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Best Cure For My Boredom

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My husband and sons were going out of town. He made me promise him that I was going to be good and stay faithful while he was gone. I really did try to. For about 5 minutes. I get bored very easy and when I get bored, I want to fuck.

As luck would have it, my oldest son’s friends stopped in. I told him he wasn’t home, but he could come in and keep me company if he wanted. I knew he did. He was always looking at me with lust in his eyes.

He followed me in and immediately dropped his jeans to expose his big cock. My mouth watered and I sucked him in deep. I could tell he had never fucked a real woman before. These teen girls can’t suck cock like and experienced woman like me.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me up, put me on the kitchen counter and buried his face deep into my cunt. He was so enthusiastic and I came on his tongue quick. I was begging him to fuck me. He told me he didn’t have a condom and I didn’t care!

He shoved it in balls deep and started pounding hard. He was so excited that it didn’t last very long. I rubbed his arm and told him it was okay. I hopped off the counter and led him to the bedroom. After a weekend with me, he could last for hours. Teaching him to really fuck a woman was the best cure for my boredom.



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My Husband is a Cuckold Slut

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My husband is much older and loves having a beautiful young slut wife like me to parade around on his arm. He also secretly enjoys the fact that other men find me attractive.
He whispers in my ear at parties that a particular guy is eying me and encourages me to be flirtatious. I don’t know what turns him on the most, the knowledge that I am unfaithful to him when I return home after a night of clubbing and fucking, as I tell him about what a slut I was with some anonymous stranger while he licks my messy cream pie, or when I come back with some young stud in tow, and have him act as my cuckold slut. He jerks off or humps the mattress as he watches and listens to his sexy wife getting fucked.

He enjoys being a trophy wife’s cuckold, so of course, I take full advantage of the cuckold lifestyle by playing with all the big cock that I want and my cuckold cream pie eater cleans up all the mess!



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I Have One Little Fault

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I love being that perfect wife.  The sensual pleasing wife that all men dream of.  I only have one fault. Just one tiny little fault, I just can’t help myself.  I have to cheat, it has actually become a priority to me.  I love finding new and exciting cock to fuck. The excitement of “almost” getting caught makes me cum harder and harder each and every time.

It gets me so hot to cheat in the same bed my husband and I sleep in. I love the smell of sex on the sheets and the dried cum that we lay on.

My pussy gushes when it’s almost time for the hubby to come home. I tell my hot stud to fuck my married cunt harder. It’s the best orgasm when his cock is balls deep inside me and the garage door is going to open any minute.

Call me and I will give you all the dirty details!



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Breaking Up With My Married Fuck

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I have been sleeping with a married guy. I was just in it for some fun, quick fucking. I never thought that he would actually fall in love with me. Although, I can see how that is possible. I am just the type of girl that guys fall for. I am like a drug, and very addicting. Once you have me, and taste me, you don’t want to go without me.

My married guy got a little out of control. He’s been calling me all the time, wanting to fuck me. He was getting sloppy about being discreet. Sure enough, his wife caught on. He didn’t grovel or try to apologize. He told her he wants a divorce, and then told her he wants to be with me. I have no idea what he thought we were? I thought he had an understanding that this was merely a fling. Nothing serious.

I don’t want to be a home wreaker, so now I have to break it off with him. Not sure which is better, slow and steady or fast and hard? I know how I like my sex but not sure what one is best for a break-up.


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