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Arsenic, Ice, And Nothing Nice

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     Growing up my parents always told me that I was a very strange child, with my black hair, and pale skin.  They basically ignored me till the day daddy caught me playing with my dolls. That was the day he began paying so much more attention to me.

               I made little whips, and strap-ons for my female dolls.  I stripped all the boy dolls, tied them up in various ways then put the whips in the girl dolls little hands.  They all looked so cute.  When ever I played like this, I could feel a wetness between my legs. What was that about? 

Phone sex daddy asked me if he could play dolls with me. I guess maybe daddy felt bad and was trying to get closer to his baby girl? First, we had a special tea party and then we began to play. Daddy asked me if I ever wanted a life size boy doll to play with. Can you imagine that he wanted me to do the things to him, that were being done to my male dolls. 

As you now can see, I was made to be a Dominatrix.  From the time I was a wee girl with my dolls to now, my aim in life is to have a lovely basement full of men to torture, and fuck. Delicious!


Lady RayneWritten By: Lady Rayne
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Extreme Pain Therapy

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I just love being in control of your cock. It gives me total ownership of your weak pathetic manhood. Why do you look at me like that? You know how much that angers me, causing me to really torture you, but still you continue to annoy me. It’s okay, let me put my wicked mind to work on ways to make you my personal slave.

I know you secretly want to be in pain, sometimes pain is all your twisted fucked up mind thinks about especially when you are in my presence.

Maybe when your cock and scrotum has been inserted in my special vice, only then will you be satisfied. Yes, my little fuck boy, bow down to me! I am the only one who really understands your demented fantasies and you will submit to my extreme pain therapy. Tonight it is your time to be punished!




Written By: Destiny St. Claire
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Ass Worship Phone Sex

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Hello to all you ass lovers! Are you ready to worship this ass? Trust me, I get why you can’t get enough of this view. I love when you beg to worship me. Getting on your hands and knees and crawling over to me, just to get close enough to touch and kiss each ass cheek before you start tracing your tongue along by body.

I know you will focus on all the parts that keep a smile on my face. Your balls get heavier with each lick. I think we should do something about that.

I’ll be pinning you down, sitting on your face smothering you. You’ll worship this ass like instructed until I tell you to start pleasing me with your tongue.

You’ll have your tongue buried in my tight ass before you know it.


ErinWritten By: Erin
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Prove Me Wrong

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Get on your knees, faggot! Just look at that beautiful, big cock before you. You don’t even know where to begin with something so large. You’ve sucked cock before but nothing this substantial, you’re playing with the big boys now. The question is, can you handle this, or do I have to teach my cock slut how to perform? Personally, I don’t think you can take on this massive 13 inch cock. I’ve seen you suck 6-8 inches and you could barely handle that without gaging.

Perhaps, I am setting you up for failure? I want you to show and prove to your Mistress you can do this for her. I don’t like being disappointed, and once I am upset, I dish out severe punishments.

Look at his thick mushroom head just about to enter your mouth. Your time is now! Do it, slut! Prove me wrong or suffer the consequences.


LexiWritten By: Lexi
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When a Fetish Chick Asks You Out On Halloween

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                       Aren’t you the lucky little fucker.  You were asked out by a fetish chick. You can’t believe your incredible luck. You have tried for years, and I always say “fuck no”.

You’re feeling pretty fucking proud of yourself. You buy new clothes, get a fleek haircut, and you ask my friends where you should take me. They tell you I love romantic kid friendly restaurants with no booze. My friends are so evil, and you’re so gullible.

                     You arrive at my house with flowers and candy. Candy? You bring me candy? You’re confused because I’m not dressed to go out. You think maybe you have the wrong night. Then you get this glimmer of hope that I’m dressed for a night in with you. What did one of your friends say? They made a joke about never going out with a hot, unusual chick on Halloween because you might end up a sacrifice. You laugh, and you’re feeling pretty happy with yourself. A hot chick, lingerie and a night in. That has to mean sex. You’re now strutting around and feeling super proud.

          We go into a dark room lite with black candles.  There’s plastic on the hardwood floor. I tell you it’s for when I do body painting. You’re intrigued when I demand you strip. You wonder if I’m going to paint you, fuck you or both. You mention that my painting supplies look dangerous. You nervously laugh. I shed my clothes. With my painting tool in my hand, I mount you.  You can’t believe this. No foreplay? Just hot, wild fucking? My eyes go wild, they’re red and glowing. You see I am holding a knife, not a painting tool. Your heart is beating so fast, you feel my hot cunt grab your cock as I cum.  The blade is sharp, cold and scary. You assume it’s a Halloween joke. I slash your throat, and bathe in your hot, deep red blood.

          If a hot fetish chick asks you out on Halloween, you can be sure you’re a blood sacrifice. Happy Murder Day.


MalayaWritten By: Malaya Maxxx
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Naughty Ashlee Has an Urgent Need

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It is the most intense of cravings and one that must be urgently met. It seems no matter how many long passionate hours we spend making love it never really satisfies the burning lust we share deep within. My hot pussy aches to be with you always, I’ve told you this many times. The feeling becomes stronger the longer that we are apart. Only you know how to please me in the ways I love the most.

My body instantly responds to your gentle touch and sexy, soothing, sultry voice whispering words of desire in my ear. You’re a man with a slow hand, one that knows what women want and never afraid to give it all to them. You don’t hold back but instead you come willingly to my secret garden and linger as long as you can.

The way you worship my soft, voluptuous breasts, deliciously teasing my erect nipples with your hungry, wet tongue. My smooth, pouty lips sensually kiss yours searching for complete surrender, breathlessly giving you all of mine.

Will you be mine tonight? Can we go to the place we created of sheer erotica, and stay in the moment for always? Maybe it’s Your Naughty Ashlee who has this most “urgent need”.



AshleeWritten By: Naughty Ashlee
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