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Asswipe And Shitstain

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What is it about super nasty, taboo, twisted roleplays that makes a person so horny? I have been experimenting  sexually lately with practices that normally wouldn’t excite me. Here is the thing though, it’s with a girl that is so hot, it’s unreal.  She comes in a pair.  I affectionately named them Asswipe and Shitstain. 

I met Shitstain a few months ago.  You know at first, his fetish sort of grossed me out. I made fun of him and called him Ass. Things changed once I met Asswipe. I was willing to do anything she wanted. 

  I found the whole experience so fucking liberating. I mean your man wants anal, but you are nervous about it. If you no longer care if he gets shit on his dick, it is amazing! 

The first time, after we finished fucking, I completely cleaned his dick. I sort of knew then I was getting hooked on nasty, dirty, sloppy fucking. 

The sexy, dirty things I could tell you about those two. Call me and let’s get nasty!



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Training The Perfect Slave

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I have such a good caller, M. He is obedient and does everything that I say. He wants to be the perfect cock sucking toilet slave for me.

I’m his Mistress and he knew that almost instantly. We clicked. He needed someone that would push him to do better. He was only fantasizing about sucking cock. Then he branched out under my guidance and started visiting the glory holes to get his oral fix. It’s just not enough! Not for him and definitely not for me.

I want more from him.

I not only want him getting his face fucked more, I want him swallowing cum and I want him to fully commit to being a good faggot for me. I can tell he’s tempted to go all the way. He’s a bottom that needs a big dick top. He knows that he’ll have to keep pushing himself to do more or I’ll start wallet raping him. He doesn’t like when I’m disappointed and will pay anything to make me happy.

He’s such a good slave. He just needs a little more training to be perfect. I’m a good Mistress to give him the transformation that he wants and needs.


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Dark Desires

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You need it hard.

You’re not interested in a sexy encounter where I have my way with you.

You want deep, dark hardcore humiliation, pain, and degradation. You’re welcome in my dungeon. I have all sorts of nasty pleasures available for you. I break you down. I train you and beat you.

I give you the special gift of a golden shower to mark my territory. I know you need hardcore domination. I strike your balls, cock, and your ass! You cry out, beg for mercy. I spit in your open mouth. I bind your balls and squeeze them with my very strong hands. I twist and pull. I call you names. I make you feel small, but you love the attention and the pain.

More cock and ball torture. Maybe hot wax, icy hot and ice cubes up your ass. Possibly strategically placed safety pins, and nipple clamps to inflict just the right kind of pain. You might get a strap-on or my fist right up your ass.

You need pain. It is good for you. You feel no one understands this need, but I do understand you.

We explore the BDSM road together. It’s a journey. Take my hand, place your trust in me, for I know what you need. I will test and push your limits. I’ll take you out of your comfort zone. I know what’s good for you.

You find freedom from your troubles and you experience a release that no one outside the BDSM world would understand.

No worries, my little worm, I fully understand you and your needs.

My humbler is ready for you!



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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

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Your Mommy Morgan takes you to the beach for a summer vacation before school starts. The first few days are perfect. We spend hours on the beach, and snuggle at night in the beachfront condo. You’re enjoying the waves with your new boogie board. I enjoy watching you play. You have a bright beautiful smile. It makes me happy to see you so happy.

A storm rolls through one night. From the balcony, we watch the storm and watch the waves crash on the beach. I point out that those big waves are going to bring in wonderful new shells for us to pick up in the morning. Maybe we’ll get lucky and find a sand dollar.

The storm quickly passes and we go to bed. In the morning, the air is a little cool. We spend the morning picking up shells and after lunch, we plan to get back into the water. You spy on Mommy as she takes off her clothes and slips into her bikini. You almost get caught. I catch with a guilty look in your eyes.

You run ahead of me and run right into the ocean. You’re only in the water for a couple of minutes. Suddenly, I hear you scream and watch you come running towards me. You’re limping a little as you run. You point to your leg. It looks like a jellyfish sting. Oh my! You’re almost in tears.

Darn it! I forget to bring vinegar. I think quickly. I’m not sure if this will work, but I have heard that one should pee on a jellyfish sting. I tell you to close your eyes, (you don’t), and I pull my bikini bottom to one side. I pee on your leg.

I take you to the ER where a very cute nurse informs us that vinegar is better than pee for jellyfish stings. Mommy stands over, just wearing her bikini top and shorts, and watches as the sexy nurse tends to your leg. You tell the nurse that Mommy’s pee was a good thing to do for the jellyfish sting.

Before long, you’re a little better and I take you back to the condo. Your leg is okay, but now you have a new problem. You have an erection poking into your swim trunks. Oh my! Mommy will take care of that too.



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Craving Macy’s Piss

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Take off all your clothes. I want you to kneel before me on the cold, dirty tile floor. You’ll be pleasing me, so get comfortable down there.

Open your mouth really wide, you’ll be used for all my bathroom relief. I laugh at you while I tilt your head back further, telling you to open your mouth wider for me.

It’s time you receive the yellow stream of nectar splashing against your face. You need and want it so desperately because it comes from yours truly.

You crave the need to be dirty for me. I love bathing your entire body in my yellow piss. You’re my property now and I always mark what’s mine.

Enjoy the cold tile floor, you’ll be spending a lot of time down there, I am no where near done with you yet.



MacyWritten By: Macy


Pissing Phone Sex

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Do you like to see a hot girl pee? Hot piss running down my legs, or peeing right through
my panties? Sometimes I just wait too long to go, then I can’t hold it anymore! I’m in AGONY!! Finally, I can’t hold my pee a minute longer, and it just has to come out. My warm pee starts shooting everywhere! Down my legs, through my panties, even on a hard cock that’s rammed up my pussy!

Some guys like the feel of my hot pee on them, some like to return the favor and piss all over my mouth. They like to feel the hot pee shooting all over some slut like myself. If you’re one of these men, you have come to
the right phone girl. I love peeing through my sheer panties. I can’t wait to shoot it all over!


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Santa’s Naughty List

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Who is with me this year on making the naughty list?  This year was so fucked, but I still managed to make it to the top of Santa’s naughty list. I am very fucking good at being so very fucking bad. I tried to social distance but my cunt needs to be filled with lots of strange cock. 

I’ve been bringing men home and sneaking them in to hide it from my boring roomies. Last night we got a bit loud. Stacy was the only one here, as the others went home for the holidays. She kept banging on my door and it was really distracting me. I thought maybe if she had some fun with us, she would shut the fuck up.

  I knocked on her door telling her I had her favorite drink, Eggnog. Fucking gross!  I added a little surprise pill to help us loosen her up.  Before long, she was begging to be fucked by my hookups huge black cock. Things got a little rough, and she sort of banged her head.  Tyrone was in a mood and he pissed all over her face to try and wake her up. Nope, out fucking cold.

Well fuck!! What do we do now?  I texted some of my men friends to see if they wanted to have some fun. No one really likes her, but she is sort of hot in a librarian sort of way. About 20 showed up, and we set up the cameras. This is going to be nasty fucking fun. 

Want to know what happened once we got started?  Call me, and let’s have some nasty fun.


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Drink My Piss Bitch

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Getting thirsty, aren’t you? You are the perfect toilet slave for me. Anything that comes out of my body is delicious, and you crave it. You might want to fuck me bitch, but we both know that will never happen. At first, you settled for my body fluids, but now you crave them.

It all began when we were out drinking at Greenwood Cemetery. I had to piss really bad from all the drinks, and I was looking for a spot that was secluded, but then I thought I would piss on one of the graves. You followed me and right before I went to squat, you slid under me with your mouth open. You licked me clean, and were so very fucking careful not to do anything I might hurt you for. You might be my friend, but my rules are just fucking that.

It was that time of the month, and you got an extra bloody treat from me. You fucking lost it. You just wanted more and more, and I was happy to supply you. I allowed you to move in with me, and I never needed to use the hard, cold toilet seat again.



MalayaWritten By: Malaya Maxxx
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I Let My Neighbor Worship My Ass

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I have a confession. I let my neighbor worship my asshole. We’ve been neighbors for 6 months and ever since I moved in, he’s always flirted with me. He’s an attractive older guy but he’s also very married. He begs to fuck me and tells me all the time he would do anything to have sex with me.
Since I don’t give him my pussy, I give him the next best thing, my dirty asshole. Every time I have to go to the bathroom, I text my neighbor right away and he’s at my house within seconds, ready to worship. He will take my shit and hot piss down his throat and clean my ass entirely so I never have to buy toilet paper again.
He also really loves when I get back from the gym and I have a very sweaty asshole waiting for him. He will lick my ass for a long time. His wife will be constantly calling and texting him, but he keeps hitting the ignore button on his phone. She has no idea he comes over to my house. He told me he never worshiped his wife’s ass before, he only likes to worship mine because he says he feels so close to me.
I’ve been thinking and I might let him fuck my dirty asshole, he can even cum in my ass but I’m defiantly making him clean it when he’s done!


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