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Beach Shower Sex

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Sex on the beach can sound like the best sex. We’re on the beach together, almost naked, wet, hot, and so fucking horny for each other. It sounds like the perfect setting for a steamy sexual rendezvous!

Sex on the Beach is one of my favorite fantasies, but it can a difficult fantasy to fulfill. The beaches can be so crowded, especially in Miami.

Here is my solution when we want to have sex on the beach. We can slip into a shower room just off the beach. I love shower sex. I love getting a good hard pounding with water pouring over our hot bodies. Maybe just slip my bikini to the side and fuck me hard. Who knows, maybe someone will catch a glimpse of us. I do confess that it does turn me on for others to watch us fuck, seeing me screaming out as you make me cum.



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Caught By Daddy

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     I wanted to hang with the older boys and girls.  Everyone was asleep, so I climbed out my window and down the tree. I went to the lake where everyone was. We had a few drinks and listened to cool music. I was having so much fun and even fucked a hot older boy. What a night! They really seem to like me and invited me to a few parties. It was late though and I didn’t want
 to get caught.

It was around 4 am and daddy always got up by 5 am. I thought I was home free, till I saw my phone sex daddy sitting on my bed. He had the nerve to be going through my personal stuff. I was about to tell him how mad I was, but he began yelling at me. He called me a slut and he wanted to know why my makeup was all smeared. 

I knew I was in big trouble, so I offered to show daddy why my mascara was all over my face. I got down on my knees and sucked daddy till he was hard and wet from my saliva. I then spit on my tits and gave daddy a titty fuck. He began moaning super loud and pushed my face down balls deep. I didn’t mind at all, because cock is cock no matter whose it is. In case you haven’t figured it out, I love cock! Especially older cock.


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Sex On The Swings

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Do you remember the first time you ever had sex outside?  I do. I can still feel the cool summer air on my soft skin. My boyfriend and I were at party and left because we were so horny.

We decided to walk home since the weather was so nice. As we walked past a local school, we both got the same idea to start messing around on the playground. He pulled me to the swings and he sat down, slowly swinging.  I was standing in front of him as he slid his hands up the back of my thighs. It was then that he noticed that I had no panties under my skirt. This set him on fire.

I unzipped his pants and he pulled me onto his lap facing away from him. I felt his cock slide into my hot, wet pussy and it was amazing.  The thrill was expecting someone to walk by at any moment as he pumped deeper and deeper into me.  He was making me crazy.

I felt him bite into my neck as he thrust hard one more time and I felt the explosion of his hot cum deep inside of me.  This triggered the most intense orgasm for me and the pulsing of my pussy kept him cumming and cumming.


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