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Naughty Kitten Wants To Play In The Snow

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I wake up naked in your bed on Sunday morning, but you are not next to me. I call out your name, but the house is quiet. I hear a sound outside and look out your bedroom window. Shocking to see several inches of snow on the ground in the middle of April. Crazy weather!

It is beautiful, so white and bright. There’s big snowflakes falling from the sky. I wrap the sheet around me and watch you shovel the sidewalk, and brushing the snow off both of our cars. It’s so sweet of you. Watching you work so hard as made me wet and horny for you. Your cum is still inside of me from last night from our hot fuck session.

I am feeling naughty and playful this morning. I need to fuck you now and cannot wait one second longer. I throw on my coat and scarf, put on shoes, and join you outside in your backyard. I open the coat and flash you. Love showing off my big tits and tight, shaved pussy to you. You tell me to get inside, but you have a big smile on your face.

Want to make naked snow angels and fuck me in the snow?

Naughty Kitten,




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Christmas Shopping

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Something about Christmas shopping always makes me so hot and horny. Maybe it’s all the bodies pushing and shoving against you, or maybe it’s how hot they keep it in the stores, but something sets me off.

I was walking around trying to shop yesterday and found myself pressed in between a display table and a man’s hard body. It was almost too much to bear. He was gone before I could turn around and ask if he was interested in a quickie. I needed to do something about the sudden pool in my panties.

I grabbed the first thing I could get my hands on and ran to the fitting room to “try on” whatever I had grabbed. I got in the room quickly and dropped everything to the floor. My aching pussy needed to be touched. I leaned against the wall and watched my hand rub up and down quickly against my pussy. It didn’t take very long. I was breaking a sweat and biting my lip trying not to scream. I sank to the floor and caught my breath after I came.

I got myself together and walked out of the room. The attendant asked if the garment worked for me. I told her it was exactly what I needed.


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Daddy’s Special Emergency

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My principal called me into his office. He told me that there was an emergency, and phone sex daddy will be picking me up from school. Oh no! I  hope everything is okay at home.

I walked to the car and saw a big smile on daddy’s face. My favorite party dress was on a hanger in the back seat. That was a huge relief, whew! I couldn’t wait to find out what was going on. Daddy said his new boss saw my picture on his desk and wanted to meet me. Daddy loves to show me off to his friends, and important, powerful people in his life.

I changed in the car. Seeing my tiny, underage body almost made daddy  drive off the road. Oops! I gave phone sex daddy a wet, sloppy blowjob so he wouldn’t be stressed when we got to his house. Daddy took his special vitamins, and gave me a little before we went in.

Was there a party? There was all sorts of new, expensive cars in his driveway. There was pretty little girls like me in special dresses sitting on mens laps when we walked in. This must be a daddy/daughter party because all the girls looked about my age. Some were even kissing each other. That was making my little bald cunny all tingling and wet.

Daddy introduced me to his boss. Oh, he was so cute! I even caught a peek at his bulge. It looked HUGE! Daddy gave me some vitamins and I went upstairs to his bedroom. I knew Mr. P and daddy were watching so I made sure they could see my tiny, sweet little ass. Wow! There was several girls like me, and several daddies doing all sorts of dirty things in the bedroom. I love a party!

Tiny K

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Your Sexy Beach Bikini Babe

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Let’s make this the best weekend of the summer!  Make this the summer of No Regrets! I know you had a lot of sexy plans for this summer. Did you accomplish everything on that list?  Did you hook up with a tan bikini babe and let her rock your world? 

Play hard to get with me. Make me work for your cock. I tease and seduce you in my bikini. My hair, my eyes, and my luscious curves are enticing to your eyes. My kisses make you weak in the knees, but it is my dirty talk in your ear that force you surrender to my seduction. 

Want to blow your mind with my lips around your cock. You love my slow and sexy blowjobs. Why don’t you pull on those bikini strings and unleash those big tits of mine? Isn’t it time for a hot summer fantasy? 

You spent all winter waiting for summer so you could hook up with a girl in a bikini. If you have not done so, let’s go for it. Fuck me! I am hot and uninhibited. You know you want to. Why do you deny yourself sensual pleasures when they are right there in front of you, waiting for you? Time to get down and dirty with me, your hot beach bikini babe. There is a wet and tight pink pussy waiting for under my yellow bikini. 



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A Girl Like Me

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You need a girl like me.  I love to play and make you feel good. 

Let’s run around all day! Driving with the top down, your body near mine at the beach or the farmers market. We find a quiet spot for a quickie. I am wild and uninhibited. You need an adventuresome girl like me! 

When your days get dreary with traveling for work and the stress of the day gets you down, you need a girl like me. I can make you cum better than your wife. My laugh makes you smile, and my voice makes you hard. I always make you cum. 

Love to dance, drink, party and play. Flirting and seducing you! Grinding up against you and showing off my big sweet breasts, making my nipples hard. You know you want to play with my sexy tits. Sweet seduction and so much more. Let’s get between the sheets late at night. You will always find my pussy tight.

I always keep it fun. Dive between my tits, kiss my lips and fuck your hot sexy girlfriend!

Don’t keep my hot, sweet pussy waiting, Sexy!


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It’s Bikini Time

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I love shopping, and bikini shopping is one of my favs. I always try to find a new boutique for the selection and to tease the fuck out of the sales person helping me. A new store just opened in the Galleria and it looked rather exclusive with a snobby type crowd. I knew I would walk out with several bikini’s and if things went my way, a very satisfied pussy.

A tall, handsome gentleman approached me to see if I needed some help and if I would like a glass of chilled white wine. I happily said “yes” to both. He asked my size and began to show me several in various pastel colors. One seemed tinier than the next, just my style. With him holding my future purchases, he ushered me to the dressing room. He said to call if I needed any help, but I suggested he stay since I could always use a man’s opinion.

As I got undressed, he tried to look away, or at least made it seem like he was. I was having none of that! Before putting my tiny top on, I asked him if he thought my tits looked even. Looking very confused, he stammered that they were perfect. I am not really sure how it happened, but soon he was sucking on my nipples and cupping my round ass. Then he slid his erect cock in between my 36DD’s and I gave him a hot, slippery, titty fuck. I sweetly asked him if he could ask the hot brunette to join us for a second opinion.

Blonde Bimbo Tiffany


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Foursome At The Beach

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Daphne   I have been watching this man at the beach all day. He has been watching me as well, but I was definitely more subtle than him. The sun began to go down and I thought I would walk to one of the many bars on the beach. I knew he was behind me but I just kept walking till I arrived at the first bar. It was closed, but no worries as that was first of several. He began to speak finally, saying what a disappointment as he could really go for an ice cold beer. I smiled and told him there was another bar about half a mile South. We chatted, flirted and walked to the next bar.

We were told they would be closing soon, but served us each an ice cold green beer. I almost forgot it would soon be St. Paddy’s Day with the weather so warm here. He asked if there were more bars closer to town, but I suggested we just go to my hotel room instead of trying to find another bar. We turned around and soon we were at my balcony. He stood outside looking at the view, and I returned with two Corona’s. There was a couple in front of my balcony and clearly about to fuck. He was surprised and mentioned his hotel didn’t have nearly the excitement.

I felt his hand on my ass as we watched the couple on the beach. I began to rub his hard dick as he slid his fingers in my top. The more we watched the more excited we got. I couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed his hand to go inside, but he wanted me and more of the show. He bent me over the balcony and untied my bikini bottom. He whispered in my ear that we should start up a show ourselves. He pulled my hair, spanked my ass hard and pushed his dick inside my dripping pussy. They heard us and my new friend waved them up the stairs. Sex with three strangers, how much hotter does it get?


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Paying Back a Favor

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annaOne of my closest friends decided to call in a favor. He does a lot of work for me around the house and is always so good to come right over anytime I need him.

He was going to a class reunion and needed a date. Now this guy isn’t my typical guy. I honestly had never given him a second look, but he had done a lot for me… so I decided he was due a payback.

I decided that I was going to get really make it worth it for him. I dressed in my sexiest dress and took a lot of time with my hair and makeup. When he picked me up, his eyes nearly bugged out of his head and I could see the lump in his pants and rather surprisingly LARGE lump. When we went inside, all eyes were on us. I had a sneaking suspicion that he was not very popular in high school, so this was a big deal for him.

We had a great time. Dancing, drinking, talking to people that probably never gave him the time of day before. As the night was ending, I decided that he deserved the perfect ending.

As we got in the car, my hand grazed the front of his pants. He looked over, wondering what I was doing. I leaned forward and pulled his cock out. My mouth drew him inside and my head started to bob up and down on his hard cock. I could hear people coming out into the parking lot and had no doubt they knew what was going on. I pressed my face into his crotch and let his cock sink passed my throat. He moaned loudly as he shot his load deep in my throat. When I came up for air, there were people gathered all around. I laughed as he started the car and we drove off. I know I gave him a night to remember and I think that he’ll be excited to go to his next reunion.


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Show Me Off

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IsabelleYou are an older, classy man who is used to the finger things in life.   You want me to have a sophisticated but very sexy dress to wear when you take me out to show me off to all your business associates. I am flattered and love being your arm candy. My closet is full of dresses, but you really want to take me shopping. 

I suggest that we head to Dillards because they are having a big sale. You shake your head because you have something else in mind. You take me to a tiny upscale boutique. There are three sales ladies help us.  Wow, I have never had this much attention before.

They take off the dress I am wearing, and they measure me. First across my bra, then my waist and hips. They ask you your opinion about dresses and help me try them on. Then they bring me out to you. You are sitting in a big comfy chair. Your eyes get big and sparkle brightly. You have me turned around slowly for you.

I think we should get the black dress, but you like the rosy red lace dress that genuinely accentuates my big tits and shows off my small waist and back. You stand up and tell the ladies that this is the dress. Then you ask the ladies to leave us. They scatter from the room quickly.

You slowly remove the new dress and unzip your pants. Wow, it is astounding how hard your cock became from just looking at me in this dress. I drop to my knees and take your cock into my mouth. You grab a handful of my hair and pull me towards you.  I can see that we are going to have many more occasions for adventuresome sex while wearing this dress.


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Pimped Out My Sissy Bitch

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brynna-As I took off my dress, I could see that look in your eyes. I had complete control of you. Not that you were lusting after my body, but instead you were envious of gorgeous new lingerie.

You were born a sissy, and you love slutty things. I tease you and taunt you into slipping into a pair of black fishnet stockings, hot pink thong and matching bra. I force you to stand in front of the mirror and describe what you see. You feel as slutty as you look. Whispering in your ear, I tell you that you look too slutty not to be noticed by horny guys with big dicks. 

Your sissy clit throbs in your thong. I really turn on my wicked charming ways. I describe big cocks for the taking. You become flushed and beg me to pimp you out tonight. You want to be forced down to your knees. Cock after cock between your ruby red cock sucking lips. 

I take you to the local pool hall. All men, no ladies, except for me and you, sissy. The men line up for you! 

You are one hot slutty cock sucking sissy! 



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The Only Strings Are On My Bikini

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As your children’s nanny, I know my place. I am obedient, quiet, loyal, sweet and good-natured with your family. I like this job, and I know how jealous wives can be of a nanny who is younger and prettier. Your family life is busy. Your wife seems to be consumed with shopping, going to the spa, and lunching with her friends. You spend over 70 hours week at work to provide an opulent lifestyle for your family. 

To avoid a lot of drama from extended family, you take the family on a tropic island vacation over the holidays. You want to golf, and your wife wants to shop. The children want to spend every waking moment at the pool, so bringing your nanny along on the trip makes a lot of sense. Your wife doesn’t think twice about me, even though my beautiful, tempting body, is in front of you 24/7 for three weeks. You return from your golf game and head straight to the pool to check on the kids and me. You are used to me wearing very cute but conservative clothing in your home. Here at the pool, you see me in a very tiny string bikini, and your heart starts pounding, and your cock is throbbing.

You send me a text telling me to meet you at the pool for a swim that evening after the kids have gone to bed. You let your wife know that need to stretch your legs and take a dip in the pool. Of course, she has no idea that you plan to rendezvous with the nanny. I am already swimming, alone, waiting for you when you arrive at the pool. We swim, and I relax as you make me laugh. There has always been an attraction, but you cannot hold back any longer.  

You touch my face and look into my blue eyes. You want me, but that this has to be a “no strings” relationship. You have no intention of leaving your wife. I want you too, so much, and need you to dominate me. I look back into your eyes. I tug on the strings of my bikini and offer my body to you. Let you know that the only strings here are the strings on my bikini. We embrace, and you take me, fuck me hard that night and every night during the trip. 



Written By: Brooke
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Finger Licking Good

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   I went shoe shopping at a Jimmy Choo store in a very upscale mall yesterday with a male friend and fuck buddy of mine.  I was wearing a white mini dress, a black silk thong and no bra, of course.  It was obvious when I walked in that the female sales associate noticed my big, beautiful tits and appeared to be immediately attracted to me.  She was about my age and sexy as fuck! She does sell Jimmy Choo shoes after all.  

I proceeded to look around a bit and knowing that she was watching my every move, I bent over to get two shoes from the lowest display shelf keeping my legs straight so that she would get a good look at my sweet, round ass  since my skirt was so short. I asked if I could try on the two pairs of shoes that I got off the shelf and she asked my shoe size and quickly returned with both pairs.  

I turned the heat up a bit by giving her an even better look at my already wet thong as I raised a leg for her to slip a shoe on my foot.  She obviously liked what she saw because she was very slow to put the shoe on my foot and to put my foot back on the floor.  When she asked if I would like to try both shoes on, I said “yes” and she picked my foot up and slipped the other shoe on and said “you have beautiful legs”. 

My male friend was intently watching the show and I could tell he was rock hard and ready to have some fun with the two of us. She mentioned it was time to close for the night but that we were more than welcome to stay and take our  time. After purchasing my heels and ordering a few custom ones, I suggested we all go out for dinner and a few drinks at our favorite hotel. My fuck buddy loved having a beautiful woman holding on to each of his arms as we entered the elevator to the lounge.

  I stopped the elevator with my key and slipped my dress off to show her the rest of what she had been craving. She began to suck my nipples, as I fingered my dripping, creamy pussy. I put the juices on my nipples urging her to suck harder. I glanced over at my friend and he was stroking his dick as he watched us. I have a feeling we won’t make it to dinner!


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Sexy Camping Trip

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IsabelleI always thought that I would hate camping, but somehow you even make that sexy! I think of bugs, sleeping on the ground, and no electricity. You describe sleeping and making love under the stars romantic and steamy. I agree to a weekend of camping if you find a campsite with running water. Watching you set up the campsite turns me on. 

You get the tent up and make everything very comfy. While you are working hard to make our campsite nice for me, you get hot. You take off your shirt. You look very sexy with no shirt, just your jeans, and sweat on your chest. I get so turned on. 

Once the work is done, I grab you and start kissing all over you. You say that you are sweaty, but what you don’t realize is that the salty taste of you is very sexy. I get you turned on as I start rubbing your cock through your jeans. Mother Nature wants us to be naked and natural, so your jeans to come off too. I feel so uninhibited in the outdoors.

We have sex outdoors in the middle of the afternoon. You fill me with your sexy cum. I feel so good but sticky, both of us do. Good thing there is a shower nearby, even if it is public. We take a sexy shower together. I think I am going to love a weekend of camping with you, Sexy!


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Rocking The Boat

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AvaI am enjoying the last beautiful days of summer. My lover took me up north to his lake house for a couple of days. The days are warm, but the nights are chilly. Perfect weather for fucking and sleeping naked with his face nuzzled into my big tits.

Today, the sun feels hot on my skin. There are few fluffy white clouds in the sky. We spent the day on the lake in his boat. I love boating. I find it so relaxing. He takes me out on the boat to go fishing. He fishes with great focus. Me, not so much. I cast my line and then let my fishing pole rest between my legs and read an erotic novel. He shakes his head but doesn’t complain.  I feel the pole bend and set the hook. I reel in a fish, but it has to be thrown back because it is too small. Enough fishing for me, I go back to my book of salacious fucking and kinky fun. 

Another hour goes by, and I get a little hot. I slip off my t shirt. There I am in my black bikini top barely covering my big round full tits. He pulls up the anchor. We need to move to another spot. I am surprised because he has caught quite a few fish here while I was reading. I enjoy the ride and watch him drop anchor again. We are in a beautiful quiet cove. Instead of grabbing his fishing pole, he unzips his jeans. Ah, his cock is hard. We end up in the center of the boat, I suck his cock, and then I ride him. We really go at it hard! The boat starts rocking in the water. The conservation guy approaches, sees us fucking, tips his cap and goes on his way. It is exhilarating to be watched. 



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Sexy Beach Day

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We spend a sexy day at the beach. The water is still warm, and the sun feels great on my face.  There are not a lot of tourists around this time of year. The beach is perfect today! I teach you to paddle board. We play in the surf, pick up shells, and share playful, flirty kisses. We stop and you wrap your arm around my waist. I give you a big hug and suggest that we hit the hidden cove on the bay.

At first, you don’t understand why I would want to go to the bay and leave the beach on such a perfect day. I give you a sensual, seductive kiss. I rub up against you. I want your cock hard. You smile and you give my ass a swat. Yes, I want to fuck outside away from public eyes. We grab our stuff and run along the beach to the bay. My pussy is throbbing in anticipation of your beautiful hard cock. 


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Rewarding My Lover

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tiffanyI don’t wear bras often as I love letting my natural beauties bounce. I always flirt and smile wickedly as all the men and women stare. There are special occasions when a sexy set from Wicked Temptations is an amazing  way to show my lover how much I appreciate him.  What man doesn’t love to unwrap his present?  The question is: will it be slow with my lingerie intact or will it be fast, with my sexy lingerie ripped and on the floor?

After a romantic dinner, I excuse myself to freshen up. You watch as my tight black dress barely covers my round ass and are in awe how easily I walk in my 8 inch black pumps.  I know you’re thinking about my strong thighs wrapped around you as you lick my wet pussy. I come back to the table seeing your smile, yes a very naughty smile as I open my purse showing you I have removed my silky pink and black panties.

The waiter has barely left our table all night and you quickly say “check please”.  I whisper in your ear that I am not quite ready. The waiter brings another bottle of Dom and you feel my perfectly manicured hand with my french tip fingernails rubbing your dick through your pants. Now it is my turn to say “check please.”


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Sexual Frenzy

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  I have never seen anything like the last few days except maybe that time in New Orleans during a Red Moon. That is another story for another time but FUCK the Eclipse brought all the freaky mother fuckers out to play! Even your girl Harley was feeling extra freaky if that is possible. 

After I finished with my callers for the night, I went to a pub. My naughty, depraved band of regulars were off the chart. I had anything from rough revenge sex calls to my favorite pain slut wanting to be taken by a cloaked succubus. I almost didn’t want to log off but friends were waiting. I tossed on a sexy red dress, my favorite Kat Von D lippy and slipped on my stilettos. 

I was already wasted from drinking with my callers when I saw they were all playing pool. BORING! Not tonight, I was feeling way too fucking nasty. I climbed on the table and did a slow strip. I was doing sexy little moves with the 8 ball and the billiard cues. Everyone was cheering me on and I decided it was time to show just how strong and tight my pussy was. I slipped in a few balls, and began to push them out one at a time. From there babes, things really got wild.


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Romantic Summer Evening

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skylarI surprise you by sending you a text while you are still at the office. Usually, you don’t want me to bother you at work, but today you don’t mind. I send you a picture of my new Victoria Secret’s lingerie and ask you to leave work a little early. I have a romantic dinner planned on the balcony this evening.

You text me back asking if I will be wearing the new lingerie when you arrive. I text back saying that I have on a short dress since we are having dinner on the balcony. (I am wearing my sexy lingerie under my dress, but I will share that with you after dinner.) It is such a perfect day that we should eat outside tonight. I entice you to leave now with some hot sexting. Usually, we wait for the weekend to spend time together, but it is always fun to have a sexy midweek date.

After dinner, we enjoy a second glass of white wine. The sun will be setting soon. I bring out a cherry tart from a bakery down the street with two forks. I take the first bite and make this cute little “yummy” noise. I take a second forkful and feed you the delicious, decadent dessert. I feed you another forkful and then slide into your lap. We kiss and caress each other. You are even more yummy!

I stand up and slip out of the dress. Let the neighbors call the cops! I need you here and now. I lean back against the railing and pull your pants down. You push my panties to the side and slip your cock into me, fucking me right here on the balcony.

Love you,


SkylarWritten By: Skylar
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 Dirty DaphneThere is nothing more relaxing than a midnight swim. Well, almost nothing. A few nights ago, I combined my 2 favorite activities together; sex and a big heated pool. My fine ass neighbor asked me to look after his house while he was on a business trip and to make use of his beautiful warm pool. I thought about inviting some friends over to join me but not everyone is a spur of the moment girl like me.

I helped myself to a bottle from his extension wine cellar and after a swim, I enjoyed a few glasses. I heard some noises in the bushes so I went to see what was going on. I am super brave and just wanted my alone time back. 

I was totally surprised to see my neighbor had made it home and was stroking his cock. He had no qualms about continuing even when I caught him. Maybe the dirty smile on my face urged him on. I watched for a little bit as I felt my pussy get so fucking wet. He didn’t have to ask before I was down on my knees giving him a hot, wet, sloppy blowjob.

Dirty Daphne

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Humiliation in the Red Light District

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BrynnaHumiliation is the name of the game for you. The more humiliated you are, the more excited you become. Being put on display in very embarrassing situations is thrilling for you, and entertaining for me. 

You work for me in the red light district. There are clubs for every erotic desire lined up on both sides of the street. I own one of the best clubs, and you are my star. Every night, you perform up on a stage in front of a large audience.  Before the show, you and I stand on the street, wearing only our lingerie to lure people into my club. Yes, you wear whatever slutty little outfit that I select for you: corsets, bustiers, bras, thongs, stockings, pantyhose, chemises, bodysuits. You have to stand on the street enticing the crowd to purchase a ticket for the show. You must stand there and endure all the name calling, whistling, and illicit touching until every seat is full, then the real show can start. 

Every night there is something different. Always new tantalizing treats for my voyeurs to enjoy. Sometimes on stage, you are dressed like a slutty little whore, and sometimes you are completely naked. I instruct you to perform for the crowd. One night you might put on a masturbation show. Occasionally, I use my strap-on and fuck you which is a real crowd pleaser. You service the ladies on Ladies Night. When I want to push the envelope, there are water sports for you. Every Friday night, you become a cock loving, cum drinking whore. I bring men up from the audience. Either one at a time or a group of men with very large cocks. They can use your mouth and then your ass to put on a fucking fantastic sex show. 

It is humiliating to be used in this manner, but you, my naughty exhibitionist, love it! 

Mistress Brynna

BrynnaWritten By: Brynna
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