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Virgin Phone Sex

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I have to be honest, I am no virgin but I do love virgin phone sex. My young voice drives guys insane and they immediately get hard just thinking about my tight, wet pussy.

I love underage fantasies where I play the submissive virgin and Daddy takes his little girl for the very first time. Imagine sliding your throbbing cock inside my overly tight pussy.

Once you’re finally inside, it takes everything you got not to cum too quickly. Your little girl looks up at you with her big brown eyes and says “daddy, will you please cum in my virgin pussy?”

You definitely need the right girl when it comes to this fantasy. I have no age restrictions and I will do anything to please my Daddy’s.

Little Lucie @ 888.758.8110



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Yours For The Taking

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As many as you know, I am a strong and confident woman. I like to take charge and have my way with you.

What if I gave you an “all access” to my gorgeous, ripe body? What would do with me if we had hours, or better yet, days to be alone together. I would be your very own personal fuck toy for the taking. So willing and eager to please you.

I will do anything for you.

Tell me the secret fantasies that live inside of your head and let me make them come true for you. You can tell me everything, and I will let you do anything your little heart desires. What happens with me, stays with me. I want to please you like no other can.

I am all yours.

I will be your whore. You can tie me up and have your way with me. Mark me as yours. My body is yours for the pleasure. Tell me how you want me, and what you want me wearing.

Tell me what turns you on the most and watch me do just that. Lay back and let me spoil you in ways you never experienced before. I will get off on pleasing you. And when I have the most intense orgasm, it will be your name I cry out.

I am here for you lover, take what you want.


AshleeWritten By: Naughty Ashlee
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Take What You Can Get

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Is it wrong to leave my boyfriend at home every night? I think not! As far as he knows, I’m hanging out with my girlfriends, shaking my ass on the dance floor. Little does he know, his little pencil dick just doesn’t do it for me. I have to admit, he does has some pretty good skills using his tongue, so I keep him around.

What I really been doing is going out and meeting up with one of my hot fucks that has a huge cock. My pathetic boyfriend has no clue that I’ve been coming home with a pussy filled with a few loads of cum.

I crawl my cum filled holes into bed, spread my legs and demand for him to eat my pussy. That little submissive loser does just what I say.

He wonders why I taste different. I tell him to deal with it and take what you can get from me.


Written By: Roxy
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Hard to Get

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It’s common knowledge that I’m a cock whore. I love men, I love cock and I love being fucked. But there is something so very sexy with not giving it up and quickly as I would like to. Taking my time and letting men work for it. It’s especially fun when it’s with someone that doesn’t really know me. I can act as innocent as I want and they never know the difference. They want in my panties so bad and do anything to have just a little taste. Every time they suggest any little sexual thing, I act like I’m so embarrassed. They eat it up and try even harder. When it comes time to get naughty, I put up a little bit of a fight. Holy fuck! They turn into animals. I find myself pinned to the bed and getting the pounding of my dreams. It’s hard to act like I’m not enjoying it… it feels so fucking good… but I whimper a little and they just fuck me harder. I “beg” them not to cum inside of me and I get my pussy filled to the limit!
Being a good time girl is fun, but playing the innocent can be fun too. I get everything I want, and a little extra!
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You’re Going To Be My Good Little Slut

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I want you down on your knees right where you belong. You are going to serve me like a good little submissive bitch. You will lick and suck my pussy when you are told. You better do a good job or you will pay the consequences. If you’re lucky you will get to taste my juicy cum, and that’s only if you do a good job.

For a reward, I will bend your pathetic ass over and spit on your tight asshole and stuff it with my strap-on. I want to hear you moan like a good little slut boy. You’re going to be such an obedient subbie when I am done with you. I will use you for many tasks, so be ready.

Just try to disobey me, I will crush your balls and spit them out. You will be one sorry loser!


MakaylahWritten By: Makaylah
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Ready For My Revenge

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I let you have your way with me a few nights ago. I played the perfect submissive slut. I let you use and abuse my body, just the way you like. I must admit, I loved it. When I begged you to let me cum, I wasn’t stroking your ego. I wanted that orgasm you had denied me for so long. I obeyed your every command, listened to your voice remind me what I am.. a filthy little cum slut. I played by your rules, and now the time has come for you to play by mine.

I’m planning the perfect night for us. I’ll show you who is the true master of tease and denial. I’ll make you beg me the way I pleaded with you, wanting to cum so bad. I’ll smile down at you and shake my head. You’ll have to earn it first, baby. You’ll be lucky if I even let you touch your cock, let alone stroke it. Don’t think I have forgotten the way you made me grovel. I’m ready for my revenge, are you?


GingerWritten By: Ginger
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That’s It?

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I’ve never considered myself much of a size queen, but I saw a cock the other day that almost made me sick to my stomach!

He whipped it out and expected me to give him a blow job. I laughed in his face. There wasn’t even enough there to blow. It hurt his feelings, but I didn’t care. That “dick” was a fucking joke! I told him that I wasn’t sucking his, but he could definitely suck mine.

I went to my closet and pulled out my strap-on. I told him if he did a good job, he might get sex after all. He hit his knees quick and started slurping on that dildo like his life depended on it. I could tell that this wasn’t his first time and told him he gave a blow job like a pro. That little thing between his legs started twitching.

When I was satisfied by what he did, I told him it was time for sex. He stood up and I told him he could get right back on his knees on the bed. I was fucking HIM. He put up a little bit of a fight, but I knew the thought of this big rubber cock fucking his ass was exciting to him. I slid it in and started pounding him as hard as I could. Little drops of cum starting leaking out of his baby dick.

After I finished him off, I made it clear that he would never fuck me, but I would certainly be fucking him again!

NoelleWritten By: Noelle
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Ebony Goddess Wants You To Serve

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Are looking for a Ebony Goddess to control you? I’m looking for a subbie who will serve me from head to toe.

Once you worship all my temple, I’ll have you serve my boyfriends. They love little white guys like you. I love watching your face as they pull out their cocks. What’s wrong? Never seen something so big before? Don’t tell me you never imagined having a BBC in your mouth before? Nothing I find more satisfying than a white boy on his knees with a big black dick in his mouth.

Don’t worry boy, they’re going to fuck you as well. I know you might be a little scared. What little white boy wouldn’t be afraid of a 14 inch black cock going in their tight, virgin asshole?

Some guys say they would do anything to please me, but when I bring over my boyfriends, they get all scared and shit. I will just have to smother you with my cum filled pussy while you get fucked missionary. Don’t worry, the cum dripping from my honey hole will drown out your screams.


Written By: Keshia
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Taking Off The Restraints

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I get asked daily if I am more dominant or submissive. My answer is always dominant because I like taking control of your cock and giving you an unforgettable orgasm.

I tend to take the lead in a role-play fantasy. Either one I concocted in my naughty mind or perhaps it’s one you’ve been excited to try with me. I know how to deliver your fantasy and push your boundaries you didn’t even know you had.

Even when it comes to my favorite position, I like to be on top and in complete control of your cock. My tight, slippery pussy grips your cock and takes you deeper inside of me. Your cock is always fucked in a way you’ve never experienced before.

What if I let go and you had total control over me? I would give you the power to put me into a complete submission state. You would own my body and therefore you could do anything you wished.

I am taking off the restraints today and my body is yours for the taking.

AshleeWritten By: Naughty Ashlee
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Horny Cougar On The Prowl

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The weekend is coming up and I am in need of some young cock! A sexy boy toy that I can play with for a couple of days that will give me the pounding my holes truly deserve. Experience isn’t required! In fact, I would prefer very little experience. I love to teach a younger man how to please me. Fucking is an art, and I am a true artist. I can teach how to touch, tease, taste and take. Hopefully I’ll get a fast learner… if not, I’ll have to take matters into my own hands. Cougar Sandra isn’t afraid to punish disobedient boys when she needs to. That cock is mine to use however I please. I’m going to suck it, fuck it, use it, then drain it.

If you’re out this weekend and you see me on the prowl, only approach if you want to be eaten alive. I need total submission and a willingness to learn. Is that you? Do you want to be this horny cougars next catch?




Written By: Sandra
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Dominating You Once Again

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You think that you can control me. Make me submit to you. That is hilarious. 

I am always in control. I always win. I always dominate. 

I seduce and you cannot resist me.

If I want to fuck you, I fuck you my way.

Just try and resist, try not to submit!

You have tried before and failed. You end with having a fantastic cum load, of course.

When you completely submit to me, your orgasms are more intense and you feel like a million bucks.

Your Mistress Koko




KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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I Will Get Into Your Mind

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Submissive men are a turn on for me. You will find I am not your average woman that is here strictly to humiliate you. No, I love to break men slowly and get into your mind. I do not yell or scream, and while I love humiliation as one of the many fetishes, trust that it is not all I am skilled in. My talented tongue will have you eating out of the palm of my hand. My perfect tattooed body will have your eyes glued to your screen, and my erotic voice will dull your brain into a false sense of security. You will look up and not even realize just how low you have sunk. But when you do, after it’s too late, you will love the position you have found yourself in.

Beneath me!


MaddoxWritten By: Maddox
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Chloe The Switch

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I love role-plays where I am dominate and submissive. It’s even better if I get to be a switch in the same scenario. I defiantly can be your submissive little girl who would do absolutely  anything to please you. And of course, I love to be your Goddess that dominates you, and it puts you in your place.

I was in a relationship recently and the sex was amazing. We had sex almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. He loved when I dressed up in sexy lingerie to fit the role-play we would perform. He loved when I dressed in my slutty school girl outfit with stiletto heels and thigh highs. He would punish me for dressing and acting like a slut. He demanded me to bend over his knee for hard spankings on my perfectly round ass.

One of my favorites is when I dressed in black latex with long high heel black boots. My boyfriend would be my bitch for the night. I put on a big 12 inch strap-on between my legs. I showed no mercy when I pounded his holes. His pleading for me to stop would only drive me to fuck him harder and faster.

Now you can see why I am the perfect little switch for all your desires.


Written By: Chloe
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Spank Your Naughty Valentine

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He went to a lot of trouble to plan a romantic date night for us on Valentine’s Day.

He wanted a night out to show me off, so he instructed me to wear no panties under my sexy red dress.

Reservations at the best restaurant were challenging to get, but my guy called in a couple of favors to get a table. I promised him that I would be ready on time for our Valentine’s Date Night.

The night before Valentine’s Day, I could not fall asleep. The anticipation of our hot date night made me restless. I tossed and turned for hours. Finally, I put on my favorite BDSM porn and watched a submissive girl get an erotic rough fuck by an older man. I masturbated while I watched porn. After I came, I was calm enough to drift off for a couple of hours. That is until my alarm woke me, and I had to get up.

After running errands, I sat down on the sofa for a moment. I put my head on the pillow and intended to close my eyes for a second or two. My guy woke me up, screaming at me. When I opened my eyes, I saw he looked very handsome, wearing his suit. He was furious that I was not dressed for dinner. My hair was a mess. I was wearing jeans and an old sweater. As he became very calm, he pulled me into his arms, whispered that I needed to be punished and disciplined.

As he took off my sweater and bra, I shivered. Punishments were intense and rough. He made me get down on to my knees, unzip his pants and suck his cock. His strong hands held my head in place, and he fucked my mouth. Tears streamed down my face, and he didn’t stop until I choked on the head. Then he forced me to bend over the sofa.

My dominant boyfriend pulled down my jeans and thong, then gave me a hard spanking. I knew my ass was red. He reminded me that I broke my promise, and since we missed our reservation, I would be punished. Something shameful about having my jeans just pulled down, like a naughty schoolgirl. After the intense spanking, he held me and scolded me again! Then the jeans came off. My guy told me to assume the position again. He fucked me hard and rough. It made me scream so loud, and he spanked for bothering the neighbors. He pulled my hair and called me dirty names. I was so wet. Then he pushed his cock into my ass and buried my face into the sofa.

After the punishment, we took a shower together. I was dizzy, and my boyfriend dried my hair and wrapped me in a big white towel. He kissed me a said it was the Best Valentine’s Night ever. He loved that I submitted to him so well, and he loved fucking me like that, so rough and hard.

Naughty Girl Brooke


Written By: BrookeBrooke
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Gang Bang Suzanne

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   My boyfriend called and told me to strip, and wait down in the basement for him. He always comes up with a kinky new surprise for me. Yesterday was one of the hottest fucks we have ever had. He knows I have a very submissive side.

He clamped my nipples, and restrained me with shackles. Not that he would ever have to restrain me to keep me there. I do love the feel and sounds the restraints make on my ankles and wrists. He fucked me hard for several hours. I wanted more. That is when I heard the footsteps coming down the basement stairs.

It was his two closest friends. I had met them several times during dinners and parties. We flirted a little but I assumed it was the booze. They quickly stripped down and while one fucked my face, the other fucked my dripping pussy. My boyfriend watched while he jacked off.  This was so hot! When they were done, I heard more footsteps coming down the stairs. I was trembling with anticipation.

  They all stood around me, jacking their cocks. I just couldn’t get enough! I must have finally passed out from all the amazing orgasms. I came to feeling a huge splash of cum all over my worn but satisfied body.


SuzanneWritten By: Suzanne
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I Only Want To Please You!

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Aren’t you tired of having to cater to women’s needs? It is always all about her. Her satisfaction, her wants, and her needs. I know you’re tired of having to say sweet things to women to get what you want.

Well, with me- none of that is necessary. If you say “bitch shut up and suck my cock”, that is precisely what I will do, and happily. My pleasure comes from pleasing you. No need to ask nicely, no cutsie words necessary. Just shove your hard cock in my throat and fuck my face how you want to. Don’t worry if you choke me, I love it. In fact, once you hear me gagging on you cock, I want you to face fuck me even harder.

Whatever it is that pleases you, just tell me and it is a done deal.

Your faithful seductress, Parker


Written By: Parker
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Love Potion For My Submissive Guest

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I met him at a bar right around the corner from my place. He had a thoughtful look on his face, and I thought he needed some cheering up. I sat down next to him, and we chatted about the weather, local sports, work, and other such topics. After a while, he revealed that he was very stressed.

I asked about his love life, and he confessed that he was busy with work that he had not been dating at all. I placed my hand on his knee and let him look down my top at my cleavage. Now, I had his full, undivided attention. I found him sweet, sexy, charming, and submissive. 

I invited him back to my place, and I promised him a better quality wine than the house wine he was drinking at the bar. He accepted my offer, and we walked to my place. My doorman gave him a wicked wink, letting him know he was in for a night that he would never forget. 

I took him into my kitchen and poured him a glass of wine, but I slipped in a little extra something to keep him hard all night long. After he drank his red wine, I seduced him and got him into my bed. Before long, I dominated him. I tied his wrists and ankles to my bed. I rubbed my big tits all over his cock and balls. He begged me to let him cum, but I was in charge. I controlled his cock. I got naked and my tight pussy rode him until dawn. 


KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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A Submissive Nanny Spoils Him With Breakfast In Bed

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On the First Day of School, his wife went into work late. Her staff covered for a few hours. She wanted to appear as if she was involved with her kids by taking them to school on the first day, instead of the nanny. She is a bitch in designer heels, dominant, aggressive, and demanding, an ice queen. Not at all the sweet, lovely lady he married. They rarely have sex anymore because she is working or complains about being too tired. Slowly, over the years, they grew apart. The man sees escorts and hooks up with a stranger when he is out of town on business.

His wife hired the family a hot, sexy nanny. She is the exact opposite of the last nanny. The previous nanny was in her forties, a strict disciplinarian with the children, and very bossy. Their old nanny and his wife didn’t get along at all. In a rage one day, the wife fired that nanny without a back-up plan. She poached a young, beautiful, but a submissive nanny from a family in the area. 

The wife enjoys that she is the only alpha woman in the house. His girls love that she would play with them and his boy adores her pretty face and her nice smile. The man finds it shocking that his wife does not complain about the short little shorts the nanny wore all summer around the house. The husband loves looking at her sexy curves and long, tan legs. He has been flirting with her, hoping to get into her panties. She smiles back and appears receptive. 

The wife is such a bitch! This morning, she slipped out of bed and turned off the alarm. She got the kids ready for school and out the door before the man woke up. The Nanny watched and saw what the mom was doing to manipulate the children. The girls left crying because Mommy would not let them kiss Daddy goodbye on their first day of the new school year. 

The Nanny poured him a cup of coffee and knocked on the bedroom door. She opened it and found him still sleeping. Then she walked over to the curtains to let light into the room. As he wakes up, the pretty nanny stood over him, greeted him with a kiss and coffee. He invited her into the bed, and the submissive nanny went down on him, giving him a fantastic blowjob to start his day. 


Written By: BrookeBrooke
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Submissive Suzanne

| Anything Goes Phone Sex, Blowjob Phone Sex, Cock Worship Phone Sex, Cum Whore Phone Sex, Dating Phone Sex, Naughty Confessions Phone Sex, Sensual Seduction Phone Sex, Submissive Phone Sex, Suzanne's Blog | 0 Comments  I am your perfect switch. I love being in charge, but I also love being told what to do in a sensual way. Pleasing the men in my life is what I am all about. 

Last night my boyfriend came over with his teenage son. He is absolutely adorable in a shaggy haired, muscled sort of way. The perfect mix of a boy becoming a man.  I had no idea what my boyfriend had in mind. He told me over drinks on the deck that his son Brandon was feeling depressed over being a virgin. I knew where this talk was going, and just thinking about it made my panties wet.

My boyfriend went out for a bit, leaving me with Brandon. I slowly began to seduce him. We fucked for hours, till his dad returned. Brandon felt amazing and then he left to hang with his friends. His dad wanted to know all the sexy details. I was more than eager to tell him all about it.  Then he got a rather stern look on his face, and began calling me his dirty little submissive slut.  It was so hot the way he pulled me to my knees, and forced me to rim his ass, suck his balls, and eventually take his huge load on my pretty face.



SuzanneWritten By: Suzanne
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Submissive Girlfriend Gets Covered In His Cum

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I knew my boyfriend was going to be working very late tonight. Since my girlfriends have been after me for several weeks, I went out with them instead of sitting home alone. I didn’t have any pantyhose because my boyfriend made me throw them in the trash. I wore my sexy black stockings and a little black dress. I wasn’t trying to look sexy but wanted to look nice and pretty.

When my boyfriend got home before me, he was not happy. He likes to come home and find me waiting for him. When I finally returned, I was intoxicated from wine and he said that I was dressed too sexy to be out without him. I crawled up into his lap and kissed that spot on his neck. My silky thong panties were rubbing up against him. I was attempting to tame his temper. I wanted him to get hard, and I wanted him to take me to the bed and fuck me.

I did get him hard, very hard. He stood up quickly and I fell off his lap onto the floor. I was looking up at him. He talked dirty to me, told me I looked like a little slut in front of him like that. He grabbed a fist full of my hair and fucked my mouth, fucked it hard. He pulled out and squirted on my face and on my tongue.

I loved every second of it! I love it hot and rough!

Submissive Brooke


Written By: BrookeBrooke
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