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Cabo Vacation

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    I was so excited to go on my first vacation in a few years. I love exploring and doing things on my own. A girl just never knows what a day or night alone will bring. 

This year I decided to go for sun and sand. I hadn’t been to Cabo since I was a teen. I packed light, a few bikinis, shorts, and dresses for dancing the night away. I quickly checked in and went to an adorable little beach café.

While I enjoyed a light dinner and some wine, I saw the this very hot couple. The stunning woman seemed to be a bit older than her date. I like that!  Once I am older, I plan on dating nothing but younger, sexy men.

I am very bold and had some drinks sent to their table. They seemed interesting and I would love some dinner companions. 

The 3 of us talked like we had known each other forever. The more we talked, the more I was no longer sure the handsome man was her partner. The way she patted his hand, the way she kissed his lips, they had to be a couple. 

It was getting late and they invited me to their room. Why Not? Care to join us?


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Adult Baby Phone Sex with Mommy Morgan

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Every little baby needs a “mommy” to love him and tend to his many needs. You are helpless and small.  It is a big scary world, but Mommy protects you. Mommy loves you. Mommy gives you a teddy bear and toys. Mommy reads you “Good Night Moon,” before your nap. Mommy sings you a lullaby when you are fussy. As any baby, you need to be bathed and fed your milk so your tummy is full. Of course, you are spanked when you are naughty. Even when you are naughty, you are always loved and nurtured by your sweet but strict Mommy Morgan. Oh my, Baby, you need your diaper changed once again. You are so messy. I find the sweetest little pampers for my little baby’s bottom and the most adorable little outfits for baby.

Mommy Morgan takes care of all your AB/DL needs!



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Last Day of Christmas Break With Auntie

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It was an unusual holiday season. There was no large family celebration this year. Traditionally, all the relatives fill Granny’s house. There is a big live tree, tons of presents, and every kind of cookie you imagine. All the bedrooms are full by the adults. You are stuck sleeping on the basement floor with your boy cousins, but that can be fun too. Your older cousins are horny boys. Hearing them talk about Aunt Ava’s big tits is exciting.

No one in the family would ever want to miss Christmas at Granny’s, but this year is different.

Instead, your parents sent you to visit with your Aunt Ava after Christmas until you go back to school in January. She is your favorite auntie, but you always get so nervous around her. Although she and Mommy are sisters, they are nothing alike. Mommy dresses like a soccer mom, while Auntie dresses like she is ready for a date. She has those sexy big fake tits and dresses to show them off. Mommy can be moody and is always very strict, but Auntie is all about having fun.

Dad suggests sending you to Auntie’s after Christmas since she is alone and you could use some cheering up. He sees how bright your eyes become and how much you enjoy her hugs with your face in her tits. At first, Mommy does not think it is a good idea, but she sees you moping around the house, so she agrees that you can go for a few days.

Auntie greets you at the door wearing shorts and a tank top. Only Aunt Ava would dress like it is the middle of the summer on a cold winter’s day. The two of you hang out, and she treats you like a man and doesn’t talk down to you. She comments on handsome you are and rubs the muscles in your arms and legs. Her caresses and the sexy tone of her voice make your cock stiff. She wears tiny little nightgowns around you at night and at breakfast the next morning. You have to excuse yourself to the bathroom so you can masturbate and cum once again.

On the last day, she asks you to help her take down her Christmas tree. It is a fake white one, very nontraditional, but that is Aunt Ava’s style. You brush against her a few times while you are both removing ornaments. There is a raging hard-on, and she notices it. What you don’t realize is your sexy aunt gets as turned-on as you are! She takes off her top and shorts and fucks you. After she guides your face to her naked tits, she flaunts her big ass, then she rides you hard, milking your cock.

Fantasy auntie and you cum together! Sometimes the fantasy of an older, very sexual woman is just what you need!


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Family Fun Fantasy Starts in Hot Kitchen

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Her son opens the door and sets down his backpack. It was a bad day at school, and his head hurts. The bus was so loud, and he has such a long bus ride to get home. The teacher caught him daydreaming, and he has a ton of homework, but it feels good to be home. As he sheds his winter coat, the house is warm, extra warm.
Mommy is baking, and there is a scent of something delicious coming from the kitchen.

The boy smiles and runs to the kitchen. His favorite thing about Christmas is not presents or treats; it is Mommy’s holiday baking. It is not her special gingerbread men made with real ginger. Mommy gets hot in the kitchen, and she wears her hair up. Something about seeing Mommy’s naked neck gives him a boner. Oh My! She got super hot doing her holiday baking today, and her jeans and sweater are on the floor. Mommy is only wearing an apron with strings that tie around her neck. Her bare ass, all exposed, as she pulls out a tray of sugar cookies shaped like Christmas trees.

She smiles and hugs her beloved boy. A nipple slips out from behind the apron and brushes against his cheek. He is completely speechless, but Mommy’s soft and nurturing voice asks him about his day. He shakes his hand and points to his pants, between his legs. The boy is in agony as his young cock pops up and forms a tent in his pants. Pre-cum drips into his little white underwear. His balls are so blue that there are tears in his eyes.

The tortured boy blushes, very humiliating that he needs help that only Mommy can provide. She smiles and promises that he is a growing boy, and a hard-on is natural and normal. The young boy knows that Mommy knows best. Her special kind of love makes him feel fantastic, so much better than his hand alone can provide. Mommy takes off her apron and lets the boy stare at her naked body. She takes him into her bedroom and milks his cock, as only she can!

Spend some time with me, your sexy Mommy Morgan, this holiday season!



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Well Isn’t it Just So Cute And Little

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     Today was such a lazy day for my girlfriend and I. We had breakfast in bed, took a long sexy soak in the tub, and had a long nap. When we woke up, we wanted to go out and have some fun for the night. Thank the stars that I knew of several private clubs still open. I went with a little black dress and she went with red. It didn’t take us long to get ready as we shared a bottle of La Fee.

The club was close and it was a lovely night so we strolled hand in hand. We heard the typical cat calls, which always amuses me. She suggested we skip the club and take one of the men home with us to teach him a lesson. I do love how she thinks. 

He was very hot and full of himself. We get to my loft and we all have some drinks and get acquainted. He kept mentioning over and over how he knows that girls like us as very kinky and will do things no one else will. I smile and hand him another shot. After noticing just what he didn’t have in his pants, we go in my huge toy closet to prepare. We strip down, and both of us put on very big strap-ons. He laughs a bit and asks if we plan to use them on each other.  Of course  we do, but much later. When I explain they’re for him, he looks angry and goes to leave. 

Sadly for him, the drinks have made him dizzy. He wakes up restrained to my bed. We tease him without mercy about his tiny little dick. It’s sort of a cruel joke played on him by nature. He begins to beg, cry, and even scream for help. Such an amusing man! She began to fuck his face, while I pounded his ass. Can you imagine, he came all over himself making a mess of things. Without being told, he cleaned up his mess after we freed his hands. I feel it is up to the Mistress to tell a man what he wants, whether he likes it or not. 



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Spring Break Staycation with Mommy

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With everything crazy that is happening in the world right now, lots of snuggle time with Mommy is what is best for you. Traveling, at the best of times, is a hassle. I know how much you love seeing Mommy in her sundress and bikini, but no Spring Break travel for us this year. Of course, Mommy can make staying home a sweet adventure too! There is always lots of fun and games and delicious, decadent treats with your Mommy Morgan. 

There are lots of fun times ahead for us during Spring Break this year, even if we never leave the house. We can have an intimate picnic lunch on the floor in the family room. Afternoon Delight! Time spent alone with Mommy is always fun and playful. You never know what special surprises she has planned for you. Maybe the two of you have a tickle contest, which ends up being foreplay. Discovering which pair of panties she is wearing is always fun, but taking them off is super exciting. Mommy feeds you something extra sweet for dessert.  

You are Mommy’s special boy. You and Mommy both share a love for the beach, but this year to keep you safe, staying home for Spring Break seems wise. Mommy will bake you your favorite cookies. The two of you can break the rules and eat them in her bed while watching a sexy movie. Mommy has a collection of her favorite erotic films on DVD, but wouldn’t it be fun to try something new?  You and Mommy create your own movie that you can watch later. Always a new and fun adventure with your Mommy Morgan. 

Stay inside and play today! Mommy Morgan knows best! 


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Jerk Off Boy

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He loves rimming my sexy, round ass. Between the slurps, I can hear him in a sort of mumbling way that he wants cock. Of course, I always want to please my men, so I text some of my fuck buddies to come over. He is so funny! He will tell me he wants to fuck my ass while he is being fucked in his. The thing is, he doesn’t want to fuck me for very long before he buries his tongue in my ass. He simply needs his ass fucked by a big, thick dick while he rims me. Jerk Off Boy is very entertaining in a hysterically funny sort of way.

Once his holes are all filled with hot, sticky jizz, and his tongue tastes like my sexy ass, he begs for more. When it comes to cock, jizz and my tasty asshole, I don’t think Jerk Off Boy is ever satisfied. When he begs for my strap-on, I know what he really wants. That is a big , thick, hard, sexy cock to fill his holes. 



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Dominate You With Humiliation Phone Sex

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I make you take humiliating pics of yourself and your tiny, little dick. I threaten to post them to every hot babe I know if you disobey me. You are childlike and you’re like a naughty little boy who likes to test his boundaries and his limits with his mommy. Well, I crack the whip. I tie you up. I tickle your balls. I run my long nails over your balls. I punish you for being naughty.

I make you give me your Amazon account, and I have panties delivered to your house. Of course, I make you spend the extra money for next day shipping when you argue about the color. I monitor the order and make you call me when I know the panties have arrived. I make you try them on and send me pics. I have quite a panty boy collection of you.

You are extremely humiliated. You get so nervous knowing that I have all this information on you. I know where you work, I know the name of the cute neighbor lady who you lust after, I know the name of your favorite bartender, and I know how little your dick is. I know your weakness. I know a million and one ways to humiliate you and ruin you. You are my bitch. You are pathetic, and you deserve this.  You are so pathetic that humiliation makes you hot and horny.


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Happy Ending For Your First Day of School

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Your Mommy Morgan is waiting for you to get home from your first day back to school. You were so restless last night that you did not sleep well. You had a look of dread as you left the house for the bus. Mommy could see the look of fear and anxiety on your face. 

When you get off the bus, you find Mommy baking your favorite chocolate chip cookies. You come into the kitchen, and Mommy gives you a big hug. Mommy always smells so good. You pull away though because you are embarrassed. On the bus, you were sitting next to a cute new girl with long, tan legs under her short skirt. 

Your beautiful and observant Mommy instantly notices your erection in your jeans. At first, she scolds you and questions you about it. She sees the look of terror in your eyes. She comforts you, assures you that she will help you, and she will always take care of you, her special big boy. 

Mommy opens up your pants, and her beautiful hands and body take care of you in the most loving way. 


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Naughty, Naughty Boys Spy On Mommy Morgan

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You and your friends are hanging out in your room playing video games even though it is a beautiful, sunny summer day. Mommy Morgan just rolls your eyes that instead of playing baseball or swimming in the pool, you prefer to be in your room. 

Mommy puts on her little bikini and heads into the backyard. She pulls down her straps so that she can get some sun on her breasts. She has a date this weekend and is wearing a strapless dress so wants to get rid of her tan lines.

You and your buddies peek out the window and admire Mommy’s beautiful, big tits. You naughty boys start masturbating and talking dirty. You’re all checking each other out to see who has the biggest cock while you keep stroking. 

What do you think would happen to you boys if Mommy catches you spying on her? Oh, my! I bet the punishment will be severe from your naughty Mommy Morgan. 


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Tuck-In Phone Sex with Your Mommy Morgan

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You are usually such a good boy for your Mommy Morgan; however, ever since we moved the clocks for daylight savings time, bedtime is now an issue.

 Going to bed when it is still light outside may not seem fair, but I am very strict about your bedtime. You have to follow my rules because I know what is best for you. Going to bed is not a punishment. Making sure you get a good night sleep is just one of those things that a good Mommy does for her sweet boy. A smart Mommy has some tricks to make bedtime fun. 

Mommy will get ready for bed too. I will take my bath and put on a pretty little nightie. Before you get into bed, I give you a very long hug. Then, I will tuck you into bed, get you under your covers, sweetheart. I give you little kisses on your cheeks.

I have new bedtime game that we can play. 

If you keep your eyes closed, Mommy will slide her hand under the covers and play the edging counting game with you. You want to stay awake, but Mommy wants you to become excited you, make you release, so you can relax and drift off to good sleep. I know you will hold out for as long as you can as Mommy edges you, but ultimately, Mommy’s lovely hand wins out. You are a good boy who gets a good cum, and a good night sleep. Mommy Morgan always takes good care of you, sweetie. 



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I Have a New Fetish

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baileyI’ve been helping out a neighbor who just recently had a baby. It’s her first so she defiantly appreciates me coming over and helping when I am free.

A few weeks ago, I watched her breastfeed her baby and I got slightly turned on. She has amazing tits and big nipples. She wears the smallest shirts and it’s hard not to notice her perfect breasts practically falling out.

I never even gave big, milky tits a thought but I am so turned on with hers. I wondered what her breast milk tasted like? I never had this infatuation before but her big, succulent tits looks so inviting.

After she got her baby to sleep, I asked if I could play with her tits and she immediately got excited and whipped her breasts out for me. I always knew we had a thing for each other so I didn’t think she would decline my offer.

I licked and sucked her huge milky tits like a new born baby. I fingered her wet pussy till she squirted and while she was cumming, she squeezed her nipples and warm milk shot all over my face.

It was beyond erotic and I’m addicted now. Just writing this makes me crave her again. I think it’s feeding time again.


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Sexy Koko Dominates You

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I make you feel weak but sexy. I bring out your submissive side. My beauty, my charms, and my seductive ways lure you to my bedroom where you will find undeniable sexual pleasures. I tie you up in my bed. I bind your wrists and your ankles to the bed frame. You can only squirm a few inches. You moan in pleasure and groan in excitement. I tease your cock and make you hard. I lick and then rub your nipples with oil. I take an ice cube and first rub it over your lips. Then, I rub it all over your nipples, your stomach and along the rim of your ass. I push the ice inside of you. Cool down my hot boy toy! The heat of your body makes the ice melt quickly. Our long edge play session is just starting. I stroke your cock, hand over hand, with a beautiful massage oil. I rub another ice cube along your balls. You wince, a very startling sensation. I make your cock a little soft by rubbing that ice cube along your shaft. I am delighted to have complete control over your orgasm. I warm your cock back up with a very sexy blow job, and you are rock hard again. I suck until you are right at the edge, I stop. I continue our edge play session until my pussy is throbbing for you. I give into my own desires and ride you. I ride you hard, giving you an incredible, aggressive fuck until we both cum. 



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Cum In Your New Panties

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Mommy MorganHey there Cutie! I caught you wearing my panties. Now, Mommy Morgan has a surprise for you.  I have a super soft pair of pink panties for you. Oh, your new panties look adorable on you. You might as well try on the matching pink bra. You look so girly! A pair of white stockings would really complete the look.

Mommy is transforming you into a beautiful and sexy girl! By throwing away all of your boy clothes and painting your room pink, we can let your inner Diva start to blossom. Being a girl is so much more fun. There is the hair, the makeup, the lingerie, but oh so much more.

You are sexy and very excited. The sensation of your new silky panties has left you quite aroused. Now, Mommy is going to show you her pussy and her big tits. Let me rub the front of your panties until you have a big cum! Make me happy and cum in your panties for Mommy! 

Love you,

Mommy Morgan

Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Tuck You Into Bed

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Bedtime with Mommy Morgan
It is time for bed. It is way past your bedtime, young man. Crawl into your bed, and soon you will be in dreamland.

Here, let me tend to your every need and desire. I will help you into your pajamas.
Oh my, when did you get so big down there?
You blush when I ask you what got you so aroused?
Maybe it is the view of my cleavage or a hint of my bra. Maybe it is the scent of my perfume or my fingers taking off your pants.
Regardless of the cause, you are quite hard and will never be able to fall asleep unless you have a full release.
There, there! No worries, my beloved. Mommy Morgan is here to take care of you, sweetheart. Let me crawl under those covers with you. Feel my soft, lovely hand caressing you, stroking you. All that pressure is built up inside of there. I give you a sweet kiss and promise to make sure that we release all that pressure so that you can sleep well, my wonderful boy.

Your Loving Mommy,

Mommy Morgan 

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Milky Tits For My Phone Sex Boys

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Mommy DrewMy tits fill up so quickly when you’re away and start to tingle.  I feel the warm cream building up and my nipples start to leak just a bit of my sweet milk. I lick my  lips thinking of how sensual you nurse me.  My  little phone sex boys  certainly does go crazy for my milk. Hungry baby boy with your hand cupped around my swollen breasts and your hungry lips wrapped around my hard, leaking nipples. Suck away sweetie! That’s it, drink all that Mommy Drew gives you and while you nurse. I will play with that hardness between your legs. Oh now don’t be embarrassed little one, we both know how much you love it when I take care of you in my own special way.


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