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Physical Exam with Nurse Angie

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I had a very hot call this morning that I wanted to share with you.

My caller wanted to be a young boy, just entering puberty, going to see the nurse for his high school physical.

As he entered my office, I could see he was very nervous and sweating. I smiled and reassured him that I was a very experienced nurse. I told him he should relax and take a deep breathe. 

He seemed to relax a little so I handed him a very short gown. I told him to undress completely and put the gown on, I told him I would be right back. 

When I returned, he was laying on the exam table trying to hide his huge cock. I tried not to stare, but even under the gown and with him trying to hide it, putting his hands over his huge cock. It made my mature pussy so hot seeing a huge cock on such a young boy. 

I stood close to him to take his pulse. I listened to his chest and could hear his heart pounding. I told him to lay back on the table so I could complete the exam. As he laid back, the gown came up, and his erect young penis stood straight up. I smiled and told him I think before we can finish your exam, there’s something else here that needs taking care of. 

I slowly stroked his cock at first. It didn’t take long before his young cum was shooting all over my hand.

I can honestly say he past his physical exam with flying colors. 


Written By: Miss Angie
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I Have The Cure

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You’re laying on the bed, waiting for me to come out of the bathroom. When I come out, I’m wearing one of my favorite naughty nurse outfits.

I slowly walk over to you, telling you that it’s time for your exam. I take out my stethoscope and begin to run it over your body. As I run it down your chest, I begin to notice the bugle in your boxer briefs. Oh my, you have some swelling. I better check that out, baby.

I reach my hand inside and remove your swollen appendage. I lean in to get a closer look, the feel of my hot breath making it twitch.

Just lie back and Nurse Bambi will take care of you. I know just the thing to cure this.

My tongue slowly circles the head as I suck you into my wet mouth. I watch your face as I move up and down slowly. My head begins to bob faster, eating your cock up, feeling you hit the back of my throat. My hand begins to softly squeeze your balls, massaging them in the palm of one hand.

Hmmm… this doesn’t seem to be working. Looks like we’re going to have to try something different. I lift my skirt and slam my pussy down on your cock. My hands grip the headboard of the bed as I ride you hard and fast. The sound of our moans and my ass slapping against your thighs echo through the room.

In no time, I feel your cock explode inside me. There we go. I told you I knew how to cure what ailed you. All you have to do is take me every hour, on the hour as needed.

BambiWritten By: Bambi
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A Dark Night With Two Sexy Strangers

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       Most people when they associate Halloween with hospitals get a very creepy feeling. That is what many scary movies go for. A killer loose in a hospital doing who knows what. Not me, I find Halloween very sexy and so much fun. 

I volunteer at a small, old downtown hospital. During the day, I’m all sweetness and light, but once the kids are sleeping, it’s my turn to bring fun to all the people stuck in the hospital. Men and women alike, of course. 

There was a lovely young couple in the first room I visited. It was the husband’s birthday, but he was stuck in bed with a broken leg. The pain pills made him very talkative, and said just what was on his mind. He mentioned he always wanted to see his young wife with a hot older woman. That would be quite the treat for me.

While she sat in the chair, I gave her a slow lap dance. By the sounds of the husband’s breathing, he was really enjoying the show. 

I helped him to the chair and she sat on the bed. She was a little shy, but my hands, hot mouth and dildo had her begging for more. I coaxed her to give her hot, young husband a blow job while I watched. 

  When she was done, I told them to have a lovely night, grabbed my leather bag , and went to see who else needed my assistance. I went into the hallway and the lights flickered. “Oh no, this could be very bad”. I felt a hot breath on my neck, and a hand covered my mouth. I was dragged into a dark, empty hospital room.

There were two men, and by the look in their steel blue, cold eyes they were about to have me for dinner. I could tell that wasn’t the only thing like steel. There was nothing I could do to break free, so I might as well enjoy it. I came so many times that I passed out. I woke up to bite marks, a few bruises, a sore but satisfied pussy and no real memory of that night.

Do you have a sexy fantasy for Halloween that you would like to give a try?  Don’t be shy, spill it all. 



SuzanneWritten By: Suzanne
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Off With His Head

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        Welcome to my office. I am told I need to fix a little problem of yours. Please disrobe, and hop up on my table. Why know, it isn’t really sanitary. I just fucked my 


girlfriend on the table. You don’t mind, do you?

I can see the problem here. It seems that thing of yours is quite useless. No man can ever not get hard while they look at me. Now then there is you. I can see why your wife is suggesting we remove that limp piece of flesh. Shame really, it seems to be quite large, just not in working order. 

You ask me if I will use anything to deaden your pain. I explain that is is not up to me, but to the doctor. Ah, you thought I was doing the procedure. It’s the person who really deserves to cut that worthless thing off.  You see your wife, and she looks happier than you have ever made her. You beg to be able to cum one last time before we rid you off your cock and balls. I tease you and show you my gorgeous tits. Still nothing from you. 

    She is shaking a bit, you see your reflection on the scalpel blade. You hope it’s quick. It isn’t. When she is done, she has a request. She wants us to fuck over your bloody, useless body. Sounds like bloody fucking fun to Nurse Malaya.



MalayaWritten By: Malaya Maxxx
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Let Nurse Drew Take Care Of You!

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I don’t have a nursing license BUT I do have a degree in making men feel good. When I’m finished with my patients, they leave extremely happy. I’ve always been the nurturing type so pleasing men comes natural to me.

 Just by looking at me, you know that no one has a set of huge, gorgeous tits like mine. My enormous breasts alone will give you an unforgettable orgasm when you slide your cock between them. I also excelled on my oral exam and my talented tongue can give you a blowjob and rim job like no other.

Six back and relax, baby. Give me nice deep breaths. Inhale then exhale. Now, go ahead and tell me what area on your body needs the most attention. I’ll make sure to pamper you and make you feel the best you’ve ever felt.

Nurse Drew



DrewWritten By: Drew
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Sex Therapy for the Premature Ejaculation

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Dr. Koko

So, you have a problem. You can get hard, but you become over-stimulated by pretty ladies which results in a premature ejaculation. You can’t even watch porn without spilling your cum immediately.

Oh my, yes, as your sex therapist, I can help you with your problem. Your wife enjoys your company, but you are unable to make her cum, except with your fingers or tongue. Let me examine your cock. Just as I suspected, you are below average in size! It appears that I have quite a challenge on my hands.

Turning a pathetic little loser, a premature ejaculator, and teaching him to have a satisfying orgasm is quite tricky. Quite rewarding for me, but very humiliating and embarrassing for him.

 Although I cannot increase the size of your cock, I can train you, guide you through many long, intense edging sessions. I will teach you to last longer and let the cum build up so you can have a satisfying orgasm.

Mistress Koko



KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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Hot Sexy MILF Phone Sex Temptress

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 I’m a sexy hot MILF temptress with a provocative mind and a fertile imagination who has dick sucking lips that can lure you back to my place and have my way with you. If you’re looking for a one night stand be careful with this vixen it might just be your last one. In real life, I am a bad nurse which is the perfect cover for my wicked sex games. I tease patients only to deny them my beautiful body, male and female. While they beg and chase me, I wait until they are obsessed with fucking me, and then I finally take them home with me. That’s when all the fun begins. I’ll make you worship my body, cleaning every little hole, crevasse, and crease with your hot, wet tongue and then I’ll restrain you and drive you crazy by fingering my hot, sweet-smelling slit just inches from your face.

Make my phone ring and you’ll understand why my victims keep coming back again and again.



Written By: Destiny St. Claire
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