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My Landscaper is a Thief

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I’m having some yard work done and my landscaper Jeff is quite a hard worker. I really like him and he’s very easy on the eyes. 

He is also a thief. He doesn’t know it yet but I know he steals my panties out of my hamper and sniffs them inhaling the sweet smell of my musty pussy. He sniffs them and feels the wet spot where my pussy lips would sit. I should of known he was up to something when he would take a long time using the bathroom. 

Yesterday I caught him trying a pair on and jacking off in them. When I went to wash them, thick cum oozed out onto my hand.

I think I will leave a pair of wet panties in plain view sight and see if they’re still there. I know he has quite a collection and from what Lisa (my next door neighbor) says he has several pairs of her panties too.

I get so wet just thinking about what he does when he gets home with my panties. I wonder if he pretends to fuck my pussy. I bet he jerks his cock and mixes his cum with mine. Maybe one day he might get the real thing. 


Written By: Valerie
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Watching My Nephew

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I walked into his room and found him smelling my cum soaked panties and it seemed like he was really enjoying it, to the point of a huge erection. He was so focused on my dirty panties, he never noticed that I was standing there watching intently, and rubbing my now increasingly wet pussy.

It was so exciting and it never caused me any second thoughts that he was my nephew! All that mattered to me was the fact that he found my panties to be delicious, and it made his young cock hard.

I was standing there taking it all in and literally pushing my fingers deeper into my cougar slit, wanting only to be fucked by my nephews cock. 

Do I dare make him aware of my presence? How will he react to his loving Aunt needing his cock deep inside of her mature pussy? Only one way to find out.



Written By: Vivian
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Mommy Janet’s Punishment

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Mommy Janet needs to talk to you. I know that you’ve been getting in Mommy’s panty drawer and making a sticky mess in my panties. I don’t know how you figured you wouldn’t get caught. You left all the evidence in my lingerie drawer!

I brought them all in here and you’re going to clean up your mess. I want you to suck all those cum stains that you left behind out of my panties. That’s your punishment, like it or not. That’s what happens to dirty, naughty boys like you.

Open up, I’ll put the first pair in. Take long licks right there at the crotch. I want every drop slurped out of there. There we go, now the next. And the next.

It looks like we’ll have another mess to clean up soon. Your cock is getting so hard. I wonder if it’s the taste of Mommy’s panties? Or could it be your own cum that has your cock rock hard?


JanetWritten By: Janet
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Panty Sniffer Phone Sex

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I just love panty sniffers. There’s something hot and sexy about a grown man sniffing a pair of dirty panties and stroking his cock. I get off so much when guys ask me for a pair of my dirty panties. It’s even better when they call back once they get them in the mail and have a hot jerk off session with me.

Don’t you just love the feeling of a silky pair of wet panties sliding up and down your hard shaft? It must feel so good when you’ve got them wrapped around your cock.

My panties are getting soaked just thinking about you smelling them and licking my juices off of them.

Who’s up for some panty phone sex with me? I can’t wait to send you my dripping wet panties.

15 minute call and my wet panties for $40


MakaylahWritten By: Makaylah
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Panty Thief!

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I came home and found my younger brother holding a pair of my panties, right up to his nose. I asked him what he was doing! He was so embarrassed. I stood there with an evil grin. I couldn’t believe this sneaky little fucker.

I slipped off my dirty panties I was wearing all day and night. I told him he would probably like these better because they’re nice and dirty. I held them in front of his face so he could smell my scent of my sweaty pussy.

I walked over to him and unzipped his pants. I took his hard cock out. I wrapped my silk panties around his cock, squeezing his balls. He was having a hard time controlling himself.

I started to stroke it nice and slow, and then faster. I made him tell me how good it felt to have my silky, soft, and dirty panties around his cock. I had him begging to shoot his load all over his sister’s panties. 


Written By: Trinity
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A True Panty Boy at Heart

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Your wife left for work again and you can’t help yourself! You go straight to her panty drawer and put on a silky pair of her panties. She’s questioned you about some missing pairs but she just thinks they go where all the disappearing socks go. She would never think her husband was a panty slut. You’re all man and you have a pretty good size cock but I know that you’re a true panty boy at heart.

You love prancing around the house in her panties and enjoy putting on her stockings and garter belts. It feels so good against your skin, doesn’t it?

I know you secretly desire to become a true panty slut and I am the one who can help you. It will be our little secret. We know when the wifey is away, the sissy femme likes to play!

Go put on your favorite pair and call me!

Phone Sex Lexi


LexiWritten By: Lexi
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Mommy Morgan Comes To Your Rescue!

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It’s a big night for you. You have a date with the girl of your dreams for the Valentine’s Day Dance at the high school in town. You have a pretty rose for her. You have been talking about this night for weeks, and you’re so excited.

You’ve been wondering what kind of panties she will wear under her dress. You even ask me about it. I tell you that if she is wearing a slinky little red dress that she will probably be wearing a thong so there are no panty lines. This leads to quite lengthy discussion for us about panties. I can see your face light up as we talk about panties, and I find this quite interesting.

It is Sunday night, the night of your Dance. I have had my eye on the weather channel while you’re day dreaming about touching your date’s panties. I know this is going to devastate you, but I tell you that you cannot go to the dance because of the dangerous wind chills, icy roads, and snow drifts. You argue and plead your case. Then, you get a text on your phone from the school. The dance is cancelled due to the weather. You’re so crushed. You head to your room. You were so excited about the possibility of touching her panties. Crushed!

I make you come into my room. I get an idea that will cheer you up. I pull out a bunch of my panties and I continue teaching you all about panties. I try on some panties for you, and I then I let you try on a pair. You love being in Mommy Morgan’s panties! You’re so happy and so excited. I see you becoming aroused and help you out with that too!


Mommy Morgan


Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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I Caught You

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I caught you going through my lingerie and toys. You are an old friends dad, and you invited me to stay a few days while my loft is being painted. I happily accepted, and was excited at the thought of your exercise room and indoor pool. You always perved on me when I was younger, but I knew now I wasn’t exactly your style. I remember all the extra cash I made from you helping you with your proclivity for young girls. Now, here you are with my panties on, and my vibe shoved up your ass. Interesting. 

            You look up at me, and try to come up with excuses. I don’t think there is any possible excuse. I don’t threaten to expose you, instead I join you.  I grab your phone to see what other info I can come up with on you. There it is!  Young ones dressed in latex with floggers and strap-ons.  You beg me to keep this one a secret. You would be ruined. 

I make a few calls, and 5 of them join us. You are begging, sweating, and crying. You are on your knees sucking their cute girl cocks. You beg them to take you and fuck you. Your eyes are glazed over, you’re drooling, and look quite insane.  They make you lay on the bed with your legs over your head. The video equipment is set up. I plan on ruining your life. 


IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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The Perfect Gift

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I bet you’re dying to know what your little Britt’s pussy smells and tastes like? I describe my pussy to you in full detail, and even let you hear how wet I am, but I know you want more. I can hear you jerking your cock off really hard when we get into extreme age-play fantasies. And, if you know me at all, you would know that the hotter the role-play is, the more I’m getting my panties soaked.

Wouldn’t our call be so much hotter if you had my panties in your hand, mouth, or wrapped around your dick? You would know exactly how your baby would taste.

I can discreetly send you a Valentines gift that you can cherish forever. I don’t send just any pair of panties, I will send you Victoria Secret panties that will have my sweet cum on the crotch. I think this would be the perfect gift for Valentines Day!

Mention this blog and I will have something very sweet & tasty headed your way!


Baby BrittWritten By: Baby Britt
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Good Little Troublemaker

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You are dating my mom, and maybe someday you will be my new Daddy. I love to tease you with my pigtails and my short skirts. I sit across the room from you reading my book. After I turn each page, I spread my legs a little wider until you can see my panties. 

These are the panties you bought me. Remember that day at the mall? I talked you into taking me shopping. I tried on each outfit and modeled it for you. You bought me everything I wanted, including the very expensive panties at Victoria Secrets. My mom buys my panties at Target. Now, I have lots of sexy panties, thanks to you. 

Leaving my dirty, wet panties on the floor for you to find, and showing off my panties under my skirts, are my favorite ways to tease you. You spoil me, and in return, I make your cock hard. 

Age-play fantasies are so much fun. Give me a call, so you and I can play! 


Written By: Annaliese
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I Am A Dirty Little Girl

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Why is my phone sex daddy so obsessed with my dirty panties? He is always sniffing around my bedroom looking for them. He doesn’t like them when I just take them off. No, he loves it when they’re smelly, and sort of crusty. Sometimes when I am in a big hurry, I forget to wipe properly. Sighs! I mean I have to poop sort of a lot. Between you and me, I think he puts something in my food so I poop more than normal.

Last week he bought me some new cotton panties in white, pink and pale blue. It didn’t take me long to figure out that he likes the cotton pastels, as my pee stains and poop stains show up better.

Now, I am totally grounded for the last weekend before school starts. Fuck my life! I guess daddy must like other little girls smelly panties because that is how I got caught selling mine on E Banned. I figured if daddy likes them so much, other men would. So besides selling them to my brother and his friends, I put an ad on E Banned. Maybe if I let daddy lick my dirty little ass and drink my golden piss, he will ease up and let me enjoy this weekend with my friends. I sure hope so!



PiperWritten By: Piper
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Dirty or Clean Panties

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I love when you tell me what type of panties you want me to wear. I have so many types of panties. They come in so many colors, styles and fabrics. I’ll always be wearing your favorite pair of panties when you call me. Maybe you’ll be in the mood for me to put on a pair of clean ones or dirty ones or even the ones that have dried up cum in them. It makes me so hot when you make me take them off and you start to rub them all over your face, even shoving them in your mouth just to taste me.

You smell and taste my delicious pussy, and I know you want more. Leaving my scent all over your body. Now, what I really want is you to wrap my sexy panties around your cock and stoke for me and make a pretty creamy mess. I’ll be watching you clean it up like a good boy. You will never forget my scent once you get a whiff of it. You’ll want to jerk off with my panties all the time.


MakaylahWritten By: Makaylah
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Dirty Panties Phone Sex

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Wild Whitney

The other day we had early release at school so I thought I would come home and chill. I had the house to myself and I could do anything I wanted.

When I got home, I headed to my room to put my school bag away. I heard some grunting noises coming from my room. I quietly opened the door to find step-daddy, he was sitting on the edge of my bed sniffing my dirty panties that I wore all day yesterday.

His pants were down with his stiff cock in his other hand. Step-daddy had an embarrassed look on his face. I decided to walk in and shut the door behind me. I sat down on my bed and leaned my head on his shoulder just like I did when I was a little girl. My eyes widened while I watched him, he took my hand and placed it on top of his. I was taking over for him. I stroked him while he pushed my dirty panties against his nose and breathed in my musky scent.

Give me a call, I have a dirty pair waiting just for you.


WhitneyWritten By: Wild Whitney
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Spanking Phone Sex

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GingerYou have been such a bad boy. I don’t know what else to do with you. Every single time I turn around, you’re in my panty drawer again. That’s right. I’ve seen you not only sniffing them and rubbing your cock with them, I’ve seen you wearing them too! I’ve warned you about that, now haven’t I? If you like them so much, go slip a pair on and come to me. There you go! Now bend over and let me get a good look at your ass in those cheekies. I slap one cheek and then the other. You bad, bad boy. This is what happens to little panty sluts like you. I keep slapping, each hit stinging all the way down your legs. I love a pretty blushing ass. I want that ass to be blood red when I’ve finished with it. I hear your moans and groans but I also see your hard cock stretching the front of that pretty black silk. I keep going until you’re begging me to stop. When I feel like you’ve had enough, I get you prepared for your next punishment; it involves your ass as well and you might not like it as much.


GingerWritten By: Ginger
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Naughty Tease Krista

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I’ve been a naughty tease for my phone sex daddy. I know you’ve noticed that I’ve been flaunting my body around lately. My skirts have been getting shorter and my jeans have been getting tighter and my panties, they’re sexy thongs now.

It was the other night when you walked by the bathroom and oops… I forgot to shut the door and lock it while I was in the hot, steamy shower. I know you were thinking about me and what I was doing while you were staring at my pretty pink g-string on the bathroom floor. Maybe I was lathering myself up with my delicious smelling body wash? Or maybe I was thinking about my phone sex daddy while my fingers played with my horny pussy while the water cascades down on my soft smooth body?

  I know you want to join me, just sneak in the shower with me. I promise you’ll have loads of fun with me. Pleasing my phone sex daddies is what I love.


KristaWritten By: Krista
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My Brother Loves My Panties

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Cute Lil PiperI was getting ready for school and I noticed my panties were left in more of a mess than I usually leave them. There were dirty ones in drawers, clean ones in hamper, and even a few pairs under my bed.  I knew it had to be my step-daddy or phone sex brother because who else would be such pervs.

I said “bye” to my phone sex brother and pretended I was leaving for school. I climbed back in up the tree and in my window as quietly as possible. I am so lucky to have a huge walk in closet for more reasons than one.  I hid in there texting friends and waiting.

Soon he came in my room with his dick in his hand. He went right to my hamper and began licking and smelling all my cute and sexy panties.  OMG! He is such a perv. The thing is I sort of liked it and began fingering my pussy. He laid on my bed, and began stroking with a pair of my sweet smelling  panties to his face and one over his dick. The faster he stroked the faster my little teen fingers moved in and out of my soaking pussy.  I wonder if I should start leaving my panties in his room?


PiperWritten By: Piper
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Panty Boy Phone Sex

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My parents have a cleaning lady that comes weekly to tidy up. Sometimes she has a hard time finding a sitter for her son so she just brings him along. He sits at the kitchen table with some crayons and paper to keep him busy. But I notice his wondering eyes all the time. I thought it was cute at first until I found him wandering around the house. I took him by the hand and walked him back to his seat and explained to him that he doesn’t want to make his mommy mad.

The next week I found him hanging out in my bedroom. When I walked in my room, he was very mesmerized by what he had in his hands. The boy was holding onto a pair of my panties. He quickly put them behind his back. I walked a little closer to him, backing him up against the wall. I reached around him to find a very sweaty, dirty pair of panties. I politely asked him what he was doing with my panties? He looked down at his dick and made a moaning sound. I leaned over and whispered in his ear that he was a pervert in the making. I made him confess to me how he wanted to wrap my dirty panties around his dick and jerk off thinking about me. 

We had enough time for him to pull out his dick so I could get a good laugh while I watched him shoot his load in front of a girl for the first time. He made quite the mess in my panties along with a smile on his face. He asked if I was going to tell his mother that he was a bad boy. I gave him a wicked smile, telling the boy this is going to be our secret. I gave him a nod and told him to clean himself. I would see him the same place next week. * winks * 


CharlieWritten By: Charlie
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Wet and Sticky Phone Sex

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beckyI don’t know what’s going on, but here lately, my panties are soaking wet every single morning. I’m not complaining though! It feels so good to reach down and rub that wet cotton against my aching pussy. Eventually I slip right out of my undies and bring them to my lips. Mmm mmm mmm, they taste so sweet! I keep them in my mouth and make myself cum again while I suck on them. Those sticky panties do it to me every single time. Sometimes I’ll shove them inside while I finger fuck my teen cunt. When I pull them out, they smell soooooo gooooood. I put them on my face and just breath in the scent of my juicy pussy. Before you know it, my fingers are rubbing my clitty and I’m cumming again! I feel like I’m
always late now, but I just can’t let those sticky panties go to waste!


BeckyWritten By: Little Becky
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Blackmailed You When I Caught You With My Panties.

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SkyI was down in the laundry room of the apartment building. I had several loads to do setting near one of the washers. I got really behind in my laundry because I was so focused on preparing for final exams.  It was early afternoon, so I thought I could leave the first load of laundry in the washer unattended. I ran up to my apartment to do a very sexy call with one of my favorite callers. He made me cum so hard that I drifted to sleep, forgetting about my laundry. 

When I woke up and an hour later, I felt fantastic but I wanted more. I started touching myself. Suddenly, I remembered my laundry. I threw on some clothes, and I ran downstairs. There you are, my naughty neighbor sniffing my dirty panties from the dirty laundry basket. Your pants are open and your cock is exposed. I know that you were going to masturbate with my dirty panties. I threaten to tell the landlord that I caught you stealing my panties if you don’t do exactly what I say. I am a horny college girl in need of a really good fuck. Fuck me right here in the laundry room and I won’t tell anyone your secret panty fetish. Don’t deny it. I know a panty boy when I see one. Just shut the fuck up and fuck me now! You are lucky. I could be worse.  I found you while in need of a hard sexy fuck and I like the look of your cock, so I blackmail you into fucking me just the way I want it


SkylarWritten By: Sky
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Changing My Panties

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RileyLately, I’ve had to change my panties 5 of 6 times a day! You guys are driving my pussy crazy. I can’t keep my fingers and toys out of it. Sometimes I don’t even have time to get my panties off before another call comes in and has me dripping. You won’t hear me complaining though, playing with my pussy is probably my favorite thing to do in the world. You guys are just too sexy for words and my cunt just begs for attention.

Now a days, just hearing that phone ring gets me going. I know the voice on the other end is going to drive me nuts and have my hand scrambling to get my panties out of the way in time. When it’s time to change them, I have to put them in my mouth and taste that sweet nectar. It smells and tastes so good! I don’t mind sharing. Call if you want to have some panty fun with me. Wouldn’t you love to own the panties you helped soak?

WriRileytten By: Riley
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