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Hook Up Surprise

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I found a guy on a hook up site that seemed super fun. He checked all the boxes and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him.

He picked me up and we had a fantastic night out. I was really feeling a good vibe from him and I knew he was feeling it too. He couldn’t keep his hands off of me on the dance floor. His hard cock pressed against my stomach said a lot. He whispered in my ear that he wanted to take me home. I agreed quickly.

He started warming me up on the way home with his fingers in my pussy. He picked me up and carried me into his house. He pressed me against the wall and started working my dress up. I fell to my knees in my bra and panties and took his thick cock down my throat. My eyes were closed and I was savoring his taste when I heard someone clear their throat.

I opened my eyes to another stiff cock in my face. I looked up at my date and he smiled and nodded. I took his roommates cock too. He wasn’t as thick, but he was longer. The contrast made my pussy so wet.

My hook up turned into a 3 way that night. They took turns fucking me. I surprised myself by begging for them to fuck my pussy at the same time. It was a tight fit and was painful, but in a fucking fantastic way!

We fucked all night and fell asleep together and fucked some more when we woke up. It was the best night I had ever had. I’m going on a date with the roommate tonight and I can’t wait for him to take me back to his place for more fun.


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Bedroom Picnic For Three

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My neighbors are hot, sexy, and very fucking loud. I hear them constantly through the rather thin walls of my townhome, not that I’m complaining. They’re an absolutely stunning couple. She seems to be quite a bit older than her partner. I am loving that! 

When ever I see them in the courtyard, my mind wanders to the dirtiest of places. I wonder what they would think if they knew how many times I have gotten off to their sexy sounds?

Last night we had a huge storm and the power went in our neighborhood. Everyone went outside to check on what was happening. My neighbor was in the tiniest sleep shorts I’ve ever seen. Her ass was magnificent! 

Her male lover took my hand and suggested I join them for a midnight candlelight picnic in their big bed.

Looks like tonight I will be doing more than listening!

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Making New Friends

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It has been a super busy few months, and now I can finally take a vacation.  I rented a beautiful condo by the lake. The place was amazing with a pool, fireplace, and several bedrooms. It was amazing having this incredible place all to myself. I got sun, hiked, read, and was having an awesome time all by myself.

After 2 days, I was craving some sexy human contact.  I noticed a little dive bar on the drive over, and decided why not check it out!

I tossed on a cute sun dress, and drove over.  It was very quiet. I noticed a couple in the corner kissing, a few men playing pool, and that was about it. Nothing lost, I got out and had a few drinks. I was already thinking about a late swim, a long hot shower, and a date with my vibe.

The couple in the corner smiled at me, and brought me a bottle of wine.  I motioned for them to join me.

We chatted, laughed, and flirted.  They were just so sexy! I am not much of a drinker, so I thought I just heard wrong when I heard the guy call his date “mom”.  Little too much wine maybe. They explained they were also on a vacation, but because they booked last minute, they were staying at the Motel 6 on the feeder road. I felt so bad that I invited them to my condo.

We had more wine, skinny dipped in the pool, and flirted some more. After a long, yummy three way kiss, we headed inside to my bedroom.  I have a feeling my new friends will spend rest of their vacation with me!


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Cinco De Fucko

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Every year on Cinco De Mayo, I love going out and acting like a total slut.

I’m bringing my little brother out with me tonight. He’s in town for a couple days and I want to spend every second I can with him. He knows I’m sex crazed but doesn’t know how naughty I can be. I know he can get a a little freaky as well.

A few years ago, I walked in on him and his girlfriend. She was giving him head and my brother was sucking on another guys cock! I was in total shock and couldn’t help but to finger fuck myself while enjoying my brother’s sex show.

Tonight I want to see what he’s willing to do after a few drinks. I would love to see him suck on some big, fat cocks and get them ready for me. I’m really hoping he will lick me clean from all the different cum loads. I think this is one Cinco De Fucko I will not forget!



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Nanny Submits to Her New Boss

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One of the wealthiest families in the city is looking for a new Nanny. It is the best job for someone with the right experience. The kids are surprisingly two little twin angels, which makes this my dream job! The family summers at their beach house on the shore. Also, the family provides their live-in staff members with a large, beautifully decorated room.

The interview was quite unusual. Instead of meeting the wife at their home, I met both parents at an upscale Italian restaurant for dinner. Of course, I wanted to blend into their world, so I borrowed a friend’s classy black cocktail dress. Under the dress, I wore black stockings and my nice black heels. Meeting them was kind of exciting, like a date, and I wanted to look my best.

I arrived early, but they came even earlier, and a staff member took me to their table. They were a beautiful couple, both busy professionals with demanding careers. The lovely wife described the job and what she needed. She and I hit off right away. I could tell she liked me, and I felt that this job would be a great opportunity. Then the man put his hand on my knee, looked into my eyes. Soon I learned that there was a naughty part to this job. This elegant couple had some dirty desires. The Nanny would look after the twins during the day, but the couple wanted a submissive whore at night. The bi-sexual wife grabbed my hand and said she thought I would be perfect for them.

Of course, this was a bit shocking that they were so forward. The husband poured me a glass of wine, and his wife confessed she wanted to see me naked. A town car was waiting and took me back to their apartment in the city. As soon as we arrived, she asked me to get on my knees and suck her husband’s cock. I complied and gave him a fantastic slow and sexy blowjob, but he didn’t cum in my mouth. He picked me up and set me on the table. He pulled my panties down and held my legs back while his wife licked my pussy until I came on her face. Then she held me down, and her husband’s cock fucked me until I came.

The three of us moved to their bed, and we had the hottest threesome. Being this family’s Nanny is going to be super dirty and kinky. I bet you can guess what happens next.


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Nasty Slut Payton

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Who doesn’t love getting both of their holes fucked at the same time? My juices really start flowing when I’m getting fucked that way. Two huge cocks filling both of my holes up knowing I’m going to get cum shots inside of me at the same time. I love being such nasty slut.

I was at a party over the weekend. Of course, I was getting it on in my friend’s bedroom with a hot guy I just met. While I was bouncing up and down on his cock, I happened to look over and there was another guy peeping in on us. I motioned for him to come inside and join us.

 As I was still riding his cock, I felt this new guys hands on my ass spreading me open. Oh yes! I couldn’t wait for my ass to be stretched. He slipped in his thick cock right in my tight asshole.

They both gave me everything I wanted, it was so hot. I’m such a happy slut when both my holes are filled up.




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A Surprise For Daddy

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I always masturbate with my favorite dildo before I go to bed. I try very hard to be quiet but sometimes it’s so hard to hold back my moans.

The only light in my bedroom is from the hallway. I’ve been seeing some shadows lately, and I know it’s my daddy because I can see his glasses. At first, he peeked in my room for just a few minutes, but now he’s been watching through the crack of my door until I orgasm.

  I wanted to give daddy a big surprise while he watched me. Daddy doesn’t know but I’ve been fucking my older brother. He has been away at college, but since he’s only 30 minutes away, we get together a lot on the weekends.

I planned everything out and got my brother in the house while daddy was in the shower. Just about the time daddy looked in my bedroom, I was riding my brothers cock. I saw my daddy’s shadow on the wall, and looked back and smiled at him. I starting fucking his cock harder. I looked back again and daddy’s boxer shorts were around his ankles and his hand was around his cock!

I think daddy really enjoyed the show. Maybe next time we can make it a threesome.



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Holiday Party: Get Kinky With Me!

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Sometimes you have to find a hot babe and let her rock her world! 2020 has been a rough year, and nothing seems normal this holiday season. We have to get very creative to make things sexy and fun. ‘Tis the season to get naughty and naked but find a way to stay safe.

My roommates and I have been following all the social distancing rules instead of hitting the hottest clubs in town. There will be no hot Latin bartender or BBC bouncer to bring back to my place for an after-hours sex party! My pussy craves a big, hot cock, and I am not alone. They’re so many hot girls in my building, especially my sexy roommates. Girls get cranky when not getting fucked enough!

The other night, it was time for my roommates and me to do laundry. There were a bunch of very sexy guys in the laundry room too. Everyone was in a rather foul mood, so it was pretty quiet. That is until this blonde girl came in dripping wet wearing only a t-shirt. She is fucking the night security guard, and he opened up the rooftop pool for us. All of us girls stopped doing laundry and texted all the hot guys in the building to join us on the roof and bring cocktails! Want to learn more about the holiday party?

The thing I miss most this holiday season is finding that hot guy and hooking up after drinking cocktails. Let’s you, and I hook up! Phone sex is intense, and I will have your hard cock dripping before we cum together!


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Little Princess Piper Has A Pumpkin Tummy

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My older neighbor said that I should dress as a fairy princess for Halloween. I was so excited when he made that suggestion. I love pink frilly outfits so much! He said I could be his adorable, sexy little princess. I blushed when he said that, and it made me tingle just a little down there.

I decided I could wear my ballet costume from a few years ago. He told me my cute little cheeks turned all red when he suggested it. I hadn’t seen him around in a bit after that, and I decided it was time I see what’s up. He can be so sneaky when he has secrets.

I put on my costume. Well I tried to get it on, but am I getting fat? What the hell?  I finally got the zipper up over my little tits. I mean they used to be little, but really what’s up with that? I sort of love my bigger tits. I bet boys will love them as well. 

I grabbed my pumpkin pail and headed over. I hope he has lots of candy because I am hungry all the time lately. 

“Hello, hello is anyone home?”, I say. No answer yet again? I am horny and hungry all at the same time. He finally comes to the door, and he’s out of breath. I want to tell him I think I am preggers, but he has a surprise for me. OMG, there is my friend Jenn. I haven’t seen her since Covid. She is in bed with my future husband. This could be even sweeter than candy!


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Bless Me Father For I have Sinned

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         My closest married friend has the cutest son. He loves hanging out with me. We listen to music, dance together, and he tells me about all his secrets he won’t share with his mom. He also comes to me for advise about girls.

Last night he came over as he needed some advise. I was already feeling no pain, and I offered him a few party favors. The more he talked, the more I just wanted to fuck the shit out of him. He told me that sometimes girls tell him he is just way too big. Of course, me being me, I suggested he show me so I can tell him if they’re right. Can a male ever be too fucking big? Not hardly!

     Well Father, I make this confession to you not because I feel I was wrong, but because I want to do it again and again. I also can’t tell her so I am telling you. I also want to fuck her and her son at the same time. The things I want to do to them both would even give a Priest a boner. I wonder if I have given you on, Father? I also wonder if that boner you’re now sporting is for me, her or her adorable well hung son?

     I will think of you, Father while I am fucking both of them. Will you be thinking of us while you’re wanking off in the Confessional?


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Charlie’s Boat Adventures

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I had an awesome 4th of July! My friend invited me on her parents boat. Her hot older brother was there as well. It was just the 5 of us and my girlfriends parents were really cool. They had tons of food and alcohol.  

By the end the day, my friend and her mom were passed out on the boat. I was feeling really buzzed and horny. I started doing a strip tease in front of the guys. They didn’t stop me. In fact, my friends dad asked me to sit on his lap. I could feel his rock hard cock poking through his shorts against my bikini bottoms. My girlfriends brother started playing with my tits and sucking my nipples.

They both pulled down their shorts and I sucked their cocks. With some father/son blowjob action, my holes were wanting to be fucked! I got on all fours on the boat deck and they took turns fucking me while I was right in front of my passed out friend and her mom!

My girlfriend had no clue that I got a big load in my ass and pussy from her dad and brother. I think I will stop over to my friends house soon and have some more family time.




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Fuck Buddy Reunion

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I needed a little trip to get out of this cold, dreary weather. I wonder if summer weather will ever get here?

  I tossed a few bikinis, sexy cocktail dresses and shorts in my carry-on and left. I have no one to answer to, so last minute always works for me. I knew I was close to a fuck buddy I hadn’t seen in ages. I wasn’t stalking him, just knew I loved where he lived from my visits.

The first night was for clubbing. Sexy dress, stilettos, and the perfect shade of red on my lips. Dancing, drinking, flirting and fucking made for the perfect first night. I didn’t make it a late night because I wanted to hit the warm sand and water early.

The sun felt so good on my body that I fell asleep. My night was a bit later than I let on. I was woken by kisses on my neck. My friend had found me by stalking my social media. I guess we both went into stalker mode. I was so horny and wet that we fucked right then and there like there was no tomorrow.

After our exciting quickie, we went to my hotel room where we could take our time. I love the feel of hot cum all over my big tits, and I love it even more when it is licked off of me. 

We parted, said our goodbyes, and made plans for the next day. Tonight I was hitting the clubs again, and planned on picking up a couple. I wonder if I should invite my fuck buddy along?



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Joining In

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I was having dinner alone a few nights ago when a nice couple asked if I would like to join them at their table. I was going to decline, but they insisted.

The wine started flowing, and we started having such a great time. I felt a hand move up my skirt under the table. It was soft and feminine, and I loved the way it felt brushing against my pussy through my panties. She leaned forward and asked if I would like to join them at home as well. I looked at her and then at him. It was obvious that he was interested too. I took a final sip of my wine and nodded. He took care of our checks and she and I went to their car.

We made out in the backseat while he drove us home, taking peeks in the mirror as he drove. She already had me naked so I ran into the house with them, not caring if the neighbors could see.

It was his turn to play with me and his cock was rock hard and ready to ram into me. I held onto her and sucked on her tits when he bent me over and fucked me from behind. It was a delicious beginning to a long, sexy night!



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Can’t Get Enough

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I woke up with many loads of cum in my pussy this morning. I went to a rocking, fuck-fest party last night. I wore the shortest little dress and a thong, no bra. A group of older guys rented a big beach house for the weekend. I heard about the party from one of my girlfriends who bartends. The guys asked her to bring all her hot girlfriends, and it would be one fucking fantastic sex party. I took my roommate with me, she is uninhibited as I am.

As soon as we got close to the party, we could hear the music. We walked inside, and I saw two girls going down on one of the guys. This ratio was about four hot babes to every cock. Good thing I dressed slutty so that I would get a lot of attention. I sent out some texts to guys. There was plenty of beer and pussy. I needed some more hot cocks to keep this party rocking!

It didn’t take long for one the older guys to bring me a beer and invite me to the bedroom. He loves a girl with an ass like mine. I fucked him and all of his friends. It so was hot to have my pussy filled over and over last night.

Tonight I am aching for more, so give me a call and let’s fuck!


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Watching Him Fuck His Ass

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I was feeling very playful and a tad bit naughty last night. I went to the bar alone but hooked up with a couple of hotties. Two guys, they’re best buds, out for a beer, and probably not expecting anything crazy to happen.

I walk in my sexy heels and short little sweater dress that just demands attention. I ask the guys if I can join them and we start chatting. First, about the crazy snowstorm last weekend, football and then I slowly begin to flirt a little. The guys flirt back in a competitive manner, each one hoping that he will be taking me home tonight. I like cooperation over competition. I put a hand on each of the guys legs and squeeze. I point out that the bar has become crowded, and I have lots of cold beer at my place. I invite both of them to take me home tonight.

Yes, I had a hot steamy MMF threesome on my mind. Both of the guys followed me, and once we got inside, we had a couple more beers. I took off my heels and sat between them. I undressed down to my lingerie and took turns kissing each of them. With a hand on each cock, as I stroked them, I teased them into a guy-on-guy kiss. That made my panties so wet. I made them both put their tongues in my pussy at the same time until I came on their faces. 

I wanted them to do anything for me. I sucked each other cocks, and then each of them fucked me. Both of the guys were so hot, balls aching, ready to cum. To tease them and get them so horny, I licked and rimmed their asses. It made them willing to do anything. I made them suck each other’s cock, and they fucked each other in his ass. I went ass to mouth on their cocks, and they finally came all over my face and tits. 

Bad Brynna


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Your Invitation To My Sex Party

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I greet you at my door. There is a sex party, an orgy going on in the other room. Not your style you say, so you turn to leave my place. I push my hot body against yours. I grind my hips. I whisper dirty words into your ear. My hand lightly brushes against your cock. Some interest there, as I feel that bulge of yours growing. I turn and, with a swing of my hips, I brush my ass against your cock through your pants. 

You know you cannot resist me when I want you. I kiss your mouth so hard that my tongue dances against yours. I slowly strip for you. The skinny strap of my dress slips down exposing my sweet tits. You don’t really want to go. At least enjoy my sexy dance. 

I am just getting started. I set you in a chair. I slide into your lap and grind hard, making you hard for me. You try and leave now, and you will leave with the worst set of blue balls. Now, we don’t want that do we? My friends are hot and sexy. This party is going to last all night. Trust me! You don’t want to miss out. You don’t want some other man’s cum in me instead of yours. Well, maybe you do! We could make this a hot threesome. Walk with me into the next room! 

Join the party, baby! Let your inhibitions go. You will cum so hard tonight! The fun is just getting started at the door. Fuck me in front of all my friends. Maybe I will let you fuck them too, sexy! 

Your favorite party girl, 



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Hot Couple Fucks Their Babysitter

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This summer I am babysitting for a nice couple during the day while they are at work. It is a fun job, and one Sunday afternoon things got really fun. 

The wife sent me a text and asked if I could drop everything and come over. I wasn’t really doing anything but surfing the net. I sent a text back and said I would there in the hour. Took a quick shower, got dressed and drove over to their place.

When I got there, the kids were visiting Grandma for the weekend. I was very confused until the wife kissed me and grabbed my cute tits. Ohhh!  She undressed me and set me on the dining room table. While her husband stroked his cock, she leaned in and licked my pussy. He fucked her first. He fucked her from behind while she was eating my pussy and licking my clit. She put a finger in me right before she was ready to cum on his cock. The wife told her husband how tight I was. That made him crazy. He pulled his cock out his wife, and then he fucked me with his dirty dick. Oh, he was so big. Want to know what happened next? Got to call me!

Your Little Tease,



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Mistress SJ Trains Your Step Daughter

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I am your wicked and wild accomplice. Everything about me oozes sex. I can seduce anyone, male or female. You and I have had a sexual relationship for a while now. You seek my advice and guidance for things of a sexual nature. You are always complaining about your step-daughter, and continually questioning me for my opinion on how slutty is she?

I suspect she is more of a tease than a slut.

She dresses slutty in her tight pants and tops, but I suspect that she is only a cock tease. Hot girls know how to get what they want. She knows if she arouses you, teases you, makes you hard, you will always say “yes” to her every request. You will buy her anything she wants. You are weak-minded because she is such a tease. 

I think you should introduce her to me, so I can teach her how to be a real slut. Take her to get a little tattoo on her pussy and a piercing on her pussy. I will fill her pussy with toys and get her addicted to her pussy feeling very full.  I will train her to be the perfect little slut for both of us. 

Wicked & Wild,

Sarah Jesse 


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Roommate Walks In

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Let’s make it a Threesome!

You and I are down that the little bar next to our condo. You are visiting from the Midwest and looking for some fun on your beach vacation. You came down for the fishing, but it is a rainy day. 

You are cute, and there I flirt with you like crazy. We hit it off and have a couple more cocktails. I invite you back up to my place. In the heat of the moment, I have failed to mention that I have roommates. As soon as we get inside, we start making out and undressing. You pull me down to the sofa and rub my ass. You have me so hot that I have forgotten that my roommate will be home soon. I am riding you as the door opens and my sexy dark haired roommate walks into the room.  You are kind of freaked out, and I am too at first, but she got so turned on watching us, I invite her to join you and me and make it a sexy threesome!


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Cum Swapping With My BFF

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My best friend asked if I could help give her husband a big surprise for his 30th birthday. How could I refuse? She and I dressed in sexy lingerie and waited for him in their bed. The anticipation of him finding us there together was so exciting and we couldn’t help but start a little early.

He came into the room and saw his wife’s face buried in my pussy. He was surprised, but wasted to time shedding his clothes and joined us. He had a nice thick cock and was easy to share. We took turns fucking and sucking it. Sometimes he just watched us together until his cock couldn’t take it anymore and he needed a tight pussy to fuck.

When he finally blew his load, his wife caught it in her mouth and she was nice enough to share that creamy cum with me!


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