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Just What The Doctor Ordered

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I can tell how tense you are and I know exactly what will make you feel better. You need a massage. Nope, not your normal shoulder rubbing massage: a prostate massage!

Just lay back for me. I’ll put a pillow under your ass to prop you up a bit for my mouth and fingers. I wouldn’t go too fast. These things have to be worked up too.

I would start by taking your cock in my mouth while I rimmed your asshole with a finger. I want you hard and I promise you will be. My slick lips will kiss down the shaft and start working on your balls next. From there, your ass will get the rimming it deserves. My tongue will swirl and then push inside a little.

I put some lube on my fingers and replace my tongue. I start with one finger, then add a second one. Once they’re both in, I start to wiggle my fingers. As I move them faster, I take your cock back in my mouth.

After pumping my fingers in and out for a few minutes, you flood my throat with your cum. I immediately feel your body relax. Just what the doctor ordered.


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A Little Fisting Never Hurt

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I know you love my adventurous side. You get to do whatever you want to me and my body. You use and fuck my holes for your pleasure and I never say no.

Tonight I’m in the mood for something new but it’s not my holes that will be used.

I put my hands on your shoulders, pushing you to your knees. I look down at you and tell you to get on all fours. I know it’s a foreign concept to you. You’re so used to being in control. It’s time for you to give a little of that away.

You let my soothing voice guide you, hypnotized by my words. I spread your ass open, rimming that tight little hole with my tongue. I know you’ve always been curious about ass play.

I tell you to relax as I lube my fingers up. I slowly ease my fingers in, pressing deep. I hear your moans and see your cock getting harder and harder. With 4 fingers inside, I tuck that thumb in and push. I hear you inhale as the whole hand goes inside. I pull my fingers together and make a fist. I start slow… but soon you’re begging me to fuck your ass. I pound it inside you, your screams and moans making my pussy flood the floor.

I keep pumping inside you until your cock explodes. It’s amazing how you go from being my master, to being my bitch.

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Well Isn’t it Just So Cute And Little

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     Today was such a lazy day for my girlfriend and I. We had breakfast in bed, took a long sexy soak in the tub, and had a long nap. When we woke up, we wanted to go out and have some fun for the night. Thank the stars that I knew of several private clubs still open. I went with a little black dress and she went with red. It didn’t take us long to get ready as we shared a bottle of La Fee.

The club was close and it was a lovely night so we strolled hand in hand. We heard the typical cat calls, which always amuses me. She suggested we skip the club and take one of the men home with us to teach him a lesson. I do love how she thinks. 

He was very hot and full of himself. We get to my loft and we all have some drinks and get acquainted. He kept mentioning over and over how he knows that girls like us as very kinky and will do things no one else will. I smile and hand him another shot. After noticing just what he didn’t have in his pants, we go in my huge toy closet to prepare. We strip down, and both of us put on very big strap-ons. He laughs a bit and asks if we plan to use them on each other.  Of course  we do, but much later. When I explain they’re for him, he looks angry and goes to leave. 

Sadly for him, the drinks have made him dizzy. He wakes up restrained to my bed. We tease him without mercy about his tiny little dick. It’s sort of a cruel joke played on him by nature. He begins to beg, cry, and even scream for help. Such an amusing man! She began to fuck his face, while I pounded his ass. Can you imagine, he came all over himself making a mess of things. Without being told, he cleaned up his mess after we freed his hands. I feel it is up to the Mistress to tell a man what he wants, whether he likes it or not. 



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Watching Them

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      Everyone who knows me intimately knows that I am not a sub in any way.  I have always been dominant by nature.  When I was younger, before I understood about sex, I used to hump the bed imagining I was fucking someone. That was way before I even knew what a strap-on was. It wasn’t long before I understood, and loved the power of my big, rubber cock. This blog is about a recent experience where I was a subbie.

A few weeks ago, I noticed this beautiful couple across the courtyard from me. I would see her fucking her younger male lover with a huge strap-on. I was completely mesmerized by the pair. I wondered who they were to each other. I imagined sucking that strap-on clean after she fucked her handsome partner with it. Then having her bend me over and fuck the shit out of me. 

Very unusual for me, but so fucking sexy! Last night they noticed me too. How could they not with my loud moans, my naked body, and my huge dildo. Now I am just dying for more of them. I am hoping that tonight they’re in view of my window again. 

Do you know what would be even hotter? If you called and joined me!


CaidynWritten By: Caidyn Cross
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Hot Tub Fun for Mommy and Son

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You complain about history class because it is so boring.

Your sultry Mommy Morgan takes you away for the weekend.  Mommy, being the clever woman she is, takes you to a quaint little town with much historical significance. She books a room in a beautiful bed-and-breakfast.

You are dreading the trip because you would rather go to a party with your friends. That is until you see the room with only one bed for you and Mommy to share. From the bedroom window, you see a hot tub in the backyard. Things are looking up, and your cock is tingly in your jeans in anticipation of a pleasure-filled weekend.

As you explore the small local landmarks and museums, history becomes alive. You can picture the historical figures, in your textbooks, walking the same cobblestone streets where you and Mommy are walking. As we walk through the bedroom of a famous early politician’s home, you picture very dirty, kinky sex that happened there.

Late in the day, Mommy takes you for a nice dinner, and you discuss what you learned today. You save room in your tummy for dessert. While you eat your delicious cheesecake, Mommy has a third glass of the local red wine. You see her relaxing and flirting with the handsome waiter. As you take your last bite, you ask Mommy if the two of you can go back to the hot tub at the bed-and-breakfast. You know that Mommy did not pack swimwear for the two of you, but maybe the wine will leave her remarkably uninhibited.

Instead of going up the room, Mommy takes you in the backyard. She looks around, and since no one is around, the two of you take off most of your clothing. The hot tub has powerful jets and makes lots of bubbles. Mommy is horny. You sit and play with your cock as it grows in your hand. Mommy, almost naked, rubs her hips against the jet stream. You watch her have an orgasm. Seeing Mommy cum, it is the most exciting thing you have ever seen. Now it is your turn. Mommy guides you so the powerful stream of water massages inside your sexy ass. She takes over stroking your cock until you have the most intense orgasm.

Now, you learned a lot this weekend, but the best thing you learned was how to cum from a prostate massage.



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Group Rim Jobs

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My tongue is feeling very naughty and dirty. I’m in the mood to shove it deep inside of a puckered hole. I don’t want it to be you though, bring your friends! I’ll be naked and waiting for all of you, just come in and strip down. Get on your knees on the couch and let me do my thing. I’ll take my time on each one of you.

Doesn’t my slippery tongue feel good moving around your asshole? I’ll use my fingers to massage the next one, getting him excited and ready. I’m like a kid in a candy store, I want more ass. I’ll press my face deep and let my tongue really sink in and wiggle around inside of you, maybe even a finger tip. Your cocks will be rock hard and ready to spew. I’ll take all of that too. Just circle around me and jerk those cocks hard. I’ll open my mouth and catch all of it.


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Ass Up, Face Down

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I love parties and you just never know what crazy, kinky festivities there will be. Once you combine my friends, friends of friends and booze, it is definitely on. I was totally in for the party but I also didn’t want to take off of work and miss my awesome callers, so we just had party at my place.

I was in my bedroom doing one of my favorite calls, and just assumed it was in private. I guess I fucking wasn’t. Oops! This guy I hadn’t meet before was standing at the door jerking his dick. NICE! The thing was he didn’t really look like one who was into strap-on play. I guess you never really know, and that’s one of the many things I love about phone sex!

I asked Jim just how much he heard, and he told me he heard and saw it all. He wondered if I got off so hard from talking a dude through strap-on play, just how much would I enjoy the real thing? How fucking much? I immediately demanded he strip and stick his ass out and face down on the bed. With my lips on his neck, tits against his back, I fucked his ass so hard I know everyone downstairs heard my headboard bang the walls.

Wonder if I had more join me? Maybe a few of my chick friends listening. Give me a call and I just might share the sexy details.


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Naughty Law Librarian Catches You

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You are in law school, and you practically live in the library studying. Despite the amount the studying you have, you notice all of these beautiful sexy undergrad girls hanging around, wearing tiny shorts or the tightest pants. Drives you crazy and makes you hard. You don’t have time to see your girl back home. Every so often you need a break. You need to let off a little steam. You pull out your cock and watch hot porn with your headphones. You slip your cock out and stroke it.   

Ms. Koko, sexy head librarian, happens to be walking by and sees your cock in your hand. You could be expelled for exposing yourself in the library. You have a choice, face the student disciplinary board or accept Ms. Koko’s punishment in her BDSM dungeon in the basement of the library. It is not a difficult decision to make with your future on the line, but you know your poor balls are going to be blue, and your ass is going to be red. 

Welcome to the world of BDSM with Ms. Koko!  


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Ganging Up On New Guy In Town

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delaney    The new guy came over to find I wasn’t alone but with 3 of my super hot friends. He looked all pouty because he wanted to spend time with just me, but he was in for a treat! Imagine how much fun it is to be used and abused by 4 hot girls instead of just one? He tried to leave, he is such a pussy! We blocked the door and threatened him with us calling police saying he tried to rape us.

We then made him strip down showing us everything. I even made him bend over and spread his ass cheeks for us. He was breathing hard and flushed and his dick was already dripping pre-cum. We made him pull and twist his nipples, slap his balls, and then we all stripped down teasing him even  more. My friend Paige even spit on him with his mouth open. We were far from done!

I made him crawl to my nightstand taking out my strap-ons and putting them on us one by one till we were ready to pound the fuck out of him. I went first pushing his head to the floor, my hand pushing against his shoulder giving him one hard pounding. Soon he was begging to have one in each of his hands and another shoved into his mouth for a hard throat fuck.

  Mistress Delaney


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Coated In Cum For Christmas

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Hello my pets! Just what will Santa be bring you all for Christmas this year? I know you all have been very naughty and some of you even lied to Lady Rayne. Naughty, naughty. However, the little sexy bitches who have told me the truth will get everything they crave. There is one thing we all can agree on, and that is the bigger, the better.

My dirty little liars will get huge suction cup dildos to play with, but my sissy sluts that come clean will get a real treat from their Mistress. As always, you arrive immediately when I summon you. You are dressed in all pink, looking extremely cute, little girlish and fuckable. Your eyes light up when you see this year Santa has brought you a real cock. See what happens when you tell the truth?

Before I allow you to feast on that beautiful cock, with the large mushroom head, you must take your cum ice cubes from the freezer. You look confused and wonder where this frozen cum came from. Lady Rayne found your stash where you hid the cum for later. What shall I have you do with it? Maybe you will have to wait for Christmas to find out.

Happy Holidays, Lady Rayne


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On Your Back

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I’ve got a big surprise for you. My newest toy came today and I can’t wait to try it out on you. I know you don’t usually like it when you get your ass fucked, but I think you know how much I love doing it. Lay on your back and just relax. I’m going to take my time getting you ready for it. I’ll run my tongue up and down and rim your hole with my naughty tongue. I know you LOVE that. I’ll push my stiff tongue in and out until your cock is rock hard and your hole is ready for a couple of lubed up fingers. You’ll be shaking by the time I work my toy inside. Just as I push it all the way in, my mouth will swallow your cock. I know you. You’ll be bucking up against my mouth and grinding your ass on the shaft of that rubber cock. You’ll beg to be fucked harder, you’re a little slut like that. I’ll suck and fuck until a feel that spurt of warm cum shoot down my throat. You know you’ll enjoy it once we get started. So what do you say? Get on your back and let’s break in this cock!


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Dani’s Seductive Massage

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You are stressed! It has been a long week! Time to relax and unwind. You carry all your stress and tension in your shoulders and neck. Come to me for a massage. I will work out those kinks and give you a very kinky massage.

You set an appointment for a therapeutic massage from me at the gym. I am wearing a cute short skirt and a tight top. The room is dimly lit, and the aroma of jasmine and ginger fill the room. I wear a skirt to help hide my cock, but you have a hot body and a very sexy deep voice. As I massage you, I become hard and very turned on. It becomes impossible to hide my secret. 

You notice my bulge pressing against my skirt. You are surprised, and not sure what to think. Maybe you should run out of the room. You were not expecting a shemale to massage you, but I am making you feel so good that you don’t want to move. You decide to go for it. You reach out and rub my cock. I hike my skirt up and offer you a taste. I whisper in your ear that if you suck my cock, I will keep going and massage your prostate. We share some intimate pleasures together. 

After you suck my cock, I rim you and stretch you out with fingers. I use lots of massage oil between your cheeks. You offer me your ass. You beg me to fuck you. I plunge deep into you. We both feel so good! We both have a very happy ending here!


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Sexy Shemale Wants Threesome Phone Sex

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DaniWant to add something extra special to your phone sex call?

Add me to your call, a very kinky shemale. Two hot sexy girls, four tits, and one sexy girl cock. Very Hot! I tend to dominate and take control of the call, so just sit back enjoy your cock getting sucked by two hot sexy girls. Then let me pleasure your sweet ass with my tongue and then my cock.  Maybe you want the two of us to play for a bit before you join us! Maybe you want to fuck us both! Maybe you are secretly craving cock but are shy to admit that to even to anyone. Time for some wild fun!

It is a new year, so you should try something new and very hot!

DaniWritten By: Dani
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