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Everything You Own Is Now Mine

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You have been watching me for months now. When I cross my legs you stare eagerly hoping for a glance at my creamy thighs and beautiful pussy. When I lean forward, you hope for a glance at my nipples. Do you think I haven’t noticed? Now it’s time for payback!

Hand over your wallet now!  Really, just one MasterCard? I know better than that by the car you are driving and the house you live in. Yes, I know it all!

  Empty your pockets or I will scream so loud the windows will break. That is much better. Now count them slowly, and as you do tell me the balance on each card. Stop staring at me and speak without stuttering.

These $100 bills will do very nicely. You look like you’re about to cry, but yet your useless, pathetic dick is as hard as a rock. Interesting!  

You may stroke it while signing over your car and your house to me. You do have two hands, don’t you? Oh look what has happened. The thought of draining your finances has made my sweet, creamy pussy very wet. I love money and taking it from losers like you.

Just one more thing before you leave, get a second job because you’ll be needing one to fill your daily Phoenix addiction.



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I’m Turning Him

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I have a caller that is such a pathetic loser. When he first started calling me, he would tell me about being a subby pig that liked being bossed around by a woman and eating her shit. As time went on, he confessed that what he really wanted to be a cocksucker. I know how to work with those!

I encouraged him to start seeking it out. He’s been visiting the glory holes and gaining a reputation for being a good cocksucker. I’ve trained him so well. He now knows how truly pathetic I find him and quickly offers me $100 for answering the phone. It’s a good start and he knows I’ll hang up if he doesn’t. I have real men to service after all.

  He strokes his little dick and tells me how horny it makes him being a dick sucking fag. I tell him it’s time to move on to the next step, that he needs to bend over and really take a proper pounding. He loves it. He’ll tell me he needs to cum and I tell him that’s too bad. I don’t think he deserves it. I let him suffer until he begs me to take his money and then I allow it. He cums hard and takes a beautiful wallet raping at the same time.

Our calls are the best and I’m always looking forward to the next time when I can hear his new stories and take his money at the same time!



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Seducing Your Wallet

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Men call me for some type of role-play, but they have no idea what’s in store for them. I briefly talk about their fantasies that they like, and then the seduction begins. They have no idea that becoming my money slave would make their cock harder than ever. Powerful woman like me use to frighten you, but now that I have you hanging on my every word, you don’t want to leave. Although, you’re still scared, my voice, and my seductive ways keep you captivated for more.

In your whole entire existence, you never thought you would be so turned on to have a gorgeous girl ruin you. It feels good. In fact, it feels so good, you want to give me more because you’re learning that seducing your wallet is the only thing that makes me happy.


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Grandpa Phone Sex

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   Last night phone sex Grandpa came over for a talk. I could see by the way he was eyeing my perfect, tight teen body that he had something in mind. He told me he knew how I got my new car and Gucci boots. I quickly figured out just where this was going. He plunked $500 down on the table and told me he wanted in on the action. I really didn’t want to fuck his wrinkly, old ass, but he said he would tell everyone my secrets, and well $500 was a lot of money. Now, the question was “how do I get Gramps to cum quickly?”.  

    I suggested I give him one of my sloppy, wet, amazingly hot blow-jobs. He told me he wanted everyone one of my fuck holes.  Fuck, he was getting really dirty, horny and hard. Now my only choice was to mumble to him all the dirty things I would do for and to him. The blowjob wasn’t as gross as I thought. For an old guy, grandpa has a pretty nice cock. I couldn’t believe it really. It was still sort of gross!! He wanted to kiss, but I told him since he was treating me like a whore, well whores don’t kiss.  So, I am told anyways! Once he was inside my tight teen hole he came in like 1 minute. We then made a special arrangement, and at this rate I sure won’t need a real job.


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Repeat after me: Phoenix makes the rules!

I’m the one in charge. I don’t care if you’re some big shot. When you call me, I will break you. You might be the boss to other people but not to me. You will obey my every commands. If you chose to not follow my rules, there’s consequences. I’m sure the people closest to you would really be shocked to know that you pay a Financial Domme to call you a pathetic loser.

The real question is; are you even deserving to pay tribute to me? If it’s your first time calling me, I will have to assess you and see if you’re even worthy enough to be my money slave. There’s millions of losers in this world, I just need to know how pathetic you really are. Once the assessment has been made by me, I will tell you the rules. If you don’t obey, you will pay, and ultimately; I will ruin you.



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Visiting Step-Daddy

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           I found this incredible loft with a fantastic view of the city. The only problem is my lease was up and the loft won’t be ready till June. I haven’t seen my step-dad since him and my mom split up, so I figured why not visit him while waiting. He moved to LA when they split so I figured what a great excuse. I didn’t bother to call and warn him, just packed what I needed and showed up at his door.

When I arrived, he had on a robe and looked quite puzzled when he saw me. I just barged the fuck in and gave him a hug. He smelled like sex and cigars, just like when I lived at home. I couldn’t help wonder if the young hottie was male or female. You see, step-daddy had a thing for my friends, all of them!

He showed me to the guest room and tried to hide the fact that he wasn’t alone. He told me to make myself at home and we would talk in the morning. Yeah, no that just wasn’t going to work for me. I got comfy in tiny sleep shorts and a way too tight top and headed for his room. Well fuck, for someone trying to be discreet, he was uber noisy. Daddy was tied to the bed with two underage chicks putting on a little show for him.

I gave them the money he left on the nightstand and told them to leave. Now he was all mine, and so were his numerous credit cards. His new girlfriend was texting him, so I began to text back as him. I suggested she come over as I couldn’t wait to fuck her. Now he was in a panic and began to beg. This was just like old times when I was 14 and he wanted a little tease and promised me anything to lick my sweet asshole. Such a dilemma. Do I leave him tied up or blackmail him for his freedom before she gets here?



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Dark, Sexy and Twisted

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You have had a hard life at times, a crappy childhood, and are a loner. You don’t connect with bubbly, sweet girls. You want a girl who is raw, real, and can relate to the dark side of life. Well, that is me, Sarah Jesse.

Want to share stories of fucked-up mothers, pervy boyfriends, or a dirty daddy? Sometimes it feels good to connect with someone who understands what it is like to have no childhood innocence. Learning that sex sells, the commodity that you can use to make pervs open up their wallets and buy you presents you are young. Submitting to them because you were easily manipulated.

You are like me. We both like sharing experiences, but what turns us on is nasty, twisted, dark fantasies. I can tell you a very nasty tale of the debauchery that I have witnessed at sex parties and orgies.  Men with money who can buy anything they want and have it brought to them. I have seen things and participated in the lewdest and lascivious activities in the city that never sleeps, NYC.

Perhaps you have a forbidden pleasure, a salacious fetish or an obscene fantasy. Let your mind go and let’s do a roleplay. No taboos, no limitations here on my end.

Sarah Jesse


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Ignore Line Phone Sex

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ariannaLosers call me and try to get my attention. Tell me how hot I am, blah, blah, blah.  I put the phone down and do something more worth my time. I give men attention when they show me appreciation. I like when you’re being ignored to think about ways to get my undivided attention. Every girl likes to be spoiled and a Mistress like me loves cash.

You should be happy I even took the time to answer your call. I have a million other things I would like to do rather than to listen to your pathetic little voice.

I have many callers who know my rules and they tell me they don’t even deserve my voice. They know right away I put the phone down while their money is being deducted from their credit card and going into my bank account. My losers really get off on the silence and I get off on spending their hard earn dollars. While I’m doing some online shopping , my phone is sitting next to me racking up the minutes. At least, I have you near me…being ignored!


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Humiliation Phone Sex With Harley

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   Harley    I got home rather early from a great night out. Five Star restaurant, limo, and the Macallan “M” scotch was flowing. My date was a childhood friend of my dad’s and while very generous and sweet, rather boring. Now I am home all dressed up and very buzzed and horny. I poured myself another glass and my mind started racing wandering to very dirty places.

I texted a friend who works at Rick’s Club and asked what she was up to. She told me the club was packed and joked about needing an extra girl to help out with the VIP guests. Before I even thought about it, I called a taxi and was on my way. The music was blaring and she talked me into getting on stage. I didn’t need much persuading. 

Once on stage, I slowly stripped down to my black lingerie, the men were completely into a newbie that didn’t even work there. Before long, one of the bouncers handed me a message to go to the VIP lounge. My client was waiting and I began my ultra sexy lap dance. I was so fucking wet, I just wanted to fuck him till I exploded. The bouncer came back in, apologized and asked if either of us would mind if someone watched. KINKY! We were told he would pay both of us a tidy sum to watch so it was a total win/win for us both and the thought of someone paying to watch made me even hotter.

            The door opened and even in the darkish room I could see it was my date. Yes, I live in a very small town with only one strip club, but I had no fucking idea. I thought the old man was home sleeping. I don’t what got into me but I began to humiliate him, telling him he wished he could please me like the man I was riding. The more I teased him, the more excited he got and soon was begging to lick me clean when I was done. Well, I had no idea he was a cuckold. I wonder what his wife would think?  What a fucking night!

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Financial Goddess Roxy

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RoxyHello little money pig. You’re just not making enough to serve me. You work 80 hours a week to make me happy and guess what piggy? I’m NOT happy! You need to do more for me and your pathetic ass needs to figure it out and quickly.

You are financially bonded to me for life and you want to serve and please me to the point that your cock will only get hard if you’re getting your wallet raped by me. The humiliation of knowing I would never touch you is a turn on.

You know you’re not worthy to do anything other than to give, give give to your Financial Goddess Roxy.


Written By: Roxy
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