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Bratty Neighbor Girl Phone Sex

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Mommy went away for the weekend with her new boyfriend. It’s the first time that I have the house to myself. 

On Friday, I hurry home from school because I know that a UPS package is on the front porch waiting for me. I ordered a push-up bra from Victoria Secrets. I want to make my tits look as big as possible this weekend. 

I am such a teen brat! Knowing that my neighbor is not home, I pick up the UPS package and set it in front of his door. My hot older neighbor will assume that the delivery man made a mistake, hoping he brings it over to me. I was waiting and waiting for so long! It was driving me crazy, waiting for him to get home. 

Finally, I hear the doorbell ring.  I run to answer. The neighbor hands me the package and mumbles something, cursing out UPS. Wow, it looks like my neighbor has had a bad day! To catch his attention and change his mood from grumpy to playful, I jump up and down. I squeal and ask him if he can help me open my package. 

We go into the kitchen and he helps me open up the package. His facial expression changes when he notices the sender. I cannot tell if he is excited or nervous, maybe both. Once open, I pull out the sexy bra and panties. In a very seductive voice, I ask him if I can model my new lingerie for him. He nods. 

Well, I guess this will be a hot weekend with the naughty neighbor, but it will not be my first weekend home alone. He and I will fuck in every room of the house!  



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Fucking a Stranger In Vegas

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My best girlfriends and I took a road trip to Vegas last weekend. It was a crazy time. When we checked in, the sexy guy behind the desk upgraded us to a suite. The room was gorgeous, but we hardly spent any time in the room. We went to the pool for the afternoon. Guys were checking out all the bikini babes. The rum runners made me lose my inhibitions, and I went topless at the pool. I let the guys drool over my big tits while one of my girlfriends rubbed lotion all over them.

After the pool, the girls and I went up the room, showered, and got ready for a night of partying. I wore a new bra and panties under my tiny cocktail dress. Once we hit the club in our hotel, I saw a sexy guy checking me out. I motioned him to the dance floor. Grinding my hips, teasing him, I made him so horny for me. Dancing is the most exciting foreplay for me. After one song, he wanted to go up to the room. I held his face in my hands, looked deep into his eyes, and promised him a night of the hottest sex of his life, but I was not ready to leave the dance floor yet.

I was in Vegas to dance and have wild sex. I told my hottie I wanted to party all night. He was up for it! He spun me around and pulled me close. He ran his hand along my hips, and I could feel he was hard for me. We kissed a little, and I talked dirty into his ear. I softly nibbled on his neck and his earlobe. I promised to leave lipstick kiss marks on his chest, ass and cock.

We danced so dirty together that I was panting and lusting for him to fuck me. We were both sweaty and hot. I let him suck on one of my tits while we were in the elevator up to his room. We were not alone, and I know the guys enjoyed the view. When we got to his floor, he took me up to his room, and I had his pants unzipped as the door closed. Immediately, I was on my knees, sucked his cock, and we fucked on the floor, then the bed, and again in the shower.

We ordered room service and ate breakfast together. Then I kissed him goodbye and walked back to my room, that walk of shame in my cocktail dress in the morning. I saw a nice older couple leaving their room. I knew I looked slutty wearing a cocktail dress in the morning, but I smiled.

On the drive back to LA, the girls and exchanged our steamy details.


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I Love Forceful Fantasies

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   Phone sex daddy and I were having a quiet night at home. I was in my room texting and he was in his office doing some work.

All of a sudden, I hear yelling, glass breaking, and my daddy and this man are in my bedroom. Who is the man? Why is daddy so upset? He makes us sit on the bed and says he wants to have some fun. I am so scared, but oddly excited and tingling. Daddy tells me he is sorry but I have to do what the man says.

He makes me slowly strip. Daddy tried not to look but the man made him.  He kept saying dirty things like, “doesn’t she have a beautiful cunt?” He then made me get on my knees and suck phone sex daddy off.  I was shaking and just wanted the man to go away. It was very confusing because I was wet and daddy had a huge, thick cock. I tried not to look at either of them, but the mean man made me.

What happened next? Did I really enjoy it?  

If this role play gets you has hot as it does me, give me a call!


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Fucking Hottie At Airport Hotel

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I was sitting at the airport, waiting for my connecting flight so I could finally get back to Miami. There was a guy, hot body, sexy smile, wearing an ESPN logo on his shirt. I found an empty seat next to him, and we started talking about college football. For the first time, I was enjoying the fact that they delayed my flight. Well, he did most of the talking, but I hung on every word. I could see a lot of other ladies were envious. The ladies were checking him out and lusting after my hottie. He was not flying to Miami, and that was disappointing, but I was enjoying him and wondering what he looked like naked.

Then we got word that our flight was now canceled. I called American airline and booked another flight, but it was not for several hours. I looked over at my hottie talking on his phone. When he hung up, he asked my situation. Then he invited me to the hotel room he just booked. Oh, my panties got so wet. He was so sexy, and I was so eager to fuck this man.

I felt so alive and thrilling to hook up with him. There was a keycard waiting for him at the hotel next to the airport. We spent the next few hours fucking hard. I barely made it back to the airport on time. I left my naked hottie in the bed, while I sat there in the plane with his cum dripping into my panties. 

The next time you have a travel delay, think of me and call me! 




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Desperation Lead to Transformation

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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

He has been unemployed for a while now. He had been a Professor of Woman’s Studies at a small university. Because of budget cuts, they had eliminated his job. He was popular with the ladies. The young, hot women in town found him sensitive and sensual, a man who really understood women and knew how to please them.

It’s hard to feel like a man when a beautiful lady at the bar asks what he does for a living. The ladies lost interest in him and he had not had a date in months. Also, his bank account was dwindling down to nothing. He was losing everything he worked for all these years. 

He learned of a teaching position at an elite all-girls college on the east coast. There was one problem, they had very few men on the faculty, and he knew his chances to get hired were not in his favor.  

Instead of wallowing and feeling defeated, he contacted me. I oversaw his full transformation to becoming a woman. I gave him a head-t0-toe makeover. He had always enjoyed wearing panties and thigh highs, but only for me in private. I coached him about hair, makeup, and lingerie. Although he found it all humiliating at first, he got the job.  With my help and counsel, he nailed the interview.

Feminization is possible, so let’s have some fun. 


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Hello and Welcum

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A new man moved next to me and phone sex daddy.  Daddy told me to be friendly, tease him, and show him what a sweet innocent baby girl that I am. Me innocent?

I began by mowing our lawn in a tiny red bikini. Later, I knocked on his door in shorts and asked him if he would like to join me and daddy for dinner. Of course, he said “yes”.

Daddy and the new neighbor kept making dirty remarks and looking at me. He had no idea I really wasn’t innocent and got the jokes. Daddy and I would wink at each other when he wasn’t looking. The neighbor bought wine for him and daddy but he offered me a few glasses. Daddy told him that it always loosens me up. 

Now it was time to really welcum him to the neighborhood. That is my favorite thing to do!! I whispered in his ear, we went upstairs, and soon daddy joined us. I love new hot neighbors!

    Tiny K



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Sky Is Waiting For You In Your Bed

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You are hosting an end of the summer BBQ. Lots of girls, beer and good food. Everyone is having fun, except for your girlfriend. She has been bitchy all night because you invited so many hot girls. It was a very innocent incident. You saw me carrying in a big pink Victoria Secrets bag. That caught your eye, a hot blonde with sexy new lingerie. On a whim, you invited me to your party and told me to invite all my hot girlfriends. 

Also, your girlfriend is angry that my girlfriends and I dressed so sexy. We are wearing little sundresses and heels while she is in an old tank and ugly old shorts. My friends and I have a blast at your party. You and I have a nice conversation in your kitchen until your girlfriend walks in and spoils the mood. 

I like the chemistry between the two of us. My hot girlfriends head off to another party, but I want to stick around and see what happens here. I can see that your jealous girlfriend has had too many beers. Once my friends leave, the party ends quickly. I stick around to offer to help clean up a little. With your girlfriend passed out on the couch, I make my move. I finish up in the kitchen and suggest that you take a shower.  

When you pop out of the shower, you find me waiting for you in your bed. I am only wearing my new bra and panties. You drop your towel, join me in the bed and we fuck all night long! 


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Cum Join Me

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I help out my boss at times as an Au Pair for his lovely daughter. Last time he asked if I would stay late as he had a function to go to. By 8 pm, his daughter was asleep, and I found myself bored and horny all at once. I thought why not take care of my needs on his clock.
I found some very erotic porn on his laptop. I took off my sundress, panties and laid down on his California King Bed. I heard the roar of his sports car as he pulled in the drive.

      I was far from finished , and didn’t want to stop making myself feel amazing. I heard him calling my name. I could have stopped, but why? I was still so fucking horny. He found me in his bed and I had no intention of stopping. I didn’t motion for him to join me because I was having such a good time on my own. He quietly watched me and the bulge in his designer pants was telling me how much he wanted to join me.

          I began sucking my hard nipples, and that was all he could take. His pants came off and he began stroking his beautiful big cock in my face.  When I woke up, he was in the shower, but a very nice tip was on the nightstand.



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Submissive Girlfriend Gets Covered In His Cum

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I knew my boyfriend was going to be working very late tonight. Since my girlfriends have been after me for several weeks, I went out with them instead of sitting home alone. I didn’t have any pantyhose because my boyfriend made me throw them in the trash. I wore my sexy black stockings and a little black dress. I wasn’t trying to look sexy but wanted to look nice and pretty.

When my boyfriend got home before me, he was not happy. He likes to come home and find me waiting for him. When I finally returned, I was intoxicated from wine and he said that I was dressed too sexy to be out without him. I crawled up into his lap and kissed that spot on his neck. My silky thong panties were rubbing up against him. I was attempting to tame his temper. I wanted him to get hard, and I wanted him to take me to the bed and fuck me.

I did get him hard, very hard. He stood up quickly and I fell off his lap onto the floor. I was looking up at him. He talked dirty to me, told me I looked like a little slut in front of him like that. He grabbed a fist full of my hair and fucked my mouth, fucked it hard. He pulled out and squirted on my face and on my tongue.

I loved every second of it! I love it hot and rough!

Submissive Brooke


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Mommy’s Boyfriend Likes Me Best!

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My Mommy has been dating a man for a while now. She thinks it’s cute that he and I are so affectionate. When he rings the doorbell, I run to answer it, even if I am just wearing my panties and bra. He teases me about forgetting my clothes, and he smacks my little butt. It doesn’t hurt. I giggle and run into his arms. He picks me up and swings me around the room, and I giggle harder.

When we go out to dinner, I want to sit next to him instead of Mommy. I like leaning my head on his shoulder, and I love it the way he rubs my back. He is always telling (when Mommy is not within earshot) that I am his special girl. I want to think that I am his secret girlfriend. I am very good at keeping secrets. 

When we watch movies at our house, he lets me pick the movie. I like to pick scary ones so that I can crawl up into his lap. He hugs me really tight and promises that he will protect me from all the bad guys out there in the world. Sometimes I fall asleep in his lap. He is so big, snuggly and warm. Sometimes I wake up when he carries me to bed. I know he lifts up my nightgown and touches my panties.

Maybe tonight if Mommy lets him stay over, he will leave her bed and crawl into mine so we can play!

Sound like a fun role-play?


Little Lucie


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Vacation with Daddy

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        I love when phone sex daddy takes me on a little vacation! We always go to fun places, and he lets me be my slutty little self. Sometimes I go out by myself to meet some girls that we can play with together. My favorite playtime is when I get to bring home men! Daddy always gets so excited watching us.  He lets us all play for a few hours, and then it is just me and daddy time. 

    Last night was really special. Daddy and I went out, had a few drinks and a fancy dinner. He noticed that the owner was always at our table giving us free food and drinks. Daddy told me to take off my panties and give them to him. His name was John, and he was super hot. I wondered how big his cock was?

He invited us to his home and it was huge! He introduced us to his wife and asked me if I would enjoy playing with him and her. Of course I would!

Tiny K


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Outdoor Sex with Your Mommy Morgan

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I have the house to myself on a beautiful sunny June afternoon. I slip into my bikini and head to the backyard pool. At first, I relish the stillness and the tranquility, but after a while, it is too quiet. Being alone is lonely with my sweet boy not next to me. He won’t be home until much later. I’m full of regret that I permitted him to go to the lake with his friends. The house is not a home without him here.

I turn on some loud rock music and slip off my bikini. After I dive into the pool, I swim naked. Boredom sets in from swimming laps. I crawl up into an air mattress, and I fall asleep in the sun.

Suddenly, I am woken by the sound of car doors slamming in the driveway. I pop up and find my  son walking towards me. He asks why I can swim nude, but I don’t allow him. Before I can answer, off come his shoes and the rest of his clothing. He does a cannonball and splashes me, but I am already wet.

We end up having an intimate late afternoon pool encounter. How about you? Call me if you want to play with Mommy Morgan in the pool, sweetheart! 


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Training Disobedient Subbies

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      I love it when sex conventions come to my city. There is such an exciting feel to that time. I love looking at all the new porn, sex toys, and people watching.

An old friend of mine I hadn’t seen in years was there with her slave. She had him in just a thong, and he was collared. Between you and I, I believe he was pretending. I can tell a real sub by the way they look, speak and act. 

I made a deal with her to do a bit of a switch. She could have my very well behaved but tiresome slave, and I will take and train hers. After the convention, we all went for a few drinks with our slaves in tow. We went to a very slave/mistress friendly bar. We had a wonderful time and were a bit tipsy.

          Once I returned home, I began to train him. I was extremely harsh because he needed to learn his place. After flogging, a chastity belt, and a rather large butt plug, he learned his lesson well.

Are you a sub who has lost his Mistress because he misbehaved? Call Lady Rayne and be taught how to please your Mistress.


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Tiny Dicks Make Hot Babes Giggle

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My girlfriends and I were at the park playing volleyball. It was the first warm day of the year.We were in our tiny shorts and enjoying the feel of the sun on our faces.

One of the girls hit the ball hard, and the other team missed. The volleyball rolled pretty far from us. A guy grabbed the ball and held onto it instead of tossing back to us. I guess he thought that we were innocent young girls who had not seen a lot of cocks. He only agreed to give us the ball back if we would look at his big cock and tell us what we thought of it. We agreed. I admit that we were curious, and hoping to admire a big, juicy cock. Now maybe he wanted SPH and wanted us to laugh at him. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his 5-inch dick. At first, we just looked at him and then each other. I think he was stunned when all of us hot girls started laughing so loud. He was surprised and so embarrassed that he put it back in his pants. We assured him that all of our boyfriends were eight inches or bigger. He held his head in shame, but he must know that hot girls only go for big cocks!

If you enjoy SPH, call me! I want to laugh at you too! 

Bad Little Bree 


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Play With Your Favorite Girlfriend’s Big Tits

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Too busy with work and lots of other drama in your life? Do you just want the good stuff, the steamy, erotic and playful, sexy part of having a girlfriend? Is your wife or girlfriend cranky, moody and to tired for sex?

Baby, I am what you need and desire. Think of me waiting for you whenever you’re horny. I am always wet and ready for you. Desire me when you’re in the mood for a pretty voice to talk dirty in your ear. I am just a phone call away! 

Couldn’t find your favorite shirt to wear to work? I am wearing it. It does not quite button up over my big tits. Unbutton the rest of those buttons and squeeze on my big tits. My nipples are hard and my panties are wet. Don’t keep we waiting to too long.

Your Hot Girlfriend,



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Naughty Kitten Wants To Play In The Snow

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I wake up naked in your bed on Sunday morning, but you are not next to me. I call out your name, but the house is quiet. I hear a sound outside and look out your bedroom window. Shocking to see several inches of snow on the ground in the middle of April. Crazy weather!

It is beautiful, so white and bright. There’s big snowflakes falling from the sky. I wrap the sheet around me and watch you shovel the sidewalk, and brushing the snow off both of our cars. It’s so sweet of you. Watching you work so hard as made me wet and horny for you. Your cum is still inside of me from last night from our hot fuck session.

I am feeling naughty and playful this morning. I need to fuck you now and cannot wait one second longer. I throw on my coat and scarf, put on shoes, and join you outside in your backyard. I open the coat and flash you. Love showing off my big tits and tight, shaved pussy to you. You tell me to get inside, but you have a big smile on your face.

Want to make naked snow angels and fuck me in the snow?

Naughty Kitten,




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“I Love You, Daddy,” Phone Sex Fantasy

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I am your little kitten, and it is time for bed, but I am not sleepy. Can you keep me company until I fall asleep? Snuggle me close. My body is tiny, and my chest is flat. When my little hands wrap around your cock, you get so hard. I hate bedtime. I don’t want to close my eyes and miss a single moment with you.

I want to play our favorite games that we share when Mommy is not at home. I do anything with my mouth, my hands, or my pussy to make you feel good, to put a smile on your face. You are always sweet to me.

I try to be a good girl, but sometimes I mess up, and I am naughty. Even when you have to spank me, you always kiss me and hold me close to you when you’re done. You give my little butt soft kisses and make me tingle inside of me.

I miss you when you’re away, so don’t keep me waiting much longer. Call me so we can play and I can whisper, “I love you, Daddy,” in your ear.


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Hot Hook Up with Bikini Babe

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Are you heading to the beach for Spring Break? Or maybe you can’t get away this year. How about a fun fantasy hook up with a sexy, tan bikini babe? You would have the best week of your life! A erotic “no-strings” girlfriend for seven days and six nights!  

That is the best scenario when you’re out of town, and no one is looking over your shoulder, the standard rules don’t apply. You can forget that you’re married or have a vanilla girlfriend. Don’t you crave a wild, sexy girl that has no inhibitions? I have my big tits and love to show them. I love shocking strangers and seducing you at the same time.  

We can drink and party until I get your cock horny and rock hard. I love to dress in next to nothing. I would love if you showed me off! I don’t look like your girl back home. I don’t fuck like here either. I am hot and aggressive. I never say no to anything. There are so many places to fuck. There’s the beach, the pool, the balcony, the roof of the condo, a corner in the bar, and on a boat. Let’s get creative and have an erotic encounter together. 

Your Hot Party Girl,



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March Madness: I Play To Win

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College ball is an amusing pastime, and maybe you’re in a pool to win some money.

Which team will take the title?  Exciting to watch and bet, but I want your attention tonight. Instead of turning on the game, come over and spend some time with me. My seductive ways tempt you into a hot role-play with me. 

I am competing for your time. I am up against ten young guys who are agile and talented, but I have more hot moves than all of them put together. I seduce with my curves, my sultry voice, and my mouth. I aim to score big tonight. I am craving your cock and a big load of cum. That is what I call a win!

Instead of watching an orange ball bouncing around the floor, you should be playing with my two big mature tits. You also have a beautiful set of balls that I crave to lick and massage. Oh, how you moan when my long dark hair tickles against your balls.

I’ll pull you into your favorite sexual fantasy and let the games begin!  I play to win!


Written By: AvaAva
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Because I Fucking Can

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People I know constantly ask me why I do the things I do. Look at me loser. It is because I can. No man or woman can resist me, and that is where they make their first fatal mistake.

There is this adorable little man that I just enjoy terrorizing. He is always at Planet Fitness staring at the girls. It took me a few days to notice it was my legs and arms he was eyeing. Apparently, he loves amazon type chicks with perfectly toned muscles. I decided it was time to use, I mean get to know this man.

I invited him for coffee and beignets at the Empire. My friend owns the cafe, and she puts up the CLOSED sign. Another woman comes from the back and joins us. You have this scared little boy look on your face, but your cock is clearly rock hard. Oh little man, your attraction to muscles on women is going to get you hurt, or broken, but hopefully both! If you are wondering why I am so evil, well it’s because I fucking can!



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