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Experienced Feminization Mommy

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Don’t you just love to play dress up? Are you a shy panty slut who needs an adoring Mommy to teach you how to be a sexy pretty little girl? Oh Goodie! I have closets full of sexy, lacy outfits. Nice silky panties to put over your freshly shaved pussy.

I know you’re eyeing those sexy thigh highs. Say “Please Mommy, can I put on your pantyhose?” That’s a good girl. Mommy likes to play dress up, but it’s no fun playing dress up all by yourself!

Why don’t you come over and let me pamper you and teach you how to be a sexy panty slut. There’s one thing though, you better mind me or you’ll reap the punishment. I have a nice ribbed wooden paddle that I would love to beat your ass with.

If you need an experienced feminization Mommy, call me now.


Written By: Cynthia
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Catching You In My Panty Drawer

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I wake up early one morning. There you are, in my bedroom, sneaking into my lingerie drawer. I pretend to be asleep. I watch you carefully and gently caress each pair of panties. You look a little flushed and excited. You bring a lacy pink pair to your cheek. You let out a very soft little gasp. Next, you pull out black silk with lace trim pair of panties. These are new. I have only wore them once. You look over at me and pull out your cock. You rub my sexy new panties on your hard cock. By the way, when did you get so big?

You stroke your cock with my panties. Quietly, you close the drawer having found a pair for you to use when you masturbate.

As you walk to the door, I sit up. “Hey.”

When asked what you have in your hand, you look down at your feet. Too ashamed to look at me. You say, “Nothing, Mommy”

I make you come over the bed. I pull up the sheet over my naked body. You can see the shape of my body and hard nipples under the sheet.

Naughty boys need to be punished. Your punishment is you will model every single one of my little panties for me. You better get started. I have over 40 pairs of panties!



Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Baby Needs a Spanking

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I’ve been such a bad girl lately and I know I deserve a really, really good spanking. I’ll just wiggle out of my soft, pretty, cotton panties and lay across your lap and let you teach me a lesson for being so naughty. Don’t be surprised if my little pussy gets wet when you’re spanking me though, because this bad girl feels good when she’s punished. Isn’t that the sign of a true bad girl?

Lay me over your lap, lean me over the end of the bed, over a chair, put me on my hands and knees, anyway you want me to be so you can spank me good! I like it when you use your hand so you can feel the heat on my sweet little ass. You can use your belt, paddle, whip, or anything else you’d like to use.

Your Baby needs a good spanking and you’re the perfect daddy to teach me a lesson.


Baby BrittWritten By: Baby Britt
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Miss Angie’s Punishment

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Have you been a bad boy? You know Miss Angie loves it when you are bad. I love having the chance to punish you the way that you deserve. We both know you love to be punished, probably more than I love to do it.

You like it when I yell at you and demean you. You know that it’s only right that I put you in your place. Tell me, what have you done that has you so scared to call me? You usually don’t stay away this long. I suspect that you’ve done something you’re ashamed of? You know you won’t feel better until you’ve confessed it all to me.

Once I listen to everything you have to say to me, I’ll figure out what your punishment will be. Miss Angie will be waiting to hear from you.



Written By: Miss Angie
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Mommy Janet’s Punishment

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Mommy Janet needs to talk to you. I know that you’ve been getting in Mommy’s panty drawer and making a sticky mess in my panties. I don’t know how you figured you wouldn’t get caught. You left all the evidence in my lingerie drawer!

I brought them all in here and you’re going to clean up your mess. I want you to suck all those cum stains that you left behind out of my panties. That’s your punishment, like it or not. That’s what happens to dirty, naughty boys like you.

Open up, I’ll put the first pair in. Take long licks right there at the crotch. I want every drop slurped out of there. There we go, now the next. And the next.

It looks like we’ll have another mess to clean up soon. Your cock is getting so hard. I wonder if it’s the taste of Mommy’s panties? Or could it be your own cum that has your cock rock hard?


JanetWritten By: Janet
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Mommy Caught You

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Your favorite Aunt was visiting us for a couple days. You were so excited because you don’t see her often.

It didn’t take long before I caught you going through your Auntie’s luggage and her dirty clothes that she wore on the plane. You couldn’t resist going through her things finding her dirty, musky panties. I told you to put them back otherwise I would have to punish you.

An hour later, I walked by the guest room and found you sitting on the bed with her panties rubbing them against your nose while you were touching your cock. I told you there would be punished if I catch you sniffing her panties again. 

Mommy told you to bend over the bed. I snatched the panties from your hand and shoved them into your mouth. I invited Auntie in the room so she can take turns spanking your bare little ass.


LizetteWritten By: Lizette
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Boys Getting Into Mischief

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This afternoon, I am working on some paperwork in my home office. You have complained about being bored. You have nagged me about having a buddy from school come over and hang out with you. I agreed as long as you do not disturb my work.

You and your school chum play video games, watch a movie and hang out in your room. I had to come out of my office a few times to ask you to keep the noise down.

After a while, it has become quiet, too quiet. Two quiet teen boys equals naughty mischief. I open your bedroom door and I am shocked by what I see. You and your buddy are naked from the waist down and I catch you both masturbating.

Oh my! I think you two need to be punished and put on a private show for me.

Your Naughty Mommy Morgan



Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Extreme Pain Therapy

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I just love being in control of your cock. It gives me total ownership of your weak pathetic manhood. Why do you look at me like that? You know how much that angers me, causing me to really torture you, but still you continue to annoy me. It’s okay, let me put my wicked mind to work on ways to make you my personal slave.

I know you secretly want to be in pain, sometimes pain is all your twisted fucked up mind thinks about especially when you are in my presence.

Maybe when your cock and scrotum has been inserted in my special vice, only then will you be satisfied. Yes, my little fuck boy, bow down to me! I am the only one who really understands your demented fantasies and you will submit to my extreme pain therapy. Tonight it is your time to be punished!




Written By: Destiny St. Claire
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Twisted, Violent And Hot

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You ask me to join you for a little twisted, violent, sexy fun. How could I say no to that? You have it all planned out. She is a bitchy, prudish friend of your wife’s, and you fucking hate and want to fuck her at the same time. 

We knock at her door and when she answers you tase her. Normally, we would need to work quickly, but her husband is out of town, and we have all the time we need. We strip her, and tie her wrists to the post on the headboard. We tell her not to scream, and no one will get hurt. I show her the picture of her little girl asleep in the next room. She knows if she doesn’t behave, I will go into her child’s room.

I take my magic wand vibe, and put it against her clit forcing her to cum. I am all about humiliating the bitch. I grab her head, and push my dripping cunt against her pretty face. My friend eats her pussy and ass making her cum again. I love how fucking much she hates this. He slaps her ass hard, and shoves in his cock. My hot pussy against her mouth is drowning out any sounds of hers. 

She has passed out, and my companion is ready to leave. I smile wickedly, and tell him that I never promised to leave the girl alone. He hands me the taser, and I promise to video the rest of the night.


IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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Homeschooling with Miss Angie

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 Class is now in session in the comforts of your own home. I’ll be your new teacher that makes personal house calls. Miss Angie is very eager to further your education.

My specialty is Sex Ed. Now, this is one subject I know you’re going to pass, if you follow my instructions. My passion is molding inquisitive, horny minds.

My curvy body and big, beautiful tits will be a distraction, but there’s always time for hanky panky. In fact, I encourage it. You could say I am more of a hands on type of teacher and I love to give one on one demonstrations.

 I am also a very strict teacher and discipline is very important in education. If you get out of line with me, a spanking or two will be implicated. Of course, there is always my 12 inch strap-on that I have handy in my brief case for more severe punishment.

By the time you have finished my homeschooling, you will be a “Sex God” in the bedroom. You will be able to please any gender, from any age you wish.

Please call me today to further your education!


Written By: Miss Angie
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