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Macy Loves Taking Away Your Manhood

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I find myself in Macyneed of a slut who needs to be used. Do you have a dirty little secret you want to tell me? Really nasty things you have done or fantasize about doing while dressed up? Maybe sucking another mans cock or possibly getting butt fucked by a big black cock.

My biggest pleasure comes from taking your manhood away, allowing you to feel a total loss of control. Being dominated by a woman like me, and being forced to suck a cock against your will after I make you put on some dick sucking red lipstick. I will break the boundaries of shame and embarrassment, and break down your facade.

I know exactly what a guy like you wants more than anything, you want to eat my cum filled cunt! You will just have to rub one out a loser, there will be no fucking for you today, just like every other day of your life I am quite sure!

Always remember that Mistress Macy likes all type of naughty sluts.




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Secret Girlfriend

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Don’t you wish your wife would do all the things that you fantasize about. That’s why you need a phone sex girlfriend like me. Someone with a romantic side but has a very twisted appetite for sex. I promise you, things will never get dull between us. I’ll never judge you and I want to explore all your taboo fantasies with you.

I’ll be dressing in your favorite lingerie to put a smile on your face as your cock throbs for me. Things are so easy between us, no strings attached. I’m here for your every need and desire. I’ll never say no to you. I’ll be sliding my dildo in my aching pussy for you each and every time we talk.

I’ll never disappoint you as long as you keep my pussy happy.

Your secret girlfriend, Macy


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My Favorite Boy Toy

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I’ve been thinking about one of my very favorite boy toys. He’s so young and very energetic. He gets so hard for me when I tell him how to please me. He loves to make me cum hard over and over again for him. He begs me to cum on his cock or in his mouth when he sucks my hot, tight pussy. 

 We go to my bedroom and he fucks my creamy pussy until I moan and scream his name. My boy toy never gets tired of pleasing me. When he stays over, I wake up to his hot, hard throbbing cock against my ass.

I had to finger my wet holes this morning  just thinking about my young stud. I’m wet and ready. Do you want to be my newest boy toy?


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Golden Shower Goddess

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Golden showers are a real turn on for me. I love having you at my fingertips and doing anything I want to you.

I am going to be your golden shower Goddess who stands above your face while you open your mouth nice and wide. I love watching you wait for it. Sometimes I tease you and hold my pee until you beg me to release it.

When I’m ready and I’ve let you suffer enough, I let my hot, steamy piss flow down your face. Maybe I will leave my panties on and let my piss drip right in your mouth. Then I want you to suck the juices right off them until they’re completely cleaned.

Are you ready to be my good little toilet slut?



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Keep Your Eyes On The Road

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Keep your eyes on the road as I play with your cock. I want you to feel my hand rubbing you over your jeans until your cock is almost popping out of your zipper. I want you to feel me stroking it slowly until you’re fully erect. Feel as my lips are wrapped around it so tight. Feel me gagging, having my eyes water as I shove every last inch down my throat. The faster you drive, the more it excites me.

I can feel my pussy soaking through my lace panties tasting that pre-cum that I crave so much. With one hand on the wheel and the other gripping my hair, you thrust deep into my throat feeling your cock throb as you cum. I feel your hot load trickle down the back of my throat as I lick my lips making sure I’ve swallowed every last bit.

Take your sweet Macy out for a ride and I’ll show you just how fast I can make you cum.


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Craving Macy’s Piss

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Take off all your clothes. I want you to kneel before me on the cold, dirty tile floor. You’ll be pleasing me, so get comfortable down there.

Open your mouth really wide, you’ll be used for all my bathroom relief. I laugh at you while I tilt your head back further, telling you to open your mouth wider for me.

It’s time you receive the yellow stream of nectar splashing against your face. You need and want it so desperately because it comes from yours truly.

You crave the need to be dirty for me. I love bathing your entire body in my yellow piss. You’re my property now and I always mark what’s mine.

Enjoy the cold tile floor, you’ll be spending a lot of time down there, I am no where near done with you yet.



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Relaxation Phone Sex

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Need a little stress reliever? Why don’t you sit back and relax while I take you on a wild ride! I know how hard you work. I also know how much you really need to just sit back and relax. I want you to enjoy every second of our time together. Have a seat in that chair and get comfortable.

I want you completely naked so that I can do all sorts of erotic things to you. First, I will start with massaging your entire body. Touching, Kissing, and rubbing every inch of your skin. I know that’s what you really need. I am petite but I have very strong hands.

Maybe you’d love if I sat on your lap and rubbed my pussy up against your hard cock. I know I would love that. I would also love to feel your throbbing dick inside my wet, tight pussy.

Why don’t you call me so we can get your relaxation started.



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Begging To Be Fucked!

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I love it when a man teases my pussy. You can get me to a very vulnerable state and I will do anything for you. It makes me go crazy when I feel your throbbing hard cock up and down my slit. When I am on my knees, I back up to you, hoping your dick would enter my aching pussy. But you know exactly what you are doing, don’t you? You make me beg for your cock. You want my pussy creaming before you even slide inside of me. You have complete and utter control over me and your cock gets harder knowing that.

It’s music to your ears when you hear me say to you “please, please fuck me, I need it now!” I can feel the pre-cum dripping from the head of your cock onto my ass. I know you can’t hold out much longer. I’m at your mercy, please fuck me now!



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Pleasing The Boss

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I’m your hot little secretary. I always wear skirts too short and heels too high. No one knows how stressful your day can be but me. Ever since you hired me, there’s been so much sexual tension between us. I’m ready to give you all the personal assistance you deserve.

 I walk into your office and I notice you’re on the phone with your wife. I close the door behind me and lock it. I start to undress in front of you while you’re on the phone.

 I sit on your desk and slowly spread my legs open. I play with my pussy and run my finger under your nose and into your mouth. You start fingering my pussy while your wife talks to you, but you really aren’t listening to anything she’s saying. You’re hypnotized on my fingers sliding in my beautiful, wet pussy right in front of you.

 I get on my knees and take you into my mouth, caressing your balls with one hand and stroking your cock with the other, while sucking on your head. She has no clue you’re getting pleasured  while you’re talking to her.

You grab the back of my head and shove me down on your cock as you release your sweet juice for me. I love the warmth and salty cum as it hits my throat. I swallow all your juices and not waste a drop. I’m such a good little secretary, aren’t I?


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Deep Throat Phone Sex

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I love wrapping my tongue up and down the shaft of your hard cock and then slamming you deep down my throat. One of my favorite techniques is pussy to mouth. Then I love taking your cock out of my mouth teasing it with my throbbing hot, wet holes, circling the fat mushroom head as I pull it in with my muscles slamming it deep inside my pussy moaning and cumming real hard. I bet you’d like to teach me a thing or two and put me in my place. You know I’m just a submissive whore in heat. Come on show me you’re a man and give me what I need. I dare you!

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Cock Sucking Cum Whore Phone Sex

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macyHey, my dirty little cock suckers. Looking for a big rock hard dick to put down your fucking throat? Yeah, I know you’re thirsty for some wet, hot sticky cum to roll down your chin but watch it, don’t let a drop fall out of your little, slutty lips.

Awe, look at my naughty little cum slut down on his knees in his favorite position waiting for load after a load of cum to fill up his throat. Be a good little whore so I can feed you much more big, fat thick cocks. What’s that you say, your need a load now? Pick up the phone and call that number listed below so I can slap that big cock across your pretty little lips! Don’t keep Mistress Macy waiting!

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