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My Sexy Secret

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     I have a secret! I have a much older neighbor and I have a thing for him. He is tall, muscled and sexy! I always look for him on the way to school and church. I decided that this Valentine’s Day I will knock on his door and talk to him. I am told not to bother my neighbors, but I don’t think seeing my cute little face and a plate of yummy heart shaped cookies is bothering him. 

Today when I was coming home from school, I saw him washing his car. I decided why wait for Valentines Day, so I walked right up to him and introduced myself.  He was so cool and even invited me in for a cold drink. 

After gulping down my drink, I got super sleepy. I was about to go home when I got dizzy too. He was so nice! He told me to go lay down on his bed and take a nap if I wanted. His bed was so cozy, and I fell asleep.

I was having the naughtiest dream. In my dream, he was in bed with me and he had on no clothes. His big, grown cock was so hard, and he was looking at me. I felt a little cold, and I realized that all my clothes were off! What a silly, dirty dream I was having.

I was starting to think I wasn’t asleep at all.  Clearly the sweet older man was trying to fuck me. I told him this was a bad time of the month, and he better wear a condom if he wanted to fuck me. I mean I was a virgin, but all my friends said the first time should be with a much older man. He smiled and just kept on licking my dripping wet pussy. “But, but I don’t want to get knocked-up,” I told him over and over. He just licked me more.  I was so excited that I couldn’t argue with him anymore. Maybe I just really want to have a baby!


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The Devil Made You Do It

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  Looking at my picture, all you can think about is running your hands up my warm, smooth legs. Giving me gentle kisses all over my cheeks, and letting your hands roam over my ass. I can feel you giving my cheeks a firm squeeze with your hands.

Is your cock hard yet?

 I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’ve been really horny today. So turned on that I can feel my wetness on my panties. Feeling my soaked thong against my pussy lips makes me want to do very dirty things to you.

  I want you to take your tongue and lick my sweet juices off my black thong. After every inch of my panties is sucked dry, pull my thong to the side and my ass is yours. You have been drooling at my perfect ass for years now, it’s now time to suck, lick and repeat. 

Worshiping my pussy and ass is just for starters. I’m the devil today and I’ll be having you do things you never thought you would do. 


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Little Sister

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I’ve been noticing my little phone sex sister lately. She’s blossoming into a beautiful girl. Over the past 6 months, her tits have become bigger and her ass is more plump. She’s been borrowing my clothes a lot lately and I noticed the guys are checking her out more. I was the only one who got all of the attention, but now she is, and she is loving it.

She’s like a younger version of me and I’m totally attracted to her. She’s beautiful, and with her body becoming more of a woman now, I want her first orgasm to be with me. I would love to taste her young pussy juice and feel her squirt into my mouth.

This Saturday I’m going to a party and I think I will bring her along. I will let her experience what it is like to get tipsy and flirt with hot guys. At the end of the night, I will bring her home and make her feel like a real woman. After all, I am her big sister and should help her any way I can.


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Maid Of Honor

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When my girlfriend asked me to be maid of honor at her wedding, I was super excited. I took it seriously and made sure I did all my maid of honor job duties. I even planned and executed a once in a lifetime bacherlorette party.

When the big day arrived, I can tell my friend was not herself. She seemed like she was having a panic attack and was very flustered. I knew she wasn’t backing out of the wedding but she couldn’t walk down the isle in the mental state she was in. I went and got her a cocktail, thinking that would take the edge off. She chugged the whole glass and asked me to get another one. I didn’t want her wasted on her special day so I told her it wasn’t a good idea.

As time was getting closer, she still wasn’t ready to walk down the isle. I had asked everyone in the room to leave so her and I could just talk. I told her I have an idea that she may or may not accept.

I explained to her when I am most relaxed is when I have an orgasm. She agreed with me. I leaned over and gave her a kiss, not a friendly peck but a hot, french kiss. I worked my hand under her wedding dress and started rubbing her clit on the outside of her silk panties. I could feel her panties starting to get wet so I moved them to the side and slid my finger in and out. I got down on my knees and buried my head under her wedding dress, and  starting sucking her clit while finger fucking her. At this point, she was defiantly starting to relax.

I worked my tongue in and out of her dripping pussy, and she squirted hard all over my tongue. She said she never squirted before. I joked with her and said I will have to share my technique with your new husband.

It was just what she needed because after her incredible orgasm,  she was ready to get married. After all, I am maid of honor and I had to what needed to be done, and I loved every second of it.



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Me First

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I’m a generous woman and I love to give, but sometimes it needs to be about me first. I know your cock is already hard and throbbing, but before I take it I want you to get my pussy ready to receive it. I’m going to put my pretty pussy right there on your mouth. Stick out your tongue and let me grind my clit into it. I can’t describe how amazing a wet tongue swirling around the folds of my aching cunt feels. I want to feel your tongue sink deep inside of me. I want you to tell me how good my pussy smells and how sweet my juices taste. I want you to hold my body down as I’m cumming and open your mouth wide to swallow it all in. When I’m on my back catching my breath, mount me. It’s your turn to tell me what you want.


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Do You Want To Lick Me?

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I need a hot guy who craves foreplay as much as me. Don’t you want to pull my panties down and lick the hot girl next door’s pussy? I bet you could spend hours between my thighs and never want to come up for air. Take the tip of your tongue and tease my clit. Make me shiver and quiver, bite my bottom lip, trying not to cum too soon. 

Then nibbling on my outer pussy lips and tasting those heavenly juices dripping on your tongue. Loving every pleasurable and intimate moment between us. I become so slippery and wet, and your cock becomes hard. You lick me until I cum in your mouth. 

Now it is my turn, so let me pleasure your cock with my mouth. I start with my tongue and lick across your big mushroom head. Soon there is pre-cum oozing out the tip. Fuck! You have such a big cock! I want it and need it. Feel my tongue licking up and down the underside of your shaft. I finger my pussy while I suck your cock. My eyes look up in your eyes. Push my head down and thrust deep into my mouth while I deep throat your cock. Fuck my mouth and feed me your tasty cum! 

Your Hot Girlfriend,



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MILF & Cookies

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I am very excited to see you every day after school. I know how you admire your phone sex Mommy when she dresses very sexy so I make sure I would be wearing a low cut blouse that shows off my big, succulent breasts. You can’t fool Mommy, I know your attention goes straight to my chest when I’m talking to you. When you’ve been a good boy (most of the time) Mommy likes to bake your favorite cookies so they’re hot and fresh when you get home.

I have you sit down and I put a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies in front of you. I stand behind you while you’re seated at the kitchen table and give you a big hug and you can feel my hot breath in your ear telling you I’ve been thinking about you all day. While you’re enjoying the goodness in your mouth, I gently give you a shoulder massage and stroke your hair.

Once you’re all done with my delicious cookies, Mommy explains that we’ve ran out of milk! No worries dear, I have something else in mind to wash all those cookie crumbs down your throat. Mommy slides down her skirt and panties, moves the empty plate to the kitchen sink, and sits on the table right in front of you with legs spread eagle.

Enjoy sweetheart! Mommy’s pussy is so wet and creamy because I’ve been masturbating all day, waiting for you to come home.

What could be better than MILF and cookies?


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Pretty Kitty

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I wanted to look extra cute for my valentine, so I decided to steal some of my mommy’s sexy panties. He sees me in my white cotton panties all the time, but I wanted to have an extra pretty pussy this year. I picked out some lacy red panties and tried them on. I looked so sexy in them. I snuck in my room and modeled them in front of the mirror. I giggled as I stuck my ass out and posed like I was posing for him. He’s going to love it. I just need one more little surprise. I locked myself in the bathroom and ran a hot bath. I took the shaving cream and made a lather on my pussy. I slowly shaved all of the soft baby hair from my cunt. It’s such a pretty little kitty now! He won’t be able to keep his hands, mouth and tongue off of it!



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Morning Sex

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I love waking up to a man between my legs, slurping on my sweet, wet pussy. I’m in that half dream/ half awake state and I’m not sure if it’s real of not, but I don’t care. Then I hear the moans and feel his hands creep up to cup my tits and give them a hard squeeze. He starts kissing up my body and I can feel his hard cock pressing against my sensitive clit. I open my legs and he presses in deeply. Once inside, he starts fucking me hard and fast. I fist my hands in the sheets and wrap my legs around his waist. It feels so fucking good.

After it’s over, I’m wide awake and ready to start the day… but my body convinces me to stay in bed for a little while longer.


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Phone Sex Candy

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I haven’t met any boy who doesn’t like candy. Especially really tasty candy like Mommy Lizette’s sweet pussy. One long lick up my slit and your tongue is completely addicted. It’s like finding a really good piece of candy, you can’t just have one, can you baby? You need more and more.

I know my little man is hungry after a busy day at school. As soon as you walk through the door, you will hear Mommy Lizette succulent but eager voice calling for you to come to her bedroom. When you walk in, my legs are spread, and pussy lips are parted with my fingers. I tell you to come over to the bed and get between my legs as I guide your head right where Mommy wants it. 

Most Mommy’s would frown upon too much candy, but when it comes to my sweetness, you can indulge as much as you want. Ready for your sugar rush, baby? Dive in and taste all my sweet creaminess.



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Hot Couple Fucks Their Babysitter

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This summer I am babysitting for a nice couple during the day while they are at work. It is a fun job, and one Sunday afternoon things got really fun. 

The wife sent me a text and asked if I could drop everything and come over. I wasn’t really doing anything but surfing the net. I sent a text back and said I would there in the hour. Took a quick shower, got dressed and drove over to their place.

When I got there, the kids were visiting Grandma for the weekend. I was very confused until the wife kissed me and grabbed my cute tits. Ohhh!  She undressed me and set me on the dining room table. While her husband stroked his cock, she leaned in and licked my pussy. He fucked her first. He fucked her from behind while she was eating my pussy and licking my clit. She put a finger in me right before she was ready to cum on his cock. The wife told her husband how tight I was. That made him crazy. He pulled his cock out his wife, and then he fucked me with his dirty dick. Oh, he was so big. Want to know what happened next? Got to call me!

Your Little Tease,



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Show You My New Bikini Wax

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You and I spend the day at the beach. I wore my new red bikini. You and every other man have been staring at my tits all day! 

It was a perfect day! We had so much fun hanging with your friends. We played beach volleyball and laid on the blanket. I had the most nonsensical but erotic images in my dreams as I slept after our swim. 

You bring me back to your place tonight for dinner.  Before we take a shower together, I peel down my bikini bottom to show you something. I show you my tan lines from the sun, but as I pull down my bottom, I show you my new Brazilian Bikini wax.  Go ahead, and run your hand over my mound, so smooth and silky feeling.  Your eyes get big, and so does your cock. I put my hand on your cock, and it jumps, and we both giggle with excitement. We are both so turned on for each other. 

We get into the shower, and you go down on me and make me cum in your face. 

Your Smooth and Sexy Girlfriend,



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Tongues Only

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I’m in the mood to cum and I’m also feeling very selfish today. I want it to be all about me and I need a man that’s oral. Verrrry Oral. I want to be on my back with my legs spread and have a man bury his face between my thighs. No fingers, no toys and no cock. I just want to feel your tongue moving in and out, to feel it lapping up my sweet juices and flicking my clit.

I don’t even want you stroking your cock. This is about making me feel good. Lick and suck my pussy until my legs are trembling and my back is arching. And then I want it again and again. I know how sweet my pussy is. It’s an addiction and I want you to eat it like you’re starving for it. I want to cum until I can’t cum anymore. The better you do, the more generous I’ll be when it’s your turn to be satisfied 😉


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The Hottest Dream

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lizetteI had the most incredible dream last night.  It all started with me walking into my house after a long day at work, and there is a man sitting on my front porch.  I do not know him, but I feel fine that he is there.  He has a warm smile and I welcome him into my house.  I go into the kitchen to get us a drink and as I reach for a bottle of wine, I feel his hands on my hips and his lips at my neck. I stepped back into him and could not help but notice the feeling of his throbbing cock against my ass. This man was turning me on in such subtle ways and the excitement grew with each touch of his hands and lips. He lifted me up onto the edge of the kitchen table and forced his way between my thighs, raising my skirt up, as he tore open my blouse making the buttons fly around the room. In seconds, his lips locked onto one of my nipples and I felt a surge of wetness between my legs. I started to grind my pussy against him in the hopes he would take out his cock and fuck me.

He tore my panties off and buried his face in my muff, slurping at my clit as he sucked it between his lips.  I cried out in ecstasy as an amazing orgasm blasted through my body. I was breathless and sweating and wanted more!  He sifted my ass to the edge of the table and took out his cock.  It was hard and throbbing and the veins standing out on it seemed to pulse. I begged him for it! Wrapping my legs round him, I pulled him into me, balls deep and shuttered from head to toe at the invasion.  He pumped into me like a wild man as I came over and over on his cock.

As I opened my eyes, I noticed that I was panting and my thighs were wet.  The man in my dream…..was it you?


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Fantasizing Phone Sex

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The life of a lonely single Mom like me is filled with so many kinky fantasies. I lie in bed at night and think about all the wild and crazy things I could be doing if only I had a man to help me out. I have these gorgeous breasts that are just begging to be squeezed with hard nipples yearning to be sucked and nipped. 

I would love for you to take your big hard cock and slide it between them; my breasts were made for titty fucking. Then let me crawl up on your face so you can slide your tongue into my aching, dripping pussy that needs so much attention. I can just imagine how good it would feel to have your tongue wrapped around my throbbing clit.

I fantasize about a man bending me over my bed and taking my ass. I love to get kinky with my vibrators and dildos. Maybe we could bring in another girl so I could lick her pussy while you fuck me. Perhaps, you would like for me to tie you up and have my way with you? I can be devilishly dominant and bend you to follow my every command. Come fantasize with me.



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Most Important Meal Of The Day

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They say that the most important meal of your day is breakfast and I couldn’t agree more. Nothing like waking up and diving head first between a silky pair of thighs. Men get morning wood and women get morning wetness. I think they both need to be addressed in the morning but you should never let a wet pussy wait for too long. It’s like making eggs and leaving them sit while you’re getting ready for the day. This is something that has to eaten right away and so is my dripping, wet clit. My nectar is so sweet and creamy it needs to be devoured by a strong, lasting tongue.

Are you ready to have the most satisfying breakfast you’ve ever had? This pussy buffet is open 24 hours for your licking pleasure.

Who’s hungry?


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Girl Fun with Makaylah

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My boyfriend really out did himself this Valentine’s Day but it just didn’t seem like it was enough for me. I guess you can say I kinda had a little date last night. It wasn’t with my boyfriend but it was with one of my girlfriends. We’ve really grown close the past year. Everything about her is beautiful and she is extremely naughty and kinky. Since we became friends, I could always feel that physical attraction. My boyfriend is so vanilla. I think that’s why she’s always caught my attention. 

She stopped by to drop off a late Valentine’s gift to me. We sat and chatted but this time was different. She was looking at me in a way she’s never looked at me before. She scooted a little closer to me and slid her hand between my legs. I was so turned on, I couldn’t believe this was happening between us. We embraced in a deep passionate kiss while our hands explored each others bodies. 


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Yummy Teen Pussy Phone Sex

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beckyI’ve been playing with my neighbor a lot lately. He’s so much fun and horny all the time! As soon as his wife leaves, he’s calling me to come over. The best part about fucking him is how much he loves my pussy. He can lick and suck it for hours. Sometimes he doesn’t even make me cum with his cock. He just lays me back on the bed and starts kissing all around my clit. Then he gives it these long wet licks. OMG. It feels so good! He licks it like he’s licking an ice cream cone and moans like it tastes twice as good. He tells me that my teen cunt is the sweetest thing he’s ever tasted. He dips his tongue in and out and makes me cum all over his face. Even then it’s not enough. He takes his time and strokes his cock while he’s lapping up my sweet cream. I lose count of how many times he gets me off with his mouth. I never knew how much fun having all the attention on me could be!

BeckyWritten By: Little Becky
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Just For Fun

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bambiI was in the mood for a little fun, so I decided to find a fuck buddy for the night. I went out to my favorite local bar and started looking for the lucky man. It was sort of a dud night. None of the guys really did anything for me. I was starting to give up when I saw a pretty little thing sitting at the bar. It was obvious that she didn’t belong there and had probably been drugged there.

I went over to her and struck up a conversation. She was so sweet and innocent. It really got me going. I was really friendly with her and talked her into coming home with me for a drink. As the wine started to flow, she loosened up a little. I decided to make my move. My hand went under her short skirt and I started kissing her. She was a little nervous at first, but soon she was melting underneath my body.

I quickly undressed her and myself and my tits were rubbing against hers. Her little whimpers made me wet and I started licking down her stomach. Her pussy was so wet and sweet! Her body started shaking with each stroke of my tongue. I pushed her legs back and started ramming my tongue in and out of her delicious cunt. She was gasping now and begging for something she didn’t even know about. I inserted 2 fingers and started sucking her clit hard. She started trying to push my head away but I didn’t budge. She screamed loudly as she creamed all over my fingers. I brought them to her mouth and smiled as she shyly sucked them off. I kissed her again, tasting her pussy all over her tongue. I felt her hands push on my shoulders. I rolled to my back and let her explore my body. My shy girl got aggressive and I knew I had made the right decision.


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Kinky Coed Twister

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kimmieCollege is so much fun! My roommates and I  were hanging out late one night in our apartment with the guys from upstairs. We got to joking around about silly party games. Strip Poker. Truth or Dare, 7 Minutes in Heaven and Spin the Bottle. One my roommates pulls out her old Twister board game. We all get excited and wanted to see what might happen.

With a right-hand red and left-foot yellow, the game was underway for the four of us. After a few rounds, my boobs were against a guy’s face. With another left-foot blue, my face was pressed up against the front of another guy’s pants. I could feel his cock growing. My sexy pink panties started to get wet and rubbed my nose against his pants. He let out a moan and collapsed causing every to fall but me.  

So I won! Bet you want to know what I won, right?  One hot night of naughty, naked coed fun! 

Kinky Kimmie 


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