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Cuckold Boyfriend

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It’s Saturday night and you watch me getting ready to go out. I let you pick out my lingerie, but then tell you to also grab my black thigh high stockings. You question why I am wearing thigh highs just to go out with the girls? You watch me put them on and I let you caress my legs. I’m wearing my black thigh highs because they feel so good on my legs and you want me to feel good, right? You just nod your head.

Next, you watch me carefully put on my glossy lipstick and apply very sexy eye make-up. You ask if I’ll be home early. I kiss your cheek and tell you not to wait up for me.

You send me texts throughout the night, but I do not answer any of them. Finally, you drift off to sleep without me.

You awake and look at the clock. It is 4am. You hear moaning from the next room. You find me practically naked with a man between my legs, licking my pussy. I see you. I laugh at you and remind you that pretty girls need big cocks. I make you watch while he fucks me with his huge cock. I even make you join in! I make you suck his cock and lick my ass.

You cannot believe what is happening.

I want you to be my little ass fluffer and get my ass ready for his 10-inch cock!

Yes, you are now a cuckold!


ChrissyWritten By: Chrissy
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Getting Ready For The Perfect Date

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You and I have been dating for a while now. Tonight’s the night!

You have treated me to dinner a few times, but tonight, I am going to cook you dinner here at my home.

I make sure every little detail is perfect with dinner, then it is time for me to get ready.

I take a long bath, shave between my legs, so I am extra smooth. I put a little oil in my bath so my skin is silky and soft.

I do my hair and my make-up.  I pick out the perfect little outfit. I go to my lingerie drawer for my black seamed stockings and garters. I put them on and make sure the seams are perfect. I slip into my dress.

The doorbell rings. I check my seams in the mirror one more time before I answer. I imagine your hands sliding up my dress for a view of those black stockings contrasted against my sweet smooth white skin.

I just want everything perfect for you for our first time, lover!

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Go Down On Me

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I want to show you something.

I bought some very sexy black lingerie from that kinky store in the city. I got a Brazilian wax yesterday too. I want this to be an extra special and sexy weekend for us. 

When we’re together, it’s always so good! I take very good care of your cock. We have fantastic sex, but I want to be spoiled too.

I want you to go down on me and pleasure me. Lick me with the very tip of your tongue. Show me what you got to make me moan, and make my toes curl.

My pussy is sweet and smooth. I want you to use your talented tongue to explore my pink pussy walls. Do that thing where you nibble on those outer lips. Kiss me with the smell and taste of my pussy on your lips and your tongue. Make me cum on your face.

After that, I will do anything that you want. How can I  say no to anything after you make me cum like that?


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Getting His Attention

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My boyfriend has been too busy with work, and leaving my pussy in need of his cock. I could complain or yell at him. Instead, I tell him that I understand that he is busy. I seem sympathetic, but I know how to get his attention and get him to fuck me with his big cock.

I show up at this house very early on a Sunday morning. I have a special surprise for him and something that will make him forget about everything else for the day.

I have everything that I need to get the job done. His house is secluded. I grab my bucket and everything else I need. I wash his car for him. I get very hot, wet, and soapy.

The sound of the running water catches his attention. He throws on a pair of shorts and comes out to the yard. He finds me in my sexiest bikini washing his car.

Now that I have his full attention and his cock rock hard, it is going to be a day of very naughty, sexy fun.

He grabs me, bends me over the hood of his wet car and gives me one hard hot fuck.


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Single and Available

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I hate to label myself as picky, but I am selective. I look for a certain set of qualities in someone and then there’s also the ever-elusive component of chemistry. So at the moment, I’m single. Sure, I have a couple guys who I can, without fail, text for a good, old fashioned booty call… but as soon as I’m done with them, they’re sent on their way.

I recently had a call with a guy who I had amazing chemistry with. It’s impossible to articulate just what makes that happen but it happened. As I laid there talking to him in my bed, my fingers rubbing little circles around my clit, I came more intensely than usual, and he did too.

It was such an amazing and erotic experience and I really want more. I want that connection, that chemistry. I just want you to know that I’m single and available and totally open to finding that certain something. Call me and let’s make some magic happen.



Written By: Adrianna
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That Ache Between Your Legs

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You went out on a date tonight with your little girlfriend, but all she did was leave you with a horrific set of blue balls.

She ordered a very expensive dinner and rubbed her hands all over your thighs. She wore such a sexy little dress.  Actually she looked very sexy tonight and you are hopeful that she will finally let you touch her tits. Wow, she seems like she really wants it tonight.

At the end of the night, you parked the car at your little spot. She made out with you and moaned like crazy when you touched her, but then all the sudden she pushed you away. It left you rock hard and aching. No opportunity for any relief. OH NO!

You see the light on in the front room as you park in the driveway.  You know that you are late but maybe your pretty Mommy will take care of that ache between your legs.

Mommy Morgan always takes care of all your desires and needs.


Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Hook Up Surprise

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I found a guy on a hook up site that seemed super fun. He checked all the boxes and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him.

He picked me up and we had a fantastic night out. I was really feeling a good vibe from him and I knew he was feeling it too. He couldn’t keep his hands off of me on the dance floor. His hard cock pressed against my stomach said a lot. He whispered in my ear that he wanted to take me home. I agreed quickly.

He started warming me up on the way home with his fingers in my pussy. He picked me up and carried me into his house. He pressed me against the wall and started working my dress up. I fell to my knees in my bra and panties and took his thick cock down my throat. My eyes were closed and I was savoring his taste when I heard someone clear their throat.

I opened my eyes to another stiff cock in my face. I looked up at my date and he smiled and nodded. I took his roommates cock too. He wasn’t as thick, but he was longer. The contrast made my pussy so wet.

My hook up turned into a 3 way that night. They took turns fucking me. I surprised myself by begging for them to fuck my pussy at the same time. It was a tight fit and was painful, but in a fucking fantastic way!

We fucked all night and fell asleep together and fucked some more when we woke up. It was the best night I had ever had. I’m going on a date with the roommate tonight and I can’t wait for him to take me back to his place for more fun.


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Hard and Fast

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My new boyfriend wanted me to take a drive with him in his new sports car.

While he was driving, I unbutton his pants and began to slowly stroke his cock. I noticed the faster I pumped my hand up and down on his hard cock, he started to drive faster and faster.

I took off my little jean skirt and red thong and I climbed on top of him. He made sure he could watch the road over my shoulder while I rode him hard as he was driving.

I knew he was going to climax when the car started to fly. We came together going almost 100 mph! It was hot fucking so hard and fast. 



HannaWritten By: Horny Hanna
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Morning Shower Sex

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You took me out last night. Dinner was romantic, but your kisses made me hot for you. We spent a wonderful, amazing night together. The sex was incredible. We both came so hard together.

In the morning, I wake up next to you in your bed, but I don’t want to wake you. I brush my teeth and slip into a very hot shower.

You wake up and hear the shower running. You want to join me. At first, you just watch me touch myself. My hands are teasing my body as I think of your fingers and lips from last night.

Your cock becomes so hard. You want me as much as you did last night. You join me for very sexy morning sex in the shower!


IsabelleWritten By: Isabelle
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Sometimes a Girls Wants To Be Fucked

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I will be the first to admit it, girls love to be romanced. All of the typical courtesies that come along with dating and relationships; the flowers, sweet words whispered in the dark, wine and dancing, soft kisses and caresses. But sometimes an animalistic urge bubbles forth, takes over and turns a purring little kitten into a red hot hell-kat!

That’s kind of where I’ve been finding myself these past few weeks. Blame it on the warmer weather or what have you, but my desires have been turning toward a man who knows exactly what he wants and is fully prepared to give it.

I want a man to grab me around the waist at a bar and pull me into the Men’s room with you. Slap my ass and tear at my clothes.

Kiss me with passion as you rip off my panties, pull my leg up around your waist and drive your cock into me as you brace me against the wall!

Whew! I think I would need to change my panties, if I were wearing any!


LexiWritten By: Lexi
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Sissy Lessons with Phone Sex Lexi

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Are you a sissy like one of my good callers? It’s funny Michelle is the “femmie name” I gave to a regular client of mine. She’s a true sissy through and through.

Her and I have spent a lot of nights on the phone talking and sharing our inner most taboo secrets, doing our nails, or trying on new clothes for each other. I have taught her well in the ways of being a prim and proper sissy. Not to mention, a mind blowing cock sucker! I must admit, my sissy training has definitely paid off very well.

We ordered her the perfect dress and lingerie. Oh yes! Michelle is going on her first date with a hot stud. How lucky is she? I want her in white lace crotchless panties when her date pops that tight, virgin ass cherry.

I just know that she’s rubbing her little clity right now thinking about her very special date night to come. All her cock sucking lessons will surely pay off nicely. 

You have a lot to learn from Phone Sex Lexi! I love making you into my little girly sluts.


LexiWritten By: Lexi
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Friday Date Night at Home

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It is fun to get dressed up and go out on the town. I like going to parties and meet new people, or hang out with friends at the club, but it can be so hot to stay in and play with you. When I’m home, I wear a tight pair of jeans and sexy little top. You just love how my ass looks in my jeans.

We can stay home tonight and watch a movie. We can make some popcorn and open a bottle of wine. Let’s get really comfy and snuggle together. We never seem to see the end of the movie. We’re too busy enjoying each other.

We enjoy a romantic night of foreplay, tender touches, and kisses. You love playing with my nipples and I love making your cock hard. I get you naked and give you a very slow and seductive blow job right there on the sofa. Then, you get me out of my jeans and finger me under my panties.

Finally, we make it to the bedroom and spend the night fucking and truly enjoying every inch of each other. Making the most of each and every orgasm.

We wake up with big smiles in the morning.


SkylarWritten By: Skylar
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Daddy Enjoys Watching

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 Mommy said I couldn’t have any boys in my room but I know Daddy doesn’t feel the same way. We have a special bond. He understands me.

Over the weekend I thought I would have a little fun with my boyfriend. He came over for a little bit so he could make my sweet teen pussy happy. He climbed through my bedroom window so we wouldn’t get caught. I don’t think Daddy was expecting to hear me moaning so loud. I glanced over and seen him standing at the door. His little princess was getting her tight little pussy fucked nice and hard. I glanced over a few times at the doorway, watching him take out his cock and smile at me. Daddy is such a perv!


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Addicted To Your Sex

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Why is it when it’s a girls night out I end up thinking of you? The more I get hit on by other guys, my pussy starts to get wet because you’re always in the back of my head. I could care less about them drunken losers. I start thinking about what I will tell my girlfriends to end the night early to come see you. I would much rather have your cock buried inside me than out at a bar. This is not like me, you got me addicted to your sex. For me to ditch my girlfriends, is unheard of because I love girls night out.

Your cock fits inside me like a glove, and I can’t stop thinking about cumming all over your cock, and have your warm cum all over me as well.

Wait up for me, I will be there soon, and give you the most intense orgasm ever.

I need you now.



Written By: Aimee
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Your Sunshine State Girlfriend

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The dating scene has really changed since the pandemic. It’s really difficult to go out and get a girlfriend, or a mistress.

Talk to me about your favorite fantasy, and I will take you to a whole new level of orgasm. Having me as your naughty girlfriend, you will never hear me say no!

 I’m from South Florida and one of my favorite things to do is go to the beach. I’m a fitness freak and I love showing off all my hard work. It’s fun to watch the men and women drool over my sexy body. I have countless beach encounters that I would love to share with you.

 I check all the boxes for girlfriend material. I can have an intellectual conversation with you, but I also have a very naughty side. I know exactly what is going to drain your balls.

Your sunshine state girlfriend is ready and eager to please you in so many ways.



Written By: Victoria
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Sex On The Swings

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Do you remember the first time you ever had sex outside?  I do. I can still feel the cool summer air on my soft skin. My boyfriend and I were at party and left because we were so horny.

We decided to walk home since the weather was so nice. As we walked past a local school, we both got the same idea to start messing around on the playground. He pulled me to the swings and he sat down, slowly swinging.  I was standing in front of him as he slid his hands up the back of my thighs. It was then that he noticed that I had no panties under my skirt. This set him on fire.

I unzipped his pants and he pulled me onto his lap facing away from him. I felt his cock slide into my hot, wet pussy and it was amazing.  The thrill was expecting someone to walk by at any moment as he pumped deeper and deeper into me.  He was making me crazy.

I felt him bite into my neck as he thrust hard one more time and I felt the explosion of his hot cum deep inside of me.  This triggered the most intense orgasm for me and the pulsing of my pussy kept him cumming and cumming.


Written By: Chloe
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Sugar Tits

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           I absolutely love date night with you. I think and plan about it all week. Tonight I want it to be extra special since our busy lives make it hard to find time. I want to have a wonderful dinner with candlelight, soft blues, or jazz playing. I want to dance, hold hands, kiss, and fuck for hours. 

You finally arrive and you’re looking amazing! I fixed a lit dinner with some Prosecco in lovely crystal glasses. We laugh, flirt, hold hands, and I am getting very wet for you. You take me in your arms and we dance looking into each others eyes.  You slowly remove my top and you see my rock hard nipples. You give them a kiss and being the tease you are, you send me in the kitchen to make us some more drinks.   

            You join me in the kitchen and you see in my clumsiness, I got sugar all over my nipples.  You smile and begin to lick and suck them. It feels so good, I close my eyes and just enjoy. You put one up to my lips and I suck off the wet sugar.  The Irish Coffee is ready and you dip my nipple in the whipped cream. We both suck on the cream. I’ll never think of Irish Coffee in quite the same way again. We take our coffee to the bedroom where candles are lit and the room smells like Apple Spice. 

I slowly undress you, kissing your warm skin with each inch of new skin I expose. You taste amazing. You raise your legs for me, showing me that firm ass. I am so hungry for you. You gasp as I start licking up the crack of your ass with my wet tongue. You’re tense at first as I begin to stab your pucker with my tongue.

After hours of fucking, I am totally satisfied and a bit hungry. We head to the kitchen and seeing all the sugar over the counter, you bend me over. 



TiffanyWritten By: Tiffany
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Just Tonight

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It’s been a long time since I spoke to my ex boyfriend. I hadn’t really expected to hear from him again. Imagine my surprise when my cell rang at 1 am and I saw his name come up, I thought my heart would stop.

The memories of the last time we were together came flooding back and I recalled how it felt to look down between my thighs and see him there, working his magic. He had a certain power over me.

Just the thought of having him licking and sucking on my clit, gets me creamy between my thighs. His masculine hands under my ass, lifting my mound up to his mouth and pressing me fully into his face makes my knees go weak.

I had to let it go to voicemail, just for now, so I can think if I really wanted him over. He really is a douche bag but the oral sex was so hard to pass up. I called him and told him to come over quickly before I changed my mind.

He was knocking on my door and moments later we were revisiting each others bodies, hands, tongues, lips, and fingertips wandering and exploring feverishly. Everything else about us may be wrong, but when he was fucking me, it brings about a welcomed amnesia that I didn’t mind at all.

So, just tonight old lover- just tonight.


AshleeWritten By: Naughty Ashlee
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Spend Valentines Day With Me

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This Winter is just dragging, but before we know it, it will be Spring. The days will be getting longer, and the nights shorter. For now though, it is cold and rather dreary.

It’s almost Valentines Day and I was wondering if you had a date for that night? I don’t and will be home and needing a sexy date. I will have your drink of choice ready, candles lit, some light munchies, and of course you.  What color lingerie should I wear for you? I want to make it a night that both of us will never forget.

Imagine my soft hands cupping your balls, my warm mouth inhaling your cock, my big, soft tits against your thighs. What more can a man ask for?  If he is my man, he can ask for so much more. 

Feel my hot breath on your chest as I kiss and nibble my way down. You raise your legs for me and I lick up and down the crack of your ass. You hold your breath then sigh as I stick my tongue deep in your ass. While tonight is all about you, I know they’re many sexy and dirty things you want to share with me.

Don’t be alone on Valentines Day, or any day really when you can spend it with me.





TiffanyWritten By: Tiffany
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Sweet Night

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The world has gone rather crazy. Bars closed, restaurants closed, and the sad social distancing. I don’t know about you, but I need a serious full body hug that turns into serious fucking!  It’s called a sweet night, and it puts the woman in charge of it all. You wonder just how it begins?

I see you in my complex, and we smile and nod. Nothing really more than that. Things are different now, especially when you don’t have a fuck buddy or boyfriend in your life. I saw a movie where they talked about something called a Sweet Night. It’s when the woman invites the man over for the night to share her bed and her body. Sounds so fucking sexy, doesn’t it? What do you think?

Ready for a sexy Sweet Night with me? I know I am! Why not email me and tell me what hot lingerie you would like me to wear for you. Let me do the same. I do love silk boxers. I need big hands, a big cock, and a hungry mouth. Call me!



DaphneWritten By: Dirty Daphne
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