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Feminization Training Phone Sex

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Are you looking for feminization training? Well, then you need to prove just how good of a sissy you can be for me. I am going to pull you by your long wig and wrap your wimpy hands firmly around my strap-on. Do you feel how realistic my rubber cock is? Feel how hard, firm, thick, and long it is? I am going to make sure to teach you a lesson, a cock sucking lesson, as you’ve been a naughty cross dresser sissy lately.

When it comes to feminization, I have no limits. Our sessions can be a simple GFE (girlfriend experience) where we share secrets, or tips about clothes, make-up, boyfriends, etc. Or, as hardcore as me dressing you up and making you suck off my well hung black friend. You decide but you will be a good sissy slut for me, oe there will be consequences.



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One Of The Girls

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           I love when you visit me, we have so much fun together.  Sometimes I think you just should have been born a girl. You are so pretty, with a fragile body that is just meant for fishnets and corsets.

The Absinthe is flowing and I decide it’s time to bring up the subject. We are in my dressing room and I see you looking at, and touching all my lovely silk lingerie. I start by telling you that you would look so hot in eyeliner and lipstick. You look at me so excited, and say “really?”. Absolutely!  What about these sexy fishnets? Ah, but your legs are hairy. I don’t even ask, but take you to the bathroom to shave any body hair. 

We are back in the dressing room and I am putting fragrant body cream all over you. You are sort of cooing in happiness. Then I bring up the corset, panties and mini skirt. You are all in and prancing around my loft. How sexy are you? Then I tell you that you could pass for a girl. You are excited and I suggest we try out that theory.

I text a few of my guy friends that you have never met. We have a few more drinks and you are really getting into it.

How sexy and pretty you are. Of course, I left out details of what I told my friends. I guess you will figure it out when you are bent over my couch getting slammed. 


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What A Sexy Bitch You Are

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     After a very long day at work, I just wanted to relax and unwind. I opened some wine, and removed my annoying bra. My son called to tell me he wouldn’t be able to make it home due to weather, and was staying at a friends house. Something seemed off in the house, but after a few more glasses of wine, I was relaxed.

I went into my bedroom to finish changing, and noticed my panties were spread out all over the bed. This was odd, maybe I forgot I did it with such a long day. I decided to check my nanny cam to make sure nothing odd was going on.

It was my neighbor Ryan! I saw he was wearing my lingerie and dancing. I might have been mad, but this was just too much fun. 

I texted him, and told him to come over. I said if he didn’t, I would tell everyone his secret. I decided if he was going to dress and act like a bitch, he needed to do it right.

I immediately made him strip so I could see what we were working with. First, we went into the restroom to get rid of all that nasty body hair. Then I dressed him in pink frilly lingerie. Oh, how cute he looked. I finished him off with makeup, a sexy dress and heels. I dressed up myself, and we went to a dance club. 

Men were flirting with him, and he was having a blast. I explained to him that he needed to do something for me. I instructed him to go to the restroom and wait. I figured since he broke into my home and went through my things, he could make me a little money by me pimping him out. 


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Transforming Into a Fabulous Sissy

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So you have a desire to be girly! It’s much fun to be a girl!

There is so much more to being a pretty girly girl or a cute sissy than simply putting on a silky pair of panties. It’s hard work to look good. There’s many details and so much to learn. So many tricks and secrets to luscious long hair, lovely lips, and heavenly hips.

Let me teach you how to look classy and feel fabulous.

Have you been experimenting with cross-dressing but are you having trouble pulling it off? Something not quite right? When you look in the mirror do feel silly instead of feeling sexy? Do you feel like one hot mess instead of a beautiful girl? No worries, sweet cheeks!

Give me an opportunity to help to you be a beautiful girl. I can give you some make-up tips, and share some beauty secrets. After all, that’s what girls do. I can suggest some exercises that will shape your body into one bodacious babe if you want to make your transformation complete. Or you can cheat and get some body shapers that can create that effect.

We can shop online together. I can help you pick out really beautiful lingerie that makes you feel and look so sexy. Understanding the difference between sexy and trashy is crucial. You can be a hot slutty girl, but never under any circumstances, look trashy. We can select the right colors that compliment your hair, eyes and skin tone. My only goal is to make you to feel confident and beautiful.


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