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Rainna’s Naughty Sleepover

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Anyone that knows me knows that I am a total cock whore, but tonight, I was in the mood for something a little juicier.

The kids were away at camp so I invited two of my best girlfriends over for a little sleep over.

We had a blast watching movies, gossiping, and of course, drinking wine. In no time, our panties were off and fingers were beginning to wander. I laid them both back on the couch and took turns dipping my tongue into their beautiful pussies. It had been so long since I had soft woman flesh under my lips. They tasted delicious. My tongue kept lapping at their creamy juices. The sounds that they were making turned me into a wild woman.

As I pressed my tongue deeply into one’s pussy, my fingers began to move in and out of the other. I had them both cumming all over me in no time, and then they took their turn with me. Is there anything sexier than being double teamed by two sexy women?

Give me a call and I will tell you just how sexy it got!


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Sissy Ends Up In Military School

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A Mom came home from her job. Her co-workers made plans to celebrate the completion of a big project that night at the bar. There had been so many late nights, and Mom felt guilty about leaving her teenage son alone so much. Instead of going out to celebrate, she left an hour early because she wanted to cook him a special dinner and hang out with him. 

She drove home and entered the quiet house. She checked his bedroom and found it empty. Mom goes to her computer and looks up his location through an app on his phone. Shocked to learn that he must be home, but she must be doing something naughty because he is so quiet. Without making a sound, she searches the house, and the last door she opens is her bedroom. She finds her son! 

Mom discovers him wearing her expensive lingerie, sucking on the dildo from her nightstand. WTF? Her son is a Sissy! The Mom falls to her knees and breaks down and bursts into tears. The son stands there ashamed and begs for forgiveness. Mom spends the night researching solutions on how to turn him from a sissy to a real man. She wakes her son at dawn and gives him the news. 

The furious mother informs her son that he needs discipline and needs to be surrounded by alpha men, real men. He needs a mentor, someone who will break him of his sissy ways. Mom has already arranged to send him to military school, a boarding school. Being a single mom, maybe she cannot teach him how to be a real man. She hugs him and says this is the best thing for him. He will leave today. 

On his first night in the dorm, all the boys identify him as a sissy, and they treat him as such. They force the new boy to dress like a sissy, frilly panties, bra, thigh-high stockings, and lipstick. They hold him down and fuck his little sissy boy mouth. The boy loves his new home. His fantasy becomes his reality. Now he can be a cock sucking sissy whore every night! 


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Mommy’s Boyfriend Likes Me Best!

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My Mommy has been dating a man for a while now. She thinks it’s cute that he and I are so affectionate. When he rings the doorbell, I run to answer it, even if I am just wearing my panties and bra. He teases me about forgetting my clothes, and he smacks my little butt. It doesn’t hurt. I giggle and run into his arms. He picks me up and swings me around the room, and I giggle harder.

When we go out to dinner, I want to sit next to him instead of Mommy. I like leaning my head on his shoulder, and I love it the way he rubs my back. He is always telling (when Mommy is not within earshot) that I am his special girl. I want to think that I am his secret girlfriend. I am very good at keeping secrets. 

When we watch movies at our house, he lets me pick the movie. I like to pick scary ones so that I can crawl up into his lap. He hugs me really tight and promises that he will protect me from all the bad guys out there in the world. Sometimes I fall asleep in his lap. He is so big, snuggly and warm. Sometimes I wake up when he carries me to bed. I know he lifts up my nightgown and touches my panties.

Maybe tonight if Mommy lets him stay over, he will leave her bed and crawl into mine so we can play!

Sound like a fun role-play?


Little Lucie


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Breakfast In Bed

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Your friends always tease you about how hot I am. Did you think only you noticed you have the hottest phone sex mom on the planet? I know you make up reasons to stay home from school and have mommy pamper you.

Mommy had a very long night, and she is super exhausted. You are a little confused because mommy is always up making you breakfast, and giving you sweet morning kisses sweet mommy kisses

You see I am still asleep. You wonder if it was the same noises you heard that made mommy so tired. You snuggle into bed with her, and you can feel your dick growing as you push against my ass. You’re so happy, mommy smells so good. You see her move, and it pushes the blanket off her amazing big tits. You wonder if maybe I am really awake, and wanted to give you a peek at her tits. Mommy has something dried in between her luscious tits. You wonder if that had anything to do with mommy’s company and the noises?

Well, you decide to just forget the sounds and cuddle with mommy. This is better than any pancake breakfast!


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Suzanne’s Naughty Fantasy

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I have no idea what had gotten into my phone sex son today, but he treated me like a submissive little whore. Can you imagine treating your mommy like that?

I was getting ready for a date when I heard the front door slam. It sounded like someone was in a terrible mood. I just bought him several games, and his favorite dinner was in the oven. I always make my date nights special before I go so he isn’t jealous. Clearly, dinner and games was not what he had in mind. He burst into my room while I was dressing, without even knocking.

I didn’t even have a second to greet him before he was calling me dirty names, and taking out his young, hard cock. I must admit, it was a turn on. He grabbed me by my long, blonde hair and pushed me down to my knees. He began slapping my face with his cock, demanding I open my mouth. I tried to resist but that sexy cock in my face was just too much. I sucked him off quickly. I tried to get up and finish getting dressed for my date, but he said I wasn’t getting away that easy.

Looks like someone will be on Santa’s naughty list.


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Erotic Mother In Law Phone Sex

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Your wife’s mother needs some work done around her house, and of course, your wife volunteers you to help out. You don’t really have any extra time. You can’t remember the last Saturday that you got to play golf. 

At least, your mother-in-law is hot! Very curvy! Nice to look at and she dresses to show off those huge tits of hers. Very friendly and affectionate too. 

You stop by one evening after evening after work and you find Ava getting ready to go out with her girlfriends. She asks you to zip up her dress. Wow, those tits are pushed up high and that cleavage of hers is super hot! You wished your wife would dress like sometimes. You tell her how nice she looks. You are blushing and hard. She is flattered by the compliment and cancels her plans. She pours you a glass of wine and invites you to sit on the sofa with her. 

Now, you know you should be a good boy, decline her offer, and get back home to your wife. How can you resist those mature womanly tits when they’re being offered to you in such a seductive way? 

Ava is one hot cougar! Always on the prowl for her next conquest! 


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Grocery Store Threesome

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I was getting ready to run some errands and grocery shop before my son got home as I needed to fill up the fridge. This is the house everyone comes to and those boys certainly can eat! The Krogers near me has the cutest stock boys who are always eager to help. They rush over to the checkout line because they all want to help me out with my bags. It is funny how I used to think it was because I am a great tipper. I think they’re all so cute, hot and fuckable!

This time of day the store is pretty quiet and because I had so many bags, 2 of the boys helped me out. After my car was loaded up, I went to look for my purse to tip them, but couldn’t find it. One of the boys said, “are you looking for this?” They were being silly and played keep away with my car keys. I was getting so wet, I swear I could have fucked them right then and there. I suggested they come over after work and I would give them a tip they would never forget!

I am one naughty MILF that loves role-play especially family fun and age play. Cum join me!


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Mommy Shows You Her New Lingerie

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mommy morgan 2

As you are walking into the house, you pick up a UPS package next to the front door. You bring it inside. Looking down at the return address, you see Mommy Morgan ordered something new from Victoria Secrets.  You can’t help it, but just looking at that label makes your cock twitch. You find her in the kitchen, and you hand her the box. She thanks you, sets the box down on the counter and continues to make dinner. 

WTF? Why is she not as excited as you are? You ask her if you can open the box, and she tells you to do your homework. You cannot concentrate on math knowing that something special is inside that box.

Mommy calls you to dinner. The box is still on the counter. You ask her what is in the box and she asks you if you washed your hands. 

You roll your eyes and wash your hands in the sink. During dinner, you are a tenacious little brat. You are relentless and ask a dozen times for Mommy so show you what is in the box. 

Mommy spoils you, so it is hard for her to say no. You wear Mommy down, and after dinner, she models for you. She wears her new very sexy black lingerie for you. 

Hugs and Kisses,

Mommy Morgan


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The Horny Single Mom

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There is no doubt thaLizettet I am the horny single mom.  I get up every morning and get my kids off to school then spend my day at work where I can’t keep my eyes off my boss. He smells so good and has an ass that makes my thighs quiver! I swear he can smell how wet he makes my pussy every time he leans over my desk to point out something on my computer. I always make sure to wear to low cut blouses so he gets a real eyeful of my huge, luscious breasts. I’ve even had to take a break and go into the bathroom to rub my clit because I just cant stand how much he turns me on.

Now wouldn’t you love to meet me after a day of work and know that my pussy is all swollen and wet and ready for your throbbing cock!


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