieved, drained, and you thank me profusely for the session.



BrynnaWritten By: Brynna
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You Are Not Worthy!

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You would give your very last breath for the privilege of sticking your cock inside of me, wouldn’t you?  You close your eyes and you can visualize it. When you jerk off, you try to imagine just how tight my pussy is. Your lips water when you think of tasting it. I can’t say I blame you, I am pretty irresistible.  Keep thinking, hoping and fantasizing……it is probably all you’ll ever get.

Do you think I would let a loser like you inside of me?  If you were a real man you wouldn’t still be reading, the fact that you’re glued to my every word proves you’re not worthy to ever experience me!


PhoenixWritten By: Phoenix
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Stroke It For Me

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Nothing excites me more than the sight of a man stroking, pumping, and twisting his rock hard cock. That’s it, stroke it for me, just the way I like it. Make that cock jump with tension as you pump it for me.

I love to watch as your hand moves expertly up and down that slick shaft, pumping and stroking until you are arching your back with pleasure. I like to hear your breathing become faster and faster, until you don’t think you can take it any longer.

I really love teasing and tormenting you while you’ve got that cock in your hand. Can you see me across from you, stockinged legs spread wide to give you a nice view of just how much you’re exciting me? No baby, don’t cum yet. Stroke your cock harder.

I see beads of sweat forming on your forehead. Don’t worry, no need to rush, just take it slow and easy. Remember, you’re here to stroke it for me and only me!

SyndiWritten By: Syndi
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Younger Girl Fantasies

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I have a small body and a little voice, I am like a pedo’s wet dream! When it comes to extreme age play phone sex and teen role plays, I love it all! All the attention from older men always makes my pussy dripping wet. It makes me horny when guys want to fuck my tiny holes.

 I like to tease your cock with my voice and just when you’re about to explode, I’ll back off.

The best role-plays are with me because I can be very extreme and will never say no. Are you ready to live out your younger girl fantasies? 


Written By: Maddy
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Prick Teasing with Ruth

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 I’m always in the mood for some good old fashioned prick teasing. My cunt gets soaking wet as I bring you to the brink and stop short.

I love sucking that cock of yours and make it swell. However, I’m not going to let you blow that load just yet. My fetish is to have my young boys beg me to give him the sexual release that they crave, but that only comes when I’m ready.

You must be prepared to satisfy me anyway I see fit. My favorite way is for you to lick my tasty cunt and asshole until I squirt my juices all over your face, and in your hungry mouth. I will expect you to eat my wet pussy for hours.

Once I get what I need from you, I will allow you to jerk off and cum this one last time for me. I want you to savor the feeling you get when I deny you. How intense the orgasm is once you finally get to shoot your huge load.

Don’t forget that you have to clean up that mess you made. I want you to be prepared to do some cum eating for me. Hope you’re hungry, darling!



Written By: Granny Ruth
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Complete Cock Control

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Are you prepared to be teased and denied all at the same time? With my special attention to detail, I will bring you closer to the edge than you could ever imagine, making your cock ache for release.

I can feel your body tense up and shiver from my touch, and just when you feel like exploding, I pull you back into my control, denying that flood of cum you so desperately need to release.

Your cock craves my mind twisting games of control, and just think at the end when I am ready to let you blow that huge load, it will so be worth the wait.

Take your finger and rub across the very tip of your cock. I want you to feel all your pre-cum as it wants to flow out of that raging hard cock. When I am ready to let you have that orgasm, it will totally drain your balls perfectly. But then again, maybe you need to wait a little longer!


AshleeWritten By: Naughty Ashlee
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Teasing Hanna

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You love being teased by a hot slut like me, don’t you? I’ve seen the way you look at me when I walk by. You’re a pervert who tries to get a peak under girl’s skirts hoping you find one not wearing panties. I might just let you get a peak, but maybe I won’t.

I’m seductive, and love teasing and denying weak men like you. You’ll follow me around like a lost puppy begging for my attention. I will tease your cock like no one else can, and I’ll love every minute of it. It’s also my choice if you get to cum or not. If I think you deserve it, you’ll get to cum, but if you don’t, your orgasm will be denied.

If you think you can handle a hot phone sex session with me, call me. I’m always ready to tease.


HannaWritten By: Horny Hanna
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Ready For My Revenge

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I let you have your way with me a few nights ago. I played the perfect submissive slut. I let you use and abuse my body, just the way you like. I must admit, I loved it. When I begged you to let me cum, I wasn’t stroking your ego. I wanted that orgasm you had denied me for so long. I obeyed your every command, listened to your voice remind me what I am.. a filthy little cum slut. I played by your rules, and now the time has come for you to play by mine.

I’m planning the perfect night for us. I’ll show you who is the true master of tease and denial. I’ll make you beg me the way I pleaded with you, wanting to cum so bad. I’ll smile down at you and shake my head. You’ll have to earn it first, baby. You’ll be lucky if I even let you touch your cock, let alone stroke it. Don’t think I have forgotten the way you made me grovel. I’m ready for my revenge, are you?


GingerWritten By: Ginger
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Can you handle my Tease and Denial?

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I absolutely love tease and denial phone sex. I enjoy listening to you as you begin to squirm. When you beg, it drives me wild and I just taunt you even more. I bring you to the absolute edge and then with my seductive ways, I ease off.
I use every part of my gorgeous body to tease you but what really drives you insane is my sexy voice. I could rattle of the alphabet and you would still climax because the sound of my voice is so sizzling hot!
Let me torment you with my teasing and pleasing ways and I promise you’ll be left completely satisfied.
Think you can handle a tease and denial phone sex session with me? We will soon find out.
Creamy Chloe
Written By: Chloe
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Pussy Worship

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You worked such a long day and you’re probably exhausted. All you want is a hot shower and to go to bed. Sorry to ruin your plans but if you think you worked hard today, just wait for tonight. You’ll think your day was easy compared to this.

When you come into to the bedroom, you find me with my legs open and pussy exposed. You are going to worship my pussy for hours, possibly all night, depending on my mood. I want my pussy to be teased and ravished. I want to be on the brink of an orgasm when you suddenly decide to remove your tongue from my pussy and it slide into my asshole. You will feel my pussy juices starting to run down your face as your tongue is buried in my ass.

Just when you feel like your tongue is going to fall off, that’s when I want you to suck my clit as hard as you can, and finger my pussy until I cream all over you.

This is just for starters. I told you it would be a long night.


BaileyWritten By: Bailey
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Tease & Denial with Amber Lace

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Life would be pretty dull if you always got what you wanted. What fun would that be? It’s more rewarding when you work hard at something and eventually you finally earn it.

Take for example one of my Tease & Denial phone sex sessions. Do you think I’ll let you cum right away, or even at all? Not just anyone can do tease and denial call. It has to be done with someone experienced, and who knows how to take you to the brink of an orgasm, and then slowly backing off, making your cock drip with pre-cum.

I understand how badly you want to cum, and how good it would feel to release your aching balls, but hearing you beg is so much more fun.

With every demand I give you, your gasps and moans become more intense. I know you want to please me, and nothing would satisfy me more than by following my instructions.

 Good things come in due time. I will let know when the time is right and honey, you’ll be so grateful you waited. I promise you a huge mess when I’m done with you.


Written By: Amber Lace
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Begging To Be Fucked!

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I love it when a man teases my pussy. You can get me to a very vulnerable state and I will do anything for you. It makes me go crazy when I feel your throbbing hard cock up and down my slit. When I am on my knees, I back up to you, hoping your dick would enter my aching pussy. But you know exactly what you are doing, don’t you? You make me beg for your cock. You want my pussy creaming before you even slide inside of me. You have complete and utter control over me and your cock gets harder knowing that.

It’s music to your ears when you hear me say to you “please, please fuck me, I need it now!” I can feel the pre-cum dripping from the head of your cock onto my ass. I know you can’t hold out much longer. I’m at your mercy, please fuck me now!



MacyWritten By: Macy



Your Favorite Stripper

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I see you walk into my club and our eyes immediately lock on each other. I’m on stage just about ready to take off my top. I watch you grab a chair close to the stage. I’m looking at you while I swing around the pole and squeeze my big, sexy breasts.

When my song is done, I go backstage and put on another skimpy outfit. I make my way through the crowd and see you again. I bend over in front of you, my tits exposed right in front of your eyes. I lean into your ear and ask you if you want to see more of me? Of course you do! You haven’t had an erection like this in a very long time. I take you by the hand and we make our way back to the VIP lounge.

The music starts and my gorgeous body starts to grind on your lap. Your eyes are glued to my gyrating hips and you can feel my hot pussy through your pants. I shake my big, full round tits just inches from your face. I am a total cock tease! You just want to touch but you know the bouncer will pounce. It’s torture, isn’t babe? You want to fuck me so bad but you know the rules. Stripper Phone Sex with me is the ultimate tease and denial.


Written By: Chasity
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Tiny Little Fucker

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You are a big guy. Tall, football player build. Just my type of guy, except that you are kind of shy. You said that you have never had a girlfriend for very long, and that makes a smart college girl like me suspicious. You must have some hidden flaw. Not going to waste any more time if you’re a loser, so I set a trap for you. 

I invite you my place. You think you’re going to get lucky tonight. Well, let’s just see about that. Let’s see if you can pass my test. I answer the door, and you see me in my matching bra and panties.  I explain that I am running late. Instead of grabbing me, kissing me, pushing me against the wall and fucking me right there, all you do is blush. LOSER! You failed the test. 

I look carefully between your legs. Yep, no bulge at all. Wow, you must really be tiny. Okay, show me! I need a good laugh. You tiny little fucker. Just jack off for me and leave, so I can find a real man to fuck me the way a hot girl needs to be fucked.


BreeWritten By: Bree
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Naughty Law Librarian Catches You

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You are in law school, and you practically live in the library studying. Despite the amount the studying you have, you notice all of these beautiful sexy undergrad girls hanging around, wearing tiny shorts or the tightest pants. Drives you crazy and makes you hard. You don’t have time to see your girl back home. Every so often you need a break. You need to let off a little steam. You pull out your cock and watch hot porn with your headphones. You slip your cock out and stroke it.   

Ms. Koko, sexy head librarian, happens to be walking by and sees your cock in your hand. You could be expelled for exposing yourself in the library. You have a choice, face the student disciplinary board or accept Ms. Koko’s punishment in her BDSM dungeon in the basement of the library. It is not a difficult decision to make with your future on the line, but you know your poor balls are going to be blue, and your ass is going to be red. 

Welcome to the world of BDSM with Ms. Koko!  


KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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Denied Orgasms with Paris

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ParisI know you love tease and denial phone sex as much as I do. It makes my pussy gush knowing I’m in control. 

It all started with my step-brother. I use to tease and deny him when we were young kids. Nothing has changed much but I make him jerk it in front of me more often for my amusement. I always love a good laugh. I give him strict  jerk off instructions and I sit back and watch him drool over by body while he pumps his pathetic dick for me. I’m sure he would hate for me to open my cute little mouth and let the entire world know what a fucking pervert he is.

 I take him right to the edge over and over then make him stop. I listen to him beg and whimper to please give him the release that he so desperately needs. I’ll let him cum one day, but for now; I get so much pleasure just being in control of his orgasms. 

ParisWritten By: Princess Paris
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Stripper Chrissy: Come Upstairs to Play!

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chrissyI work one night a week as a stripper in NYC.

It is so empowering to have all men watching me, wanting me, devouring me with their eyes when I am on stage. 

The most exciting, and most alluring part of the evening, when I invite you upstairs to a private room at the strip club.

I tease you, seduce you, into setting up a private dance with me. I promise to rock your world and give you an experience that you will remember forever. You can’t resist me, even though you know that is getting late. Come on baby, I whisper in your ear. Come upstairs with me to the private room, and I will let you feel the hot wet walls of my pussy dripping in your lap. 

Your Naughty Stripper,



ChrissyWritten By: Chrissy
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Fake Sorority Slut Leads to Tease and Deny

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coed kimmie

My roommates and I thought it would be hilarious to dress as slutty sorority girls for Halloween. We went to a frat party on the other side of campus. No one there knew us. We were flirty, bratty little cock teases.  Made the guys get us wait on us hand and foot. 

We wanted their dicks were rock hard. So much fun teasing college boys.  So easy to tease. The three of us girls began kissing each other, well making out and touching each other’s tits.  The boys pulled out their dicks. They wanted blowjobs. We just laughed and teased them. 

I did give a couple of the boys a handjob. I was such a brat. I told them that if they sucked each other dicks, then MAYBE my hot roommates and I would be good little sorority sluts and suck them too.

Make it sexy boys! Girls get so hot watching you boys go down on each other. Turn us on! Show us what sexy cocksuckers you can be for us hot babes. We took pics on your phones of 10 frat boys down on their knees sucking their frat brother’s dicks.

Ha Ha!!

We ran all the way home with our big tits bouncing from laughing so hard! Tease and Denial for the fraternity brothers. Saving all my blowjobs and my sexy pussy for you! 

Kinky Coed Kimmie


KimmieWritten By: Kimmie
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