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Mornings with Baby Britt

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My Daddy let me oversleep today on purpose. When I woke up late, he was standing over me with a big tent in his pants. He always told me that when a guys pants look like that I need to be a good girl and take care of it. My Daddy has trained me very well on what to do with a big, hard cock.

I pulled his pants down and wrapped my little hand around his big shaft. I moved my hand up and down Daddy’s cock, while he was taking my pajamas off. Daddy said, “Now be a good girl and open my legs real wide.” I love feeling him on top on me, while he pushes his cock inside my tight little pussy. It hurts, but I like to make Daddy happy.

He pumps my pussy hard until he fills my little puffy hole with his creamy cum. I love late mornings with Daddy.


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My Favorite Way To Start The Day

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We spent an amazing night together. The sex was fantastic. You’re a very talented lover. You made me cum so many times. I wake up so completely happy when I wake up with you.

Now it’s morning. The sun is shining in through the windows. It’s a new day. I wake up so aroused and wet. I can still feel your cum in me. I want you to sleep but I’m horny again for you. I feel this growing hunger, not in my stomach, but between my legs. I want you.

I slowly pull down the sheets. I want to wake you in a very special way. I crawl between your legs. My lips lightly brush your shaft. You have morning wood, and you’re still sound asleep. My mouth slides down your shaft. I start sucking your cock.

You awake to find my giving you a fantastic blowjob. I suck until you cum in my mouth. I love how you taste and feel in my mouth. That special moan you make when you cum for me is music to my ears.

It’s my favorite way to start the day!


IsabelleWritten By: Isabelle
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Morning Shower Sex

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Waking up with you is the best way to start the day. I love morning sex.

I want time to stand still and I want to fuck you here in my bed. You rip away the covers and hop out of bed. I just groan because I am not ready to start the day. I cringe at the sun and the clock. You pull me out of the bed and take my hand. We both need a shower. You turn on the hot water for us. I love shower sex.

We kiss and get each other all soapy. Something about the combination of the cold tile on my back, your thick cock pounding and thrusting into my wet pink pussy, and the water cascading over our hot naked bodies. We are joined together in an erotic embrace in the steamy shower. You fuck me until I cum.

Now it is your turn. I drop to my knees. I give you a very slow, sexy blowjob. Your cock grows and leaks pre-cum. After a very long blowjob, you give me the gift of your cum.

You make me laugh, sweat, moan, talk dirty, and cum! I love fucking you, anywhere and anytime, but something so hot about starting the day fucking you in the shower.


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Morning Shower Sex

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You took me out last night. Dinner was romantic, but your kisses made me hot for you. We spent a wonderful, amazing night together. The sex was incredible. We both came so hard together.

In the morning, I wake up next to you in your bed, but I don’t want to wake you. I brush my teeth and slip into a very hot shower.

You wake up and hear the shower running. You want to join me. At first, you just watch me touch myself. My hands are teasing my body as I think of your fingers and lips from last night.

Your cock becomes so hard. You want me as much as you did last night. You join me for very sexy morning sex in the shower!


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Mommy Shay’s Sweet Cream

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 Mommy had so much fun last night. I was up until 4am with a little party in my bedroom. I hope I wasn’t too loud.

You got up early this morning, and you were so eager to spend the day with your favorite Mommy. I was half asleep when I felt you crawl into bed next to me. I felt your hard-on against my back, but Mommy was too tired to play yet. 

Since it is my special day, I told you to bury your head between my thighs. I have a nice surprise for you. Be a good boy, and lick up all the sweet cream out of my freshly fucked pussy.

It tastes so good, doesn’t it?

I know we had plans today, but I was thinking of staying in. After you eat my delicious cream pie, I might give you something in return.



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Every Hour Is Happy Hour

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I just finished an internship where I was scheduled to work nights at one of the big Miami Beach hotels. Since the five start hotel caters to party people, providing customer service in the middle of the night is constant.

The other members of the front desk staff and I worked our asses off tending to the guests every request. We worked hard all night long. Come 7 am, when our shifts ended, one would think we would be exhausted and ready for our beds.

Feeling wired from drinking coffee and adrenaline, I needed to relax and have some fun. I wanted to get away from tourists. Although it was morning, I wanted a cocktail. Instead of breakfast, I wanted a burger and a drink. There is a little bar, close to my place, that caters to locals instead of tourists. They have a Happy Hour at 7 to 9 am with drink specials and good but cheap food.

I would go there often and pick up a hottie who was as tired, wired, and horny as me. After working and watching people party all night, I need a hot guy to fuck me hard. There did not need to be a lot of flirting and a long seduction scene. We both wanted the same thing. My pussy craved rough, hot sex.

Now my internship is over, so every hour is Happy Hour! 

Isn’t that what you want? A naughty girl like me who craves hot sex! I am a girl who never says “no” to a hot, hard cock. Are you hot and horny too?  Too much work and not enough play? Give me a call, and I will rock your world. 


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Mommy Morgan Magic Hands Phone Sex

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It is almost dawn, the alarm won’t go off another hour, but something wakes Mommy Morgan. Her son cries out, “Mommy” again. She springs out of bed, doesn’t even think of grabbing her robe, as she runs into her son’s bedroom. He turned on the light next to his bed. Mommy sits down on the bed next to him. She soothes him as she runs her fingers through his hair and tenderly caresses his face.

When Mommy asks if he had a bad dream, the boy does not know how to answer. He didn’t have a scary dream, but rather, his first erotic dream. Now Mommy sits on his bed, wearing that sexy nightie of hers. He pulls the covers up and says he has a bad tummy ache. Mommy crawls under the covers and rubs his tummy under his pajamas. The boy jumps, and Mommy feels that stiffy by mistake.

Her son is sweet and shy, and Mommy does not want to embarrass him, but she wants to soothe him. She spoons him and holds him close to her, and she sings softly in his ear. Despite all her efforts, he becomes more restless. Mommy is unaware that her perfume and big tits against his back have him very aroused and uncomfortable. His balls are full, and he becomes fussy and agitated.

Mommy pulls him closer to her, kissing his neck. She scolds him for being so jumpy. “Now close your eyes and be a good boy,” she whispers in his ear. Mommy pulls down his pajama bottoms, and her nurturing, soft hand wraps around his hard shaft. He lets out such a big moan of pleasure and relief. Mommy’s magic hands tend to him, stroking and stroking, making that pre-cum bubble out the head of that shaft. Mommy uses the slippery pre-cum as lube and strokes him harder. Her beautiful hands make him squirt cum all over!

If you enjoy Mommy/son fantasies of any kind, we should play soon!

Mommy Morgan


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Early Morning Phone Sex

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When you wake up with a big, hard cock and your girlfriend is not with you, instead of going it alone in the shower, call me. I love it when you are still in your bed and sound a little sleepy.

What if I was your girlfriend and I woke you in the sexiest way possible? Instead of that horrible, loud, unpleasant alarm jarring you from a sex dream, what if my mouth was on your cock. I wake before you, and you wake up to the sensation of my warm mouth sucking your cock. Even before you open your eyes, you utter a moan, and you rub your hand over the back of my head. You feel my soft, long dark hair brushing against your stomach and tickling your balls. Finally, when you do open your eyes, the first thing you see is my sparkling blue eyes looking up at you and my red lips around your cock. 

Have something else in mind to start the day? You and I can do the most sensual and erotic role-plays together in the early hours. Nothing is forbidden, nothing too taboo for me. 


Written By: BrookeBrooke
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Morning Sex

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I love waking up to a man between my legs, slurping on my sweet, wet pussy. I’m in that half dream/ half awake state and I’m not sure if it’s real of not, but I don’t care. Then I hear the moans and feel his hands creep up to cup my tits and give them a hard squeeze. He starts kissing up my body and I can feel his hard cock pressing against my sensitive clit. I open my legs and he presses in deeply. Once inside, he starts fucking me hard and fast. I fist my hands in the sheets and wrap my legs around his waist. It feels so fucking good.

After it’s over, I’m wide awake and ready to start the day… but my body convinces me to stay in bed for a little while longer.


RileyWritten By: Riley
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You Can’t Resist Temptation

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After hitting your snooze button a few times, you finally wake up. You reach for your phone and go through your emails. You see a bunch of junk mail and then you stumble upon an email from me. Knowing you’re running late at this point, you can’t resist.

Your eyes widen as you see an intriguing picture of yours truly. My picture has got you so aroused that you didn’t even read my email (yet). You couldn’t resist the temptation, so you pull down your boxers and stroke your hard cock.

As you’re looking at my beautiful full tits and smooth pussy, you realize there’s one thing missing from your morning masturbation session, and that is the sound of my voice. We both know that jerking off is not the same without me.

Your fingers can’t dial my number fast enough. And just like that, you hear my voice on the other end. My voice sounds different to you (in a good way) because I am just waking up. You feel your cock throbbing after hearing me in your ear first thing in the morning. I waste no time and slide my hands down between my thighs and move my panties to the side. My pussy is so wet for you. I want you..badly.

It’s hard to resist the Madame.


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Wake Up Call

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There’s something about morning sex. Spending that night fucking away is great too, but I love waking up to a hard cock in the morning. I’ll take a warm tongue lapping at my pussy over an alarm clock any day. Or maybe a stiff dick down my throat. Or having my brains fucked out first thing in the morning. It’s all so good to me. It’s impossible to have a bad day when you’re having an orgasm the first few minutes that you’re awake.

It can be a rough fucking or sweet love making. Sometimes just a little oral time is nice. I just know that my day is made when I get to share it with someone first thing. It sends me… and YOU off with smiles on our faces! It makes it really hard to dread having to wake up early when you know that your day is going to begin with us both cumming.

RileyWritten By: Riley
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Don’t Miss The Scenic View

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This time of year, you really need to pay attention to what is around you, or you miss out. Beauty and adventure are everywhere. If you don’t notice what is around you, you could be missing out on wonderful possibilities for the sexy adventures. What if you’re driving your truck down my block, and you fail to notice me jogging along on the sidewalk? What a shame it would be if you failed to notice my big, huge hits bouncing up and down as I run. Maybe you’re too shy or think it is too forward to stop a lady on the street, well you’re in luck. I am only a phone call away. You can have these tits bouncing in your face any time you like!

Just image though, what an incredibly hot role-play that would be for the two of us. We live in the same neighborhood. We have not seen each other all winter. Now that spring has arrived, everyone is outside again. You are driving along our street, and you stop when you see me running. After chatting for a while, the sparks start to fly. You and I have wonderful chemistry. I invite you back to my place. You pull off my work out clothes as quickly as you can. You grab hold of my tits. We start kissing, and my hand is holding your cock. I feel it growing harder. My big nipples bouncing in your face makes your cock jump in anticipation of being inside my pussy.

Well, don’t be a stranger, call me and let’s have a great time together.

Written By: AvaAva
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Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party

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TiffanyToday is just one of those days where I am so fucking horny, I just can’t keep my fingers off my hungry, wet pussy. I came home around 2 am and was exhausted from my friend’s bachelorette party. I planned the party so you know it was awesome. The alcohol was flowing, there were sexy games, dancing and the best part was the male and female strippers.  

I undressed as soon as I returned home and stripped down ready to cum over and over till I was satisfied. I fell asleep after cuming just once. I had the hottest sex dreams all night long. I think I had several wet dreams and woke up drenched. 

I knew I had things to do but I was so fucking horny thinking about the party and the strippers. They even put on a sex show for us and invited anyone interested to join. Oh fuck, was I ever interested but it was for the bride to be. I got up in just my stockings and made a cup of coffee. I sipped it thinking about the night. I began to feel my nipples tingle and my pussy begin to gush. I got back in my big bed and fingered my dripping hot pussy while I sucked my hard nipples. I may just never get up.


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Most Important Meal Of The Day

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They say that the most important meal of your day is breakfast and I couldn’t agree more. Nothing like waking up and diving head first between a silky pair of thighs. Men get morning wood and women get morning wetness. I think they both need to be addressed in the morning but you should never let a wet pussy wait for too long. It’s like making eggs and leaving them sit while you’re getting ready for the day. This is something that has to eaten right away and so is my dripping, wet clit. My nectar is so sweet and creamy it needs to be devoured by a strong, lasting tongue.

Are you ready to have the most satisfying breakfast you’ve ever had? This pussy buffet is open 24 hours for your licking pleasure.

Who’s hungry?


JulieWritten By: Julie
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If you looked up MILF in the Dictionary….

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You would find a picture of me! I start my days at least a half hour earlier than I need to because I just cannot get out of bed before I have a few mind blowing orgasms. I never go to bed at night without making sure that all my favorite toys are charged up and ready to go. Some people need juice or coffee to get going but not me. I want to squirt my juices down my thighs as I drive my big black vibrator into my pussy or ass. I have always loved morning sex and refuse to go without even though I am a single mom.  This body was built for sin and I love to be a bad girl!


ShayWritten By: Shay
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