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Kiss My Ass

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    Have you ever seen such a perfect round ass? Of course you haven’t. Look how round, smooth, sexy and a bit dirty it is. Don’t be shy, I know that is just how you like it. Get down on your knees and spread my beautiful plump cheeks. Such a sexy, sweaty musky smell. Take your time and breath in the smells from my luscious ass.

I know you want to stroke your beautiful hard cock, but I need you to take your time. Pleasing me always comes first, then it is your turn.

Push your nose to my rosebud pucker and again more time before you plunge in your tongue. Of course, I smell amazing. It is the scent of a Goddess.  Now sweet boy, worship my ass. 



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The Devil Made You Do It

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  Looking at my picture, all you can think about is running your hands up my warm, smooth legs. Giving me gentle kisses all over my cheeks, and letting your hands roam over my ass. I can feel you giving my cheeks a firm squeeze with your hands.

Is your cock hard yet?

 I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’ve been really horny today. So turned on that I can feel my wetness on my panties. Feeling my soaked thong against my pussy lips makes me want to do very dirty things to you.

  I want you to take your tongue and lick my sweet juices off my black thong. After every inch of my panties is sucked dry, pull my thong to the side and my ass is yours. You have been drooling at my perfect ass for years now, it’s now time to suck, lick and repeat. 

Worshiping my pussy and ass is just for starters. I’m the devil today and I’ll be having you do things you never thought you would do. 


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Kissing The Boss’s Ass

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Everything had me running late for work this morning. My alarm didn’t going off, traffic was horrible, and the dumb ass bitch I was behind at Starbucks drive thru who ordered for 10 people. Needless to say, when I got to work I was in a horrible mood. I just snarled at the people who said hello to me when I raced passed them to get to my office.

As soon as I sat down at my desk, I had a 9:30 conference call that I completely forgot about. Between the coffee and the breakfast sandwich I had earlier, I really had to go to the bathroom. I couldn’t leave my office so I thought of a great idea to get some relief.

I texted my secretary to have that new guy from accounting to come to my office. I don’t remember his name but he looks like he would be a good fit for this task I have for him.

He comes in, and I motion for him to shut the door, and sit down. I begin to undress, and I wave my ass in front of him. I look back and he looks shocked, and excited for what’s to come. I push his head back, and position my ass right on his face. I’ve been holding in my shit and piss for so long, it all came out at once on his face and tongue.

Once I was done with my call, I ordered him to lick my asshole clean. I told him I have zero time today to run to the restroom. I threatened if he wanted to keep his accounting job, he will need to do exactly what I say, or he’ll have a new job cleaning the toilets.

It’s fucking amazing what people would do for their bosses when their job is on the line. Not only did he lick my ass for hours, he ran out and got me a big Mexican lunch. I know what he’ll be doing for the rest of the day.


Written By: Christine
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We all have dirty secrets. Even Lady Rayne, but this isn’t about me. There is so many dirty, sexy, taboo secrets that you feel you must keep to yourself. Why would you do that, when we could have a wonderful time discussing your secrets and acting them out. 

She left for the day and you head straight for her room. You don’t go in her hamper, but under the bed. In the tucked in corners, you find the dirtiest of panties. Panties drenched in all sorts of interesting fluids. You slowly sniff them, lick them, tasting her on your lips. 

You check her nightstand for a dildo. You put it to your mouth and taste her. With a huge sigh, you slide the dildo into your naughty ass. You hear some sounds downstairs. Is she home? That makes you fuck yourself even faster. You want her to catch you!


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Dirty Boys With Toys

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I thought it might be a blast to get on Tinder. I love one night stands, and sometimes I just don’t have the time to hit a club.

Last night one of my hook-ups came over to play. He said he was extremely open-minded, and loved anal play. He even came with his own toys. We kissed passionately the moment he walked in the door. This was a hook-up after all, not a date.

He was excited to show me what he had with him. I suggested we have some drinks, get comfortable, and then he could show me his toys. Wow! His toy collection was even better than mine. He had vibrating butt plugs, a 2 headed massive dildo, weighted anal beads, and several types of lube. My pussy was gushing just looking at his collection. There was several items I planned to buy for myself.

We had more drinks, and I was ready to try out some of his toys. After we totally rimmed each other, we were ready to use the double headed dildo. He was missing just one thing, and that was a vibe for my soaked pussy. I handed it to him, and told him I prefer nature’s lube. He sucked it for me and I slid it in me. The sensation was incredible!

This was one Tinder hook-up I just might fuck again.


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I Let My Neighbor Worship My Ass

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I have a confession. I let my neighbor worship my asshole. We’ve been neighbors for 6 months and ever since I moved in, he’s always flirted with me. He’s an attractive older guy but he’s also very married. He begs to fuck me and tells me all the time he would do anything to have sex with me.
Since I don’t give him my pussy, I give him the next best thing, my dirty asshole. Every time I have to go to the bathroom, I text my neighbor right away and he’s at my house within seconds, ready to worship. He will take my shit and hot piss down his throat and clean my ass entirely so I never have to buy toilet paper again.
He also really loves when I get back from the gym and I have a very sweaty asshole waiting for him. He will lick my ass for a long time. His wife will be constantly calling and texting him, but he keeps hitting the ignore button on his phone. She has no idea he comes over to my house. He told me he never worshiped his wife’s ass before, he only likes to worship mine because he says he feels so close to me.
I’ve been thinking and I might let him fuck my dirty asshole, he can even cum in my ass but I’m defiantly making him clean it when he’s done!


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Big Curves Make Him Cheat

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When I have my eye on a man, he knows it. I am not shy. I am aggressive and hot. Seducing my man is part of the foreplay. Turning his head away from his job, his family, his girlfriend, and getting his attention is exciting. Watching him quiver, making him hard with my big tits is thrilling. I want his focus on me. I want him hot and horny, so he fucks me hard! 

I dress to show off my assets. Nothing subtle there!  I have a big mature round ass and incredible MILF tits! He can’t take his eyes off of my curves. He lusts to touch them and worship my hot, sexy curves. I make his hunger for me grow. Despite that it is the week of Valentine’s Day, the only thing on his mind is finding time to get his hands on my curves and fucking me.

My curves don’t leave a lot to the imagination. You know you want them too! You want to suck on my big tits and fuck me hard from behind. The only I don’t know is where do you want to cum when you fuck me? Why don’t you call me and fuck me? Let’s cum together! 


Written By: AvaAva
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Earning A New Sports Car

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     I’ve been thinking about how much I need a brand, new sports car. Most of my friends drive their parents old car, but not this girl. I need a new fucking car!

Looks like we’re having an early Spring weather wise, so I have an excuse to wear the tiniest of shorts to talk phone sex daddy into buying me a new car. I have really been thinking about how to handle this. I could find out some dirty secrets and blackmail him or I could just give him what I know he really wants. 

 Mommy went away for the weekend and daddy was lonely. I guess after a long week with him having sex with mommy, he wanted to relax. Oh, GROSS! Why would he want to fuck her when he has me?

I tip toe into daddy’s bedroom, but I don’t see him anywhere. I hear the shower running, and check to see if he locked or even closed the door. I quietly walk in, and strip off my clothes. I pull open the shower curtain, and without saying a word, I join daddy. I get down on my knees and begin to give him a blow job. He begins to feel my little soft tongue on his asshole. I stop and he begs me to continue since he has never felt such pleasure from the bitch mommy. I agree with one huge demand…I want a new car, and of course, tomorrow we will pick it out! I love being me!


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Two Size Queens

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    Let’s share a big, thick, sexy cock together. I know you think about cock sucking just as much as I do. I am a good girl, and willing to share. I know you’re a size queen just like me, so what are you waiting for?

A friend of my daddy has the sexiest cock I have ever seen. The head is a perfect yummy helmet head. I get so wet when I see the pre-cum bubbling out of his pee hole. I bet it makes you just as excited. What could be hotter than sharing the experience together, kissing over the big helmet head and sharing his pre-cum. You can lick his ass to make him rock hard, and even bigger. Something tells me you’re quite good at rim jobs. Join me?

xoxo, Piper




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Watching Him Fuck His Ass

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I was feeling very playful and a tad bit naughty last night. I went to the bar alone but hooked up with a couple of hotties. Two guys, they’re best buds, out for a beer, and probably not expecting anything crazy to happen.

I walk in my sexy heels and short little sweater dress that just demands attention. I ask the guys if I can join them and we start chatting. First, about the crazy snowstorm last weekend, football and then I slowly begin to flirt a little. The guys flirt back in a competitive manner, each one hoping that he will be taking me home tonight. I like cooperation over competition. I put a hand on each of the guys legs and squeeze. I point out that the bar has become crowded, and I have lots of cold beer at my place. I invite both of them to take me home tonight.

Yes, I had a hot steamy MMF threesome on my mind. Both of the guys followed me, and once we got inside, we had a couple more beers. I took off my heels and sat between them. I undressed down to my lingerie and took turns kissing each of them. With a hand on each cock, as I stroked them, I teased them into a guy-on-guy kiss. That made my panties so wet. I made them both put their tongues in my pussy at the same time until I came on their faces. 

I wanted them to do anything for me. I sucked each other cocks, and then each of them fucked me. Both of the guys were so hot, balls aching, ready to cum. To tease them and get them so horny, I licked and rimmed their asses. It made them willing to do anything. I made them suck each other’s cock, and they fucked each other in his ass. I went ass to mouth on their cocks, and they finally came all over my face and tits. 

Bad Brynna


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Panty Boy Phone Sex

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I love doing calls with my favorite panty boy, Markita. It’s so much fun when he calls to tell me about the new pretty things that he buys himself. Markita is a girly girl and loves feminine lacy things. He models them for me and I can’t resist bending him over and spanking that silk covered ass of his. Hearing those moans only makes me want more. I tug the panties down a little bit and shove my tongue in and out of that puckered hole. It’s never enough for my greedy girl though. Markita begs me to fuck him with one of the big toys. I’m always happy to oblige. I fuck his ass until he’s panting and he squirts hard for me. We make a big sticky mess in those panties together.
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Maid To Order

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Imagine having a cute, blonde teen come into your bed every time you ring the bell. I come into your bedroom in my tiny little maid uniform, ready to service you. Everything your wife won’t do you know your little maid whore will without any hesitation.

One thing you love with your naughty maid is ass play. Every time you bring up ass play to your boring wife, she changes the subject. You know I love both giving and receiving. You can devour my ass for hours and then I can do the same to you.

I know your sexual needs change depending upon on your mood. That’s why I’m your maid to order because I know some days you want me to be your daddy’s girl and get me pregnant, and another day you want me to fuck you like a little bitch with a strap-on.

 I will the leave you completely satisfied and your wife will be happy as well because you’ll not nagging her for sex. Call your naughty, sexy maid any hour of the day and it will be a service you’ll never forget.



Written By: Roxy
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I Am A Dirty Little Girl

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Why is my phone sex daddy so obsessed with my dirty panties? He is always sniffing around my bedroom looking for them. He doesn’t like them when I just take them off. No, he loves it when they’re smelly, and sort of crusty. Sometimes when I am in a big hurry, I forget to wipe properly. Sighs! I mean I have to poop sort of a lot. Between you and me, I think he puts something in my food so I poop more than normal.

Last week he bought me some new cotton panties in white, pink and pale blue. It didn’t take me long to figure out that he likes the cotton pastels, as my pee stains and poop stains show up better.

Now, I am totally grounded for the last weekend before school starts. Fuck my life! I guess daddy must like other little girls smelly panties because that is how I got caught selling mine on E Banned. I figured if daddy likes them so much, other men would. So besides selling them to my brother and his friends, I put an ad on E Banned. Maybe if I let daddy lick my dirty little ass and drink my golden piss, he will ease up and let me enjoy this weekend with my friends. I sure hope so!



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Black Booty Ass Play

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If you like ass play, you cum to the right girl. My big, black booty will satisfy all your ass fetish needs.

I need a man who knows how to worship a delicious ass like mine. I want you to bury your tongue and face all up in me and lick my tasty ass juices. If you’re not doing a satisfactory job, I’ll just twerk my black booty all over your tongue to make sure you get every last drop.

Once you see my pussy creaming down my legs, you know you’re doing a good job. Bitch, lick that up too.

Don’t be shy, boy. Let’s get dirty and have some ass play phone sex with the best chocolate booty you’ve ever seen and tasted.



Written By: Keshia
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Dirty Girls Like Ass to Mouth

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I’ve been a dirty little girl lately. I’ve been getting ass fucked. There’s nothing better than having a big, thick cock stretching my little, pink asshole. I don’t want the anal fucking to stop because it feels so good but I defiantly look forward to that huge, creamy load of jizz in my ass. I turn around and I beg for him to put his dirty cock in my mouth. I crave tasting my ass juices off his shaft. I get really excited to open my pretty mouth and take my tongue to lick his cum and myself off his cock.

You ready to fuck my gorgeous round, apple ass? Keep in mind: the dirtier the better!


Written By: Gracie
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Princess Delaney’s Toilet Slave

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Get over here toilet slave, you have a tight little asshole to cleanup. I know you are ready to serve me in every way possible. I was with a real man last night and his jizz is now dripping out of me. Slide in your tongue and slurp up every drop. As you swirl your tongue in my ass, you wait for the sweet aroma coming from me. You crave my ass perfume, because of what comes next.

You’re anxiously waiting for my jizz covered turd. Why would a Princess like me need toilet paper, when I have you. I am super tired from a night of fucking and need my beauty sleep. Come on my toilet slave and curl up by my ass. You certainly don’t want me to have to interrupt my sleep with going to the bathroom. That is what you are for!




WritteDelaneyn By: Delaney
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Group Rim Jobs

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My tongue is feeling very naughty and dirty. I’m in the mood to shove it deep inside of a puckered hole. I don’t want it to be you though, bring your friends! I’ll be naked and waiting for all of you, just come in and strip down. Get on your knees on the couch and let me do my thing. I’ll take my time on each one of you.

Doesn’t my slippery tongue feel good moving around your asshole? I’ll use my fingers to massage the next one, getting him excited and ready. I’m like a kid in a candy store, I want more ass. I’ll press my face deep and let my tongue really sink in and wiggle around inside of you, maybe even a finger tip. Your cocks will be rock hard and ready to spew. I’ll take all of that too. Just circle around me and jerk those cocks hard. I’ll open my mouth and catch all of it.


BambiWritten By: Bambi
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Teen FemDom Phone Sex

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I allow you to worship my hot, tight teen body.  Allow is the most important part. You’re so obedient to this little teen domme. I sometimes wonder just how far I can push my subs. Even though I can be a sub myself for the right man, most men aren’t it. I like older men, daddy figures to pamper me, and let me know when I’ve been a bad girl.

I am pounding you with my sweet ass moving back and forth. I hear the alarm being set, and I know phone sex daddy is home. He comes up the stairs after a long day, and walks into me fucking one of my classmates. He looks shocked because he has never seen his baby girl so dominant. I turn around and whisper something to him. I get back to fucking the shit out of my sub, as I hear daddy’s zipper going down. Mmmm, he licks on my tight, little pucker till it is open enough for him to fuck.

Daddy fills my ass up with his cum, and questions who will lick it clean. I finish fucking my sub, and let him know he has some cleaning up to do.



WritteDelaneyn By: Delaney
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My Ass, Your Tongue

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 Don’t you wish I was your girlfriend? I see you watching me, almost like a stalker. We know the real truth, don’t we? The only way you are getting next to me is for you to be my bitch. I will use you up, then toss you out. If you’re lucky, one of my friends will have a use for you. Not yet though. For now, you are my bitch.

You are waiting for me to arrive at the townhouse you bought for me. You are hungry for all my tight, little holes. You’re salivating as you think about cleaning me up. There is dried cum between my creamy tits, and whose job is it to lick me clean? Yes, it is your’s bitch. Clean all my just fucked and filled holes and then maybe I will have a surprise for you. Oh no, not that! You will never get to fuck me no matter how much you beg.

Crawl to the toy closet and get out my strap-on and flogger. You didn’t clean me up as well as you should have. That means you are about to get more than a fucking from my 9 inch strap-on. It means I am also going to flog you till you’re crying like the bitch boy you are.


WritteDelaneyn By: Delaney
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Sisterly Love

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I was finishing making dinner when my phone sex son came home from his Aunt’s house a little more boisterous than normal. His hair was tousled and he smelled like sex. I told him dinner would be soon, but he told me he wasn’t hungry for dinner. When he came behind me and gave me a kiss, I could tell he had a huge hard-on. I was confused as he had come from my sister’s house. He began to kiss the back of my neck and grab my big tits.
I was about to ask him what was going on and push him away, when I heard the voice of my twin sister. She laughingly told me since I fucked most of her boyfriends she thought she would just make a man out of my 15 year old son. My son said, “Hey mom fucking her was just like fucking you since you look identical”. Then he said he wondered if we gave blowjobs and fucked the same as well. Apparently, my sister also told him as teens we would lick each others pussy’s when we were horny, and that he wanted to see it.
Of course, I was hesitant but my pussy was getting so wet thinking about my sister fucking my son. He picked me up and took me to my bedroom with my sister following behind. I don’t know what came over me, but soon we were doing 69 on the bed with my son stroking his very large cock. As my hips moved up and down getting into what we did as teens, my son slipped in behind me and began to rim my ass. That felt so good. After my asshole was wet, he began to fuck me. We all came so hard, we just layed on the bed not even moving till my son mentioned he was starved; and after dinner he was ready for round two.


SuzanneWritten By: Suzanne
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