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BDSM Phone Sex with Mistress Koko

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The sight of my whip makes you quiver. You know that you’re in for an exciting BDSM session. Strategically placed pain stimulates you. 

I bind your hands and ankles, and place nipple clamps on you. I use my vibrator on your cock and your ass. I massage your prostate, pour hot wax on your body, and whip your cock and balls.

You moan and cry out, but you don’t ask me to stop. You have your safe word, but you don’t use it. Pain turns you on. Pain reminds you that you’re alive. There’s a rush of endorphins, like a runner’s high. Most people do not understand how you can experience this much pain, yet alone find it exciting, even pleasurable. 

At the end of the session, you’re relaxed and as timid as a kitten. All the stress has been released, and you’re calm and serene. 


KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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Open Up

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          Open can mean so many things. Open the door, being more open to sexuality, open your mouth, and open to what else I wonder. It seems to me that as a man gets older, he’s open to so many more things. How about you?  Maybe for you, all you can think of is opening your mouth and sucking the perfect nipples of my DD’s tits. I see I have much work to do.

        You arrive for our date. After our conversation, you’re a bit nervous, and very excited. What could I have planned? You can see I’m not really dressed for going out. The lights are low, Martinis in the pitcher, and Billie Holiday is on the turntable.  We chat, dance, and drink a little. The mood is perfect.

I take you into my bedroom and tell you to do a slow strip for me. When you’re done to my liking, I push you down on my bed. I stroke your arm with my soft hand and you feel the restraints around your wrists. 

I own you, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet; and anything in between!


TiffanyWritten By: Tiffany
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My Little Pain Slut

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It’s Friday! Time for your weekly Cock and Ball Torture Session.

I’m feeling horribly wicked today, so be prepared to have yourself pushed beyond your limits tonight.

Go get ready for our session. Present your naked ass to me! Do not keep me waiting! Have your toys ready and your balls tied for me! Make sure they’re tied tight or suffer the consequences.

My nipple clamps are ready to inflict pain to your nipples. I know how it makes your cock ache when I abuse your nipples.

I purchased a new cane. Last session, I broke it on your ass cheeks. My cane doesn’t make much noise so it doesn’t drown out your groans as each sharp thrash strikes your flesh.

You beg for mercy when I slap the tops of your thighs. It makes you truly feel submissive when you beg and the cane leaves bright pink stripes on your skin.

Once I beat and abuse you into a deep submissive state, I focus on your cock and balls. You stand with your hands bound behind your back and your legs secured with a spreader bar. I make your cock hard with a few licks and a little tickle to your tied balls. First pleasure, then pain!

That first crack of the ruler against your hard cock. Ten Spanks, each one is a little harder than the previous one. You’re in a state of limbo. You’re in that grey area of pain vs. pleasure. You whine and moan. You’re experiencing both ecstasy and agony at the exact same time. You don’t know if you’re pleading for mercy or for more torture.

Finally, after a long session of edging, I allow you to have one fantastic orgasm for me. You’re always such a good little pain slut for me.


KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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All You Want For Christmas Is Mommy’s Big Tits

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I know what you really want waiting for you under the tree; Mommy’s huge, succulent breasts. Imagine waking up Christmas morning and seeing me under your tree with one red bow just covering my erect nipples. All you have to do baby is untie, and let my huge, luscious tits fall out. It’s hours of playtime and they’re all for you.

It’s okay if you get too excited and bite my nipples, Mommy Drew likes it rough. Perhaps, I can put on nipple clamps. You could pull me around with them and use me as you wish.

To end the day with your favorite Mommy, I want you to slide your stiff cock in between my tits, and I’ll give you a titty fuck you’ll never forget. It would make Mommy Drew’s Christmas complete if I got a hot, sticky load all over me.

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Naughty Law Librarian Catches You

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You are in law school, and you practically live in the library studying. Despite the amount the studying you have, you notice all of these beautiful sexy undergrad girls hanging around, wearing tiny shorts or the tightest pants. Drives you crazy and makes you hard. You don’t have time to see your girl back home. Every so often you need a break. You need to let off a little steam. You pull out your cock and watch hot porn with your headphones. You slip your cock out and stroke it.   

Ms. Koko, sexy head librarian, happens to be walking by and sees your cock in your hand. You could be expelled for exposing yourself in the library. You have a choice, face the student disciplinary board or accept Ms. Koko’s punishment in her BDSM dungeon in the basement of the library. It is not a difficult decision to make with your future on the line, but you know your poor balls are going to be blue, and your ass is going to be red. 

Welcome to the world of BDSM with Ms. Koko!  


KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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Painful Piercings Performed By Mistress Koko

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KOKOI have been training a new slave for several months. He is progressing quite well. He has been tortured and whipped. He is trained to submit to my commands, to worship my body, and to serve my every need and desire. I have tested his obedience and devotion. Recently, I rewarded him. I placed a collar around his neck. He wears it with pride.  Now, it is time to take it to that next step.

Yesterday, I had a lavish ceremony with a few of my most beautiful girlfriends. An enthusiastic audience adds to his humiliation. I pierced my slave’s nipples and his balls. I got excited when he winced in pain and begged for mercy. I own him. He is my property. A gold ring was placed in each of his nipples. I can attach a chain between his nipples and his balls. When he gets out of line, or just for my amusement, I will tug on that chain to inflict pain. Don’t feel too sorry for him. The pain causes an erection and his balls to flood with cum. I control his orgasms.

The piercings mark him and remind him that he is my property even when not in presence. He is my submissive, my slave, my property. The piercings are a symbol of our Mistress/slave relationship. A symbol similar to a wedding ring demonstrating our bond and commitment.

KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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