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Sissy Ends Up In Military School

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A Mom came home from her job. Her co-workers made plans to celebrate the completion of a big project that night at the bar. There had been so many late nights, and Mom felt guilty about leaving her teenage son alone so much. Instead of going out to celebrate, she left an hour early because she wanted to cook him a special dinner and hang out with him. 

She drove home and entered the quiet house. She checked his bedroom and found it empty. Mom goes to her computer and looks up his location through an app on his phone. Shocked to learn that he must be home, but she must be doing something naughty because he is so quiet. Without making a sound, she searches the house, and the last door she opens is her bedroom. She finds her son! 

Mom discovers him wearing her expensive lingerie, sucking on the dildo from her nightstand. WTF? Her son is a Sissy! The Mom falls to her knees and breaks down and bursts into tears. The son stands there ashamed and begs for forgiveness. Mom spends the night researching solutions on how to turn him from a sissy to a real man. She wakes her son at dawn and gives him the news. 

The furious mother informs her son that her son needs discipline and needs to be surrounded by alpha men, real men. He needs a mentor, someone who will break him of his sissy ways. Mom has already arranged to send him to military school, a boarding school. Being a single mom, maybe she cannot teach him how to be a real man. She hugs him and says this is the best thing for him. He will leave today. 

On his first night in the dorm, all the boys identify him as a sissy, and they treat him as such. They force the new boy to dress like a sissy, frilly panties, bra, thigh-high stockings, and lipstick. They hold him down and fuck his little sissy boy mouth. The boy loves his new home. His fantasy becomes his reality. Now he can be a cocksucking sissy whore every night! 


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We all have dirty secrets. Even Lady Rayne, but this isn’t about me. There is so many dirty, sexy, taboo secrets that you feel you must keep to yourself. Why would you do that, when we could have a wonderful time discussing your secrets and acting them out. 

She left for the day and you head straight for her room. You don’t go in her hamper, but under the bed. In the tucked in corners, you find the dirtiest of panties. Panties drenched in all sorts of interesting fluids. You slowly sniff them, lick them, tasting her on your lips. 

You check her nightstand for a dildo. You put it to your mouth and taste her. With a huge sigh, you slide the dildo into your naughty ass. You hear some sounds downstairs. Is she home? That makes you fuck yourself even faster. You want her to catch you!


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Summer Is Here Losers

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Summer is here losers! What do you fuckers have planned? It has been way to long since we went hunting, and I am so ready for some deviant fun. The tiny birds are in their summer clothes and that makes you lose your mind. You’ve been a good boy and stayed away from me, but then that makes me bored. Maybe I should go hunting on my own, take tons of pictures and then tease the fuck out of you.
There is always the possibility you have lost your urge for the little ones. Doubtful! Let’s just say you have, but you’re still a submissive bitch who worships my beautiful ass. No worries then bitch. I do love bondage, cuckolding, extreme role play, and forced rape fantasies. Let’s just say I am a one stop goth chick. Even I do have my fucking limits! No fucking vanilla calls.



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Come Here Clean Up Man

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      Oh, hey guys! I know you would want nothing more than to pound my sweet, teen fuck holes, but that is for only certain men. Not for you! Don’t worry, you will get to clean out my holes. Aren’t you the lucky one.  I saw how you were looking at me during PE. You like how I look all sweaty and out of breath. You’re imagining what my sweet body tastes like as the sweat drips between my perky tits and runs down my back to my perfect ass. You want to lick up that sweat, don’t you? Now you’re wondering what my pussy tastes like with a big cum load in it.

This just happens to be your lucky day, bitch! I need someone to clean me up, and that is you. Start with my underarms, work your way down between my tits. Hey bitch, did I say you could get a hard-on? I guess I need to do something to keep you from trying to put that thing near me. You know it’s way to small and you only good for one thing. Come on cuckold, get to it!


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Harley Did a Bad, Bad Thing

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It isn’t that I am outright evil, I am just playful. Of course, if you believe that you’re in for a surprise. What exactly did I do? When I was a teen I always went after my friend’s dads. You know I just  couldn’t help myself. Now that I am older nothing has changed. Some I go after for sex, some for money, and some I just love to fuck with!

I’ve been seeing someone, and he assumed it was serious. His dad was just my type. He rode a custom Harley, hung out at biker bars, and was hot as fuck. I see no reason why a girl can’t have it all. I mean how many men marry women to be with their teen daughters?

I knew David wasn’t home, and knew his dad was. I knocked on the door, and he let me in. We fucked for the better part of the day. FUCK, he is so much better and bigger than his son. I let him go bareback because it feels so good like that.

Later that night, I met David for drinks. I could feel the cum from his dad dripping out of my pussy. I told David I really wanted him to go down on me because I was just so wet and excited. You guessed it! He licked his dad’s cum out of my dripping pussy. Oopsies!

Harley did a bad, bad thing!


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Your Invitation To My Sex Party

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I greet you at my door. There is a sex party, an orgy going on in the other room. Not your style you say, so you turn to leave my place. I push my hot body against yours. I grind my hips. I whisper dirty words into your ear. My hand lightly brushes against your cock. Some interest there, as I feel that bulge of yours growing. I turn and, with a swing of my hips, I brush my ass against your cock through your pants. 

You know you cannot resist me when I want you. I kiss your mouth so hard that my tongue dances against yours. I slowly strip for you. The skinny strap of my dress slips down exposing my sweet tits. You don’t really want to go. At least enjoy my sexy dance. 

I am just getting started. I set you in a chair. I slide into your lap and grind hard, making you hard for me. You try and leave now, and you will leave with the worst set of blue balls. Now, we don’t want that do we? My friends are hot and sexy. This party is going to last all night. Trust me! You don’t want to miss out. You don’t want some other man’s cum in me instead of yours. Well, maybe you do! We could make this a hot threesome. Walk with me into the next room! 

Join the party, baby! Let your inhibitions go. You will cum so hard tonight! The fun is just getting started at the door. Fuck me in front of all my friends. Maybe I will let you fuck them too, sexy! 

Your favorite party girl, 



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Holidays with Lady Rayne

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I love this time of the year. Cocktail parties, shopping, out with good friends, and the anticipation of my slaves. I sometimes wonder who looks more forward to gift giving. My naughty boys or my nice boys? My gorgeous retro tree is up, and we are sipping Merlot. Next week is a special coming out party. One of my slaves has finally called my strap-on a cock after all my prodding and teasing. He officially loves balls, cock and being a jizz junkie. We went through Eros and found him his perfect fuck. When I told him he would have to share, he got extremely whiny. Lady Rayne detests whiny boys.

Are you naughty or nice? Let’s decide together.


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Phone Sex With Me Is Always Hot

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The weather might be cold and dreary, but it is always HOT here with me. People assume because I look elegant most of the time that I I am into fancy restaurants and older gentlemen. Nothing can be further from the truth. I like my men, big, rough and total bad boys. The sweet gentlemen are for nights out, but once I get home, I want it hard, dirty and rough.

After my dinner date since I had no plans, I thought I would log in for a bit. I was hoping some of my sexy regulars would give me a call. I was not disappointed! I came so many times, I just might have forgotten to log myself off before I passed out. I woke up with my hands wet from pussy juice, and my vibe running batteries down on the side of bed.

Now this is where the sweet older man comes into play again. I text him that I am dying for a mimosa and a yummy fruit salad. He arrives quickly with my drinks, and breakfast. As we chat about our next date something very dirty comes to mind. Of course, I won’t spill it. I can just tell you it has to do with fruit, one of my generously built fuck buddies, and my sugar daddy.  


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My Boyfriend’s Son

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I have a new cucky boyfriend. He didn’t start out that way. In the beginning, we had an okay sex life. Then his son came home from college. Seeing that ripped, young body sent my pussy into a tailspin. The feeling was obviously mutual. He was home for a day when he walked in on me in the shower, completely naked and hard. His cock was far superior to his father’s. I wanted it and wasted no time sinking to my knees in the hot shower to take it deep down my throat. We spent the rest of the day fucking all over the house. He was fucking my ass roughly from behind when I looked up and saw his dad standing there watching. I attempted to stop, but my young stud started fucking me harder… and my boyfriend’s cock was straining against the front of his pants with each rough thrust. I had never seen him swell so much. I decided to go with my gut. I told him to take it out and stroke it while he watched. This began a new normal for us. It’s working out amazing for all of us. I get the fucking that my slutty MILF pussy deserves, my boyfriend gets to live out a fantasy that he didn’t even know he had until he saw me getting ass fucked by another man and his son has been coming home more than he ever has!

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Cuckold Boyfriend Phone Sex

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You want to be my boyfriend? Spoil me with expensive clothing, lingerie sexy heels and the best of the best of everything. Take me out and show me off in my skimpy little outfits that you buy for me. I love being your spoiled princess, the one you adore and will do anything for.

You love it when I call you at work and ask for you to bring me home some lube, thinking that it is for us. Soon you find out though that I’m going out with the “girls” and having a girls night out.

You find out very soon though when I bring a man home and hear me moaning and groaning on the couch, and you walk in on me with a man and realize the lube wasn’t for us. You can’t help but watch me with other men and I encourage you to pull your cock out and instruct you on how to stroke for me while I get fucked with a real mans cock.

Cum over and lick my clit while this huge cock slides in and out of me baby. You always wonder why I’m so wet, don’t you?

It’s that time of the year to show me off at all your Christmas party’s too! Call me and let me be the best girlfriend you have ever had. Let me give you jack off instructions while I fuck all your co workers or even your boss!


Written By: Parker
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Spooky Mistress For Sissy Boys

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Making the last few arrangements for a huge bash at an abandoned church in The Village. I am not the crazy wild one at parties, but the quiet Mistress taking in all the guests. I am always looking for a new slave to add to my tribe. I more than likely will be found sitting on a plush chair drinking a Corpse Reviver with my feet propped up on a slaves back. This year I am looking for something, I don’t know “different”. I quickly get bored with the same old things.

I drove over to the church and began to set things up. The flower arrangements were amazing, and so was the delivery man. We chatted for a few. It didn’t take long to size him up. Then came the caterers. Judging by the look on the flower delivery person, he was completely into the caterer. Heavens, this could be fun! I suggested the delivery guy, Jon stay and sample the drinks with us. After a few, things became extremely interesting in a deviant sort of hot way. I watched as the men tried to avoid my stare, and evil smile. I decided that Jon needed some coaxing, so I accidentally spilled a drink on his starched white shirt. Sorry, not sorry.

I can’t say enough how much I love guy on guy. There is something so feral about the grunts, groans and slapping skin as they fuck. I could have waited, invited them both to the bash, but why? I wanted to see them fuck, and was curious on who would be the bottom in this hot, sexy, and hopefully messy hook-up. Men are so amusing, as they seem to be afraid of my wraith if I am not happy.

Cum join this Spooky Mistress for Halloween. Halloween is the time for the real you to cum out. Are you a bottom or a top?


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Happy Wife. Happy Life.

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  Happy Wife, Happy Life. Or so you think?
You wonder why your wife has been so happy lately. Could it be the flowers you surprised her with last week or taking her to her favorite restaurant? Oh wait….. maybe the smile on her face has nothing to do with you.
Do you honestly think you can satisfy her with your 6 1/2 inch cock?
Get a clue! Your wife is fucking big cock, twice the size of yours.
She knew on your wedding day, while standing at the alter, looking into your sad, pathetic eyes, she was lying to you while giving her vows. She always knew your cock would never make her happy for the rest of her life.
When she calls you and says she might be a little late for dinner or another night out with the girls, she’s getting stuffed by big cock. You may even wonder why some nights while going down on her, she’s extra creamy. It’s because you’re eating another mans cum.
 Your only 2 options is to stroke your little dick thinking about her getting fucked by a real man or watching her in action. You wouldn’t want to disturb her happy life, would you?


KimberleyWritten By: Kimberley
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Princess Delaney’s Toilet Slave

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Get over here toilet slave, you have a tight little asshole to cleanup. I know you are ready to serve me in every way possible. I was with a real man last night and his jizz is now dripping out of me. Slide in your tongue and slurp up every drop. As you swirl your tongue in my ass, you wait for the sweet aroma coming from me. You crave my ass perfume, because of what comes next.

You’re anxiously waiting for my jizz covered turd. Why would a Princess like me need toilet paper, when I have you. I am super tired from a night of fucking and need my beauty sleep. Come on my toilet slave and curl up by my ass. You certainly don’t want me to have to interrupt my sleep with going to the bathroom. That is what you are for!




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Phone Sex Trophy Wife

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Looking for that perfect wife to show off all summer to your friends and boss? Look no further, you have found the perfect wife with a twist.

I love to strut around the house and in public in my “cum fuck me heels” and outfits. I love to taunt and tease all the boys in the neighborhood. Not only am I a tease, but I love to please.

I can’t control myself, I have an appetite for sex and I will do anything and everything to have all my holes filled. You know you work long hours and I’m left all alone to fulfill my sex cravings.

Don’t worry sweetie, I will give you all the details of everything that I do while you’re away working.



Written By: Valerie
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Teen FemDom Phone Sex

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I allow you to worship my hot, tight teen body.  Allow is the most important part. You’re so obedient to this little teen domme. I sometimes wonder just how far I can push my subs. Even though I can be a sub myself for the right man, most men aren’t it. I like older men, daddy figures to pamper me, and let me know when I’ve been a bad girl.

I am pounding you with my sweet ass moving back and forth. I hear the alarm being set, and I know phone sex daddy is home. He comes up the stairs after a long day, and walks into me fucking one of my classmates. He looks shocked because he has never seen his baby girl so dominant. I turn around and whisper something to him. I get back to fucking the shit out of my sub, as I hear daddy’s zipper going down. Mmmm, he licks on my tight, little pucker till it is open enough for him to fuck.

Daddy fills my ass up with his cum, and questions who will lick it clean. I finish fucking my sub, and let him know he has some cleaning up to do.



WritteDelaneyn By: Delaney
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Cock Kisses

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   Some men are just complete fucking cunt faces. I have one in-particular and while he is dead serious, I laugh my fucking ass off as soon as I hear his fag face voice. He can’t get enough of body fluids. Shit, piss, snot and jizz, he craves it all. He does have an issue with blood, but well if I have been fucked and on my period, he will take it like a greedy little pig! 

His newest expression is “cock kisses”. I just assumed it was kissing someones cock, but I should have known better with this jerk off. It is when the girlfriend he once had sucks a guy off and then kisses him with a mouth of of jizz. I call that snowballing, like most people. Of course, asswipe isn’t like any normal person I know. Leave it to him to come up with a fucked little expression for it. Did I mention he does like women, but how the fuck could he satisfy one with his little clitty?

I could talk about him for hours, as he is just that fucking hysterical.  He is just a mixed bag stupidity. He goes by many names douchebag, asswipe, cunt face, jerk off and my favorite because it was the first Philip The Faggot.  I have spit many drinks out laughing, quite the waste of booze but entirely worth the laughs.


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Tiny Dick Humiliation

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I have been asked so many times if size matters. I say “no” but that is assuming it isn’t a wee little 3 inches of empty pants. I have never been with a man smaller than 7 inches and well, 3 inches is a clit! Can you imagine being with a new man reaching into his pants, wet and ready to fuck only to find 3 inches? I wouldn’t be able to decide right then if I am disappointed or find his lack of a real dick hysterical.

Ah, but once I see how little a man can be he has only one use for me, and that is to be my little sissy bitch. I gather my friends because some humiliation is most definitely in order. I mean, he can’t even stroke it like a real man can, it is just too fucking little. What is the best thing to do when you realize you’re ridiculously small?

Call Lady Rayne for the only thing a wee little dick needs, some cruel humiliation.


Lady RayneWritten By:  Lady Rayne
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My Boyfriend Loves To See Me Get Fucked

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My boyfriend came over unannounced and got a bit of a glimpse of the real me. For some strange reason he thought I was a faithful kind of person, but man did he ever have it wrong. He walked into me being pounded by 3 big, hot black dudes. Most guys would have just left and said “fuck it”. I guess I got a glimpse of the real him as well.

He just stood and watched for awhile as I took a huge dick in each of my holes. I couldn’t help but notice his cock was hard and he was stroking. After the first load of cum was shot into my eager mouth, he came over and pushed his tongue down my throat, enjoying the salty cum with me.

My hot black studs filled all my holes and ran off after slapping my ass and tossing money on the nightstand. Opps, another thing he didn’t know about me. Truth is; I did it for fun and they just assumed I was a whore. Gotta love that! Soon he was feasting on all the jizz dripping from my satisfied pussy and stretched out asshole.


CaidynWritten By: Caidyn Cross
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Mommy Got Naughty On St. Patrick’s Day

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Mommy didn’t come home last night after the St Patrick’s Day Party! 

When Mommy gets home the day, she is still pretty. Her cheeks are rosy, but her hair is messy. She looks like she didn’t’ get much sleep either last night. Mommy’s clothes are wrinkled like they were crumbled on the floor all night. There is no explanation given to her staying out all night.

She does not make you breakfast. You are hungry for her special Sunday Morning Pancakes. Instead of heading to the kitchen, Mommy goes to her bedroom. After a minute, you open her bedroom door to whine about wanting her to make you pancakes, but Mommy is taking off her clothes. Her green blouse is open, and she is wearing a green bra. You forget about the pancakes and hug your Mommy Morgan. She smells funny. You know she was having sex last night. She has cum in her, and you can smell a man on her. 

You picture your Mommy getting fucked, hard, like the ladies in porn. You are aroused and hug Mommy harder. You rub the front of her white jeans and are so curious that you will kiss and lick between her legs.

Mommy says that you can kiss her anywhere. Time to make a man out of you. Mommy Morgan Knows Best! 


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Smothered and Covered

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I remember being invited to my first sex party a few years ago. I had been fucking for years, but had never done anything crazy like that before.

It all seemed pretty normal when I first walked in. I didn’t know what I was expecting, but the elegantly dressed people standing around talking. I wandered around looking for my friends. I found them and mentioned that this was nothing like I thought it would be. They smiled and led me upstairs. There was every fetish that you could thing of being acted out in front of me in all the different rooms. They told me that I was welcome to watch whatever I wanted. They all looked fun, but one in particular caught my eyes. There was a man and woman, obviously husband and wife, in a room. The wife was on the bed, legs spread and he was strapped down on a table watching her. Man after man came into fuck her. It seemed cruel to do it in front of her husband that way but his cock was rock hard and he was moaning against his restraints. They would fuck her until she screamed and then pull away. They walked to the table and came all over her husband. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I don’t know how long I watched, I don’t even know how my hand went down the front of my panties, but by the time I came, her husband was covered in jizz and begging to cum. The wife rubbed her hands all over his body and used all the cum to jack him off. I nearly came again watching it.
Needless to say, I became regular after that time.


NoelleWritten By: Noelle
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