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Santa’s Naughty List

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Who is with me this year on making the naughty list?  This year was so fucked, but I still managed to make it to the top of Santa’s naughty list. I am very fucking good at being so very fucking bad. I tried to social distance but my cunt needs to be filled with lots of strange cock. 

I’ve been bringing men home and sneaking them in to hide it from my boring roomies. Last night we got a bit loud. Stacy was the only one here, as the others went home for the holidays. She kept banging on my door and it was really distracting me. I thought maybe if she had some fun with us, she would shut the fuck up.

  I knocked on her door telling her I had her favorite drink, Eggnog. Fucking gross!  I added a little surprise pill to help us loosen her up.  Before long, she was begging to be fucked by my hookups huge black cock. Things got a little rough, and she sort of banged her head.  Tyrone was in a mood and he pissed all over her face to try and wake her up. Nope, out fucking cold.

Well fuck!! What do we do now?  I texted some of my men friends to see if they wanted to have some fun. No one really likes her, but she is sort of hot in a librarian sort of way. About 20 showed up, and we set up the cameras. This is going to be nasty fucking fun. 

Want to know what happened once we got started?  Call me, and let’s have some nasty fun.


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Holiday Party: Get Kinky With Me!

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Sometimes you have to find a hot babe and let her rock her world! 2020 has been a rough year, and nothing seems normal this holiday season. We have to get very creative to make things sexy and fun. ‘Tis the season to get naughty and naked but find a way to stay safe.

My roommates and I have been following all the social distancing rules instead of hitting the hottest clubs in town. There will be no hot Latin bartender or BBC bouncer to bring back to my place for an after-hours sex party! My pussy craves a big, hot cock, and I am not alone. They’re so many hot girls in my building, especially my sexy roommates. Girls get cranky when not getting fucked enough!

The other night, it was time for my roommates and me to do laundry. There were a bunch of very sexy guys in the laundry room too. Everyone was in a rather foul mood, so it was pretty quiet. That is until this blonde girl came in dripping wet wearing only a t-shirt. She is fucking the night security guard, and he opened up the rooftop pool for us. All of us girls stopped doing laundry and texted all the hot guys in the building to join us on the roof and bring cocktails! Want to learn more about the holiday party?

The thing I miss most this holiday season is finding that hot guy and hooking up after drinking cocktails. Let’s you, and I hook up! Phone sex is intense, and I will have your hard cock dripping before we cum together!


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Study Break For Us!

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Kimmie You and I are laying on top of my bed together. We are quiet, both studying for tests this week. I am going over my notes and flashcards. 

My roommates are in the living room watching a movie and hanging out with some friends. We are being good and studious.

After a couple of hours of studying, I grab some cookies and an apple from the kitchen. 

I feed you a slice of apple and kiss you on the lips. You set your book down and roll me over, with you on top of me.

We both smile. Time for a study break. After some hot, sexy kissing, we undress each other. I giggle that my roommates might hear us, but you just kiss me harder. You pull my legs open and finger me. I loudly moan, suddenly so wet and hot for you.

I go down on your cock. You love how I suck your cock, but I want to fuck. Want you to cum in me today, so fuck me hard. I can hear laughter from the other room, I know they can hear us. It turns me on, so fuck me harder!

Kinky Coed,



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Tara and Ryan’s Sex Party

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Ryan and I had a very naughty sex party over the weekend.  We had several web cameras set up so people could log in and watch Ryan, all my roommates, their boyfriends, and me getting freaky! The party started with everyone getting naked. I was sitting on Ryan’s lap as he played with my little tits. My pussy was already dripping into his lap, and my hand was stroking his cock. He got so hard and started dripping pre-cum on my fingers.

He sent me over to lick one of my roommate’s pussy. At first, everyone in the room was watching her lick me. I push my clit into her face and spread my pussy open very wide so that everyone could see. Ryan played director. We did everything that he said. As soon as I had my first cum on her face, he told everyone to have fun and start fucking. 

He grabbed another one of hot roommates. He wanted both her and me. I dropped to my knees, and she joined me as we both went down on Ryan’s cock. We licked and sucked his cock. I fingered her pussy and told Ryan her pussy was extra hot and steamy tonight. Ryan stood up and got behind her. I licked her clit while he pushed his cock into her pussy from behind. She was going crazy. Ryan pulled out and slapped his hard cock against my tongue. 

From there Ryan took turns fucking both of us. He fucked my pussy, pounding me hard. I could hear the other couples fucking, and someone yelled out that we had over 500 viewers so far, and the party was just getting started!

Oh, what fucking good time we all had! 



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Fake Sorority Slut Leads to Tease and Deny

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coed kimmie

My roommates and I thought it would be hilarious to dress as slutty sorority girls for Halloween. We went to a frat party on the other side of campus. No one there knew us. We were flirty, bratty little cock teases.  Made the guys get us wait on us hand and foot. 

We wanted their dicks were rock hard. So much fun teasing college boys.  So easy to tease. The three of us girls began kissing each other, well making out and touching each other’s tits.  The boys pulled out their dicks. They wanted blowjobs. We just laughed and teased them. 

I did give a couple of the boys a handjob. I was such a brat. I told them that if they sucked each other dicks, then MAYBE my hot roommates and I would be good little sorority sluts and suck them too.

Make it sexy boys! Girls get so hot watching you boys go down on each other. Turn us on! Show us what sexy cocksuckers you can be for us hot babes. We took pics on your phones of 10 frat boys down on their knees sucking their frat brother’s dicks.

Ha Ha!!

We ran all the way home with our big tits bouncing from laughing so hard! Tease and Denial for the fraternity brothers. Saving all my blowjobs and my sexy pussy for you! 

Kinky Coed Kimmie


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Kinky Coed Twister

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kimmieCollege is so much fun! My roommates and I  were hanging out late one night in our apartment with the guys from upstairs. We got to joking around about silly party games. Strip Poker. Truth or Dare, 7 Minutes in Heaven and Spin the Bottle. One my roommates pulls out her old Twister board game. We all get excited and wanted to see what might happen.

With a right-hand red and left-foot yellow, the game was underway for the four of us. After a few rounds, my boobs were against a guy’s face. With another left-foot blue, my face was pressed up against the front of another guy’s pants. I could feel his cock growing. My sexy pink panties started to get wet and rubbed my nose against his pants. He let out a moan and collapsed causing every to fall but me.  

So I won! Bet you want to know what I won, right?  One hot night of naughty, naked coed fun! 

Kinky Kimmie 


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My New Roommate

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Delaney      I moved back into my dorm room because I thought it would be so much fun to be on campus. As much as I loved my apartment, I was ready to be a part of campus life and all that comes with it. My roomie is super hot and her boyfriend is on the football team. The minute I met them, threesomes were on my mind.

I was exhausted from the travel and unpacking so I declined a party for a nap. I mean there is all year. I couldn’t stop thinking about them, and wondered how they fucked. Was it rough, sweet and romantic, how big was his dick, did she have a smooth pussy? You know all sorts of thoughts.

I woke up to them coming in and him saying since I was asleep they could fuck and I would never know. I tried to be very quiet as she undressed him. OMFG, he was huge. She got on her knees and began to rub his balls and suck his huge, thick dick. I was gushing and couldn’t help but finger bang my throbbing pussy. What would they do next? Our beds were pretty close together and he looked over at me and gave me a wink and a dirty smile as she kept sucking his dick. 


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Away at College

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My phone sex Daddy is so nervous with me being away at college. He checks on me all the time because he misses me so much. The funny thing is, I’m only 40 minutes from home.

Daddy and I have a special kind of relationship and we’re very close. When I was living at home, he would sneak into my bedroom most nights and now he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

I’ve only been gone for a few weeks and Daddy has visited me several times now. He can’t be away from my tight pussy. He’s afraid I’ll leave him for a good looking college boy or one of my professors. I tell him all the time he will always be my first love.

I just got a roommate and she is gorgeous! She’s a brunette with long hair, big tits and a nice round ass. My Daddy would love to meet her. I’m going to surprise him this weekend and invite him to our dorm. He’s going to absolutely love having a threesome.


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Phone Fuck Me and Make My Roommate Listen

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TaraMy roommate and her boyfriend are in the next room. I am listening to them having sex. I am getting all wet and horny. Makes me think of you, and I wish that you were here going down on me. I hear her moaning and him groaning. 

By the sounds I am hearing, she just got on top of him. I bet he is enjoying her big tits. I play with my clit under my skirt. New sounds are coming through the wall. They changed sex positions. Now, he is fucking her from behind. Oh yeah! He is pounding her pussy extremely hard. I plunge my fingers into my tight wet pussy. Right before I cum, he finishes and cums inside of her. He doesn’t last very long. Damn, he came before I did!

You and I have so much sex better than they do! Give me a call and make them listen to us. My pussy is already hot, and I am ready to go down on you. They must be all snuggled together in her bed. Fuck me! I love the way you make me tingle all over and make me scream when we cum together! Our sex sounds are so much more passionate and intense. Fuck me and let’s make them jealous. 


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Hot Roommate Wanted

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I rent a condo on the Gulf in Florida with two girlfriends. The location is perfect. Top floor, fantastic view. Rent is expensive, but when divided by three, affordable. One of my roommates is moving back to Miami with her boyfriend, so we are looking for a new roomie. So many girls want to live here. We want to make sure that the new girl will be a good fit for us. She needs to be wild, fun, sexy, and ready to join in the party at a moment’s notice.

Since there are so many girls that are interested in living here with us, there should be a contest. Let’s have all the interested candidates here for a party. The winner gets to take over the empty bedroom and live in one the best condos on the beach, with two hot girls and lots of hot guys around us. Since you enjoy hanging out here, why don’t you help be a judge? Always good to get a guy’s opinion.

The girl has got to be hot. She must be flirty and fun. She needs to understand that we have parties here, and we have sex on the balcony. No conservative girls will be seriously considered. The last thing that I want to do is live with a prudish girl. She must be uninhibited. Once we have it narrowed down, let’s have the final candidate join you and me in a threesome. She must rock both our worlds before we let her sub-let.



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