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September 13th, 2018 | Control Phone Sex, Financial Domination Phone Sex, FinDom Phone Sex, Goddess Worshipping Phone Sex, Money Pig Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Phoenix's Blog | 0 Comments

Repeat after me: Phoenix makes the rules!

I’m the one in charge. I don’t care if you’re some big shot. When you call me, I will break you. You might be the boss to other people but not to me. You will obey my every commands. If you chose to not follow my rules, there’s consequences. I’m sure the people closest to you would really be shocked to know that you pay a Financial Domme to call you a pathetic loser.

The real question is; are you even deserving to pay tribute to me? If it’s your first time calling me, I will have to assess you and see if you’re even worthy enough to be my money slave. There’s millions of losers in this world, I just need to know how pathetic you really are. Once the assessment has been made by me, I will tell you the rules. If you don’t obey, you will pay, and ultimately; I will ruin you.



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Fear The Unknown

June 20th, 2018 | Accomplice Phone Sex, Age Play Phone Sex, Bald Pussy Phone Sex, Deviant Phone Sex, Domination Phone Sex, Drugs Phone Sex, Extreme Age Play Phone Sex, Financial Domination Phone Sex, Hardcore Phone Sex, Ivy's Blog, Pathetic Loser Phone Sex, Pedo Fantasies Phone Sex | 0 Comments

I was the girl who sat under a tree reading banned books, the one who fucked for good grades, the one who climbed out her window and fucked in the cemetery. I was fearless, and that is what made you cling to me. Your parents had money so you had the best drugs, sports car and took me with you on trips. We went our separate ways, but then one day I saw you with a wee little babe. We chatted, and you told me she was your kid.

We arranged to meet later for drinks. After a few drinks, you spilled your fucking guts to me. I sort of always knew as you never tried to fuck me. I saw how you looked at the younger ones at school. Now you tell me the age that makes you hard, the age you want to rape. You’re worried, afraid what you might do to your little one. You never expected me to talk you out of things, so why would I now? Only thing is I don’t feel the connection we had once, so why would I even try to keep you from doing very bad things?

You call me panicked, she is asleep and you’re standing at her little pink bed. You don’t think you can control your urges anymore. You beg me to help you, to come over and take your mind off of her tiny, little body. Damn, don’t you remember anything from our past? I could come over, and help you rape the little bitch. Ah now, I guess that isn’t what you want help with. I could just blackmail you, tell your boring little wifey? I wonder which one I shall pick?



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Visiting Step-Daddy

May 15th, 2018 | Ass Worship Phone Sex, Cock Tease Phone Sex, Daddy/Daughter Phone Sex, Family Fun Phone Sex, Family Fun Stories Phone Sex, Financial Domination Phone Sex, FinDom Phone Sex, Harley's Blog, Money Pig Phone Sex, Naughty Confessions Phone Sex, Pathetic Loser Phone Sex, Pervert Phone Sex, Uncategorized | 0 Comments

           I found this incredible loft with a fantastic view of the city. The only problem is my lease was up and the loft won’t be ready till June. I haven’t seen my step-dad since him and my mom split up, so I figured why not visit him while waiting. He moved to LA when they split so I figured what a great excuse. I didn’t bother to call and warn him, just packed what I needed and showed up at his door.

When I arrived, he had on a robe and looked quite puzzled when he saw me. I just barged the fuck in and gave him a hug. He smelled like sex and cigars, just like when I lived at home. I couldn’t help wonder if the young hottie was male or female. You see, step-daddy had a thing for my friends, all of them!

He showed me to the guest room and tried to hide the fact that he wasn’t alone. He told me to make myself at home and we would talk in the morning. Yeah, no that just wasn’t going to work for me. I got comfy in tiny sleep shorts and a way too tight top and headed for his room. Well fuck, for someone trying to be discreet, he was uber noisy. Daddy was tied to the bed with two underage chicks putting on a little show for him.

I gave them the money he left on the nightstand and told them to leave. Now he was all mine, and so were his numerous credit cards. His new girlfriend was texting him, so I began to text back as him. I suggested she come over as I couldn’t wait to fuck her. Now he was in a panic and began to beg. This was just like old times when I was 14 and he wanted a little tease and promised me anything to lick my sweet asshole. Such a dilemma. Do I leave him tied up or blackmail him for his freedom before she gets here?



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April 25th, 2018 | Control Phone Sex, Financial Domination Phone Sex, FinDom Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Pathetic Loser Phone Sex, Payton's Blog | 0 Comments

My beauty, tits and ass have always worked to my advantage. I can make any guy do anything I want and you know what I really want……YOUR WALLET!

You know that there is nothing else important in your sad, pathetic life. You will never get a girl like me or even come close. The only thing you have to look forward to is giving me your hard earned cash. You do what pleases me and the only thing that will make me smile is when you open up your wallet to me.

I promise you that after one financial domination phone sex call with me, you will be hooked and you’ll become my instant cash slave. It will be very rewarding to you and you will feel you have a purpose for once in your life!

Your Findom Mistress, PAYton


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Cum Fee Phone Sex

April 19th, 2018 | Financial Domination Phone Sex, FinDom Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Phoenix's Blog, Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex | 0 Comments


No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. I said CUM FEE not CUM FREE!

PAY UP you little dick fag!  Every pathetic loser knows they don’t cum with me on the phone and if they do, there’s a Cum Fee. Nothing is free with me, not even your jizz. I even charge for your pre-cum and I always know when your pencil dick is just starting to spit a drop.

My voice is hypnotic and highly addictive so losers naturally start stroking as soon as I speak. Nothing gets past me! I can hear your heaving breathing, not being able to hold a conversation and I can also hear the lotion on your tiny clit. I know it all!

Once your droplet comes out of your micro-penis, CHA CHING! You should feel privileged I am even letting you cum with me on the phone when I have so much better things to do with my time.

Are you ready to pay your CUM FEE?



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My Daddy Wouldn’t Approve

March 28th, 2018 | Delaney's Blog, Domination Phone Sex, FemDom Phone Sex, Financial Domination Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Rimming Phone Sex, Sex Toys Phone Sex, Strap-On Play Phone Sex | 0 Comments

   Finally road trip weather! I love hitting the road for a few days to see what trouble I can get myself into. It was late and I saw a sort of seedy motel off the highway. Why not? The thing I love about seedy motels is you never know what you will see, or what nasty fun you can get caught up in. This one had a bar right next to it with all sort of sights to see in the parking lot. I went in and got my room, freshened up and headed for the bar.

This woman approached me and asked if I would be interested in a 3 way dom session with one of her regulars. She told me he paid and tipped extremely well. She said he really wanted me to join because he was never dommed by a teen. I did want some nasty adventure so after a few shots of some watered down booze, I was ready to play. First, I texted my daddy to assure him I was at the Hilton he booked for me. LOL. Then on to a room even dirtier than mine.

She had him lick me from head to toe, making him spend most of his time licking the soles of my pretty feet and my sweet little rosebud pucker. She watched and called out demands of him. Next thing I knew, she was putting a two headed dildo in my hot little pussy, and telling me to fuck the shit out of this worthless bitch of a man. After a long night of some crazy intense shit, I took my money and headed to my room.

I wonder what night two of my trip will bring? I think tomorrow night will be a 5 star hotel and an older gentleman to dominate, because that shit rocks!


WritteDelaneyn By: Delaney
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Beg Me For It

March 2nd, 2018 | Ass Licking Phone Sex, Blackmail Phone Sex, Body Worship Phone Sex, Exhibitionist Phone Sex, Face Sitting Phone Sex, Financial Domination Phone Sex, Hardcore Phone Sex, Harley's Blog, Married Men Phone Sex, Uninhibited Phone Sex | 0 Comments

HArley   My friend’s hot ass dad threw a party for his early retirement. He will use any excuse possible to have a big gathering of all his daughter’s friends. Right babes? I know what you’re thinking. You would think it would be his friends, but nope it is all Jenna’s friends. There is always lots of booze and party favors. He’s a bit of a voyeur and knows there will be a whole lot of fucking.

          I caught him stroking his dick as he stood in the darkness watching some friends of mine fuck. I whispered in his ear that he could fuck me if we did it in his bedroom.

He sat on his bed while I teased him doing a slow, sexy strip leaving on nothing but my heels. I told him to let me take over as I restrained him to the bed. Oh no, I bet he thought I was going to ride him since I am named after something built for speed. Nope! I found his wallet and made him agree to letting me charge up all his  credit cards. He began by begging me to just let him go, to go back to the party. I asked for more credit cards to max out. I stood over him as he looked hungrily at my juicy pussy. He soon was begging to taste me, to lick my tight pucker. I gave him all he begged for and oh so much more.



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Holidaze Depravity

December 21st, 2017 | Abduction Phone Sex, Accomplice Phone Sex, Blackmail Phone Sex, Bondage Phone Sex, Deviant Phone Sex, FemDom Phone Sex, Financial Domination Phone Sex, Hardcore Phone Sex, Holiday Phone Sex Blogs, Malaya's Blog, Married Men Phone Sex, Sensual Domination Phone Sex, Snuff Phone Sex | 0 Comments

    malaya maxxx  Ho, Ho, Ho it is your little ray of sunshine helping you with your naughty list. You have tried to be a good daddy and husband, haven’t you? For the most part, you’ve put away your deviant urges but while you were out getting the bitch some last minute gifts because you still hadn’t gotten her enough, you see me. In one word, you are FUCKED.

You have wandered in my Adult Gifts store even though deep down you know she wouldn’t speak to you for days if you purchased anything from this store and you would spend thousands in jewelry to fix things. Yet, you couldn’t help yourself. 

You love what I am wearing, not that she even has the body for it, and I show you some fun toys. It is late, almost time to close and I offer you a drink. You happily accept it as we go in the back room to try some things on. You don’t even remember agreeing to it, but you have a ball gag in your mouth and leather restraints on your wrists. I begin to go through your things, finding out your identity. Yes, now I know where she lives and you all are FUCKED after I text a few rather naughty friends.

                Deviant Holidazes With Malaya


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Dark, Sexy and Twisted

December 5th, 2017 | Age Play Phone Sex, Bukkake Fetish Phone Sex, Deviant Phone Sex, Financial Domination Phone Sex, Forced Bisexuality Phone Sex, Kidnapping Phone Sex, Money Pig Phone Sex, Orgy Phone Sex, Pedo Fantasies Phone Sex, Prostitution Phone Sex, Rape Scenarios Phone Sex, Rough Sex Phone Sex, Sarah Jesse's Blog, Torture Phone Sex, Uncategorized, Uninhibited Phone Sex, Voyeurism Phone Sex | 0 Comments


You have had a hard life at times, a crappy childhood, and are a loner. You don’t connect with bubbly, sweet girls. You want a girl who is raw, real, and can relate to the dark side of life. Well, that is me, Sarah Jesse.

Want to share stories of fucked-up mothers, pervy boyfriends, or a dirty daddy? Sometimes it feels good to connect with someone who understands what it is like to have no childhood innocence. Learning that sex sells, the commodity that you can use to make pervs open up their wallets and buy you presents you are young. Submitting to them because you were easily manipulated.

You are like me. We both like sharing experiences, but what turns us on is nasty, twisted, dark fantasies. I can tell you a very nasty tale of the debauchery that I have witnessed at sex parties and orgies.  Men with money who can buy anything they want and have it brought to them. I have seen things and participated in the lewdest and lascivious activities in the city that never sleeps, NYC.

Perhaps you have a forbidden pleasure, a salacious fetish or an obscene fantasy. Let your mind go and let’s do a roleplay. No taboos, no limitations here on my end.

Sarah Jesse


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Sex Therapy for the Premature Ejaculation

November 29th, 2017 | Cock Control Phone Sex, Domination Phone Sex, Edge Play Phone Sex, Exhibitionist Phone Sex, FemDom Phone Sex, Financial Domination Phone Sex, Guided Masturbation Phone Sex, Handjobs Phone Sex, Humiliation Phone Sex, Koko's Blog, Masturbation Phone Sex, Nurse Fantasies Phone Sex, Pathetic Loser Phone Sex, Relaxation Phone Sex, Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex, Uncategorized | 0 Comments

Dr. Koko

So, you have a problem. You can get hard, but you become over-stimulated by pretty ladies which results in a premature ejaculation. You can’t even watch porn without spilling your cum immediately.

Oh my, yes, as your sex therapist, I can help you with your problem. Your wife enjoys your company, but you are unable to make her cum, except with your fingers or tongue. Let me examine your cock. Just as I suspected, you are below average in size! It appears that I have quite a challenge on my hands.

Turning a pathetic little loser, a premature ejaculator, and teaching him to have a satisfying orgasm is quite tricky. Quite rewarding for me, but very humiliating and embarrassing for him.

 Although I cannot increase the size of your cock, I can train you, guide you through many long, intense edging sessions. I will teach you to last longer and let the cum build up so you can have a satisfying orgasm.

Mistress Koko



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Ignore Line Phone Sex

August 29th, 2017 | Anything Goes Phone Sex, Arianna's Blog, Financial Domination Phone Sex, Ignore Line Phone Sex, Money Pig Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Pathetic Loser Phone Sex | 0 Comments

ariannaLosers call me and try to get my attention. Tell me how hot I am, blah, blah, blah.  I put the phone down and do something more worth my time. I give men attention when they show me appreciation. I like when you’re being ignored to think about ways to get my undivided attention. Every girl likes to be spoiled and a Mistress like me loves cash.

You should be happy I even took the time to answer your call. I have a million other things I would like to do rather than to listen to your pathetic little voice.

I have many callers who know my rules and they tell me they don’t even deserve my voice. They know right away I put the phone down while their money is being deducted from their credit card and going into my bank account. My losers really get off on the silence and I get off on spending their hard earn dollars. While I’m doing some online shopping , my phone is sitting next to me racking up the minutes. At least, I have you near me…being ignored!


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Potions, Spells and Evil

May 10th, 2017 | Abduction Phone Sex, Accomplice Phone Sex, Blasphemy Phone Sex, Cuckold Phone Sex, Deviant Phone Sex, Domination Phone Sex, Drugs Phone Sex, Fantasy Phone Sex, Fetish Phone Sex, Financial Domination Phone Sex, Hardcore Phone Sex, Humiliation Phone Sex, Malaya's Blog, Necrophillia Phone Sex, Pathetic Loser Phone Sex, Snuff Phone Sex, Torture Phone Sex | 0 Comments

Malaya MaxI own this little shop, it’s cute kind of quaint but it has very dark secrets in it. My great grandmother was a Shaman and often said I was possessed by a kitsune who decided to never leave my body. Well fuck, would you if you had this beautiful body for your meat suit? I don’t feel like I need an excuse for the evil I do but I do have one. ROTFLMFAO.

Many men come into my store to get a better look at my beauty and end up paying large amounts for love spells. Love spells? I mean what pathetic worms to think they can make a girl love them. Of course, I take their money gladly and do another spell.

What kind of spells you ask? If I tell you, I will have to torture and kill you which is not such a bad idea. I can make the most masculine man into a submissive slave begging to for his mouth to be pounded. Is it witchcraft, or is it just my beauty sends them into a head spin or maybe, just maybe it is something I put in the tea I serve them. You will never know, till I do it to you.  Come into my shop a man, leave as my bitch.

Maleficent  Malaya 

MalayaWritten By: Malaya Max
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Summer Work

April 26th, 2017 | Age Play Phone Sex, Barely Legal Phone Sex, Becky's Blog, Cock Control Phone Sex, Cock Tease Phone Sex, Erotic Stories Phone Sex, Financial Domination Phone Sex, Funny Confessions Phone Sex, Married Men Phone Sex, Naughty Babysitter Phone Sex, Naughty Confessions Phone Sex, Naughty School Girl Phone Sex, Naughty Teasing Teens Phone Sex, Sugar Daddy Phone Sex, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments

BeckySummer is coming up and I really needed some extra cash. My babysitting job is great, but I need a little more than great. I decided to hit the boss up for a raise. I knew his wife worked late on Fridays, so that was the perfect time to give him my proposal.

He came home, tired. I was sitting at the kitchen table doing my homework. When he plopped down on the couch, I followed him and sat next to him. He had his eyes closed, barely acknowledging me… until my fingers found their way to his zipper. His eyes popped open and his hand went to my wrist to stop me. I pulled my hand away and pulled my top off. His eyes went straight to my tits. I asked if he wanted to touch them. He slowly nodded and that’s when I gave him my conditions. He laughed at first but then I took my shorts and panties off. His eyes got wide. He decided that I definitely deserved a raise.

I sat on his cock and worked my teen pussy up and down. I kept whispering my price in his ear. Every time he said no, I eased away. When he finally agreed, I ground my pussy into him. I rode him hard, slamming on to his hard cock. He came deep inside my teen hole. He fished the money out of his wallet. I had no idea it could be so easy! A few more sessions with him and I’ll be set for some summer fun.

BeckyWritten By: Becky
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Financial Goddess Roxy

February 15th, 2017 | Financial Domination Phone Sex, Money Pig Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Pathetic Loser Phone Sex, Roxy's Blog, Uncategorized, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments

RoxyHello little money pig. You’re just not making enough to serve me. You work 80 hours a week to make me happy and guess what piggy? I’m NOT happy! You need to do more for me and your pathetic ass needs to figure it out and quickly.

You are financially bonded to me for life and you want to serve and please me to the point that your cock will only get hard if you’re getting your wallet raped by me. The humiliation of knowing I would never touch you is a turn on.

You know you’re not worthy to do anything other than to give, give give to your Financial Goddess Roxy.


Written By: Roxy
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Wanted: Small Penis, ATM Sissy boys!

November 22nd, 2016 | Anything Goes Phone Sex, Blackmail Phone Sex, Christine's Blog, Control Phone Sex, Deviant Phone Sex, Domination Phone Sex, Financial Domination Phone Sex, Hardcore Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Slave Training Phone Sex, Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex | 0 Comments

Bitch Boss

Looking for the tiny, little itty bitty small penis boys to dress-up and summit to all my orders!! It’s not my fault that you have a tiny little dick that needs to be kicked.

If you’re reading this you must get ready to OBEY- sell your car and ride a bike. Max out all your credit cards for me, turn over your life savings, cash out your 401K and give your life to me. I will make all of your decisions for you. If you beg, I’ll allow you to masturbate and be prepared to pay a cum fee.  I could really care less if you cum or not it’s about me, nothing is about your loser small penis. So stupid dumb ass, it’s time to open your wallet and call the real boss!


Written By: Christine
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Dominate you like never before!

September 1st, 2016 | Control Phone Sex, Domination Phone Sex, Financial Domination Phone Sex, Lady Rayne's Blog, Mind Control Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex | 0 Comments

Lady RayneMy name is Lady Rayne and I will Dominate you like never before.  Want to go into the void of no return.  Want to commit financial suicide. Then call 888-738-1720 and let me twist your innocence into complete corruption.  Want to worship at the alter of insanity.  Then look no further as I am the fiendish woman you’ve been in search of all your life. 
Lady RayneWritten By: Lady Rayne
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