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Oh No, She Left You Alone Again

September 23rd, 2016 | Age Play Phone Sex, AJ's Blog, Barely Legal Phone Sex, Bratty Teen Phone Sex, Cream Pies, Impregnation, Jailbait Phone Sex, Teens With Older Men, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments

    I have the hottest neighbor but his wife is always going out with her “friends” Giggles. So, yesterday I got to thinking what a huge waste of hot, sexy older man dick. I see him watching me sometimes but I think he would never try to fuck someone my age.

All that baby batter is going to waste with him shooting his load all over his hand.     Oh, wait how would I know he is jerking his meat right? Well because I am kind of nosey, especially when my neighbor is so fucking hot. I figure  we both are getting off, why not do it together. 

 I knocked on his door showing off my hot, tight teen body in my littlest skirt. He seemed confused so I put my tits, I mean my cards on the table and told him how I felt. I did leave out the part about wanting his baby batter. He didn’t need anymore coaxing and soon I was riding his dick and begging for his baby batter. Looks like he won’t need his hand anymore except to squeeze and suck my perfect little tits.

                      Sassy Teen AJ

Nasty, Hardcore Accomplice

September 21st, 2016 | Abduction Phone Sex, Accomplice Phone Sex, Erotic Stories Phone Sex, Extreme Age Play, Forced Sex, Freaky Phone Sex, Hardcore Phone Sex, Jailbait Phone Sex, Pedo Fantasies, Rape Scenarios, Rough Sex, Sarah Jesse's Blog, Tight Pussy Phone Sex, Torture Phone Sex, Uncategorized, Uninhibited Phone Sex | 0 Comments

black-lingerie-1You are like me. Regular phone sex bores you. You want your phone sex hardcore, nasty, perverted, tasty and sadistic. You want to hear a unique tale that pushes beyond most people’s limits. Just pull out your dick. Let me tell you an incredible tale where we pick up something very cute, young and adorable. Then we take our sweet little treat to a place where no one can see what happens. You want it even more intense, then you join in and do whatever you want to that fresh little face and body. There are many forbidden secrets behind closed doors. Of course, there will be tears, but there will be so much cum exploding from your cock.

Sarah Jesse

My First Time With An Older Man

September 21st, 2016 | Erotic Stories Phone Sex, Exploration Phone Sex, Flirting, Fondling, Jailbait Phone Sex, Kimmie's Blog, Married Men, Romantic Phone Sex, Teacher / Student, Teens With Older Men, Tight Pussy Phone Sex, Uncategorized, Virgin Phone Sex | 0 Comments

Of course, I had sex with high school boys, but I hit the “taboo jackpot” the first time I had sex with an older man. He was a family friend, a fishing buddy of my Dad’s. He was a teacher, my high school biology teacher to be precise. I worked for him and his wife as their babysitter for their three small children. I always had a crush on him. He was very tall, like Abraham Lincoln tall, but fun and very handsome. I think back on it now, and I was drawn to his sexy soft but deep voice.
Then he and his wife became separated. It was a little odd because he had the house and the kids. She moved out of town. I am sure that he was lonely, sad and probably pretty horny. He started relying on me more and more to watch the kids. When he would be out late, he would just have me spend the night since there was no one to take me home and be with the kids. My parents were so strict about me being out late but thought nothing of me staying at his house overnight.
Well, you can imagine how it happened. We became very close. He gave me his bed to sleep in when I was spending the night. He would sleep on the sofa, but he is so tall that the sofa had to be quite uncomfortable. One night, I was in the kitchen when he came home and I was in my matching pink top and short pj’s. He was turned on. I know that my nipples were pressed into the fabric of that top. For the first time, there was this very uncomfortable sexual tension. He made a bed on the sofa and tried to fall asleep in his clothes. I went up to his bed but I could not sleep. I was aching for him. I think he felt the same about me. I heard him awake in the kitchen and I went back downstairs. Not really sure why. He asked me if I was ok when he saw me. I did not say a word. I was speechless. He hugged me, kissed me and ended up taking me to his bed. It was magical. I learned how to really have great sex. The was the first night of many wonderful sexy nights.
I was so happy. I remember telling my best girlfriend that he fucked me like a man, not a boy.

Poker game pussy

October 13th, 2010 | Anything Goes Phone Sex, Barely Legal Phone Sex, Cheap Phone Sex, Daddy/Daughter Phone Sex, Erotic Stories Phone Sex, Family Fun Phone Sex, Fantasy Phone Sex, Incest Phone Sex, Incest Stories, Jailbait Phone Sex, Naughty School Girl Phone Sex, Naughty Teasing Teens, No Taboo Phone Sex, Phone Sex, Teens With Older Men | 0 Comments

Growing up it was always just me & daddy and I never really knew until now just what a huge perv he was.  ha He would have these huge poker tournaments with like a bunch of older men with beer belly’s and I think they are super sexy by the way 😉

They would like play for hours on end and start to hit the bottle and get CRUNK!  Yup …crazyyyyyyy drunk.  And, then well yeah the would start lookin at me getting all hard and stuff.

Daddy decided I would be the Saturday night poker entertainment and made me put on  my sluttly lil blue latex bikini and dance.

You should have seen all the hard, fat old cock in the room OMG!!  I remember this one really old dude paid me to suck his cock and then doubled his money to poke my tight lil pussy.

Those old men with big ol hard cocks were handing me $$$$$$ left and right.  I can’t really remember how many old cocks were stuffed in my holes that night but I made a ton of cash~

So, thank you Daddy for always thinking of your teen slut Delaney.  Daddy knows I <3 Cock.  tehehehe And, I don’t care how old it is!


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