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Charlie’s Boat Adventures

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I had an awesome 4th of July! My friend invited me on her parents boat. Her hot older brother was there as well. It was just the 5 of us and my girlfriends parents were really cool. They had tons of food and alcohol.  

By the end the day, my friend and her mom were passed out on the boat. I was feeling really buzzed and horny. I started doing a strip tease in front of the guys. They didn’t stop me. In fact, my friends dad asked me to sit on his lap. I could feel his rock hard cock poking through his shorts against my bikini bottoms. My girlfriends brother started playing with my tits and sucking my nipples.

They both pulled down their shorts and I sucked their cocks. With some father/son blowjob action, my holes were wanting to be fucked! I got on all fours on the boat deck and they took turns fucking me while I was right in front of my passed out friend and her mom!

My girlfriend had no clue that I got a big load in my ass and pussy from her dad and brother. I think I will stop over to my friends house soon and have some more family time.




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Fuck Buddy Reunion

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I needed a little trip to get out of this cold, dreary weather. I wonder if summer weather will ever get here?

  I tossed a few bikinis, sexy cocktail dresses and shorts in my carry-on and left. I have no one to answer to, so last minute always works for me. I knew I was close to a fuck buddy I hadn’t seen in ages. I wasn’t stalking him, just knew I loved where he lived from my visits.

The first night was for clubbing. Sexy dress, stilettos, and the perfect shade of red on my lips. Dancing, drinking, flirting and fucking made for the perfect first night. I didn’t make it a late night because I wanted to hit the warm sand and water early.

The sun felt so good on my body that I fell asleep. My night was a bit later than I let on. I was woken by kisses on my neck. My friend had found me by stalking my social media. I guess we both went into stalker mode. I was so horny and wet that we fucked right then and there like there was no tomorrow.

After our exciting quickie, we went to my hotel room where we could take our time. I love the feel of hot cum all over my big tits, and I love it even more when it is licked off of me. 

We parted, said our goodbyes, and made plans for the next day. Tonight I was hitting the clubs again, and planned on picking up a couple. I wonder if I should invite my fuck buddy along?



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Joining In

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I was having dinner alone a few nights ago when a nice couple asked if I would like to join them at their table. I was going to decline, but they insisted.

The wine started flowing, and we started having such a great time. I felt a hand move up my skirt under the table. It was soft and feminine, and I loved the way it felt brushing against my pussy through my panties. She leaned forward and asked if I would like to join them at home as well. I looked at her and then at him. It was obvious that he was interested too. I took a final sip of my wine and nodded. He took care of our checks and she and I went to their car.

We made out in the backseat while he drove us home, taking peeks in the mirror as he drove. She already had me naked so I ran into the house with them, not caring if the neighbors could see.

It was his turn to play with me and his cock was rock hard and ready to ram into me. I held onto her and sucked on her tits when he bent me over and fucked me from behind. It was a delicious beginning to a long, sexy night!



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Can’t Get Enough

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I woke up with many loads of cum in my pussy this morning. I went to a rocking, fuck-fest party last night. I wore the shortest little dress and a thong, no bra. A group of older guys rented a big beach house for the weekend. I heard about the party from one of my girlfriends who bartends. The guys asked her to bring all her hot girlfriends, and it would be one fucking fantastic sex party. I took my roommate with me, she is uninhibited as I am.

As soon as we got close to the party, we could hear the music. We walked inside, and I saw two girls going down on one of the guys. This ratio was about four hot babes to every cock. Good thing I dressed slutty so that I would get a lot of attention. I sent out some texts to guys. There was plenty of beer and pussy. I needed some more hot cocks to keep this party rocking!

It didn’t take long for one the older guys to bring me a beer and invite me to the bedroom. He loves a girl with an ass like mine. I fucked him and all of his friends. It so was hot to have my pussy filled over and over last night.

Tonight I am aching for more, so give me a call and let’s fuck!


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Watching Him Fuck His Ass

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I was feeling very playful and a tad bit naughty last night. I went to the bar alone but hooked up with a couple of hotties. Two guys, they’re best buds, out for a beer, and probably not expecting anything crazy to happen.

I walk in my sexy heels and short little sweater dress that just demands attention. I ask the guys if I can join them and we start chatting. First, about the crazy snowstorm last weekend, football and then I slowly begin to flirt a little. The guys flirt back in a competitive manner, each one hoping that he will be taking me home tonight. I like cooperation over competition. I put a hand on each of the guys legs and squeeze. I point out that the bar has become crowded, and I have lots of cold beer at my place. I invite both of them to take me home tonight.

Yes, I had a hot steamy MMF threesome on my mind. Both of the guys followed me, and once we got inside, we had a couple more beers. I took off my heels and sat between them. I undressed down to my lingerie and took turns kissing each of them. With a hand on each cock, as I stroked them, I teased them into a guy-on-guy kiss. That made my panties so wet. I made them both put their tongues in my pussy at the same time until I came on their faces. 

I wanted them to do anything for me. I sucked each other cocks, and then each of them fucked me. Both of the guys were so hot, balls aching, ready to cum. To tease them and get them so horny, I licked and rimmed their asses. It made them willing to do anything. I made them suck each other’s cock, and they fucked each other in his ass. I went ass to mouth on their cocks, and they finally came all over my face and tits. 

Bad Brynna


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Your Invitation To My Sex Party

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I greet you at my door. There is a sex party, an orgy going on in the other room. Not your style you say, so you turn to leave my place. I push my hot body against yours. I grind my hips. I whisper dirty words into your ear. My hand lightly brushes against your cock. Some interest there, as I feel that bulge of yours growing. I turn and, with a swing of my hips, I brush my ass against your cock through your pants. 

You know you cannot resist me when I want you. I kiss your mouth so hard that my tongue dances against yours. I slowly strip for you. The skinny strap of my dress slips down exposing my sweet tits. You don’t really want to go. At least enjoy my sexy dance. 

I am just getting started. I set you in a chair. I slide into your lap and grind hard, making you hard for me. You try and leave now, and you will leave with the worst set of blue balls. Now, we don’t want that do we? My friends are hot and sexy. This party is going to last all night. Trust me! You don’t want to miss out. You don’t want some other man’s cum in me instead of yours. Well, maybe you do! We could make this a hot threesome. Walk with me into the next room! 

Join the party, baby! Let your inhibitions go. You will cum so hard tonight! The fun is just getting started at the door. Fuck me in front of all my friends. Maybe I will let you fuck them too, sexy! 

Your favorite party girl, 



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Hot Couple Fucks Their Babysitter

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This summer I am babysitting for a nice couple during the day while they are at work. It is a fun job, and one Sunday afternoon things got really fun. 

The wife sent me a text and asked if I could drop everything and come over. I wasn’t really doing anything but surfing the net. I sent a text back and said I would there in the hour. Took a quick shower, got dressed and drove over to their place.

When I got there, the kids were visiting Grandma for the weekend. I was very confused until the wife kissed me and grabbed my cute tits. Ohhh!  She undressed me and set me on the dining room table. While her husband stroked his cock, she leaned in and licked my pussy. He fucked her first. He fucked her from behind while she was eating my pussy and licking my clit. She put a finger in me right before she was ready to cum on his cock. The wife told her husband how tight I was. That made him crazy. He pulled his cock out his wife, and then he fucked me with his dirty dick. Oh, he was so big. Want to know what happened next? Got to call me!

Your Little Tease,



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Mistress SJ Trains Your Step Daughter

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I am your wicked and wild accomplice. Everything about me oozes sex. I can seduce anyone, male or female. You and I have had a sexual relationship for a while now. You seek my advice and guidance for things of a sexual nature. You are always complaining about your step-daughter, and continually questioning me for my opinion on how slutty is she?

I suspect she is more of a tease than a slut.

She dresses slutty in her tight pants and tops, but I suspect that she is only a cock tease. Hot girls know how to get what they want. She knows if she arouses you, teases you, makes you hard, you will always say “yes” to her every request. You will buy her anything she wants. You are weak-minded because she is such a tease. 

I think you should introduce her to me, so I can teach her how to be a real slut. Take her to get a little tattoo on her pussy and a piercing on her pussy. I will fill her pussy with toys and get her addicted to her pussy feeling very full.  I will train her to be the perfect little slut for both of us. 

Wicked & Wild,

Sarah Jesse 


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Roommate Walks In

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Let’s make it a Threesome!

You and I are down that the little bar next to our condo. You are visiting from the Midwest and looking for some fun on your beach vacation. You came down for the fishing, but it is a rainy day. 

You are cute, and there I flirt with you like crazy. We hit it off and have a couple more cocktails. I invite you back up to my place. In the heat of the moment, I have failed to mention that I have roommates. As soon as we get inside, we start making out and undressing. You pull me down to the sofa and rub my ass. You have me so hot that I have forgotten that my roommate will be home soon. I am riding you as the door opens and my sexy dark haired roommate walks into the room.  You are kind of freaked out, and I am too at first, but she got so turned on watching us, I invite her to join you and me and make it a sexy threesome!


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Cum Swapping With My BFF

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My best friend asked if I could help give her husband a big surprise for his 30th birthday. How could I refuse? She and I dressed in sexy lingerie and waited for him in their bed. The anticipation of him finding us there together was so exciting and we couldn’t help but start a little early.

He came into the room and saw his wife’s face buried in my pussy. He was surprised, but wasted to time shedding his clothes and joined us. He had a nice thick cock and was easy to share. We took turns fucking and sucking it. Sometimes he just watched us together until his cock couldn’t take it anymore and he needed a tight pussy to fuck.

When he finally blew his load, his wife caught it in her mouth and she was nice enough to share that creamy cum with me!


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Moving Back Home Living With Mommy

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Times are tough! Rent is outrageous and living on your own is so expensive. You move back home with Mommy Morgan for a while. 

At first, you are worried that Mommy is going to cramp your style, interfere with your fun of hooking up with girls. Well, lucky for you that you have a very open-minded and very sexy Mommy. 

Growing up, you were the only man in Mommy’s life. She nurtured and took care of your every need. Now that you have been away from home, Mommy has quite a collection of boyfriends that spend the night. 

You spend many nights with your hand in your pajama bottoms stroking while you listen to the sounds coming from Mommy’s bedroom. Oh, she moans during sex and screams when she cums. You start to become very curious about her boyfriends. You imagine them with large cocks and a lot of stamina.

Mommy has a keen sense to pick up what you are thinking and feeling, and one night it happens.  You get invited to join Mommy and her man for a very naughty threesome! Turns out to be the most exciting, dirty, sexy, fun night of your life.


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Sisterly Love

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I was finishing making dinner when my phone sex son came home from his Aunt’s house a little more boisterous than normal. His hair was tousled and he smelled like sex. I told him dinner would be soon, but he told me he wasn’t hungry for dinner. When he came behind me and gave me a kiss, I could tell he had a huge hard-on. I was confused as he had come from my sister’s house. He began to kiss the back of my neck and grab my big tits.
I was about to ask him what was going on and push him away, when I heard the voice of my twin sister. She laughingly told me since I fucked most of her boyfriends she thought she would just make a man out of my 15 year old son. My son said, “Hey mom fucking her was just like fucking you since you look identical”. Then he said he wondered if we gave blowjobs and fucked the same as well. Apparently, my sister also told him as teens we would lick each others pussy’s when we were horny, and that he wanted to see it.
Of course, I was hesitant but my pussy was getting so wet thinking about my sister fucking my son. He picked me up and took me to my bedroom with my sister following behind. I don’t know what came over me, but soon we were doing 69 on the bed with my son stroking his very large cock. As my hips moved up and down getting into what we did as teens, my son slipped in behind me and began to rim my ass. That felt so good. After my asshole was wet, he began to fuck me. We all came so hard, we just layed on the bed not even moving till my son mentioned he was starved; and after dinner he was ready for round two.


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Cooling Off with Drew

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It was a beautiful Sunday so I decided to wash my car. Since it was such a warm sunny day, everyone was outdoors doing yard work. I noticed a couple neighbor guys that I always flirt with mowing their lawn. I kept catching them peek over at me while I was bent over my car with my white, soaked tank top. I was getting turned on looking at both of them with their muscular, sweaty bodies. They got quite the show as well with my big, erect nipples poking through my wet tank. All of us acted innocent but we knew what we wanted.

I wanted to be neighborly and invite both guys over to my house for a satisfying refreshment. I figured they needed to cool down after working hard outside for several hours. 

They both arrived at the same time and I yelled “just come on in.” When they walked into my living room, they saw me standing there naked with 2 bottles of water in my hand. I opened them up and poured the water over my huge tits and told them to drink up. 

Things escalated from there and we had one hot neighborhood fuck session. 


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Fucking Two Hot Sexy Girls

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You are hot! My roommate and I want you to make you our next playmate. We love threesomes. Hot and wild. We both like your cock. The shaft is long, the head is pink, and we compete to see which of us can give you a more intense blowjob.

My roommate and I are both pretty kinky. We play together after partying sometimes, take a shower together, but we both crave a sexy cock like yours. We like how open-minded you are. You have no inhibitions, just like the two of us.

Not only are you open-minded, but you have fantastic stamina. You can keep your cock hard until both of us, hot girls, have had countless orgasms. Driving your cock into each of us, while the three us lick, nibble and fuck! You are one hot fuck buddy!


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Naughty Vacation Sex

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 The Holiday Season is upon us once again. The temperatures are dropping, and my summer tan is long gone. Planning, shopping and attending holiday functions has become tiresome and stressful.  I come home from getting my nails and hair done, and you love the new lingerie I bought. Time for a little sexual adventure. We plan a long weekend in the Caribbean. I am craving some seafood, sun, and surf. Oh, and maybe find someone to join us.

The first night we arrive, I look very sexy in my new short, red dress and very sexy lingerie. Every head turns when we walk into the room.  We kick back to enjoy dinner. Then the music starts to play, so we dance. When a slow song starts, you pull me close. You whisper in my ear that a man at the bar is watching us. He is alone, sipping his drink, but he is staring at us. I kiss your lips and pull away. It is time to play and have some fun.

You sit back down at our table and watch me approach the dark man at the bar. He is an older, handsome, tall gentleman. He takes my hand and escorts me out to the dance floor. He spins me around and pulls me close to him. His hips are touching mine. After the dance, he joins us at our table. You both put a hand on my thigh. After some flirty conversation and a cocktail, he invites us for a threesome in his hotel room.


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Isabelle’s Naughty Naked Pool Party

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Today is the last day of my internship. This job has been tedious, a big yawn, and the Hotel Manager is a total control freak. Needless to say, I am happy that today is my last day. Most of the staff are nice people, but they always seem so stressed.  Probably, not going to put this job experience on my resume because I don’t think I learned anything here.

The parting words from the Hotel Manager are to make sure I turn in all of my uniforms.  WTF? No parting words of wisdom, no thoughtful gesture, no expression of gratitude! I was not expecting him to fall down and kiss my feet, but now I truly understand why all the employees are so cranky around here.

As he stood there looking at me, I was tempted to tear off my shirt and hand it to him. I just simply nodded and walked away.  I was making the rounds, saying my “thank you’s” and “good-byes” to my friends on staff.  I ran into a couple of the sexy pool servers that were getting ready to change into their uniforms for the start of their shifts. The group of hot girls and I were complaining about the Manager. We decided to break the rules and have some naughty fun. Release our frustrations.

The only nice thing about this crappy hotel is the pool, but employees were not allowed to swim. The pool girls and I decided to go for a swim before the pool opened to the hotel guests.  None of us had our bikinis with us, so we decided to go skinny dipping! We had a  naughty naked girl pool party! The girls and I got sexy with each other in the pool. Some hot girl on girl fun!  It was a blast!

After our pool party, I put on my shorts, panties, and bra.  Wrapped up in a towel and headed for my car. I left my uniform top on the diving board of the pool. Sent the Hotel Manager a text where he could find it. Haha!

Bratty Isabelle


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An Unexpected Threesome

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BrynnaIt started like any other night out. I wore a sexy little dress and met my friends at the bar. I was surrounded by some very good friends, and my friends had invited some of their very good friends, so I had a chance to meet some new people. My boyfriend brought the new guy that moved in across the hall.

There was a lot of laughter, drinking, and a little bit of flirting. Everyone was having a great time. I left my car in the lot and spent the night with my boyfriend. His new neighbor rode back home with us.

We got out of the car, and we walked up the stairs to the second floor. My boyfriend was holding my hand, and the new neighbor was behind us. As I got to the top of the stairs, the neighbor told me to keep still.  He was standing near the top. He reached over and pulled up my thigh highs. It was hot to have his hands on my legs, under my skirt. I looked at my boyfriend. Was he going to punch this guy for touching his girl?

Instead of being jealous, I could see my boyfriend was excited. My boyfriend invited his new neighbor over to join us. My boyfriend suggested that I sit on the neighbor’s lap. The neighbor started rubbing my leg as soon as sat down. All three of us were ready for anything by this point. My boyfriend unzipped his pants, and his big 8-inch cock was hard and dripping. I thought he was going to want me to suck it, but he offered his cock to his neighbor.  The neighbor took the cock and sucked it. The night quickly turned into a sexy, hot threesome!


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Fake Sorority Slut Leads to Tease and Deny

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coed kimmie

My roommates and I thought it would be hilarious to dress as slutty sorority girls for Halloween. We went to a frat party on the other side of campus. No one there knew us. We were flirty, bratty little cock teases.  Made the guys get us wait on us hand and foot. 

We wanted their dicks were rock hard. So much fun teasing college boys.  So easy to tease. The three of us girls began kissing each other, well making out and touching each other’s tits.  The boys pulled out their dicks. They wanted blowjobs. We just laughed and teased them. 

I did give a couple of the boys a handjob. I was such a brat. I told them that if they sucked each other dicks, then MAYBE my hot roommates and I would be good little sorority sluts and suck them too.

Make it sexy boys! Girls get so hot watching you boys go down on each other. Turn us on! Show us what sexy cocksuckers you can be for us hot babes. We took pics on your phones of 10 frat boys down on their knees sucking their frat brother’s dicks.

Ha Ha!!

We ran all the way home with our big tits bouncing from laughing so hard! Tease and Denial for the fraternity brothers. Saving all my blowjobs and my sexy pussy for you! 

Kinky Coed Kimmie


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You Are Invited To Sky’s Halloween Party

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I am throwing a huge Halloween Party with my sexy UCLA Coeds. It is going to be infamous. We are borrowing an empty house up in the Hills.  No neighbors around to complain about the noise or the lewd and lascivious acts that are bound to occur.  We are still working on the guest list, but you are certainly invited as my special guest. If you like blonde babes with big boobs, this is going to the event for you.  This is not your ordinary Halloween party. There will be no keg in the corner, tacky thrown together costumes, or bobbing for apples.

This party is going to be legendary. Live music by the pool, catered food, celebrity bartenders mixing your favorite cocktail. But those details don’t impress a sexy guy like you.  You want to know more about the babes. My friends and I are H-O-T!  There will be a contest for the sluttiest costume.  The girls are excited about the contest, and they are determined to let their inner slutty. sexy-self compete for the prize. I am not participating because I am the judge and my decision is final.  Maybe you can be the prize. That is you and your big thick cock and me for one naughty threesome.

Of course, once my slutty girlfriends learn how well endowed you are, they are all going to want to fuck you, so you might have to fuck a lot of hot co-eds on Halloween.

My friends and I don’t get out to party too much anymore, but this is one night of the year where it is acceptable and fun to be slutty.

Sexy Skylar


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Lucie Has A Naughty Surprise!

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Imagine sitting your office, boring day, just a normal day. Then I send you a text, telling you that I have been to Victoria Secrets. I have a naughty surprise for you, and it is hotter than you can imagine. You go online to check your credit card. Excited but apprehensive! How much did I spend on your credit card today?  

Nothing! No new charges! Huh! 

Now you are curious, so you keep texting and texting me, but I don’t respond back to you.  You don’t like surprises. Anticipation and curiosity get the best of you. You pack up your laptop and tell the team that you will be working at home for the rest of the day. 

You open the door and find me with my best girlfriend, Victoria, (ah, now you get the Victoria Secrets reference), naked and kissing each other. You enjoy the view. It is about time you got home, Baby. We started without you. Get naked and join in a very naughty threesome.

Kiss us, Lick us, Fuck us! 



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