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Fuck Spell

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It’s that one word that gets you every single time. I can talk very filthy but when I say that one magic word, it sends shivers down your back and straight to your cock.

When I say “FUCK” your cock instantly stiffens and you’re hypnotized on my sensual voice. From that moment forward, I have you doing things under my “Fuck” spell.

The more I say FUCK, the more you want to explode. Since you’re in a “Madame Joanne” trance, I have complete control over your orgasms. I may allow you to release or I might leave your balls still heavy and full.

Just seeing the word Fuck spelled out in front of you does absolutely no justice. You have to call me and hear me say that hypnotic word in your ear and you will soon become one of my many “Fuck Spell” victims.




JoanneWritten By: Joanne
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Edge Play With Makaylah

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I’ve been so bored with the same old fucking and sucking I’ve been doing. Lately, I’ve been having a blast bringing a man to the brink of an orgasm only to have him stop and then start up again for me. It makes my pussy wet just hearing you whimper when I tell you to stop.

I love being the ultimate tease. There’s nothing more gratifying than riding your cock and listening to you beg me to cum. I love the control it gives me.

Do you think you have it in your balls to play with me?


MakaylahWritten By: Makaylah
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Bondage and Edge Play with Mistress Koko

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I greet you with a sensual deep kiss at the door. I strip you naked and promise that you’re going to enjoy your intense session with me.

I take your hand and you follow me to my playroom. I place a blindfold over your eyes and I place you in bondage. I bind your wrists and your ankles. I can do anything I please to your naked body.

I tease and stimulate your skin until you’re sweating and begging me to let you cum. I bring you to the edge of orgasm over and over. You feel completely out of control. You’re aroused but helpless. I use your body anyway that brings me pleasure. I make you whimper and whine for release.

I begin using my toys on you. I bite your nipples and bind your balls. I use my mouth to keep your cock hard, but then I use ice to make it soft again. I trace my wet pussy against your cock, teasing you.

Finally, I release your balls and let you have the ultimate orgasm of being edged after what seemed like for hours. 



KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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Surrender To Your Mistress Koko

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Kneel before me. Admire my beauty. You know your place. You’re my little pet and you’re my most devoted slave.

Despite the warm temperature, I wear my tall black leather boots for you. I know your weakness for black leather boots. I want you to suck on my sexy heels. Suck on it like a little cock. Come on, show some enthusiasm. Lick the toe of my boot and smell that leather. Close your eyes and just smell. Rub your cock against my leather boot, like a good boy,

Now put your face between my legs. Enjoy that sweet sexy scent of my wet pussy. Get your tongue under those panties. You know your only purpose is to amuse me, obey me and pleasure me.  Now pleasure me, damnit! Worship your Goddess. Lick me until I cum all over your face. 

 It’s time to bend over and be my bitch. Spread apart your cheeks and offer up your ass to me. I know you need this. I give your ass a couple of spanks. Now, fetch me my super big black strap-on. I want you to watch me put it. Beg for it, bitch! Beg me to fuck you!



KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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You’re My Prey

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I love a good slave. Well behaved, kind, and always at my command. Nothing tickles me more then my pet doing precisely as they’re told. You know the type, when I say jump, they don’t ask how high, they jump. If it’s not high enough, I will instruct them with the flick of my paddle.

Now, don’t think a well behaved slave is always in my graces. I love to spank, use my rattan cane, and I have a few other implements in my arsenal to keep my lioness nature in check. I hunt, and you’ll be my prey. I will catch you, and you’ll not resist. Once I get my teeth into you, you’ll never be quite the same….and ALWAYS well behaved. 



Written By: Destiny St. Claire
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Feisty Redhead

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There are a lot of redheads out there but not all are natural like me. I’m a true ginger, not just in coloring, but also in attitude. I’m a feisty little thing and I can be a handful. It takes a certain kind of man to handle me and all the rest are under my control!

I wonder what kind of man you are? Are you a strong, dominant stud, or just a weak boy? I can usually tell by the first “hello”. If it’s a timid, be prepared.. I’ll eat you alive. But, if you’re a real man who knows how to tame a little firecracker like me, I submit and allow you to use me for your pleasure. That doesn’t mean I won’t challenge you a little first, I’m a true redhead after all.

Do you have what it takes to dominate me and claim my holes for your hard cock? Or will you be under my spell like the rest?
I guess we’ll see!


GingerWritten By: Ginger
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Lost It All

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So it is my fault you betrayed your boring little wife and cleaned out all your bank accounts for me?  You tell me I am evil, a temptress, and a whore. I have done nothing but be who I am. Now you are blaming it on my laugh. What a moron you are.  This is all your fault not mine.

You came to my chambers looking for a Mistress, someone to whip you into submission and take the power you are so tired of having. I didn’t take, you gave and gave and gave. I only took what you were willing to give.

 You bore me, your accounts are empty yet YOU keep calling Me.  Stop blaming me for the breakup of your marriage, the loss of your job, and everything else you had.

  Think back to our first session. I asked for nothing but my normal fee as I whipped you into submission. So I suggest, you get a job or rob a bank. What you do doesn’t matter to me, I have raised my fee to put up with a loser like you, call me when you are prepared! 


CarmenWritten By: Carmen
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Making You My Bitch

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“Lexi, I want to feel the wrath of your strap-on”, the voice on the other end of the phone says.  I won’t lie, that is music to my ears. Making a guy my bitch with my strap-on is the highlight of my day. Guys get to walk around with dicks every moment of the day, so my few moments of glory here and there are definitely a turn on.

The difference between my cock and your cock is yours is pliable and soft to the touch, even when it’s hard. However, mine is hard and un-giving, and unforgiving. I can tear that little asshole of yours up, and have no remorse. That is exactly what I intend to do.


LexiWritten By: Lexi
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Goddess Rainna

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I love playing with guys that know they are unworthy of me. All they want to do is worship me as their Goddess. They cater to my every need and whim.  They want to be my little fuck toy to use any way that I want.

I especially like that you know how to give me a proper tongue bath, licking and sucking all of my holes. You can admit that it’s the best thing your taste buds have ever experienced. Nothing gets me off better then a good ass slut that likes to tongue dive into my gorgeous asshole.

Next time you feel the need to worship a Goddess, get on your knees and dial my number.


RainnaWritten By: Rainna
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Teasing Your Cock

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You want me bad, don’t you? I love making you crave every bit of me. Being with a little cock tease like me, always leaves you wanting more!

I bend over and give you a peek of my insatiable ass. I look back and see your cock starting to grow. I can’t help but bump against your crotch, feeling your stiffy against my ass.

I turn around and get on my knees. I take your cock and lick it a little, just enough to tease and get you all hot and bothered. You stand there, with your hand over that throbbing hard-on, wishing that I would let you cum. I plan to give you the most intense case of blue balls you will ever encounter.

Look at my tight, young ass as I grind against your bulge. Imagine what it would feel like if I actually let you fuck me. Tease and denial phone sex is by far one of my most favorite topics. I would love to make your cock ache for me! Call me for the best tease and denial phone sex and see what you have been missing out on all these years.


HannaWritten By: Horny Hanna
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Femdom Gracie

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Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it. Wondering what a 9 inch strap-on would feel like in your tight, virgin ass. There’s nothing sexier than a gorgeous, big breasted blonde with a huge cock between her legs.

Not any woman can wear a strap-on and knows how to perform. It takes a strong, confident Femdom Mistress to guide you into submission.

Once you feel every inch in your ass, you will start to feel very aroused. I might allow you to stroke your cock while you’re being fucked or I might have something else in mind.

I must warn you though, once I start fucking you, I’m like a machine that even I can’t control.

One Strap-On Phone Sex session with Femdom Gracie and you’ll be begging for more!



Written By: Gracie
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I’m looking for someone to give me what I need. I need your hands, fingers, mouth and cock. I need you to take control and tell me what you want. I want you to pull my hair and bite my lip. I want you to tease me slowly and not let me cum. I need you to fuck me hard and send me screaming over that edge. I need your cock in my mouth, my cunt, and my ass.

 In return, you will get someone who only needs your body and nothing else. I will be there for you whenever you need me. I will worship your cock and give you what you are missing in your life. 

 Apply within! 


JulieWritten By: Julie
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Pay To Play

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You want to play with me? You have to pay up, piggy. My favorite thing is when a loser like you wants to give me all of his money.

Get on your knees and pull that pathetic cock out and put your wallet into my greedy little hands. I don’t normally allow you touch yourself but today I’m making a little game out of it.

Every time you stroke, I take $10. It adds up fast so you better be careful. It feels so good, doesn’t it? You can’t get enough of my voice, body, and the total mind control I have over you.

Emptying your wallet is just the first step, next is the bank account(s). I will completely drain every aspect of your life. You better be careful, because once you let me into your meaningless life, there’s no turning back.

I will never care about you the way you want me too, It’s all about your money.

If you want to play, you will pay!


PhoenixWritten By: Phoenix
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The Line Between Pleasure and Pain

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I own your cock and your balls. They are mine. I control them, just like I control your mind. You desire the sound of my sultry voice controlling your hands as you manipulate your body for me.

I administer a mixture of erotic pleasure and pain. Finding those thresholds of pain and erotic stimulation is very exciting for me. My panties get very wet as you moan and groan.

Your brain is so confused. Do you want mercy or do you want more?  How is it possible to want both at the same time? You want more pain and more pleasure as you apply that penis paddle. You spank your balls for me, counting out each spank.  You listen to yourself utter out little moans, knowing each moan causes my panties to get wetter with each strike. The line between pleasure and pain becomes murky, blurred.

All this erotic attention to your sore balls brings you closer and closer to orgasm.  I bring you to that edge and then pull you back. I hear the tone of your voice tremble. I increase the intensity! I change the pace. I punish and I tease you all at the same time.

Finally, I allow you to cum.  You feel relieved, drained, and you thank me profusely for the session.



BrynnaWritten By: Brynna
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Keeping Ava’s Secrets

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You bought your first house recently and moved in next door. We exchange friendly greetings when we see each other out in the yard.

One afternoon, my computer screen goes all black and freezes up. I am stuck!  I need my computer. I notice your car in your driveway next door. I call over to your house and ask if you could help me. You’re working at home today, but could use a little break. It’s always good to get in “good” with the neighbors.

I answer the door in a super tight top and sexy pair of jeans. I take you into the family room where I have my computer. Within ten minutes, you have my computer back up and running. As you’re cleaning out my computer and running diagnostics, you notice the old family photos of trips to the lake on my computer.

Then you see something you were not expecting. You see very, very sexy photos of me and your cock starts to stir. So many of them! I look over your shoulder. I see you staring at my naked picture. I promise you ANYTHING if you don’t tell anyone about these photos.

You take me up on my offer.  You bend me over my sofa and take me! You fuck your naughty older neighbor good and hard. You know that I will do ANYTHING for you to keep my secrets.


Written By: AvaAva
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Sniff, Sniff Loser!

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Happy Valentines Day, losers!

 I know exactly what you want today. Of course, I am not going to give you my ass right away. You have to earn it. 

I love to see you quiver on your subbie knees, patiently waiting for me to bend over. You want it so bad, your mouth is watering. You’re such a pathetic loser waiting for my asshole to be backed up to your face. I love hearing you beg when I spread open my perfect ass cheeks apart. You want to taste my ass so badly.

I grab the back of your head and bury your nose into my ass and make you sniff. You try to slide your tongue inside my asshole but I slap your face. It makes me laugh hearing you whimper and cry because you want to taste my ass so badly.

Sniff only, loser!

I love making you feel so weak and submissive you’ll do anything for my ass and I mean anything!


PhoenixWritten By: Phoenix
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Domination and Humiliation Delivered By Mistress

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It is once again the holiday season, and you bought expensive presents for your family and friends. All the gifts are nestled nicely under the Christmas tree. Now it is time for a treat for you. You have been a good boy this year, but your balls are in desperate need of some attention. A hot JOI session with a naughty Mistress is the last item on your holiday to-do list.

Female Domination is what you need this holiday season.

Phone sex is the best gift you can give yourself. Let me take control of your masturbation session. Be prepared for a nasty humiliation and name-calling. I provide very intense guided masturbation sessions. My dirty words flow into your ear, commanding your hands to touch yourself, and your cock becomes so hard. I want those balls swollen and sore. I want to hear you beg to cum. Edging you over and over, never knowing when I am finally going to allow you to cum.

You are my puppet, and I pull your strings. I laugh when you beg, tease and deny you. You cannot believe how much you love this. You are so eager to cum because that cock leaks precum, and you feel like your balls could burst, but I just laugh. I love the control I have over you, it’s thrilling and arousing for me. I feel my panties getting wet from my drippy wet pussy. Dominated good boys have the most fun! I finally bring you to that edge one last time and allow you the most intense orgasm and explosive cum. Call me for your Holiday Jerk-off-Instructions session today! 

Happy Holidays,
Mistress Koko



KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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A Christmas Cuck

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The man that I’ve been seeing had a lovely request for a Christmas present this year. He was in the mood for big black cock and he knows that I always am.

I found a monster black for us to share. I could see his excitement as our guest started stripping down. He was magnificent. My mouth was watering to taste him, but I decided to be generous and allow my man to do the honors.

He got on his knees like the good cuck he is and fluffed that perfect black cock. He looked up at him and begged him to fuck his girl. He grabbed me and put me on my hands and knees on the bed. I didn’t want to leave my cucky out so I had him slide underneath me. His cock was so hard as he watched my pussy stretch around his throbbing black dick.

Without even having to tell him, he started licking my clit and that shiny chocolate rod as it pushed in and out. I grabbed his cock and began to jerk him off as I took my fucking like a champ. I was getting absolutely rammed and having my man’s soft tongue licking my cunt made it feel amazing.

I felt the head of his cock twitch and started begging for his cum inside of me. He pulled away and my man immediately put his tongue in my hole and began to suck and lap up my cream pie. He came in my hand while swallowing my black stud’s jizz. It was the perfect gift for BOTH of us.

BambiWritten By: Bambi
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Permission To Cum

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 Feeling stressed? I will make you feel good again.

I will control you. I will dominate and you will submit to me!

My game, my rules!

I tell you how to stroke your cock for me. I tease your cock. I want you to masturbate for me. Close your eyes and picture me standing in front of you. You know you like my curves, but these curves don’t belong to you, so you can’t touch me.

You need a 30-minute edging session. Feel the power that I have over you. You will moan and groan as your cock throbs and pre-cum leaks out the tip of your big mushroom head. I will bring you so close to orgasm and then pull you back, pull you right off that edge. You will whimper and whine that you are going to cum, but trust me, you will only cum when I give you permission to cum.

You will thank me at the end of the call. You will feel so refreshed and relaxed. Your balls will ache, but in a good way. There will be so much cum everywhere, and you feel so good.



KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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Dark Desires

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You need it hard.

You’re not interested in a sexy encounter where I have my way with you.

You want deep, dark hardcore humiliation, pain, and degradation. You’re welcome in my dungeon. I have all sorts of nasty pleasures available for you. I break you down. I train you and beat you.

I give you the special gift of a golden shower to mark my territory. I know you need hardcore domination. I strike your balls, cock, and your ass! You cry out, beg for mercy. I spit in your open mouth. I bind your balls and squeeze them with my very strong hands. I twist and pull. I call you names. I make you feel small, but you love the attention and the pain.

More cock and ball torture. Maybe hot wax, icy hot and ice cubes up your ass. Possibly strategically placed safety pins, and nipple clamps to inflict just the right kind of pain. You might get a strap-on or my fist right up your ass.

You need pain. It is good for you. You feel no one understands this need, but I do understand you.

We explore the BDSM road together. It’s a journey. Take my hand, place your trust in me, for I know what you need. I will test and push your limits. I’ll take you out of your comfort zone. I know what’s good for you.

You find freedom from your troubles and you experience a release that no one outside the BDSM world would understand.

No worries, my little worm, I fully understand you and your needs.

My humbler is ready for you!



KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
Call KoKo @ 1-866-949-5809
Email: AOL/Yahoo kokowillruinu