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Submissive Girlfriend Gets Covered In His Cum

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I knew my boyfriend was going to be working very late tonight. Since my girlfriends have been after me for several weeks, I went out with them instead of sitting home alone. I didn’t have any pantyhose because my boyfriend made me throw them in the trash. I wore my sexy black stockings and a little black dress. I wasn’t trying to look sexy but wanted to look nice and pretty.

When my boyfriend got home before me, he was not happy. He likes to come home and find me waiting for him. When I finally returned, I was intoxicated from wine and he said that I was dressed too sexy to be out without him. I crawled up into his lap and kissed that spot on his neck. My silky thong panties were rubbing up against him. I was attempting to tame his temper. I wanted him to get hard, and I wanted him to take me to the bed and fuck me.

I did get him hard, very hard. He stood up quickly and I fell off his lap onto the floor. I was looking up at him. He talked dirty to me, told me I looked like a little slut in front of him like that. He grabbed a fist full of my hair and fucked my mouth, fucked it hard. He pulled out and squirted on my face and on my tongue.

I loved every second of it! I love it hot and rough!

Submissive Brooke


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Side Work

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I’ve been taking on a little extra work lately and decided to try tutoring. I figured I would put in a few hours here in there to some bratty kids and make some good money. I was in for a big surprise. Evidently the teenage boys liked my ad and begged their parents to hire me because they needed some help in school. It’s been a fuck fest ever since. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely get the tutoring they need, but the incentives to do well are a bit different. They get a blow job every time their grades rises and when they’re making A’s all around, they get the ultimate reward… my sweet pussy gliding up and down on their stiff cocks. Parents are so pleased that they’re giving raises and bonuses every time I turn around. They think they’re paying their sons tutor but they have no idea it’s more like their sons prostitute 😉




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Early Morning Phone Sex

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When you wake up with a big, hard cock and your girlfriend is not with you, instead of going it alone in the shower, call me. I love it when you are still in your bed and sound a little sleepy.

What if I was your girlfriend and I woke you in the sexiest way possible? Instead of that horrible, loud, unpleasant alarm jarring you from a sex dream, what if my mouth was on your cock. I wake before you, and you wake up to the sensation of my warm mouth sucking your cock. Even before you open your eyes, you utter a moan, and you rub your hand over the back of my head. You feel my soft, long dark hair brushing against your stomach and tickling your balls. Finally, when you do open your eyes, the first thing you see is my sparkling blue eyes looking up at you and my red lips around your cock. 

Have something else in mind to start the day? You and I can do the most sensual and erotic role-plays together in the early hours. Nothing is forbidden, nothing too taboo for me. 


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You Can’t Resist A BJ From Tara

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You have a wife, and you try to be good. You try to resist my warm, sexy mouth sucking your hot cock. Don’t you deserve some fun? When was the last time that your wife sucked your cock for as long as you wanted? You know how much I love to suck your cock. 

Your wife is not as hot, wet or tight as she used to be. Your wife gained some serious weight this winter, but a hot beach girl, like me, swam every day to keep my body tight and firm. Did you know that swimmers give the best blowjobs? I can hold my breath and take your cock, every inch. Am I making your cock tingle a bit? 

When you’re alone, your hand feels fine, but my mouth makes your cock incredibly hard. Give into temptation and give me a call! 



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Kitchen Nightmare! Kimmie Can’t Cook!

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I try to cook a special dinner for you, but I can’t cook. Good thing that I am cute and have big natural tits. You think it is adorable that I mixed up my baking symbols. I put a Tablespoon of chili powder instead of a teaspoon. The look on your face and watching you grab for the milk to soothe your burning mouth made me feel terrible.  

Once you recovered, you picked me up, grabbed me and pulled down my top. I can’t cook, but you love to grab and get rough with my big tits. I get so hot and wet when you grab my tits like that. To make up for my kitchen disaster, I owe you the best blowjob ever. I drop to my knees, take your cock into my mouth. You cock grows and gets hard so fast when I suck it.

You push me down the kitchen floor and fuck me. First, you fuck me on my back. Then you get me up on my hands and knees. I am the hottest girlfriend you’ve ever had. We can always order in! 




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Dirty Anal Fun

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I’m a girl that loves, loves LOVES anal. Bending over and having my tight little asshole pounded is always a favorite of mine. There’s something so primal and dirty about it. Something else that you may not know about me though…. I love ass to mouth. I know other girls are super weird about that, but I love the way I taste and sucking my ass juices off your cock really turns me on! It surprises some guys when they pull their dirty dicks out after shooting a big load inside my perfect ass and I’m immediately on my knees slurping all those yummy tastes up. I’m just a filthy slut that way.



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Do You Want To Lick Me?

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I need a hot guy who craves foreplay as much as me. Don’t you want to pull my panties down and lick the hot girl next door’s pussy? I bet you could spend hours between my thighs and never want to come up for air. Take the tip of your tongue and tease my clit. Make me shiver and quiver, bite my bottom lip, trying not to cum too soon. 

Then nibbling on my outer pussy lips and tasting those heavenly juices dripping on your tongue. Loving every pleasurable and intimate moment between us. I become so slippery and wet, and your cock becomes hard. You lick me until I cum in your mouth. 

Now it is my turn, so let me pleasure your cock with my mouth. I start with my tongue and lick across your big mushroom head. Soon there is pre-cum oozing out the tip. Fuck! You have such a big cock! I want it and need it. Feel my tongue licking up and down the underside of your shaft. I finger my pussy while I suck your cock. My eyes look up in your eyes. Push my head down and thrust deep into my mouth while I deep throat your cock. Fuck my mouth and feed me your tasty cum! 

Your Hot Girlfriend,



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Grandpa Phone Sex

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   Last night phone sex Grandpa came over for a talk. I could see by the way he was eyeing my perfect, tight teen body that he had something in mind. He told me he knew how I got my new car and Gucci boots. I quickly figured out just where this was going. He plunked $500 down on the table and told me he wanted in on the action. I really didn’t want to fuck his wrinkly, old ass, but he said he would tell everyone my secrets, and well $500 was a lot of money. Now, the question was “how do I get Gramps to cum quickly?”.  

    I suggested I give him one of my sloppy, wet, amazingly hot blow-jobs. He told me he wanted everyone one of my fuck holes.  Fuck, he was getting really dirty, horny and hard. Now my only choice was to mumble to him all the dirty things I would do for and to him. The blowjob wasn’t as gross as I thought. For an old guy, grandpa has a pretty nice cock. I couldn’t believe it really. It was still sort of gross!! He wanted to kiss, but I told him since he was treating me like a whore, well whores don’t kiss.  So, I am told anyways! Once he was inside my tight teen hole he came in like 1 minute. We then made a special arrangement, and at this rate I sure won’t need a real job.


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Your Cum, My Face And Tits

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I want something very special this year for Valentines Day. I want to receive all your hot, sticky cum splattered all over my beautiful tits and face. It might sound like this is a gift for you but you have no idea how much I love the feel, smell and taste of a huge load of cum. I want to play with it, rubbing it all over my tits, lick it off my fingers, and if you give me a big enough load I will rub it all over my sweet twat. I want you to use me like the blonde bimbo I am. I will suck you till you are rock hard again, and spread my ass cheeks to take you again.

Yes, for Valentines Day I crave your cock, and want to be your dirty slut. Let’s make both our nights with a hot, sexy and hopefully perverted mutual masturbation call.


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My Brother is Bi-Sexual

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I had suspicion my little brother was bi-sexual. He goes out with girls all the time but I always thought he was interested in men as well.

One day I went looking for money in his bedroom and I found a gay porn magazine under his mattress. I knew right then and there he was totally into cock. I didn’t want to directly ask him but I wanted to test him if the situation ever landed in his lap (haha).

I waited until a Friday night and made sure he was going to be home, and our parents would be gone for awhile. I invited over Frankie, this older laid back Italian guy that I hooked up with at a party awhile ago. He had the prettiest & biggest cock I’ve seen. Any gay or straight dude couldn’t say no to this amazing dick.

When Frankie got to the house, I brought him upstairs to my bedroom and left the door open. I knew my little brother was right next door and could hear everything. I undressed Frankie and told him how big he was and started sucking his cock. I made sure I was loud enough so my brother could hear me gag on his big dick. Soon enough, I look over and there was my brother peeking in. I invited him over and he said no. I told him that Frankie doesn’t mind and he’s totally cool with it. After a little convincing, my brother was on his knees worshiping his cock with me. It made me so hot that my brother and I were sucking cock together.

Just wait little bro, there’s so much more I have in store for you.


Written By: Mackenzie
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Two Size Queens

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    Let’s share a big, thick, sexy cock together. I know you think about cock sucking just as much as I do. I am a good girl, and willing to share. I know you’re a size queen just like me, so what are you waiting for?

A friend of my daddy has the sexiest cock I have ever seen. The head is a perfect yummy helmet head. I get so wet when I see the pre-cum bubbling out of his pee hole. I bet it makes you just as excited. What could be hotter than sharing the experience together, kissing over the big helmet head and sharing his pre-cum. You can lick his ass to make him rock hard, and even bigger. Something tells me you’re quite good at rim jobs. Join me?

xoxo, Piper




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Suzanne’s Naughty Fantasy

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I have no idea what had gotten into my phone sex son today, but he treated me like a submissive little whore. Can you imagine treating your mommy like that?

I was getting ready for a date when I heard the front door slam. It sounded like someone was in a terrible mood. I just bought him several games, and his favorite dinner was in the oven. I always make my date nights special before I go so he isn’t jealous. Clearly, dinner and games was not what he had in mind. He burst into my room while I was dressing, without even knocking.

I didn’t even have a second to greet him before he was calling me dirty names, and taking out his young, hard cock. I must admit, it was a turn on. He grabbed me by my long, blonde hair and pushed me down to my knees. He began slapping my face with his cock, demanding I open my mouth. I tried to resist but that sexy cock in my face was just too much. I sucked him off quickly. I tried to get up and finish getting dressed for my date, but he said I wasn’t getting away that easy.

Looks like someone will be on Santa’s naughty list.


SuzanneWritten By: Suzanne
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Sex, Parties and Hot Men

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Happy Halloween! I love Fall, and a reason to wear jeans, high boots, a tight top and leather jacket. Not tonight, as I am invited to help host a party at my favorite strip club. It is an after hours party, so don’t fear as your favorite blonde bimbo will be here for the rest of the night. I know many people party early so they can get to work on time the next day. Not this girl! I love being able to talk to my guys and then off to a party. I thought it would be fun to wear a waitress outfit which was just a bit too small for me. I love the way my 36 DD’s look in something way to snug.

Everyone who knows me, knows I love to party. Why wait for after midnight when my friends can come over while I am on the phone. I am putting my costume on, and sipping some Jack on the rocks when there is a knock at my door. I have to say, my mailman is fucking hot! I am his last house for the day so I offered him a drink. We toasted to the season of holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

He couldn’t take his eyes off my cleavage, but then who the fuck can? I began to wonder for the hundredth time, just how big his dick is? I began to imagine giving him a sexy titty fuck. I could feel my pussy gushing at the thought of it. As we drank, he stared at my tits and me at his growing bulge. Looks like a pre-party fucking!


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Trick or Treat or Family Style

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Trick or treat! I want both a trick and a treat. My phone sex brother always invites me to his work parties. They can get pretty boring, but I have a plan.

I sent emails from my brother’s account telling everyone this year it will be a costume party. Mine is amazing! I am going as Mina from Dracula. I have a sexy Victorian type dress with a built in corset to really show off my tits. The red will look hot as hell against my pale skin, red hair and slamming body. I also have a mask because my brother suggested everyone wear masks to make more of an air of mystery.

My brother and I fucked our brains out as teens, but we sort of went our own ways, so we didn’t see each other often. I found mom’s journal years ago, and apparently her and my brother were “really” enjoying each-others company.

Between the costume and the mask, he will never know it is me at the party, especially after he had a few drinks. The more I thought about it, the more I decided on bringing a hot, bi friend along. The more I read mom’s journal the more insight I had to my brother. Apparently, even as a kid he loved dick as much as pussy. We plan to flirt with him, seduce him and when he is ready to fuck, we would take off our masks. I already asked my friend, and he was totally up for a hot cock sucking and fucking.

Hey my phone sex brother, why not play this out with me. I promise it will be so exciting your balls will be completely drained.



CaidynWritten By: Caidyn Cross
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Cocksucking Phone Sex Leads to New Adventure

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He has been doing fantasy phone sex calls with me for a very long time. Various role plays but always the same steamy, hot sizzling result. Over a hundred calls, as he takes my boyfriend’s cock into his mouth and sucks him. I tease him about being a cocksucker and other similar humiliating nicknames. The dirtier I get with my words, the harder his cock becomes. Finally, when I describe my boyfriend’s cum squirting into my caller’s mouth, he cums too. 

Immediately after the call, he insists that this is all just fantasy and that he has never actually sucked a cock. Last week, I got him to finally open his mind and go to a hotel bar to flirt with a guy. I encouraged him to open his mind.

He just called me this morning. He took my advice and finally opened his mind to new experiences. He had gone to a hotel bar near the airport. A college football game was on TV, so talking about the game was a nice ice-breaker to get a conversation started. 

At the end of the game, my caller was invited up to the friendly bar patron’s hotel room. My caller was excited and hard. All of my encouraging words gave him the courage to experience his fantasy. He sucked his first cock and loved it! 


BrynnaWritten By: Brynna
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A Visit From Your Mother In Law

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I paid a visit to my daughters today and my attractive son in law told me she had a fertility doctor appointment.

He invited me in and gave me a glass of Chardonnay. He knows me all to well. We chatted about life for awhile and I realized I had one too many glasses of Chardonnay. I was feeling dizzy and a bit frisky.

Next thing I know, I pulled down my blouse to show off my big breasts, and got on my knees to take off his trousers. He was a little reluctant at first but when my hand was stroking his shaft, and my bright red lips were sucking the head of his cock, he couldn’t resist. He said he hasn’t had a blowjob in months. Poor baby! I made sure to give him some extra special attention. I even slipped a finger in his ass. He was loving it and told me he’s never had that done before. My daughter has really neglected his sexual needs and I’m glad to step in and help.

I had him pound my mature pussy and told him he can say any nasty thing to me. I reached down to grab his balls and that made him shoot a very large load inside me. With the amount of cum he put in me, I might get pregnant! Too bad I’m too old otherwise, I can tell my daughter to cancel her fertility appointment because I’m going to have your baby!

I’m thinking my son in law and I need more alone time in the near future. My daughter certainly isn’t getting the job done. He needs his horny mother in law to take care of his needs and that means more trips for my daughter to the fertility doctor because I’ll be the one draining his balls!


Written By: Miss Angie
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Wake Up Call

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There’s something about morning sex. Spending that night fucking away is great too, but I love waking up to a hard cock in the morning. I’ll take a warm tongue lapping at my pussy over an alarm clock any day. Or maybe a stiff dick down my throat. Or having my brains fucked out first thing in the morning. It’s all so good to me. It’s impossible to have a bad day when you’re having an orgasm the first few minutes that you’re awake.

It can be a rough fucking or sweet love making. Sometimes just a little oral time is nice. I just know that my day is made when I get to share it with someone first thing. It sends me… and YOU off with smiles on our faces! It makes it really hard to dread having to wake up early when you know that your day is going to begin with us both cumming.

RileyWritten By: Riley
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Curious About Cocksucking?

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You have never put a cock in your mouth, but you have thought it, fantasized about it.

I think that is hot!  You are curious to learn what how cum tastes and what it feels like when a cock explodes in your mouth. You have so many questions and concerns about yourself and your manhood.

You watch porn, guys blowing other guys. Your cock gets hard. Sometimes you even think about having a guys cock in your mouth while your girlfriend is sucking yours. You cum hard that way, don’t you? 

Give me a call, and let’s talk about it. I love MMF sex, so I am the perfect person to give my thoughts and give you tips on how to find your first cock!

Consider it sex therapy!


BrynnaWritten By: Brynna
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On My Knees Ready To Please!

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Let me get on my knees and crawl over to you, batting my long eye lashes and licking my full luscious cock sucking lips!

I love to take your cock in my hand and flip my tongue across the tip of your dick and taste that pre-cum. Wrapping my lips around the tip as a slowly suck you in, inch by inch until your deep in my throat, and my throat muscles tighten down around the tip of your huge cock.

That’s right baby, pull my hair back and thrust your hips into my mouth and fuck my pretty little face with your big throbbing dick.

I’m an anything goes type of girl but most of all, I love being on my knees aiming to please all men.


Written By: Parker
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Delicious Decadent Mouthful

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Craving a taste of me and my delicious sweet cum?

Let’s hook up!  

I slip out of my skirt and my sexy panties. Drop to your knees. Lick the head of my pretty girl cock.  Come on, baby, make me hard! 

Take me into your mouth. Feel that cock of mine growing and taste that super sweet pre-cum drip on your tongue. I fuck your face until you make me explode and you drink all of my cum! 


You have always wanted a girl like me, a hot babe with a sexy cock! 


DaniWritten By: Shemale Dani
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