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Pretty Sissy

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You’re going be a pretty sissy when I’m done with you. I’m willing to do all the hard work for you. I’ll take care of the clothes and makeup. You just relax. I’ll have you feeling just as sexy and slutty as I am. It’s not gonna happen by it’s self. That’s why I’m going help you.

I have the perfect outfit to get started in. I love when your clitty gets hard when you try on the new pink silky panties I bought you. How do you like the fabric rubbing against your ass cheeks? I also bought you your own personal pink dildo. I want you to show me how slutty you want to be. I watch you bring the dildo to your mouth making it slippery and wet. I watch you try to take it deeper while the tears stream down your face and you start gagging and squealing like a girl.

You still have a ton of work to do before you become the perfect sissy. The first lesson is to learn to deep throat your dildo for me. Once you’ve accomplished that, we can move on to a nice fat cock and we can continue our lessons.


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A True Panty Boy at Heart

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Your wife left for work again and you can’t help yourself! You go straight to her panty drawer and put on a silky pair of her panties. She’s questioned you about some missing pairs but she just thinks they go where all the disappearing socks go. She would never think her husband was a panty slut. You’re all man and you have a pretty good size cock but I know that you’re a true panty boy at heart.

You love prancing around the house in her panties and enjoy putting on her stockings and garter belts. It feels so good against your skin, doesn’t it?

I know you secretly desire to become a true panty slut and I am the one who can help you. It will be our little secret. We know when the wifey is away, the sissy femme likes to play!

Go put on your favorite pair and call me!

Phone Sex Lexi


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Gang Bang Daddy

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   Well aren’t you just the cutest little thing! 

I rush home from school hoping to have the house to myself, but there you are. I hear strange sounds from my bedroom, so I quietly open the door to see. There you are in my sexy lingerie. I try not to laugh, but everything is just all wrong for you. You try and make excuses, something about a Halloween costume. I know the truth.

                I tell you that I can make you into such a sexy bitch, but you will need a makeover. Those hairy legs need to go! 

I shave your legs and then lots of sweet smelling  lotion for those sexy legs. You sit at my vanity as I put on your makeup. Lots of mascara and shiny lip gloss. The men love to see smeared makeup rolling down your face after you give a blowjob.

Now stockings to show off those sexy long legs and of course, heels to show off your fuckable round ass.

You look amazing! So naughty and sexy.

Oh no! Now you are all dressed up with no place to go.  Don’t worry, your baby girl has a plan. I start texting all my guy friends from school. Now it’s a party!

You drool as you see all the football players from school arrive. Time to turn you out.



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Hey Panty Boys, I Want the Details!

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My dearest little panty boys, I know you picked up some new panties at Victoria Secrets. It’s so easy this time of year to buy new panties. I’m dying for you to tell me all about them. Maybe even send me pics of you in your new little panties.

I want to know all the details! What color are they? Where did you get them? Was it exciting to hand them to the sales lady when you were buying them? Did she give you a little wink or little smile? Of course she knew they were for you!

Don’t they feel so good?  I bet they look so cute on you. What style did you buy, bikini or thong?

I can’t wait for you to call me and tell me all the details. Then, I am going to make you cum so super hard in your brand new sexy panties!



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I Love Panty Boys!

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Lately, I’ve been thinking of my love for panty boys. I love taking off my pretty pink panties and putting them on a willing panty boy and showing him off.

I like helping them learn to suck cock just the right way, and then watching him take a nice big cock for me as I cheer him on. It turns me on!

 I’d like to extend an open invitation to all panty boys, closet bi’s, girly sluts, and outright fags. Call me. Share my panties, and share some cock. Discover what it’s like to be a Pretty Princess with me.

Don’t worry straight guys, I haven’t forgotten about you. If wearing panties isn’t your thing, maybe I could put on a fashion show and model my sexiest lingerie for you. I just bought about $200 dollars worth of new stuff at Victoria Secrets. I’d love to show you what I have, then have you take it off before you fuck me!

Shopping with Bailey

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Awww, look how precious you look! You’re such a pretty girl.

Come over here, let me help you a little. Your makeup needs a little fixing. There, that’s better. Now you’re absolutely gorgeous! I have a soft spot for pretty panty boys like you. I know how badly you want to embrace your feminine side. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m more than happy to help you make that happen. I don’t judge. In fact, it turns me on a lot. I’ll tell you what, if you’re going to my beautiful girlfriend, then you should have all the benefits that come with it. After all, there’s nothing more fun than an afternoon of shopping with my little sissy. If I’m going to spend the time getting you to look perfect, we have to go out and show you off, don’t we?

Just think, we can go to the mall and you can model different outfits for me. Of course, we’ll have to stop off at a lingerie store. You didn’t think I’d leave out the best part, did you?

When we’re done and we can’t carry anymore, we can go grab some lunch. Lunch is almost as fun as the shopping. Just think, we can have a few glasses of wine and share secrets we know about the people we know.

Once we’re done with lunch and feeling a little buzzed, then we can go home and try on the lingerie again. Did I tell you how I love the feel of silk pressed up against my body. Just thinking about it makes me want to go shopping right now.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go do some damage.


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He Stole My Pantyhose!

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My washer is broken, so I had to use the Laundromat. It was very crowded and all the washers were full. I set my basket on the table and went next door to Starbucks for a cup of coffee. I was gone longer than I had anticipated. When I walked in, there was an older, very distinguished looking gentleman sitting in the corner. I smiled at him but he would not make eye contact with me.

I walked over to my basket and I knew right away that something was missing. I had a pair of dirty pantyhose on top, but they were not in my basket. I looked at the man, stared at him, but he would not meet my glance. He looked guilty. I went over to him, told him I knew what he did and he needed to be punished.

He admitted that he had taken them, and begged me not to embarrass him here in public. I called all my girlfriends and told them to meet me at my place. I threw my dirty laundry basket in the trunk of my car and took him to my house. I knew he had a pantyhose fetish, and I was going to take advantage of him.

I made him strip. I put him in old fashioned stockings, garter, cincher, panties, and bra. I was not surprised that he had a pair of his own black high heeled shoes in his car. He was ready to play today. His cock was so hard that I thought he was going to burst through his panties. I made him rub his cock through the panties.

My girlfriends arrived.  They teased and laughed at him. He was so humiliated but aroused at the time. My girlfriends and I took turns fucking him with a big strap-on. He loved it. He said it was one of the most erotic experience he’s ever had.

Next time, I will invite my boyfriend over for the next pantyhose session.



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Feminization Training Phone Sex

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Are you looking for feminization training? Well, then you need to prove just how good of a sissy you can be for me. I am going to pull you by your long wig and wrap your wimpy hands firmly around my strap-on. Do you feel how realistic my rubber cock is? Feel how hard, firm, thick, and long it is? I am going to make sure to teach you a lesson, a cock sucking lesson, as you’ve been a naughty cross dresser sissy lately.

When it comes to feminization, I have no limits. Our sessions can be a simple GFE (girlfriend experience) where we share secrets, or tips about clothes, make-up, boyfriends, etc. Or, as hardcore as me dressing you up and making you suck off my well hung black friend. You decide but you will be a good sissy slut for me, oe there will be consequences.



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Now it’s Your Turn

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 I know you like being dressed up all pretty in my panties. You like having your face made up with Miss Angie’s bright red lipstick all over your sexy mouth.

You  pretend to be such a strong man in public but you know how twisted your fetish really is. Watching you dress up just for me makes me keep all your dirty little secrets. But, we both know the only way for you to get that little cock hard is to be a sissy panty boy, doing everything Miss Angie asks of you!

I pull your pretty panties to the side and you take my big strap-on deep inside your man pussy. As much as I love fucking your sissy holes, it’s time for you to take the real thing. I know how much you secretly desire my lovers cocks, and now it’s your turn.



Written By: Miss Angie
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You Are A Fag

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Let’s face it, you are a fag.  That’s cool though, as I love fags. Most girls watch guy with girl porn, but I watch guy on guy.  You’re still trying to decide if you are gay.

You dislike pussy, even mine? You are a queer. Fucking face it, you love cock. You are gay. Maybe it’s time for me to show you just how much of a queer boy you are.

I love how you blamed your boring girlfriend and told me that if she were more experimental. Guess what? You would still be a cock sucking fag.

Guess what else? Maybe I should just contact her and blackmail you. Maybe, I would be doing you a fucking favor, so you can get all the cock your fag mouth and ass desire? I am just here to help in the end. Now, if you believe that!

I’m in the room looking hot as fuck, your boring girlfriend is there, and then we have a tall muscled guy with a 10 inch cock. You’re down on your knees before he can even unzip his pants. Guess what, you are a fag!





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Naughty Boy Discovers Mommy’s New Panties

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My naughty boy wakes up late on a lazy summer morning. No more homeschooling! His morning wood causes his hand to drift between his legs. Then he remembered the UPS delivery from Victoria Secrets yesterday. When asked Mommy what was in the package, she told him it was nothing that would interest him. Mommy would soon discover his secret panty fetish.

The boy got out of bed, went to the window, and Mommy was working in the herb garden. Now was his chance to explore! He opened her lingerie drawer, and there were beautiful lace panties. The tags were still on them. There were three new pairs, and he liked the raspberry pink ones the most. He wiggled out of his pajama bottoms and put on the new panties. As he stood in front of the mirror, he admired the view. He was rock hard now and rubbed himself through the panties.

Her son rubbed harder, and his little moans drowned out the sound of Mommy walking up the stairs. He saw her in the mirror and turned around. He was wearing her new panties with the VS tag dangling on the side. It was so humiliating, and his face was beet red. He apologized and begged for forgiveness. Promised never to do it again. Was Mommy going to ground him, spank him? Oh, the boy knew that the punishment would be severe!

Mommy was not angry at all. Was that a wicked, seductive smile on her face? She was a little hot and sweaty from working in the garden, but that made her scent even more intoxicating. She took off her shorts and top before she punished him by sitting on his face. Then she pulled out a big strap-on and pulled the new panties to the side. She fucked his little bottom until he came.

If you enjoy Mommy/son fantasies, you really should call me soon! A family-fun role-play, a naughty but nurturing

Mommy, makes you feel good with all the chaos in the world!


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Valentine’s Day Panties

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 You have been snooping in my bedroom again, haven’t you?  You see the sexy red satin panties on my bed. For a brief moment you think about me in them, but then your thoughts go in a very different fucking direction. You check the time, and know I won’t be home for several hours. You giggle, as you rub them against your face, feeling how soft they are. Checking the clock again, you  slowly strip as you watch yourself in my full length mirror. You put on Bump and Grind, and begin to dance as you slip on my red panties. You run your hands down your body, feeling so sexy.

You hear laughter at the door, and turn around to see me and 2 friends watching you. Don’t you look so adorable?  My girls dance with you for a few, as I pick out sexy lingerie for you. A red clincher, red 6 inch stilettos, red satin bra, cherry red lipstick, and a red wig. You look like a slut! You’re so excited, and begin to dance some more. 

You beg us to take you out for the night with us. We pick the perfect dance club. There is always hot professional men looking for a walk on the wild side. You flirt with the bartender, and you get all our Painkiller cocktails for free. That gives us all an idea. We’re all giggling but you have no idea why. I talk to the bartender and soon men are waiting in line at our table. I take their money and follow you into the restroom. You pull up your dress and take off your panties. A line is forming, and I watch you take 4 cocks at once. Quite impressive, I must say.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Sissy Sluts!


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Sissy Ends Up In Military School

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A Mom came home from her job. Her co-workers made plans to celebrate the completion of a big project that night at the bar. There had been so many late nights, and Mom felt guilty about leaving her teenage son alone so much. Instead of going out to celebrate, she left an hour early because she wanted to cook him a special dinner and hang out with him. 

She drove home and entered the quiet house. She checked his bedroom and found it empty. Mom goes to her computer and looks up his location through an app on his phone. Shocked to learn that he must be home, but she must be doing something naughty because he is so quiet. Without making a sound, she searches the house, and the last door she opens is her bedroom. She finds her son! 

Mom discovers him wearing her expensive lingerie, sucking on the dildo from her nightstand. WTF? Her son is a Sissy! The Mom falls to her knees and breaks down and bursts into tears. The son stands there ashamed and begs for forgiveness. Mom spends the night researching solutions on how to turn him from a sissy to a real man. She wakes her son at dawn and gives him the news. 

The furious mother informs her son that he needs discipline and needs to be surrounded by alpha men, real men. He needs a mentor, someone who will break him of his sissy ways. Mom has already arranged to send him to military school, a boarding school. Being a single mom, maybe she cannot teach him how to be a real man. She hugs him and says this is the best thing for him. He will leave today. 

On his first night in the dorm, all the boys identify him as a sissy, and they treat him as such. They force the new boy to dress like a sissy, frilly panties, bra, thigh-high stockings, and lipstick. They hold him down and fuck his little sissy boy mouth. The boy loves his new home. His fantasy becomes his reality. Now he can be a cock sucking sissy whore every night! 


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Mirror, Mirror

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the slutest of them all?


It used to be that I was the mega slut but now that you’ve been trained by the best, you now take the title. Let’s get you all dressed up from head to toe so you can take a bow.

I came up with a wonderful way of how you can thank me. I know you graduated from the dildo in your mouth then to your ass. Before long, you finally got up enough courage to answer a Craigs list ad and sucked your first cock. It was a proud moment for both of us.

So how can we take this to the next level? You and I know you’re  ready and I have no doubt you can handle this task.

The best way of thanking me is to have your first gang-bang. Now, before you panic; I’m not suggesting 100+ guys! I was thinking maybe 15-20. I know this is something we’ll both enjoy. Nothing would make me happier and prouder than to see my little slut dripped in cum. Don’t worry, I’ll be there cheering you on while your holes are being stretched and violated by huge cocks. I hope you’re excited as I am.

The One and Only, ~M.M.~

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The Prettiest Sissy

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When you slide on your favorite pair of nylons something doesn’t feel right. Don’t get me wrong, it feels good but not silky smooth like you hoped it would be. I want to be your personal guide to make you feel like the prettiest sissy in the whole entire world.

First, let’s draw you a hot bubble bath. Every sissy needs a little pampering. After your done relaxing in the tub, sit on the side of the bath tub and lets shave those hairy legs and transform them into silky, girly legs. Next, I want you to look in the mirror at your cock and balls. I want you shave them completely and turn that into a beautiful, hairless pussy. Once you are all done shaving everything, I want you to put on some good smelling lotion all over your body.

Now comes the fun part. I want you to slide on a sexy pair of bra and panties. Slip on your stockings on your new pair of legs. Feels so good, doesn’t it? You can’t keep your hands off your legs because it feels so amazing. Your skin is so soft and with the pair of nylons on your freshly shaven legs gets your clitty hard. All you have to do now is call me and I’ll take it from here.


Written By: Jenny
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Sissy Talk 101

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I had a caller the other day that asked me a frequently common question: What are you wearing?

I just got home from a date and hadn’t changed yet but I told him I was wearing a little black dress, black thigh highs and heels. He seemed overly turned on. After a few minutes of talking to him, I figured out he was getting hot with what I was wearing because he wanted to dress like me. I knew right away I had the perfect outfit for him in my closet. I could hear the excitement in his voice when I was describing what he would look like with my pretty pink corset, and all the accessories to match.

He was pretty new to this so I went into detail of how he should look from head to toe and explained the process. I’m experienced in sissification and transforming you into what you’ve always desired and trust me, no one can keep a secret like me.

There’s nothing I love more than bringing out your inner sissy.


Written By: Jenny
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Looking For My Barbie Doll!

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That’s right, I’m looking for my Barbie Doll to play with. I want to give you special beauty assignments, such as first by shaving all the hair off your body. Then giving you ballet workout to really tighten your core.

Next, would be placing you on birth control and hormone supplements so I can watch your hair, nails and most of all having your breasts grow for me.

I can’t wait to paint your toes, nails and do your makeup to perfection. I want to put you in that extra tight pink push up bra and matching pink thong panties. I will also make you walk in those extra tall “cum fuck me” heels. Let’s not forget doing your long hair and painting those lips to match your nails. You can even carry a purse for me while you prance around.

Just remember though, once you look like a sissy slut, you’ll be fucked like a slut. I can’t wait to use all your fuck holes and make that sweet tight Barbie pussy mine!


Written By: Parker
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Lingerie Princess

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     I love lingerie so much! Even if I have the odd night where I am alone, I still wear sexy lingerie. Red and black lingerie is my absolute favorite. I am very picky too. I have every little baby doll, teddy, and slip on scented padded hangers. 

That is how I caught you!

You were doing some tech work for me, and I came home for lunch to bring you some sushi. I took off my heels, so I imagine you didn’t hear me at first. I called your name, and then you frantically began to put my lingerie back on hangers. In your haste, you forgot the panties that were tossed from the hamper.

     I always suspected it was you. You seemed to be way too interested in my lingerie even with it not on my banging body. Don’t be embarrassed. I always wanted a dress-up doll. Let’s see, I think pastels work best for you. Don’t be shy, I have always wanted a Lingerie Princess to play with. 


DaphneWritten By: Dirty Daphne
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Cock Kisses

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   Some men are just complete fucking cunt faces. I have one in-particular and while he is dead serious, I laugh my fucking ass off as soon as I hear his fag face voice. He can’t get enough of body fluids. Shit, piss, snot and jizz, he craves it all. He does have an issue with blood, but well if I have been fucked and on my period, he will take it like a greedy little pig! 

His newest expression is “cock kisses”. I just assumed it was kissing someones cock, but I should have known better with this jerk off. It is when the girlfriend he once had sucks a guy off and then kisses him with a mouth of of jizz. I call that snowballing, like most people. Of course, asswipe isn’t like any normal person I know. Leave it to him to come up with a fucked little expression for it. Did I mention he does like women, but how the fuck could he satisfy one with his little clitty?

I could talk about him for hours, as he is just that fucking hysterical.  He is just a mixed bag stupidity. He goes by many names douchebag, asswipe, cunt face, jerk off and my favorite because it was the first Philip The Faggot.  I have spit many drinks out laughing, quite the waste of booze but entirely worth the laughs.


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Guy On Guy Action Makes My Pussy Cream

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I couldn’t decide what to wear for girls night. I have so many sexy dresses, heels and panties that I needed some help choosing. Who better to help me decide than one of my sissy boy friends. I mean he is good for so many fucking things, and fashion is just one of them. My condo is pretty much a 24/7 party so when I came back down in my shortest dress and stilettos I noticed two of my fuck buddies where over too.

It was obvious they thought I looked amazingly hot by the bulge in their pants. Normally I would have fucked them both but I had plans, and we had reservations for table service at a very hard to get in club. I winked at my sissy friend whose mouth was already drooling. LMAO, not at me, at them, of course.

I love guy on guy action, but I didn’t have time to stick around and watch. My Uber was waiting and my wet pussy would have to wait till I got in the car. I can always count on my deviant lot of friends. While I finger banged my hot, creamy pussy, they were sending me pictures of sissy boy sucking cock and getting fucked. An awesome start of girls night.



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