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Perfect Natural Tits

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  It’s not too common these days to find a girl with all natural, perfect tits. I love showing them off and teasing your cock with my beautiful tits every chance I can get.

Imagine your hot cum load dripping off from them! I love when a guy comes all over my perfectly, teen tits. I rub the cum all over my nipples and pitch them hard, I even scoop some onto my finger and slip my finger in my mouth and savor the yumminess.

Right now you’re sitting there with a throbbing cock just visualizing those perfect tits in front of your face. Your tongue wants to reach out and lick my hard nipples.

Imagine how they would look bouncing up and down as I am fucking you? The more you keep looking at my tits and body, the more your cock is eagerly wanting to slide in-between them.

Don’t fight the urge any longer and come play with my perfect and all natural titties!



Written By: Devon
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Titty Fucking

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 What can I say? Everyone loves my big, gorgeous tits. I love the way guys look at me when I arrive in a room. One of my favorite things is getting my tits fucked. It’s erotic and a sensual feeling having that thick cock slide in between my huge, glorious breasts. It turns me on even more when I get to feel a hot, sticky load of cum all over them.

Don’t forget they’re perfect for sucking and licking too. Nothing gets me off like having my nipples played with while getting my hot pussy rubbed.

I can’t wait to listen to you stroke your hard cock while I play with my big tits.


Written By: Pamela
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Morning Coffee

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       I was running so late this morning that I didn’t have time to take care of personal matters. I wasn’t but a few minutes into my Starbucks Carmel Frapp, when I knew my tummy was brewing.  I do love that feeling. The problem was I love to play with my clit while pooping, but I was at Starbucks. I felt like both ends needed attention.

                 I ran to the restroom, and noticed a bit of brown when I pulled down my panties. Now, I was really getting horny. My panties smelled so fucking good. Maybe if I smear a bit of the smelly, warm brown stuff on my nipples. Oh, that fucking feels so good. 

There’s a knock at the restroom door. He asks me if I could possibly hurry. I wonder if he can smell my pussy and ass? Should I? I tell him, the door isn’t locked. 


WritteDelaneyn By: Delaney
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Peeping Tom

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I’ve been hearing strange noises outside of my home for months. That, and the weird feeling that I’m being watched. Usually, it happens at night, but I’ve also noticed it during the day a few times. The thing is, voyeurism turns me on.

I was soaking up some Florida sunshine by my pool this afternoon. I’m laying there in my little pink bikini, enjoying the heat on my body when I heard a noise. I opened my eyes and followed the sound and finally saw him, my peeping tom. He was at the corner of my privacy fence, and he was looking through the slats.

 I didn’t want him to know I knew he was there. I decided to make this worthwhile for him. I untied my bikini top and let it fall off. I ran my hands slowly over my big breasts. The slight breeze was making my nipples hard. I rolled them between my fingers and then I slid my hands down my stomach, and untied the strings on the sides of my bikini bottoms. I slid my right hand down to my pussy while my left hand went back up to my hard nipples. I started rubbing little circles on my clit, spreading my legs wider.

My peeping tom grunted on the other side of the fence.
I pulled my sunglasses down a little and let him see my eyes as I began cumming.



Written By: Victoria
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Use My Hot Body

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Nothing excites me more than a hot, nasty fuck. I want heavy breathing, our hands running feverishly over each others bodies. We’re telling each other exactly how we want to be fucked, and using our naked bodies to excite and please each other.

I can’t wait to feel your fingers pinching my stiff nipples, while telling me what a dirty whore I am. My body will be writhing in anticipation of having your rock hard cock inside my sweet, wet pussy.

I want you to use my hot, tight body for your pleasure. My ass craves the feeling of a stiff shaft being crammed deep inside. You’ll see me begin to get so nasty and wild as my pussy squirts while your banging my tight ass.

Something else that really excites me are cum showers all over my body. I want you to milk every hot, sticky drop of your cum all over me. I want you to watch me rub my cum covered body while I suck the remaining jizz from the tip of your still throbbing cock.



Written By: Andrea
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Nipple Stimulation

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As you can see, my breasts receive a lot of attention. I love finding the sexiest, tightest shirts; making sure my tits are on full display for your viewing pleasure.

My fingers always play with my nipples while I’m masturbating. Of course, it’s not the same as when someone else is stimulating my nipples by rubbing, biting, kissing, and licking. My pussy drips the hardest when I am getting my pussy pumped while my nipples are being pulled.

One of my fantasies is having full, lactating tits and feeding them to you as I am riding your cock. I think that’s so incredibly hot.

I know some men enjoy their nipples played with as well and I am always willing to please. You would defiantly enjoy my lips and tongue swirling around your nipples as I am riding you.

If you would enjoy some nipple stimulation with a sexy, single, big breasted blonde; I am waiting for you.


Written By: Aimee
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Open Up

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          Open can mean so many things. Open the door, being more open to sexuality, open your mouth, and open to what else I wonder. It seems to me that as a man gets older, he’s open to so many more things. How about you?  Maybe for you, all you can think of is opening your mouth and sucking the perfect nipples of my DD’s tits. I see I have much work to do.

        You arrive for our date. After our conversation, you’re a bit nervous, and very excited. What could I have planned? You can see I’m not really dressed for going out. The lights are low, Martinis in the pitcher, and Billie Holiday is on the turntable.  We chat, dance, and drink a little. The mood is perfect.

I take you into my bedroom and tell you to do a slow strip for me. When you’re done to my liking, I push you down on my bed. I stroke your arm with my soft hand and you feel the restraints around your wrists. 

I own you, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet; and anything in between!


TiffanyWritten By: Tiffany
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You Deserve a Hot Girl

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I went to my favorite beach today. I saw you there hanging out with your friends. It looks like you have a girlfriend, but that doesn’t stop me from checking you out. You are hot!

I want you for myself tonight. Your girl is cute, but she looks like she might be one of the frigid girls that doesn’t know how to give an excellent blow job. She doesn’t look very open-minded. You’re here at the beach and you deserve a girl that will blow your mind and rock your world.

I distract you away from your girlfriend and seduce you with my hard nipples and sexy smile. We slip away and I get you naked. I rub my hard nipples all over your chest, and then your cock and balls. I give you the most amazing blowjob that you’ve ever had. We kiss and fuck all night long.

You deserve a hot girl like me to give you one sexy passionate fun night.


IsabelleWritten By: Isabelle
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My Little Pain Slut

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It’s Friday! Time for your weekly Cock and Ball Torture Session.

I’m feeling horribly wicked today, so be prepared to have yourself pushed beyond your limits tonight.

Go get ready for our session. Present your naked ass to me! Do not keep me waiting! Have your toys ready and your balls tied for me! Make sure they’re tied tight or suffer the consequences.

My nipple clamps are ready to inflict pain to your nipples. I know how it makes your cock ache when I abuse your nipples.

I purchased a new cane. Last session, I broke it on your ass cheeks. My cane doesn’t make much noise so it doesn’t drown out your groans as each sharp thrash strikes your flesh.

You beg for mercy when I slap the tops of your thighs. It makes you truly feel submissive when you beg and the cane leaves bright pink stripes on your skin.

Once I beat and abuse you into a deep submissive state, I focus on your cock and balls. You stand with your hands bound behind your back and your legs secured with a spreader bar. I make your cock hard with a few licks and a little tickle to your tied balls. First pleasure, then pain!

That first crack of the ruler against your hard cock. Ten Spanks, each one is a little harder than the previous one. You’re in a state of limbo. You’re in that grey area of pain vs. pleasure. You whine and moan. You’re experiencing both ecstasy and agony at the exact same time. You don’t know if you’re pleading for mercy or for more torture.

Finally, after a long session of edging, I allow you to have one fantastic orgasm for me. You’re always such a good little pain slut for me.


KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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Titty Fuck Me

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I catch you staring at my chest again! You can’t seem to keep your eyes off “the girls.” I know they’re big and luscious. I can see you get very excited when I dress to show them off.

Let’s have some fun!

I know you want my big naked tits in your face! Lick those soft ultra-sensitive nipples. Softly caress them with your fingers.  Look how my nipples grow and respond to your gentle touch. I shiver!  My pussy is throbbing and dripping when you touch me like this. I can see you’re rock hard.

After I lick your cock, I rub your cock all over my breasts, and rub the head of your cock all over my erect nipples. We both exhale and let out little moans.

I grab your cock and place it between my tits. I push my breasts together.

Ok, baby…titty fuck me!



Written By: AvaAva
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Dark Desires

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You need it hard.

You’re not interested in a sexy encounter where I have my way with you.

You want deep, dark hardcore humiliation, pain, and degradation. You’re welcome in my dungeon. I have all sorts of nasty pleasures available for you. I break you down. I train you and beat you.

I give you the special gift of a golden shower to mark my territory. I know you need hardcore domination. I strike your balls, cock, and your ass! You cry out, beg for mercy. I spit in your open mouth. I bind your balls and squeeze them with my very strong hands. I twist and pull. I call you names. I make you feel small, but you love the attention and the pain.

More cock and ball torture. Maybe hot wax, icy hot and ice cubes up your ass. Possibly strategically placed safety pins, and nipple clamps to inflict just the right kind of pain. You might get a strap-on or my fist right up your ass.

You need pain. It is good for you. You feel no one understands this need, but I do understand you.

We explore the BDSM road together. It’s a journey. Take my hand, place your trust in me, for I know what you need. I will test and push your limits. I’ll take you out of your comfort zone. I know what’s good for you.

You find freedom from your troubles and you experience a release that no one outside the BDSM world would understand.

No worries, my little worm, I fully understand you and your needs.

My humbler is ready for you!



KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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Itty Bitty Titty Committee

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Yes, I am a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee! I have the most hottest 32 A’s you’ll ever see! My small tits are so cute and suckable. My nipples are really sensitive and I go crazy when my erect nipples are being teased and sucked.

Too bad you weren’t at the pool party I went to last weekend. All the guys were drawn to my tight, wet bikini sticking to my body when I got out of the pool.

I especially love the attention I get from the dad’s and couches when I’m at my gymnastics meets. I notice all eyes on me when they see my little eraser nipples poke out of my gymnastics leotard.

I love to tease older guys by wearing the smallest, revealing shirts I can find in the little girls section of my favorite store.

I know that men can’t have something so cute and young at home, so that’s why I’m here for you!

If you’re looking for a small, titty teen that isn’t shy in any way, I am here for all your young girl fantasies.



Baby BrittWritten By: Baby Britt
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In The Moment

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We are in your backyard on a beautiful afternoon. We are kissing so passionately. Your phone rings. You have to answer. It is your office calling you. You take the call inside the house.

I turn up the volume on a sexy song from our playlist. I lie back and lift up my short skirt. I hear your voice from inside the house. I love your voice. The sun warms me; however, the thought of you fucking me really heats me up.

I close my eyes. I feel so good. I slip my panties to the side. I sing some of the lyrics. I let the music take me to a magical spot where time and space no longer exist. Just you and me, in this moment. I pull my breast out and massage my nipple. I give it a little lick. I continue to rub. My pussy aches for attention. My fingers slip inside.

I fantasize you are inside of me. Your thick, beautiful cock making love, fucking me. I let out a groan of bitter disappointment. My pussy is greedy. I wish my fingers were as long as your cock. I take off my panties and lift my hips. I need to go deeper inside of my pussy.

I really start working on my pussy. I ache for an orgasm. I am so close.  I bite my bottom lip and thrust my hips into the air. I plunge my fingers inside. “Fuck me,” I whisper out loud with no one to hear. I am so wet and warm. My juices drip down into you chair, but I don’t care.

You look out your window and watch me masturbating. You quickly wrap up your call and you slowly walk towards me. I don’t know that you have finished your call. Since my eyes are closed, I don’t see you standing there watching and stroking your cock.

I open my eyes when I cum. I should be embarrassed that you caught me playing, but I am still so hot. My eyes beg and plead for you to fuck me.

You walk up to me and kiss me. You pin my arms over my head. You slide on top of me. You suck on my nipples. I let out such a loud moan. I love the way you do that. You slide your cock into me and fuck me.

I will remember this moment forever.


SkylarWritten By: Skylar
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Fucking Miss Angie’s Tits

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Darling, don’t you just love a nice pair of tits to play with? I know I love a thick cock sliding in between my big breasts. My nipples get so hard when I feel a throbbing mushroom tip teasing them. I’ve got the perfect pair for your pleasure. You’ll love how firm, squeezable, and suckable they are for a mature woman.

Can you imagine how my breasts would feel pressing against your engorged cock? I know exactly how to work my tits so it feels amazing along your long shaft. 

How about your hot, thick cum load on them? I bet you’d enjoy watching me lick it all off. That’s what I love about having big tits, I get to lick all the sticky cum right off of them.

Don’t keep Miss Angie waiting a moment longer, my tits need a cum bath.


Written By: Miss Angie
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I Have The Perfect Place For Your Cum

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Through out the day, I always find myself playing with my big tits. They’re so full and soft and my sensitive nipples get so hard. I could just lay in bed and play with them all day, but I would much rather have someone join me.

Feeling those strong, manly hands cupping my tits and squeezing them would be heaven. My nipples would start to pucker and harden. Take them in your mouth and suck them– HARD. Ahhh. That would feel so amazing. You don’t have to be gentle. You can use your teeth. Take one and tug on it a little. Mmmmm. Just a little pain with my pleasure.

Now, take that oil on the night stand and pour it on my tits. Make them nice and slick, then give me a hot titty fuck. Your hard cock will slip and slide right between them. I’ll push them together for you and make a tight little glove for your dick. Pump them good. I’ll make sure my tongue is there to caress the shiny head that pops out from the top.

When you can’t take it anymore, coat my perfect boobs with your sticky cum. Feeling that warm jizz hit my skin makes my pussy soak my panties. It’s been far too long since my tits got the attention that they deserve. Don’t make me do it all by myself.


AnnaWritten By: Anna
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She Needs To Go

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You work hard all goddamn week. While you’re earning an honest living, she is out spending your money. Nothing for you, of course. She spends it on herself, and buy things that she doesn’t need.

She deprives you of sex. She always tired, or has a headache. It must be from all the shopping that gets her in this mood.

Aren’t you sick of this shit EVERY FUCKING DAY?

2020 was a shitty year and this year isn’t looking much better for you.

This person who treats you like total dog shit needs to go. I’m not talking about divorce. You and I, and your lawyer knows she will take you to the cleaners. This will financially ruin you. Do you want to work harder just to give it all to her? I didn’t think so.

I’m here to ease your mind. The only thing you have to think about is do you want her to die a slow and painful death, or do you want it done quick and painless?If you want my opinion, she should be tortured for hours before the initial death.

I would strap her to a chair, suck on her nipples to get them pointy and hard, take my freshly sharpen knife, and cut her nipples off. While she is bleeding and screaming, I will destroy all her expensive clothes and shoes she has bought with your money. I want her to see all her prize possessions be ruined before I slice her cunt lips off.

Oh, how I get so fucking excited about this.


MaddoxWritten By: Maddox
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Deepest Desires

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I am laying in my bed alone. Waiting for the time to pass, I am thinking of you. Right now you’re just a figment on my imagination. The long talks on the phone, the hours spent online together.

As I lay in bed thinking of when I will get to talk to you next, my mind wanders into the unknown, wondering what you feel like, taste like, smell like, it gets me very excited because I know what you sound like, and what you look like.

My mind wanders to those long phone calls where we pleasure each other by sound and mental emotion. I sigh with longing as I run my hands down over my chest and stomach, and back up again lifting my shirt as I go. I trace my fingers leaving a tingling sensation all over my chest. I close my eyes and daydream it’s you doing this to me. I get the chills of the power of thought you have over me. I let my fingers run over my left nipple which gets erect instantly.

As I think it’s your hands, I follow a path across to my right nipple and do the same, now each of my nipples are rock hard. I pinch and squeeze my right nipple bringing a wetness and heat inside of me, leaving me aching for more.

With my eyes closed, I bite my bottom lip, moaning and screaming deep inside how I wish it was you playing with my nipples making me feel this good.

I lean over and get the candle I had lit earlier it’s scent of lavender permeates the air. I bring the candle just over my chest and slowly let it drip onto my left nipple, feeling the shock of the heat I scream out. God it feels so good, wanting more I do the same to my right nipple. I get even more excited then I was before, as I know what me doing this does to you. I can hear your breathing in my head, the sounds of you getting excited and hard as a rock. It makes me want you so badly.


Written By: Adrianna
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Midnight Motorcycle Ride

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Last night I decided on a midnight ride on my motorcycle out of the city. The day had been so warm so I decided not to wear my jacket.

As I crossed the city limits, I noticed there was hardly anyone on the roads. Usually I’d pass a few cars even out this far. The air was colder than I had realized but it felt amazing. The wind whipping through my dark hair, the cold hardening my nipples under my thin shirt. The bikes power rumbling between my thighs. I started to get so aroused. I couldn’t help but take my hand from the handlebar and place it on my left breast. I slipped my hand under my shirt to my bra, pushing it up to feel my rock hard nipple under my palm. I moaned into the wind as I pushed the throttle forward. Hearing the bike roar as it gained speed.

I heard another motorcycle speeding towards me. I froze my hand on my chest as another biker pulled up beside me and kept pace. He looked me up and down; hand under my shirt and smiled. I smiled back. He must have liked what he saw because he revved his bike at me.

I decided to get a little dangerous. Slipping my hand back out I took my shirt completely off and smiled big as I saw his eyes widen. I used my left hand to ease my bra off both tits and let them fly loose. They bounced in the fast wind and it stung like little pellets across them but it felt so amazing! I began to rub, massage and pinch them moaning louder and louder. Looking over at my riding partner, I see him rubbing a hole right through his pants and licking his lips. He motions for me to pull over. I laugh and throw my bike into high gear and take off. Not today, babe!



Written By: Destiny St. Claire
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Bewitched, Bothered, and….

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  You are mine. You belong to me, and I own every part of you.  Your sexy mouth is perfect for kissing and sucking. Your nipples are mine to lick, suck and bite. Your fine muscled ass cheeks are so very biteable. Your balls need my firm hand, teeth, and  pointed red glossy fingernails. Your tight pucker is just waiting for my tongue and my sexy girl cock.

For me, all of October is Halloween. Why celebrate one day when you can party for 31?

I’m out with the girls at my favorite club. I give you instructions while you wait for me. I arrive home and find you on our bed. You’re nude, smooth and anxiously waiting for me. You slowly remove my clothes, then you service my very wet pink pussy for hours. Your lips taste like my sweet juices.

My hands glide up your arm as I restrain you to our bed. You’re helpless and all mine. Your balls are tender from my lips, teeth and fingernails. Your nipples are sore from my biting. You’re begging me to let you feel my tongue and then my girl cock. You’re on your back with your legs up, our eyes locked on one another.

31 days of Halloween. What will we do for the other 30 days and nights?



TiffanyWritten By: Tiffany
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Naughty Babysitter Teaches Your Daughter To Play

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 Tax season is a hectic time of year for you. I have been doing a lot of extra babysitting for your daughter. I bet that I have spent more time with her than you. She is a very tender age where she is becoming very curious about things.

After I picked her up from school the other day, while driving her home, she asked me what it was like to have boobs. I turned up the song that was playing and taught her some of the dirty lyrics.

I made her dinner, and we sat down at the table together. She asked me again about my boobs. I told her she could have ice cream if she stopped asking about them. The bratty girl, too smart for her own good, said that if she could see my tits, she would stop asking. I told her to go to her room and do her homework. You sent me a text informing me that it was going to be another late night. 

I helped her with her math homework and told her it was bedtime. She said she was not going to bed until I showed her my tits and let her touch them. She is such a tenacious creature!  I do what you always do. I gave in to her request. Once she was ready for bed, I took off my shirt and let her play with my tits. I confess, her touching them got me turned on. After she fell asleep, I went into your bedroom and fingered myself next to your sleeping daughter.

Well, I thought she was asleep, but her eyes popped open, and she saw me. She asked me to show her how to do that. I knew she would never go to sleep until I did. I taught her where to rub on her tiny clit and inside her pussy. After her first little orgasm, she drifted off to a peaceful sleep. I’m curious to know what other things I have taught her? 


ChrissyWritten By: Chrissy
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