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Wanting you again…

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Being with you again made me realize how much I missed you. It’s like your cock found it’s home again, deep inside of me.
I feel so sexy dressing up for you. Every time I put on my hot lingerie, my pussy starts to moisten because of the anticipation of being with you soon.
When you walk in the room and you see me sitting on the edge of the bed, I can’t help but to notice that big bulge in your pants. I love knowing that big cock is all mine and eagerly awaiting to fuck my holes.
We fuck so good, why we ever stopped, I’m not quite sure but I’m here wanting your cock again.
Always ready for you,


Written By: Aimee
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Are You A Bad Boy?

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Are you a bad boy?
Ever since I was in my teens, I’ve been totally attracted to bad boys, especially if they were older. I wanted the bad boy drop-outs, bikers, tattooed, and motorcycle guys. I love the guys who have a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, baseball hat on backwards, and a guy who has a little scruffy beard. 

I’m older now and I still am addicted to bad boys BUT now I love the bad boys in bed! I like when guys want to try new things and that are open to anything.
I’ve done a lot of kinky things but what is a turn-on for me is when a guy wants to try something he’s never done before. I like being the first girl you’ve tried something naughty with, it means you’ll never forget me.

Come be bad with me, I’ll bring out that naughty bad boy that’s inside of you!


Written By: Aimee
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Nipple Stimulation

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As you can see, my breasts receive a lot of attention. I love finding the sexiest, tightest shirts; making sure my tits are on full display for your viewing pleasure.

My fingers always play with my nipples while I’m masturbating. Of course, it’s not the same as when someone else is stimulating my nipples by rubbing, biting, kissing, and licking. My pussy drips the hardest when I am getting my pussy pumped while my nipples are being pulled.

One of my fantasies is having full, lactating tits and feeding them to you as I am riding your cock. I think that’s so incredibly hot.

I know some men enjoy their nipples played with as well and I am always willing to please. You would defiantly enjoy my lips and tongue swirling around your nipples as I am riding you.

If you would enjoy some nipple stimulation with a sexy, single, big breasted blonde; I am waiting for you.


Written By: Aimee
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Why I Love Phone Sex

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One of my favorite callers asked me last night why exactly is it I do phone sex.  I had never given it much thought before, I just always knew I like to cum and why not get paid to do it?

Today, I ‘ve been thinking about the answer to that question and I think I actually figured out what it is I love the most about doing phone sex.

I love all the different fantasies and fetishes. I love to role-play and talk dirty and like I said, I love to cum. However, none of those are what keeps me here wanting more and more of it. It’s the pure knowledge that while I am over here rubbing my pussy, using my toys, dildos, vibrators, etc….my caller is on the other side with a rock hard cock doing the exact same thing.  Mutual Masturbation is what it’s all about for me.

When I close my eyes, I  listen to your voice and hear your reactions to what I say, I can actually hear you stroking your cock. I can hear the pleasure you’re getting from whatever naughty fantasy we are talking about. That is what makes me cum the hardest, and that’s why I love phone sex.

We can play with toys together, masturbate and make each other cum. No strings attached.  I don’t have to worry about you judging me for my kinky fantasies and I don’t judge you. It’s pure, open and intimate.

When you call me, let me hear you stroking your cock. That’s what gets me off, and what makes me love doing this.  Sometimes I cum so hard I even shock myself.


Written By: Aimee
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The Truth About Me

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Have you ever wondered what I am doing while we are chatting on the phone? Well, I’m about to tell you. I hope you can handle the truth…

I am usually lying in bed. I have a king size bed with a big white down blanket. It’s the most comfortable spot in my house. What I’m wearing may differ slightly, but I’m usually in a pretty set of panties (I prefer tiny little thongs) and bra – or no bra at all. I don’t like to wear heavy clothes while I’m talking with you. I want easy access to all of my softest parts, I want my fingers to be able roam freely over all of my skin, clothing just gets in the way.

Now this is a very important part, pay attention… when I ask you what you like to do to women, or what you would like to do to me if I were with you, or even what you would like me to do to you, I really am truly interested in what you have to say. Your stories, your ideas, your thoughts, they get me turned on too – but I deny myself the pleasure of really touching myself until you actually call me. Do you want to know why? Because you earned my orgasm, a real, true, deep, throbbing orgasm. You’ve talked to me. You’ve told me what you like, what you don’t like. You told me what you’d love for me to do to you. So when you call me, you deserve to hear me rubbing my wet pussy right along with you. You deserve to hear my moans as I reach that climax with you. You deserve to hear my voice catch as I go over the edge with you. That orgasm is yours. You made that happen to me. You made me the happiest girl on the planet, right in that one moment.

So when you tell me what you want to do to me, when you paint that picture for me, please know that orgasm belongs to you. I need that release just as much as you do. 

So there you go. Now you know the truth. Can you handle it?

Written By: Aimee
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Breakfast Of Champions

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 I absolutely loved waking up this morning and hearing your strong, masculine voice on the other end. You started by taking off my little pink nightie, and slipping off my silky, pink thong.
I opened my creamy legs nice and wide for you. I spread my pink pussy lips far apart. You couldn’t wait to devour my soft, bare pussy. You shoved your tongue deep inside me. You absolutely love the way I taste. You have to have my pussy first thing in the morning. You get so turned on how wet I am, and how my sweet pussy juice covers your face. I love pushing your head deeper and deeper into me and feeling your hot breath inside me.
You always make me have multiple orgasms. Each time I cum, it’s more intense. My pussy is just squirting, filling up your mouth with my cum. You just can’t stop eating my pussy.
My cum is the breakfast of champions.



Written By: Aimee
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Sex With a Stranger

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I have been working weekends bartending at a nice hotel on Saturday nights for some extra cash.

This good looking guy walked in the bar and sat down. He had a few drinks and he made small talk with me. At first, he didn’t seem the least bit interested in me. But after he got a few drinks down, he must have got some courage because he started flirting with me.

He stayed in the bar until closing time and he left me a huge cash tip on the bar. When he left, I picked it up and also found his room key! In the weeks that I have been working at the bar, I have gotten a lot of room keys, but this was the first one that I was actually interested in taking.

I finished my shift and was about to head out to my car, but instead I got into the elevator, and headed up to the top floor. I put the key card into the slot and the door opened.

He was waiting for me, his shirt was off, and he was just wearing his boxers. He had an amazing body! I stood there and started to take my clothes off while he watched me. I wanted to get fucked. I don’t know if I’ve ever wanted anything as bad as I wanted to fuck this guy.

Once I was completely naked, I walked towards him and pulled his boxers right off. I got down on my knees and sucked his cock. His cock was already pretty hard.

It wasn’t long and he was pulling me up and laying me down on his bed. The sex with this nameless stranger was better than I could have imagined. I don’t know his story, or even his name. When he was done, he went into the bathroom and I quickly made my exit.



Written By: Aimee
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Addicted To Your Sex

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Why is it when it’s a girls night out I end up thinking of you? The more I get hit on by other guys, my pussy starts to get wet because you’re always in the back of my head. I could care less about them drunken losers. I start thinking about what I will tell my girlfriends to end the night early to come see you. I would much rather have your cock buried inside me than out at a bar. This is not like me, you got me addicted to your sex. For me to ditch my girlfriends, is unheard of because I love girls night out.

Your cock fits inside me like a glove, and I can’t stop thinking about cumming all over your cock, and have your warm cum all over me as well.

Wait up for me, I will be there soon, and give you the most intense orgasm ever.

I need you now.



Written By: Aimee
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You Need Me

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I love when a guy needs me. The kind of need that can’t wait a moment longer.

I was suppose to hear from him when he was done with work, but he couldn’t hold off. He said I was on his mind all morning long, and thinking about the sound of my voice, made his cock pulsate in his pants. I think it’s so hot when a guy calls me from work. He said he can’t concentrate or get anything accomplished until he’s had his Aimee fix.

He made it all the way to his lunch break, and called me from his car. His cock responds to my voice and nothing else matters at that moment but us. I know we don’t have a long time so I am going to make every minute as hot and sensual as I possibly can.

I tell him how badly I want to suck every inch of his cock. Between the combination of my voice, and the visual of me leaned over from the passenger seat with my ass up in the air, makes him cum hard.

The thought that you’re in your car and there is a chance someone would see you but you have no concern about that, only wanting to talk to me, gets me incredibly fucking hot.

You need me, and I’m here for you anytime you need it.


Written By: Aimee
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Will I Let You Cum?

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AimeeNothing and I mean nothing is hotter than teasing a man until he is quivering with every touch of my fingers, I just love stroking, touching, rubbing and squeezing a cock until it is literally throbbing in my hand. I feel such a sense of power, knowing that I am in total control of your orgasm. I can bring him right to the edge and then stop; leaving him breathless and begging for more. I can bring him back to the very brink of bliss and then deny him the pleasure of release.

Will I let you cum? Maybe….  

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Aimee

AimeeWritten By: Aimee
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