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Daddy and Piper Take a Trip Together

May 16th, 2018 | Daddy/Daughter Phone Sex, Family Fun Phone Sex, Family Fun Stories Phone Sex, Finger Fucking Phone Sex, Naughty Redhead Phone Sex, Pedo Fantasies Phone Sex, Piper's Blog, Young Girl Phone Sex, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments

School is finally out!  My family went on our first trip of the season. If you’re like me, shorts and bikini weather just can’t come soon enough.

We were about to leave for Cancun when my mom got a wicked cold, or so she said. I think she just wanted some free time away from my phone sex daddy. The plane trip was amazing. With mom out of the picture, daddy upgraded us to first class. We settled in with cozy blankets and pillows and the flight attendants began to pass out tablets for movies and drinks. Daddy let me have a  beer.They ran out of tablets so I cuddled in close to him so we could both watch the movie. Daddy and I had some more drinks and then lunch was served. I so wasn’t hungry because I was too excited.

I finally began to doze off a bit and I felt daddy’s big hand on my panties under the blanket. I pretended I was asleep as he began to finger fuck my sweet, red haired teen pussy. It felt so good! I could tell daddy was jerking his big cock while he fingered me. He finished when it was almost time to land. He straightened up and sucked his fingers clean tasting my juices. I never let on I knew what he was doing, but  I was so excited thinking about our three days together enjoying sun, dinners out and most of all alone time at our hotel suite.


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Big Muscles and Huge Dicks

May 8th, 2018 | Age Play Phone Sex, Bratty Teen Phone Sex, Daddy/Daughter Phone Sex, Exhibitionist Phone Sex, Extreme Age Play Phone Sex, Family Fun Phone Sex, Family Fun Stories Phone Sex, Finger Fucking Phone Sex, Jailbait Phone Sex, Katie's Blog, Pedo Fantasies Phone Sex, Pervert Phone Sex | 0 Comments

          Daddy and I are on a vacation, but across from the hotel they are doing major construction work. Phone sex daddy watches as I look out our window at the sweaty, muscled men. He sees my little hand go between my legs as I watch. He suggests I go out in my tiny, sheer little dress and tease them. I LOVE being a tease, but I love even more getting fucked by hot men, with muscles and big dicks.

My daddy is very bold, so he walks over to the construction site and points to me. He asks the men what they would do to get a little hot, teen piece of ass like me. They’re all looking over at me, and I am finger banging my dripping, wet cunt. I can tell there is more dirty guy talk going on and they have accepted daddy’s invitation to have some brews after they finish work. Daddy tells them that his baby girl is horny and promises them all a good fucking time.

I blow them all a kiss and head for our suite. Daddy lets me drink on special occasions, and this sure is one! I greet the men with a beer and a peek at my tiny body. I can see they all have huge boners, especially my phone sex daddy. After a few drinks, everyone is loose and ready to fuck this tiny little tasty teen!

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I Like To Watch

May 3rd, 2018 | Anything Goes Phone Sex, Barely Legal Phone Sex, Becky's Blog, Finger Fucking Phone Sex, Jailbait Phone Sex, Masturbation Phone Sex, Naughty Confessions Phone Sex, Naughty Teasing Teens Phone Sex, Squirting Teens Phone Sex, Voyeurism Phone Sex, Young Girl Phone Sex, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments

I heard my step-brother come in really late last night. I have to admit, I got a little excited to have something to hold over his head for breaking curfew. Then I realized that he wasn’t alone. He had a girl with him and as I looked through the crack of his door, I noticed that they were taking each other’s clothes off. My pussy immediately started to tingle. He started kissing all over her body. His cock was practically throbbing; I could see it from the door. He climbed on top of her and pushed her legs back wide. His cock went in so deep and so did my fingers. My pussy was dripping and I needed to relieve that ache. Her moans were getting louder and stuffed her panties in her mouth. He fucked her so hard and fast. My fingers matched his rhythm. I had to bite down on my other hand to keep from them hearing me. The sound of his balls slapping against her, his grunts, her moans, it was almost too much for me to take. I came all over my fingers in a wet gush. I wasn’t sure if they heard me, but I crawled back to my room and shut the door. I decided quickly that I was going to propose a new deal to keep my mouth shut tomorrow.


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Guy On Guy Action Makes My Pussy Cream

April 5th, 2018 | Cock Sucking Phone Sex, Deep Throat Phone Sex, Exhibitionist Phone Sex, Feminization Phone Sex, Finger Fucking Phone Sex, Harley's Blog, Naughty Confessions Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Panty Boys Phone Sex, Sissy Phone Sex, Uninhibited Phone Sex | 0 Comments


I couldn’t decide what to wear for girls night. I have so many sexy dresses, heels and panties that I needed some help choosing. Who better to help me decide than one of my sissy boy friends. I mean he is good for so many fucking things, and fashion is just one of them. My condo is pretty much a 24/7 party so when I came back down in my shortest dress and stilettos I noticed two of my fuck buddies where over too.

It was obvious they thought I looked amazingly hot by the bulge in their pants. Normally I would have fucked them both but I had plans, and we had reservations for table service at a very hard to get in club. I winked at my sissy friend whose mouth was already drooling. LMAO, not at me, at them, of course.

I love guy on guy action, but I didn’t have time to stick around and watch. My Uber was waiting and my wet pussy would have to wait till I got in the car. I can always count on my deviant lot of friends. While I finger banged my hot, creamy pussy, they were sending me pictures of sissy boy sucking cock and getting fucked. An awesome start of girls night.



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Step Daddy Caught Me Playing After Party

March 16th, 2018 | Bratty Teen Phone Sex, Chrissy's Blog, Daddy/Daughter Phone Sex, Deviant Phone Sex, Erotic Stories Phone Sex, Family Fun Phone Sex, Family Fun Stories Phone Sex, Finger Fucking Phone Sex, Fondling Phone Sex, Masturbation Phone Sex, Role Playing Phone Sex, Uncategorized, Voyeurism Phone Sex, Young Girl Phone Sex, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments

chrissy Back home, my family celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. There is lots of drinking and partying. Everyone has a good time. There are no rules or limits. Carpe Diem! 

My Aunt and Uncle had a St. Patrick’s Day Party at their house. My entire family was there. They had kegs of beer. Everyone could just go up and help themselves to all the beer they wanted.

My cousins and I were sneaking beers when our parents were not looking. We were laughing and dancing around. As the adults got drunk, in the shadows and dark corners, a lot of people were making out and touching each other all over. I saw one of the neighbors slip his hand under a lady’s skirt. I know what he was doing. He was fingering her. I got so turned on watching the expression on her face. He was looking right into her eyes as he made her cum. Then he licked his fingers. Made me so breathless and my panties so wet.  

The party was winding down. I was in big trouble. My parents could smell the beer on my breath. My step daddy said I was going to be punished. My body craved my fingers. As soon as I got to my bedroom, I took off my shirt and opened my jeans. Then I plunged my fingers deep into my pussy. I let out such an orgasmic moan that my stepdad opened my bedroom door to check on me. He stood there watching for a few minutes. Then he unzipped his pants and stroked his hard cock. He was as horny as me.

You can guess what happened next!




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Howdy Neighbor

March 15th, 2018 | Age Play Phone Sex, AJ's Blog, Bratty Teen Phone Sex, Cock Tease Phone Sex, Exhibitionist Phone Sex, Finger Fucking Phone Sex, Flashing Phone Sex, Jailbait Phone Sex, Married Men Phone Sex, Masturbation Phone Sex, Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex, Pedo Fantasies Phone Sex | 0 Comments

aj          I love playing dress up in front of my window especially when I know my married neighbor is watching me. Honestly, I am not really trying to make him all hot and horny from watching me.~Giggles~ Okay, well maybe I am. Thing is; I am not just a little teen tease, I do follow up and all. You know like follow him around till he has no choice but to give me what I want.

He is taking out his big jizz filled dick. Oh no, I didn’t I mean? Maybe I should go over to his house because I would never want to be the reason his window is all sticky. He is now texting me and wants me to show him more of my sweet pussy. I mean I wouldn’t want to be unneighborly, but then again, I would rather go over there and play up front and personal.

              He is stroking pretty fast now. I sure love big mushroom heads about to shoot their load. I start finger fucking my wet, soft pussy, and rubbing my clit with my thumb. OMG it feels so fucking good. He texts me again saying “Thank you.” I text him back and say, “same time, same place tomorrow?”


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Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party

March 13th, 2018 | Anything Goes Phone Sex, Erotic Stories Phone Sex, Exhibitionist Phone Sex, Finger Fucking Phone Sex, Morning Sex Phone Sex, Natural Tits Phone Sex, Naughty Confessions Phone Sex, Orgasms Phone Sex, Tiffany's Blog, Uninhibited Phone Sex | 0 Comments

TiffanyToday is just one of those days where I am so fucking horny, I just can’t keep my fingers off my hungry, wet pussy. I came home around 2 am and was exhausted from my friend’s bachelorette party. I planned the party so you know it was awesome. The alcohol was flowing, there were sexy games, dancing and the best part was the male and female strippers.  

I undressed as soon as I returned home and stripped down ready to cum over and over till I was satisfied. I fell asleep after cuming just once. I had the hottest sex dreams all night long. I think I had several wet dreams and woke up drenched. 

I knew I had things to do but I was so fucking horny thinking about the party and the strippers. They even put on a sex show for us and invited anyone interested to join. Oh fuck, was I ever interested but it was for the bride to be. I got up in just my stockings and made a cup of coffee. I sipped it thinking about the night. I began to feel my nipples tingle and my pussy begin to gush. I got back in my big bed and fingered my dripping hot pussy while I sucked my hard nipples. I may just never get up.


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Milf Loves Gang Bangs

March 1st, 2018 | Cream Pie Phone Sex, Cuckold Phone Sex, Exhibitionist Phone Sex, Finger Fucking Phone Sex, Flashing Phone Sex, Gang Bang Phone Sex, Hardcore Phone Sex, Horny Housewives Phone Sex, Naughty Confessions Phone Sex, Orgy Phone Sex, Sex With Strangers Phone Sex, Suzanne's Blog, Swinger Phone Sex, Uninhibited Phone Sex | 0 Comments

suzanne    The new man in my life loves to watch me getting gang banged. I can’t be faithful to just one person as I love fucking way too much. That is why him and I have a perfect relationship. Some days I go out to bars and bring home as many guys as possible and sometimes he brings them home for me. There is one thing we both agree on and that is they have to have ultra large dicks. The more and the bigger the better for me.

I have come up with a new way to pick up men and we are both loving it. I go to an area known for picking up people for a quickie and wait in my car. I draw attention by pulling up my skirt, or pulling up my top; and I hang out of my sports car with the top down.  My guy hides behind a tree so he can watch. We find it even hotter when the men don’t know he is stroking his cock and watching me. He takes plenty of pictures as well for us to fuck to later.

A few nights ago, I had around 15 or so before the night was up. I had all my hot holes filled, there were some in my hands, some standing around and stroking. I was covered in hot, sticky jizz but it still wasn’t enough. Ryan texted some of his friends who didn’t know me and told them there was a banging slut in her car fucking, sucking and stroking anyone who came her way.

After I was tired, sore and a slippery, sticky mess I rode Ryan in his bed and called it a night.



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Anal Phone Sex

February 28th, 2018 | Age Play Phone Sex, Anal Phone Sex, Daddy/Daughter Phone Sex, Family Fun Phone Sex, Family Fun Stories Phone Sex, Finger Fucking Phone Sex, Jailbait Phone Sex, Masturbation Phone Sex, Naughty Redhead Phone Sex, Pedo Fantasies Phone Sex, Piper's Blog, Rough Sex Phone Sex, Spanking Phone Sex, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments



   I admit it it, I am a little anal slut. I love it when daddy gets upset with me and it leads to a hard spanking. He always leaves my room in a hurry because he gets a boner from spanking his baby girl. Little does he know, I am just as excited. I look in the mirror and see his hand prints, and I can’t help but touch my wet, little pussy.

Little did I know that my phone sex brother cracks the door open a little to watch as daddy spanks me. Yesterday while I was laying on the bed playing with my hot, teen pussy, he was watching. I was grinding into my hand with my red ass cheeks facing the door.

I pretended I didn’t hear him as I kept finger banging my hot twat. I heard him pull down his zipper and begin to stroke his big, thick dick. OMFG, I was so excited! I couldn’t help but beg him to fuck my ass and pound me till we both exploded together.


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Just For Fun

January 10th, 2018 | Bambi's Blog, Bisexual Phone Sex, Finger Fucking Phone Sex, Lesbian Phone Sex, Pussy Licking Phone Sex, Pussy Worship Phone Sex, Sex With Strangers Phone Sex | 0 Comments

bambiI was in the mood for a little fun, so I decided to find a fuck buddy for the night. I went out to my favorite local bar and started looking for the lucky man. It was sort of a dud night. None of the guys really did anything for me. I was starting to give up when I saw a pretty little thing sitting at the bar. It was obvious that she didn’t belong there and had probably been drugged there.

I went over to her and struck up a conversation. She was so sweet and innocent. It really got me going. I was really friendly with her and talked her into coming home with me for a drink. As the wine started to flow, she loosened up a little. I decided to make my move. My hand went under her short skirt and I started kissing her. She was a little nervous at first, but soon she was melting underneath my body.

I quickly undressed her and myself and my tits were rubbing against hers. Her little whimpers made me wet and I started licking down her stomach. Her pussy was so wet and sweet! Her body started shaking with each stroke of my tongue. I pushed her legs back and started ramming my tongue in and out of her delicious cunt. She was gasping now and begging for something she didn’t even know about. I inserted 2 fingers and started sucking her clit hard. She started trying to push my head away but I didn’t budge. She screamed loudly as she creamed all over my fingers. I brought them to her mouth and smiled as she shyly sucked them off. I kissed her again, tasting her pussy all over her tongue. I felt her hands push on my shoulders. I rolled to my back and let her explore my body. My shy girl got aggressive and I knew I had made the right decision.


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All I want for Christmas

December 21st, 2017 | Big Tits Phone Sex, Cock Sucking Phone Sex, Deep Throat Phone Sex, Finger Fucking Phone Sex, Fondling Phone Sex, Holiday Phone Sex Blogs, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Orgasms Phone Sex, Tiffany's Blog, Titty Fucking Phone Sex, Uninhibited Phone Sex | 0 Comments

 Tiffany        Happy Holidays from your favorite blonde bimbo. I am laying under our Christmas tree wrapped and ready for you to open your present. I can already see how excited you are as you know just what your gift  is.  Don’t take your time unwrapping as my big tits with hard nipples, soft silky skin, round spankable ass and creamy hot pussy is waiting and ready for you. Don’t be a tease! Maybe you need some help?

Now it is my turn to enjoy my big, hard present. I see you’re wearing my favorite red  silk boxers but they certainly won’t be on for very long. I can’t wait to lick that first drop of pre-cum and feel your heavy balls in my soft hands. My first gift to you is a long, wet, hot blowjob, as your first gift to me is a thick, hot creamy load of cum.

Next, you’ll give me the gift of your lips sucking my nipples, lol or is that my gift to you lover? We have so many gifts for each other, I think it will be a long exciting night of just you and I. Unless of course, you want that beautiful young woman who helped us in the lingerie store? Oh how I do love the season of giving and sharing.

  Love, Tiffany


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Slippery Fingers

December 19th, 2017 | Finger Fucking Phone Sex, Fisting Phone Sex, Libby's Blog, Masturbation Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Tight Pussy Phone Sex, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments


I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I’m even hornier than usual! I can’t seem to keep my fingers out of my teen fuck hole. It doesn’t matter where I am either. At home, in public, at school, visiting with friends… when the mood strikes me, I have no choice, I have to get my fingers inside. The bad thing is, being extra horny makes me extra sloppy. I don’t always pay attention and I keep getting caught! While staying the night with my best friend, I kept excusing myself to go to the bathroom. Her daddy kept watching me, like he knew what I was doing. He found me sitting on the counter, 3 fingers deep in my pussy. He put me on the floor and forced his cock down my throat. He commanded that I not only finger my cunt, he wanted to see me fist it. I worked my other fingers inside while he pounded my throat. As I started cumming around my wrist, he pulled out of my mouth and shot his sticky load all over my sloppy wet cunt. He went out and followed a few minutes after. I met them all at the dinner table, dripping wet and covered in her daddy’s jizz.

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