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Kissing Mommy Morgan

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Don’t be shy. Give your Mommy Morgan a big kiss. Kiss Mommy with big wet open mouth kisses, just like in that naughty French movie we watched last weekend. In the movie, the Mommy taught her teen boy how to give sexy kisses. You blushed during that scene. Your cheeks turned fifty shades of pink.

You know Mommy loves you with a full heart. Your Mommy Morgan holds you tightly, hugs and kisses you! Mommy snuggles you and kisses away all your fears, and wipes away all your tears. Mommy looks so pretty in her sexy lingerie and pretty dresses.

Mommy always smells like wildflowers and her lips taste like cherries. Pucker up baby, Mommy is going to give you the hottest kiss of your life.



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Smeared Lipstick

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       In honor of national Lipstick weekend, I left my smeared lip prints wherever I could. I started slowly with just some simple and sweet kisses on the cheeks of some of my friends. At my job as a bartender, I gave my regulars a little lipstick kiss on their glass. I exchanged kisses with a few of my sexy female regulars, mixing our lipstick together. 

I took my favorite regular to the restroom for his special lipstick print. I ripped open his shirt and started to slowly kiss my way down. As I got past his perfect flat tummy to his cock, my lipstick began to smear. As it mixed with his pre-cum, it became a shade of pink.  I could taste his pre-cum on my soft, glossy lips. 

I needed to re-do my lipstick, but I had none with me. I told the man to stay put and I would be back.  I borrowed some more lipstick right off a hot blondes lips. I take her hand and she then joins me with her smeared lipstick. 


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