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Charlie Receives a New Toy For Valentines Day!

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A special thanks to my phone sex sugar daddy (Big Daddy Robert). He knows me so well! I could care less about flowers, candy, and anything else related to Valentines Day. As soon as I opened my gift, and saw the big glass dildo, my pussy got instantly wet. I can barely wrap my hand around it. My sugar daddy knows when we are on our hot call, I love playing with my little, bald pussy. I’ve always wanted a glass dildo to add to my toy collection, and now thanks to daddy Robert, I have one. He defiantly didn’t hold back on the size.

He made me promise him not to use it until our next call. He better be planning on calling me soon because I can’t hold out much longer.

He can’t resist my young coed voice, and because I treat him so good, he loves to spoil me with gifts and tips.

Happy Valentines Day!



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Mommy’s Boyfriend Likes Me Best!

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My Mommy has been dating a man for a while now. She thinks it’s cute that he and I are so affectionate. When he rings the doorbell, I run to answer it, even if I am just wearing my panties and bra. He teases me about forgetting my clothes, and he smacks my little butt. It doesn’t hurt. I giggle and run into his arms. He picks me up and swings me around the room, and I giggle harder.

When we go out to dinner, I want to sit next to him instead of Mommy. I like leaning my head on his shoulder, and I love it the way he rubs my back. He is always telling (when Mommy is not within earshot) that I am his special girl. I want to think that I am his secret girlfriend. I am very good at keeping secrets. 

When we watch movies at our house, he lets me pick the movie. I like to pick scary ones so that I can crawl up into his lap. He hugs me really tight and promises that he will protect me from all the bad guys out there in the world. Sometimes I fall asleep in his lap. He is so big, snuggly and warm. Sometimes I wake up when he carries me to bed. I know he lifts up my nightgown and touches my panties.

Maybe tonight if Mommy lets him stay over, he will leave her bed and crawl into mine so we can play!

Sound like a fun role-play?


Little Lucie


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The Perfect Valentine GFE

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I know you’re looking for the perfect girlfriend, the girl you can spoil buy lots of presents for. You would love to dress me in sexy, little skimpy outfits.

Well I love being spoiled and worshiped and adored. So do I have a Valentine treat for you? Yes I do!  After you take me out and spoil the hell out of me, I call one of my friends to come over. Yes, a male friend with a really big, dark chocolate, thick cock.

With my sexy cock sucking lips, I prove to you how much I love sucking cock by sucking his big dick. His huge BBC right in front of you I love getting all of his pre-cum on my lips and looking at you and licking it off my lips. Maybe even crawling over to you and giving you a sweet Valentine kiss. Sharing is caring in my world and I will share everything with you!

Call your favorite girlfriend so we can spend Valentine’s Day together!

Image result for red lips sexy transparent


Written By: Parker
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I Was Such a Bad Girl

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I’ve not had a very good school year. It seems like I find myself in the principal’s office every day for something and in detention every afternoon.

While sitting in detention yesterday, I was paged to report to the principal’s office. I rolled my eyes and made my way down the hall. I sat there while he lectured me about my attitude and how bad it was. He could tell that he wasn’t getting through to me and asked me to come stand in front of him.

I waited for the lecture to continue. Instead, he grabbed my arm and jerked me over his lap. I tried to get away, but he was so much stronger than me. My skirt went up to my waist and my panties went down to my knees. Then I felt it. His big hand made contact with one ass cheek and then the other. I went on and on and I kept begging him to stop. It hurt so bad but I couldn’t get away. My teen ass was on fire but he just kept spanking me. His cock was pressing into my belly and I could feel how hard it was.

He finally released me and looked at my tear stained face. He allowed me to pull my panties up and go back to detention. I can barely sit today, BUT I’ve had a much better attitude. I’m hoping to be rewarded for my good behavior as roughly as I was punished for my bad.


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Good Little Troublemaker

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You are dating my mom, and maybe someday you will be my new Daddy. I love to tease you with my pigtails and my short skirts. I sit across the room from you reading my book. After I turn each page, I spread my legs a little wider until you can see my panties. 

These are the panties you bought me. Remember that day at the mall? I talked you into taking me shopping. I tried on each outfit and modeled it for you. You bought me everything I wanted, including the very expensive panties at Victoria Secrets. My mom buys my panties at Target. Now, I have lots of sexy panties, thanks to you. 

Leaving my dirty, wet panties on the floor for you to find, and showing off my panties under my skirts, are my favorite ways to tease you. You spoil me, and in return, I make your cock hard. 

Age-play fantasies are so much fun. Give me a call, so you and I can play! 


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Spoil My Pussy Phone Sex

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A lot of people think I look like that sweet, innocent girl next door. I have a lot people fooled, even my parents think I am still innocent and pure. I really have a fetish for older married men. They know exactly how to please and spoil my pussy. It seems like older men are more interested in putting my needs first. Don’t get me wrong, I always make sure my men are completely satisfied. I love to please. You’re not going to break me either, don’t be afraid to give my pussy a good pounding. If you have a big cock, that is even better. I love to be stretched out. Don’t worry I can handle it.

It seems like older men look at me in a different way. They don’t look at me and think “she’s that inexperienced girl”. They look at me and they think, here is a girl who knows what she wants. Be yourself with me and I will do the same and make sure we both have the best experience. I bet we can teach each other a few things. 



MakaylahWritten By: Makaylah
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Cock Tease Phone Sex

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I’ve been known to parade my sexy, teen body around town. Young and old cock can’t help but to check me out. I always wear a size or two smaller so it fits snug and tight on my barely legal assets. I find it funny that these guys think they have a shot with me. I don’t give up my bald pussy to just anyone. They have to earn this prize and even then….it most likely won’t happen.

I get off on the power I have over helpless men. I was born with this incredible body so I think it deserves to be worshiped. Horny men will do just about anything for me. I’ve gotten out of speeding tickets, I am a straight A student (winks), I get free drinks/dinner and I never have to buy my own clothes or shoes. That’s just to name a few things. When you’re a cock teaser as hot as me, you’ll never have to pay for anything again and the best part about it is….I don’t even have to spread my legs.


Written By: Roxy
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Mommy Shows You Her New Lingerie

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mommy morgan 2

As you are walking into the house, you pick up a UPS package next to the front door. You bring it inside. Looking down at the return address, you see Mommy Morgan ordered something new from Victoria Secrets.  You can’t help it, but just looking at that label makes your cock twitch. You find her in the kitchen, and you hand her the box. She thanks you, sets the box down on the counter and continues to make dinner. 

WTF? Why is she not as excited as you are? You ask her if you can open the box, and she tells you to do your homework. You cannot concentrate on math knowing that something special is inside that box.

Mommy calls you to dinner. The box is still on the counter. You ask her what is in the box and she asks you if you washed your hands. 

You roll your eyes and wash your hands in the sink. During dinner, you are a tenacious little brat. You are relentless and ask a dozen times for Mommy so show you what is in the box. 

Mommy spoils you, so it is hard for her to say no. You wear Mommy down, and after dinner, she models for you. She wears her new very sexy black lingerie for you. 

Hugs and Kisses,

Mommy Morgan


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My First Snow Day

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lucie 8I saw snow for the first time ever this week!  Crazy for it to be snowing here in Florida! We didn’t have classes, so it was my first snow day ever. I got to stay in bed all day, so let it snow. 

Why don’t you join me? You and I always have such naked, naughty fun together.

Our snow melted quickly here, but maybe that is not the case where you are. My bed is nice and warm. Love to snuggle and keep it hot for you.

Make me your favorite new little snow bunny. Let me spoil you and give you the best treat on an icy day. Nobody makes you hot like I do, sexy.



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Your Little Lolita

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LUCIEThe man living next door is watching me again. I am his obsession. He is quiet, serious, and smart. Mom has a crush on him. She is hilarious, throwing herself at him the way she does. Baking for him, running errands for him, hanging on his every word, annoying him with her mindless chatter.  She is like a stupid puppy begging for a pat on the head. She is kind of ditzy, frivolous and dowdy. Mom thinks the man is interested in her. I see the way he looks at me. He goes for a walk at night, right before my bedtime. From the sidewalk, he watches me as I undress. I strip in front of the window. I blow him kisses. He has a taste for something forbidden like me. I shouldn’t be such a cock tease, but I am. I blue ball him. Teasing him when I crawl into his lap or tickle him behind his ear. He fantasizes about me, not my Mom. He knows my name is Lucie, but when we are alone, he calls me Little Lolita. He whispers it in my ear. My Mom is asking him over for dinner this weekend. He will be grateful for the invitation because it is an excuse to be with me. I will sit across the table and run my little toes along his leg under the table. He will cough, almost choke to death when my toes caress his balls. I feel him hard through his pants. That will be hilarious. I have this man right where I want him. During dinner, Mom is going to ask him to tutor me this fall with my school work. He will gladly accept and rearrange his schedule so he can spend an hour alone with me after school. I will make him do my homework for me while I sit on his lap texting my girlfriends. I am just a tiny little teen who dominates him.


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Getting What I Want

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I’ve always been called a sweet seductive princess. Not a day goes by that I don’t get my way. I look cute and innocent on the outside but on the inside I’m all  trouble. It always seems to finds me. I know I’m hot, you know it!  So why not use it to my advantage to get what I want.

 Daddy always told me growing up that men love girls like me. They wish that their wives, girlfriends, and daughters looked like me and acted like me. There is nothing to taboo for me that’s for sure. Daddy always advised me if I didn’t get what I wanted from the men or boys in my life I can always go to him or his best friend which is like practically family. I’m so lucky that both of them know how to fulfill all of my needs.

They both always say… I never have to settle! All I have to do is throw on a short school girl skirt or some tight shorts and my tiny thong and before you know it, I’m getting my way.

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Jerk Off To Me

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I don’t think I should stop being a spoiled princess just because I’m growing up. I don’t see any of my habits changing anytime soon. You can spoil me anytime you like. Giving control to me will be very satisfying for both of us.

Spoiled bratty girls like me always get what they want. I’ll find a place for you in my life, if you treat me right. While you drool over my perfect pussy, I’ll tease you and make you want me so bad your cock will hurt.

I love when guys like you tell me how bad you want me while your jerking off to me. That’s right silly boys, whip out that cock for me


ParisWritten By: Paris
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A Perfect Win Win Situation

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daphneI have been getting a little serious with this man I have been seeing. As serious as I can possibly get being I love to fuck around on all my men. I mean one is never enough and I get this adrenaline rush from meeting and fucking strangers. He is awesome  don’t get me wrong. He is well built, the perfect lover, and has a great job. Most women would be  happy, but I always need more.

I received a gift card in my email from an “admirer”. Wow, 2 nights in Cabo all inclusive with a sizable vanilla gift card. I was so excited and quickly packed a few bikini’s and club dresses. I have always been the type that loves spur of the moment adventures.

I Immediately hit the beach without even unpacking as we were losing sun fast and the beach was fucking beautiful. After some people watching, sunbathing and a few drinks I head back to my room to shower and change.  I call down to the concierge for some suggestions on nightspots. He informs me there is some instructions at his desk for me.  In a tiny dress, heels and perfect makeup I hit the club. So many beautiful people dancing and partying. I am flirting with two very hot men laughing, drinking and rubbing up against them. Suddenly, we were interrupted by my  boyfriends boss. He came up to me smiling and asking what my boyfriend would think of my fun evening.

Honestly, I wasn’t ready to lose my boyfriend just because I am a total party girl and his boss is YUMMY! After a few drinks at a quiet table, I find what I suspected to be the truth; this is a total setup. I take my hand and grab his dick, smile wickedly and suggest we take this party to my room since after all he paid for it. After a wild night of hard fucking, I wake to see money left on the nightstand. Most women might take offense, but I am definitely not most women.

Dirty Daphne, xoxo

DaphneWritten By: Daphne
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That’s How A Massage Should End

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 gabrielleTime for a Sexy Massage!

You need to relax. You have too much stress in your life and not enough time to just let go. You hang with your buddies and watch a game, but you need someone like me to listen to you. I want to hear all about your day, the good and the bad, as I run my fingertips over your skin. I let you look down my top. I make you feel terrific. Let me spoil you today! 

Hop your naked body up on my massage table. Let my magic hands give you a deep tissue massage. I pour a generous amount of scented massage oil on your skin and rub. You are incredibly tense in your shoulders. That is where you carry your stress. Take some very deep cleansing breaths while I work out the knots in your muscles in your shoulders and lower back. I slip my hands under the sheet and massage your butt. Wow, you have either been sitting too long or working out too much. Your glutes are tight. That is ok! My magic hands massage your cute butt. Oh, how you moan. I lift the sheet. I pour massage oil along the crack between your cheeks. I massage your asshole. I tell you to take a deep breath. As you exhale, I slip a finger inside. I find that sexy spot inside your butt. I massage it. You gasp and then let out a loud moan. You are hard.  My other hand massages your balls. Oh my, your balls are so full.

I massage inside your ass and give you a very sexy handjob until you have the most amazing cum. 

I know how to take care of my man.

GabrielleWritten By: Gabrielle
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Rich Bitch Phone Sex

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I’m the type of girl who likes nice things and to be spoiled. My Dad is a CEO of a very large company so I always grew up with nice things and he gave me everything I wanted. I had my own credit card when I was just 13 years old with no spending limit.

He got me my first modeling job when I was 15 and I have no problem showing off my body then and now. I’ve been blessed with good looks, exquisite body and an imagination like no other. I always tell all my guys, if you treat me well, then you will have the most explosive orgasm of your life.

Other women hate me because of my confidence, rich bitch attitude and of course, my looks but they’re just jealous. They know I can take their man if I really wanted to.

People say that you can’t have it all and I have to seriously disagree. I think you can have it all and I am living proof.


KimberleyWritten By: Kimberley
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