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Gag The Fag

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 Sometimes when it comes to sissy boys all I can do is laugh. I have a caller that had me laughing so hard, I almost pissed my pretty, pink panties. I mean humiliating him was fun enough. I loved teasing him about his little pin dick. Then he squealed like a little girl when I told him I should tell his wife and then it happened…

I forced him to play a little game called “Gag The Fag”. I say forced but him and I both know he loves it! Several of my friends came over with their boyfriends and then the fun really began! We saw how quickly we can make the fag gag on their big, fat cocks.

I decided I wanted to add an extra step to the game. I blindfold him and tied his hands behind his back so he can’t touch or see just how big a cock is about to fuck his mouth.  Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Queer boys are so much fun!


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Goodbye Santa

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    I  went and had a few drinks after my Burlesque show before my late night plans. This man in a Santa suit was really getting on my fucking nerves. I was feeling wicked and decided to make him my evening plans.

I invited him to have a few drinks with me and slipped something in it. He was feeling dizzy and walked out to the dark alley. My potion worked and soon, he was a slight 2 inches tall.  Poor wee man. I spiked him with my stiletto heel, picked him up and put him in my purse. He should have a blast with all the sharp implements in my leather purse.

Once at my loft, I let him lose on my floor. My cats were chasing him and I told him he better run fast if he wants to survive. The cameras were on and my friends were making bets on his survival. This really was fucking hysterical to watch. The terror in his tiny eyes was making me excited and my pussy needed some attention.

I couldn’t leave my little man alone as he might have gotten eaten or lost. I took my hot glue gun and glued him to the tip of my vibe. I think I heard him scream in pain from the hot glue. Once it cooled, I began to fuck myself. I came so fucking hard, that it drowned the wee man. I guess the only thing left to do was pee him out and flush him.




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Mean Girls Burn Especially On Halloween

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        Guess who the fuck is coming over for my Halloween party? You are going to just love this. It is the boring fat bitch who always tries to be friends with us. Remember on your birthday you fucked her and she oinked like a pig? 

I have a devious and twisted plan for Halloween night. Don’t I always? I am going to tell her you will be there and really want to see her. I will even tell her you have a thing for her. I’m telling her to dress in a sexy, latex nurse uniform. Imagine all the fat rolls in that? I’m going to have lots of food and you know she won’t be able to resist. I’m even going to tell her I have a girl crush on her and just can’t wait to sink my lips into all that fat.

When you arrive, she is giving me a lap dance. Well, at least attempting too.  You act so impressed by her. You also leave my front door open. You tell her how perfect she is and suggest she eat a little more. You squeeze her fat rolls and slowly undress her. I’m trying not to laugh as you roll your eyes when you look my way. You’re fucking her fat ass face when we hear the laughter. 

10 more of my friends have shown up for the party. They guys make remarks about how hot she is and they wish they could have a turn. I talk her into letting them gang bang her fat ass. She hesitates but knows if she wants to be friends with mean girls she has no choice. We’re laughing and drinking as we listen to her making pig sounds. 

This Halloween party with Harley and her mean friends.



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FORCED Intoxication with Malaya

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I often get asked if forced intoxication is really a thing. Yes, it so fucking is a thing. Of course once you have had a few, there is so many other things I will force you to do. Looking at my amazing body alone will make you mine. Once I have you, I will never let you go till I am tired of your ass. 

It begins so innocently. You call me, and ask about forced intox. You enjoy drinking so you wonder how this could ever be a problem. We begin with a few shots here and there. You’re beginning to feel it, and try to punk out on me. Are you a man? Men see things through. You promise me a huge tip if you can stop drinking. I will take that tip, and you will drink another shot. 

I am getting so fucking bored now. I have an idea! Let’s dress you up like a little bitch. My, aren’t you so fucking pretty in pink. Now you’re all dressed up, drunk and horny with no place to go. Such a fucking shame.

I have another idea, but you must tip me first. Call an Uber, go to the nearest bar, and pick up a man. You say you can’t do that, you only like girls. You do want to make me happy? Thirty minutes later, the idea is beginning to appeal to you. You have never sucked a cock before. The more you think about it, the more aroused you get, especially since you can say I made you do it!  LOSER!


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Cruel Goddess Christine- The Queen of Mean

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I don’t sugar coat anything! I will tell you exactly what I think of you with no holds barred.

Many stupid twits have listed that they specialize in humiliation. That makes me laugh! They tell you that you’re a loser and call it a day. They really don’t know the art of belittling you, and making you feel like the dog shit that you are under my stiletto heels.

I’ve always been cruel ever since I was young. I was the biggest bitch in high school and guess what? I always got what I wanted. I dated all the hot football guys, and when I was done with them, I let the cheerleaders have my sloppy seconds.

Don’t even get me started on all those men that entered in my life that had small peckers. They left as soon as they came. Of course, I always make sure to tell them what a small dick worthless piece of shit they are when I kick them to the curb.



Written By: Christine
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Humiliation for My Naughty Neighbor

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 There is a lot of hardcore sexual activity going on in my bedroom. Some of my submissive guests are shy and want discretion. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, I neglect to close the window blinds in my bedroom. 

There is a pervert who gets off watching me have rough BDSM sessions at home. He can see right into my bedroom from his bedroom window. I have caught him numerous times masturbating while he watches. This voyeur, as soon as he cums, closes his blinds. He has pissed me off, and now he must face my vengeance. 

Yesterday, I was fucking my favorite submissive’s ass with my big black strap-on. He was on all fours, and I pounded his ass as hard as I could. The poor guy looked up and freaked out when he saw the peeping tom, naked and jerking his dick in his window. It ruined my submissive’s orgasm, and it took awhile to get him hard again.

Now, I have had enough. I am a very talented researcher and figured out the name of the voyeur. He was a silly man who was very active on social media. I studied his movements and began stalking him. Punishing and humiliating him became my priority. I confess that for a couple of days, he was my obsession. The foolish man posted that he was at the local Irish Pub up on the next block. His ass was mine.

I had everything set up in my apartment. After a shower, I dressed in sexy black lingerie and a slutty dress. My voyeur was with his friends at the bar, but with my sultry eyes, I got his attention quickly. Soon he was offering to buy me drinks. I declined the cocktails because I had something else in mind. Playing my most seductive game, I lured him to the bathroom. As I put on my strap-on, he recognized me. He wanted to leave, but I am too strong and dominant, and he submitted to my kinky desires.

He vehemently stated he did not want anything in his ass. I told my bitch to shut the fuck up and pulled his cheeks apart. Of course, he complied, like any good boy. I fucked him hard! Fucked him even harder as he begged for mercy! As he was crying out,  I pointed to the camera and let him know that all my girlfriends from the neighborhood were watching him get fucked like a bitch. He begged me to stop. I spanked his ass and told him to smile pretty for the sexy ladies. Then I ruined his orgasm. 

I turned my naughty voyeur into a submissive exhibitionist. 

Mistress Koko 


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Dr. Koko Will See You Now

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He is submissive with a fascinating medical fetish. I force him to submit to my medical exam for a hot role-play 

His insurance company requires an annual physical. If I give a negative report, his rates will sky-rocket. When he arrives at my office, he is cocky and tries to rush me through the physical by assuring me there is nothing wrong. 

Well, no man on this planet tells Dr. Koko what to do or what to think. Now, he has gotten under my skin. He must suffer the consequences. 

I tell him to take off all of his clothes, and he hesitates, wanting to know why. Last year, he did not have to remove his pants and boxers. I get in his face. With direct eye contact, I assure him that I need to do a complete physical exam.

Then tell him to bend over for me. He thinks he can outwit and argue with me, but this man has met his match. I show him that Dr. Koko is always in charge. Unless he wants me to submit a false, negative report, he will obey my instructions. 

First, I give him an enema, which he makes him very submissive and compliant. Then I make him squirm and when I give him a through prostrate exam. When his cock gets hard in front of me, he becomes very embarrassed. After a bit more humiliation, I drain his blue balls and wet cock. He is so submissive that he asks when he may have another appointment with me.


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Small Dicks Amuse Me

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I wonder how you even remotely thought showing me a picture of a little 3 inch weener was going to elicit anything other than laughter from me? You really didn’t think I was going to tell you that you had a nice cock?  If you did, you are certainly delirious.
I won’t go as far as to say your little dicklette is worthless, it is good for one and only one thing. It does give me something pathetic to laugh at and tell the whole world about. Trust me, all my girlfriends always love when I show them what a pathetic loser you are. 
 Every time you have the audacity to whip out that sorry excuse for a dick, I plan on not only telling you what a waste of a foreskin you are, but every one else too! I’m a cruel Princess when it comes to small pencil dicks.
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Small Dick Losers

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What the fuck is that between your legs? You must be suffering from SDS (small dick syndrome.) I say suffering because no woman would want you…EVER! You’re a lost cause, not unless you got a penis enlargement, and I know a loser like you wouldn’t do that. Your only satisfaction in life is hot girls like me humiliating and degrading you. Women want to be pleasured by a huge cock. They want to be stuffed and stretched to the fullest. This is something you know nothing about other than watching porn. Sadly, you’ve never been able to pleasure any woman in your pathetic life.

Your little pecker is good for one thing and one thing only – amusement! When I’m having a bad day, I will look at your picture and laugh my ass off. I will think how could anyone be this pathetic? You want to know how much of a loser you really are? When you send me a dick pic, I have to enlarge the picture with my fingers on my cell, even then I can’t see much!

If you’re in need of some hardcore humiliation, call me. I will destroy any piece of manhood you have left.



Written By: Devon
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Sissy Ends Up In Military School

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A Mom came home from her job. Her co-workers made plans to celebrate the completion of a big project that night at the bar. There had been so many late nights, and Mom felt guilty about leaving her teenage son alone so much. Instead of going out to celebrate, she left an hour early because she wanted to cook him a special dinner and hang out with him. 

She drove home and entered the quiet house. She checked his bedroom and found it empty. Mom goes to her computer and looks up his location through an app on his phone. Shocked to learn that he must be home, but she must be doing something naughty because he is so quiet. Without making a sound, she searches the house, and the last door she opens is her bedroom. She finds her son! 

Mom discovers him wearing her expensive lingerie, sucking on the dildo from her nightstand. WTF? Her son is a Sissy! The Mom falls to her knees and breaks down and bursts into tears. The son stands there ashamed and begs for forgiveness. Mom spends the night researching solutions on how to turn him from a sissy to a real man. She wakes her son at dawn and gives him the news. 

The furious mother informs her son that he needs discipline and needs to be surrounded by alpha men, real men. He needs a mentor, someone who will break him of his sissy ways. Mom has already arranged to send him to military school, a boarding school. Being a single mom, maybe she cannot teach him how to be a real man. She hugs him and says this is the best thing for him. He will leave today. 

On his first night in the dorm, all the boys identify him as a sissy, and they treat him as such. They force the new boy to dress like a sissy, frilly panties, bra, thigh-high stockings, and lipstick. They hold him down and fuck his little sissy boy mouth. The boy loves his new home. His fantasy becomes his reality. Now he can be a cock sucking sissy whore every night! 


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Bratty Lucie Humiliates Piggy and Makes Him Pay

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I am such a brat! I have a new toy to tell you about him. His name is Johnny from England. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I laughed so hard that I peed a little bit into my panties.

I made Johnny my submissive money, toilet slave! I did the most humiliating thing ever!

I am so naughty and playful. I forced Johnny into the bathroom. He had to lift my short skirt and pull my panties down with his teeth. I sat on his face. First, his nose was buried in my ass, then his tongue. I gave him a BIG mouthful, so much that I filled his mouth and throat. He begged for mercy. I made him OINK like a pig for me!

Once his mouth was good and full, I took over his phone and made him give me lots of his money. I held his nostrils closed. He had to move money from his account to mine. The more money he gave me, the more I a laughed at him.

I turned Johnny from England into my little money piggy today. I love humiliating older men! I am such a brat!




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Worthless Dick

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I am sure you hear that saying all the time because you have a worthless dick. It’s incredibly sad that you can never pleasure a woman in your whole entire existence. Once you take that pathetic thing out of your pants, woman hysterically laugh while pointing to the micro object between your legs. The best part for me is when you tell me how many inches you get when you’re erect. I really can’t wrap my head around a dick that size so I will ask you to compare it to something like a baby carrot, chapstick or your pinky.

If you think you have a worthless dick (which I’m sure you do) send me a picture so I can get a good laugh. It doesn’t stop there though, I will go out of my way to humiliate and degrade you. I will show my hot friends your picture. They won’t believe the photo is real, they’ll think I photoshopped it. Once I tell them that is your actual dick, they will also get a good laugh out of it.

Soooo….. you pathetic, worthless dick loser, are you ready to call me or are you worried your dick will shrink & shrivel even more from my verbal humiliation.



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