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Teaching Lessons About Sex

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It’s so fun teaching my younger brothers friends all about sex. They all know I’m a little nympho. They’re always asking me questions. So, I figured they needed a lesson. Making them take out their hard cocks for me. I admired each one, the length, and thickness.

It was making my cunt ache. I was feeling the need to have some cocks in my wet mouth. They all took turns fucking my mouth. They grabbed the back of my hair and gave me that final thrust as the hot cum flowed down my throat.

I love when they take turns fucking my smooth pussy nice and hard. The lessons keep getting better. The next lesson I’ll be teaching them is my favorite… Anal!

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The Older Man Next Door

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I did my morning yoga and saw my neighbor sitting in his office next door. He is focused on his computer and always works so hard. He works at home now, but his wife still goes to her office. I have a thing for older men, but don’t all girls? I get even more horny for him, so I fantasize about fucking him while I shower and dry my hair.

Then I go to my lingerie drawer. Instead of wearing a little cotton thong, I put on my sexy lavender silky bra and panties. As I stand in front of the mirror, my nipples are hard and poking into the thin fabric of the bra. I feel my pussy dripping into the clean panties. Dirty panties already!

The temptation is too great, and I need an older man to make me cum today! I slip into a short skirt, sweater, and boots. Next, I text the older man next door, asking him if I can stop by because I want to borrow a book. He says the back door is open, and he is in his home office. He is happy to let me borrow any of his books! The only thing I want is his sexy, sophisticated older man’s dick!

He does not hear me when I open the door to his office. I walk behind him, touch his shoulders, and run my fingers down his arms. I pull his hands off his keyboard. I beg him to fuck me. He tries to resist me. I am so young and naughty that I make him forget he is married. He can’t resist my hot, young body! I suck his cock as he fingers my sweet, tight pussy. He makes sure that I have such intense orgasms! Now it is your turn to fuck me!



Written By: Annaliese
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Macy Loves Taking Away Your Manhood

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I find myself in Macyneed of a slut who needs to be used. Do you have a dirty little secret you want to tell me? Really nasty things you have done or fantasize about doing while dressed up? Maybe sucking another mans cock or possibly getting butt fucked by a big black cock.

My biggest pleasure comes from taking your manhood away, allowing you to feel a total loss of control. Being dominated by a woman like me, and being forced to suck a cock against your will after I make you put on some dick sucking red lipstick. I will break the boundaries of shame and embarrassment, and break down your facade.

I know exactly what a guy like you wants more than anything, you want to eat my cum filled cunt! You will just have to rub one out a loser, there will be no fucking for you today, just like every other day of your life I am quite sure!

Always remember that Mistress Macy likes all type of naughty sluts.




MacyWritten By: Macy


Can’t Get Enough!

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Slut, whore, cunt – call me what you want but this wild blonde has a sizzling pussy eagerly waiting for your cock. I don’t want to waste anytime chit chatting about your day, I just want you to open your mouth and stick out your tongue so I can sit on your face. Lick my pussy and my ass as I give you an amazing blowjob. I love your cock and salivate over it, whether it’s in my face, hands, mouth, or even if it’s in your pants. I want us both to have a hot orgasm.

There’s no limits and you can have anything you want and you can bet that I will do it all. I just love it when you stick your big cock in me, I don’t care what hole you fuck, I just can’t get enough of it!



CarmenWritten By: Carmen
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I’ll Make You Go Crazy

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I want to make you go crazy! I want you to come at me with full force. I love it when a guy is full of passion and lust. I want you to feel that with me. I want you to be driven crazy with desire.

I want you to rip my clothes off. I want for you to not be able to wait to have me naked on my knees before you. I want your cock deep in my throat. I’ll be sucking you off better than you have ever had your cock sucked before.

I don’t think I am asking for much. You are a man after all, you were born to need sex. You were born to lust after it, to seek it out, to want it more than you want anything else.

I know you want me. You lust after me. You desire me. You crave me. You need me.

You can have me. I am all yours for the taking. 


AutumnWritten By: Autumn
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Parking Lot Blowjobs

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      I was running late as always. Sometimes a girl just wants to stay in bed. I tossed on my clothes, and drove to my appointment.  The lot was packed but I finally found a spot. I glanced over and saw that the car next to me wasn’t empty. I really need to get to my appointment, but this looks interesting. I wonder if they will notice if I watch? I imagine they are way too busy to notice me.

It looks like a boy, maybe it’s a girl? It’s so hard to tell without looking closer. The man has his eyes closed and is biting his lip. The head is now going up and down. What do we have here? Whatever it is, I am getting super wet, and horny. 

I rolled down my window. Now I can hear the mans groans of pleasure and the slurps’ from the smaller one.  

I pulled my pants off, and began to finger myself. I guess I was getting a little loud myself. Did I see what I thought I did? Did the boy wink at me, while giving the man a blow job? 

I dressed and ran to my appointment. When I returned the car was gone, but there was a little note on my windshield. 


CaidynWritten By: Caidyn Cross
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Oral Fetish

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Who doesn’t love some good oral fetish phone sex? I know I do. I love talking to you and tell you how much I LOVE oral sex. Blow jobs is where sex really started to get interesting for me.

When I gave my first blow job, I learned how hot and erotic giving pleasure to someone can be. It has only gotten better through the years. I have perfected my technique and have made sure I have learned all the necessary skills needed to give a mind blowing blow job. I always make sure I have my box full of dildos handy so that I can suck on one during our call and picture it being your cock. Make sure you tell me about how big you are so I grab the right one!

Let’s have some fun with our call! Let me give you the pleasure I know you need and love.




Written By: Gracie
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Giving The Neighbors a Show

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I may look sweet, but I can be really bad. My small town can’t handle me. I like to wash my car in my little bikini. The neighbor women aren’t too happy because their husbands can’t stop staring at me.

The other day I was washing my car when I noticed to neighbor that I babysit for was checking me out. I gave a little wave and put on a show for him. I lathered myself up with the soap and water and rubbed my perky tits and tight pussy. I think he liked this little show because he made his way over. I dripped the wet sponge all over him. I pressed my tits into his chest and gave his cock a gentle rub.

I then pulled his shirt and dragged him in front of the car. I pushed him down and unzipped his pants. I loved sucking his big, throbbing cock. I sucked his cock like I have never sucked a cock before. He filled my mouth with his warm, creamy cum.

I left him there and continued washing my car. I looked over and noticed a few neighbors had got a show. I am really hoping they may want to join next time.


CharlieWritten By: Charlie
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Wrapping Your Lips Around Tommy Lee

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I saw something the other day that kept me in bed all fucking day. I saw Tommy’s Lee’s fucking enormous, sexy cock. Big, thick, and perfect. When I had enough of me time, I began thinking of the fuck toys in my life. Sorry guys, none of you can even fucking compare. Then I decided maybe it was time I went on a quest. I even had the perfect guy friend to take along. 

He was so excited when I texted him. He gushed over all the clothes I suggested he wear. He seems to love pink. While applying his pink, shiny lipstick, he seemed a little annoyed.  Ah, of course for now on, especially in our quest, he will be a she. 

           Apparently, we have the same taste in bed. Bad boys!  I suggested the local biker hangout.  The huge, shiny, sexy bikes were all in a row in the parking lot. My friend and I seemed to be the only females around. The “is your cock as big as Tommy Lee’s quest begins”.



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Smeared Lipstick

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       In honor of national Lipstick weekend, I left my smeared lip prints wherever I could. I started slowly with just some simple and sweet kisses on the cheeks of some of my friends. At my job as a bartender, I gave my regulars a little lipstick kiss on their glass. I exchanged kisses with a few of my sexy female regulars, mixing our lipstick together. 

I took my favorite regular to the restroom for his special lipstick print. I ripped open his shirt and started to slowly kiss my way down. As I got past his perfect flat tummy to his cock, my lipstick began to smear. As it mixed with his pre-cum, it became a shade of pink.  I could taste his pre-cum on my soft, glossy lips. 

I needed to re-do my lipstick, but I had none with me. I told the man to stay put and I would be back.  I borrowed some more lipstick right off a hot blondes lips. I take her hand and she then joins me with her smeared lipstick. 


CaidynWritten By: Caidyn Cross
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My Favorite Way To Start The Day

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We spent an amazing night together. The sex was fantastic. You’re a very talented lover. You made me cum so many times. I wake up so completely happy when I wake up with you.

Now it’s morning. The sun is shining in through the windows. It’s a new day. I wake up so aroused and wet. I can still feel your cum in me. I want you to sleep but I’m horny again for you. I feel this growing hunger, not in my stomach, but between my legs. I want you.

I slowly pull down the sheets. I want to wake you in a very special way. I crawl between your legs. My lips lightly brush your shaft. You have morning wood, and you’re still sound asleep. My mouth slides down your shaft. I start sucking your cock.

You awake to find my giving you a fantastic blowjob. I suck until you cum in my mouth. I love how you taste and feel in my mouth. That special moan you make when you cum for me is music to my ears.

It’s my favorite way to start the day!


IsabelleWritten By: Isabelle
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Fuck My Face

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            Sometimes I enjoy going off by myself camping or maybe a road trip.  I decided camping would be the most relaxing. The place I go to can be me alone or packed.

This year with everyone wanting out, it was packed. I found a great spot away from it all and began setting it all up. I could tell already that this will be a great camping weekend.  There were so many sexy men setting up tents and starting camp fires.

I noticed one of the men was staring at me, while I was having a snack. He was watching my sexy, full lips, and I bet he was imaging them around his cock. Now all I could do was stare and wonder what was under those shorts. 

We flirted for  awhile with him watching my lips and me watching the bulge in his shorts. It was my first day there and I knew after the long trip I could use a quick hook-up. I took his hand and walked him over to my tent. I smiled and told him to fuck my pretty face.  

After getting what I needed, I finished setting up. I just may have to make this trip a weekly thing!


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My Callers Confession

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I had a very interesting call yesterday. A small voice confessed to me that he was a sissy. It wasn’t hard to figure that one out. I can always tell a sissy boy from a real man. I thought his confession would stop there but there was more.

This particular sissy was addicted to black cock. Who can really blame him? Black cock is beyond delicious. He shared stories of the first black cock he ever sucked. Just hearing him describing it, made my mouth water.

He tried to stop there, but I wouldn’t let him. I knew there was more and I wanted a complete confession. He not only sucked them off, he took a pounding like a true sissy. He said he didn’t want to like it, but those black cocks are just so fucking addicting! I couldn’t agree more. Just talking about it made him cum so hard.
Confessing your dirty little secrets can be so rewarding.

BambiWritten By: Bambi
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My Boyfriends Dad

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My boyfriends dad made me promise not to tell anyone, especially his son. If I was going to fuck him, it had to be our little secret if this was ever going to work. I wanted it to happen so badly and was careful to not let anyone know.

I love the way his big, man cock feels in my tiny teen pussy so the thought of a weekend with him made me wet. The boys my age don’t even come close to measuring up to him or his amazing cock.

I was his very own little teen fuck doll all weekend and loved every second of him using me. His cock raged, throbbing to pump my tight, bald pussy constantly. I wanted to make it drip and hear him moan so I sucked him long and hard, milking the cum from his heavy balls.

He wanted to taste me and his mouth owned every inch of my tiny body. The way that he licked, probed and sucked made my hot pussy juice squirt over and over again. I couldn’t get enough of his huge cock and I didn’t care how old he was!


SaraWritten By: Sara
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Will You Do Anything For Me?

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                Let’s get down to the nasty, dirty details. You say you would do anything for me. I wonder just what you mean by anything?  Now, if you know me at all, you know I’m not talking about material things. Giggles. Well, that does come later but for now, how will you prove yourself? 

                    Your tongue is always looking for those yummy fluids from my body. You savor all that comes directly from my body, but I wonder. I wonder if you knew how many times it was another man’s hot cum you were licking out of my tight holes?

Now that you know, I feel like it is time you sucked a big, thick meaty cock for me. You agree, and wonder just what is next. We will see.


WritteDelaneyn By: Delaney
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The Art of Seduction

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Think about coming home to me from a hard day at the office. I’m wearing the lingerie you bought me last Valentines day. There’s nothing I love more than the art of seduction. I want to dance for you, slowly undressing, and moving my body to conform to yours. I want to get your cock throbbing so I can give it my full attention from my mouth and lips.

The immense attention you will receive from my lips and tongue will make you feel like a king, big and powerful in my mouth. When you feel like you’re going to explode, I’ll be there to receive every drop of your cum because pleasing you fulfills me.

Your time with me will be spent in total adoration for all the amazing, and wildly naughty things you do. I maybe a classically trained ballerina, but I also love to blow off some steam while performing a naughty strip tease for your eyes only. This is always a perfect segway into our mutual masturbation phone sex.


Written By: Chloe
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Best Blowjob Phone Sex

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I love the feel of your cock in my mouth. I get so much pleasure sucking you off. My pussy tingles the deeper I suck your cock. 

Your cock is twitching right now just thinking about my warm mouth wrapped around your hard shaft. Sucking, up and down!

Slowly at first, driving you crazy. Your hands in my hair, pulling my head down, taking you deeper. I take more and more of that long shaft, feeling it get thicker and harder. Oh, how you moan for me as I suck your cock. 

My eyes water. My mascara runs down my face. I do not stop, I just keep sucking and sucking. I run my tongue along the shaft as I keep my lips tightly wrapped around your cock. 

You are hard now. Call me and let me finish you off. I crave the taste of your cum.


Cock Whore Tara

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He loves when I’m his cock sucking whore. I’m always on my hands and knees for him.
I always start with his ass, running my tongue along the rim pushing my face deep in. I lick my lips, tasting his juices.
I look up at him, begging him for his cock. I want worship his cock so bad. My hands grip around his shaft and slide down the length of him. My mouth is watering.
I started to suck the head, feeling him throb in my mouth. I was starving for his cum. My tongue swirled around and licked his pre-cum.  I locked my lips around tighter, sucking him with all I had. He grunted with each jolt of hot jizz. I eagerly swallowed like a good girl.


Hook Up Surprise

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I found a guy on a hook up site that seemed super fun. He checked all the boxes and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him.

He picked me up and we had a fantastic night out. I was really feeling a good vibe from him and I knew he was feeling it too. He couldn’t keep his hands off of me on the dance floor. His hard cock pressed against my stomach said a lot. He whispered in my ear that he wanted to take me home. I agreed quickly.

He started warming me up on the way home with his fingers in my pussy. He picked me up and carried me into his house. He pressed me against the wall and started working my dress up. I fell to my knees in my bra and panties and took his thick cock down my throat. My eyes were closed and I was savoring his taste when I heard someone clear their throat.

I opened my eyes to another stiff cock in my face. I looked up at my date and he smiled and nodded. I took his roommates cock too. He wasn’t as thick, but he was longer. The contrast made my pussy so wet.

My hook up turned into a 3 way that night. They took turns fucking me. I surprised myself by begging for them to fuck my pussy at the same time. It was a tight fit and was painful, but in a fucking fantastic way!

We fucked all night and fell asleep together and fucked some more when we woke up. It was the best night I had ever had. I’m going on a date with the roommate tonight and I can’t wait for him to take me back to his place for more fun.


NoelleWritten By: Noelle
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Armchair Cocksucker

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That’s right, I said it. Now what are you going to do about it? All you do is obsess  over cocks. Every single time we talk I have to hear about size, length and girth. Don’t get it twisted, I love talking about cocks all day long. My questions is when are you actually going to rip the band-aid off and do it. 

 Every time we watch guy on guy porn together, you wish it could be you sucking the guy off with that big mushroom head and the huge hanging balls. I get it, I would want that as well, but the difference between you and me is, I go after what I want. I see a big dick, I get it.

I’m well aware it’s a different situation for guys but I have told you many times where and how to get it. I even given you my best Memphis cock sucking lessons. You have to understand, I want this for you just as bad as you want it. You will never turn back after your first load of warm cum hitting your mouth.

I don’t want to hear any more excuses. I’ll be with you every step of the way. Today is the day you stop being an armchair cocksucker and make me proud!



MemphisWritten By: Memphis
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