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Sweet Night

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The world has gone rather crazy. Bars closed, restaurants closed, and the sad social distancing. I don’t know about you, but I need a serious full body hug that turns into serious fucking!  It’s called a sweet night, and it puts the woman in charge of it all. You wonder just how it begins?

I see you in my complex, and we smile and nod. Nothing really more than that. Things are different now, especially when you don’t have a fuck buddy or boyfriend in your life. I saw a movie where they talked about something called a Sweet Night. It’s when the woman invites the man over for the night to share her bed and her body. Sounds so fucking sexy, doesn’t it? What do you think?

Ready for a sexy Sweet Night with me? I know I am! Why not email me and tell me what hot lingerie you would like me to wear for you. Let me do the same. I do love silk boxers. I need big hands, a big cock, and a hungry mouth. Call me!



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Substitute Teacher Tiffany

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  I am a substitute teacher and I really miss all my hot, young students. Plus, now no one will have their graduation party, which totally sucks!

I came up with a great idea for them. Why not have a graduation party at my condo? I am all about breaking the rules and being bad. I called my students and invited them all over for some fun. We all need fun in these strange times. 

We all were having a fun time. Drinks were flowing, people were dancing, kissing and getting let’s just say comfy! A few of them were shy, so I decided a game of strip poker was just the thing to loosen everyone up. A great excuse for me to see all those hot, young bodies. It seems most of them are excellent at poker, and more of my clothes were off than anyone’s. The boys were beginning to struggle with paying attention to their cards. Can you blame them?

Do want me to be your naughty teacher? Give me a call, and Miss Tiffany will teach you all you need to know.


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Every Hour Is Happy Hour

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I just finished an internship where I was scheduled to work nights at one of the big Miami Beach hotels. Since the five start hotel caters to party people, providing customer service in the middle of the night is constant.

The other members of the front desk staff and I worked our asses off tending to the guests every request. We worked hard all night long. Come 7 am, when our shifts ended, one would think we would be exhausted and ready for our beds.

Feeling wired from drinking coffee and adrenaline, I needed to relax and have some fun. I wanted to get away from tourists. Although it was morning, I wanted a cocktail. Instead of breakfast, I wanted a burger and a drink. There is a little bar, close to my place, that caters to locals instead of tourists. They have a Happy Hour at 7 to 9 am with drink specials and good but cheap food.

I would go there often and pick up a hottie who was as tired, wired, and horny as me. After working and watching people party all night, I need a hot guy to fuck me hard. There did not need to be a lot of flirting and a long seduction scene. We both wanted the same thing. My pussy craved rough, hot sex.

Now my internship is over, so every hour is Happy Hour! 

Isn’t that what you want? A naughty girl like me who craves hot sex! I am a girl who never says “no” to a hot, hard cock. Are you hot and horny too?  Too much work and not enough play? Give me a call, and I will rock your world. 


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Lingerie Shopping & Phonesex for Pantyboy

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The big pink and red signs advertising panties made him weak. He swore he was never going to buy any more panties. Around the holidays, he purged all of his lingerie, heels, and lipstick. He was fearful holiday house guests could discover his secret. The man calls me from the mall, and I make his craving even stronger and force him to go and buy panties.

He slips into one of his favorite lingerie shops and walks right over the panties. Looking at the beautiful display of cheekies, thongs, and bikinis makes his pulse race and his cock tingle. When his fingers touched the silky fabric, he could feel pre-cum leaking out of the tip of his panties.

He took ten new pairs of panties to the check-out counter. Due to the sale, the store was busy, and three beautiful ladies behind the counter took care of each customer. He held onto the panties until one of the ladies took them to ring them up. He pulled cash from his wallet. He didn’t want this purchase to go on his credit card. The sales lady commented on what good taste the man has. She flashes a big smile and winks at him as she hands him the bag of new panties.

He makes it as far as his car in the mall parking lot before he calls me again. He feels humiliation and exhilaration. I promise him that the sales lady knew the panties were for him. I laugh at him with only intensifies his humiliation but makes his cock ache and leak even more. Of course, she knew the panties are for him! That is her job! Panty boys are so sexy, but they can be so silly and secretive.

I can tell by the tone of his voice that my panty boy is horny. Even though it is a little risky, he pulls out his cock while sitting in his car. He takes the tags off a pair of silky red panties. I make him masturbate with his new panties wrapped around his cock. I try to give him an excellent long edging session, but the poor guy explodes quickly, cumming into his panties.

Naughty Brynna


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Phone Sex Therapy

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I am fascinated about phone sex and all the different types of fetishes. I’ve also been told I am excellent listener which makes for a great therapist. With me, you can totally relax and let your mind drift off to your deep, hidden desires. You can tell me anything and everything is strictly confidential. When I delve deep into your naughty mind during a phone sex therapy session, you never know what may come out. Perhaps, you had a secret lust over your Aunt or your own Mother when you were younger. I can help you explore that fantasy, and as a great sex therapist, I can become her and give you a role-play that would drain your aching balls like never before.



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